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Feel energy between your hands

For all of us hearing about the energy healing and wondering what the energy is, there’s a simple exercise that can give a feeling. Many healers use their hands as life force energy (Chi) channels to give it to their patients and thus help their mind and body to heal (like in Reiki). This is a very simplistic description but the purpose of this post is to let you experience the energy.

The basic exercise to feel energy between the palms of your hands is very easy:


  • If you feel a little tired perform the 2 exercises to increase your energy levels. This can actually be good for anyone who want to quickly gain some energy.
  • Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body.
  • Hold the palms of your hands facing each other about 2 inches (5cm) apart.
  • Perform short and slow movements of the palms around their position, keeping them facing each other. For example, make small circles (1 inch) with your right palm. Or move both palms in circles.

    When you do this you may start to feel some sensations in the palms. These can be tingling in the palm or fingertips, warmth, slight pressure or kind of a magnetic repulsion. I usually feel this as if my palms are two magnets pushing away each other, with the center of the force at the center of the insides of my palms. And it feel hard for me to bring them closer together because of this.

    You may also try moving the palms farther and closer from each other in slow movements

  • All the time concentrate on the feelings between your palms.
feel the energy between hands

feel the energy between hands

If you’re good at visualization you can add the following:

While holding you palms facing each other, take a slow deep breath (abdominal breathing) and imagine energy beams entering your body and filling you, gathering inside your abdomen. Exhale slowly, and while doing this imagine the energy flowing from the abdomen through your chest, through your shoulders, arms and radiating from both palms into the space between them. Increase the energy flow with each breath.

This visualization can greatly increase the flow of energy between your palms and you’ll feel it stronger. Usually, my palms start to "repel" each other, pushing farther apart with each exhalation, like the magnets in my palms become stronger.

Don’t give up if you don’t experience this from the first attempt. Just perform it another time, when you’re less tired and more relaxed.

Comment freely on your experiences.





  1. hi im ron. from philippines. i just being bother by my self when i notice my self changing. my hand give stronger energy a heat energy. actualy i’m afraid to say these but why i bother to say these; i just thought i could help some people for healing purposes but it’s not. everytime my heat energy will out then i lay my hands to a patient they will lose much more energy. it’s juts like im absurbing from them with out trying hard. just wierd at all.

  2. Hi. I’m hoping you can shed some light on my experience.
    Not long after learning to feel energy with my hands I began to feel as if my hands we’re held by a kind of soft energy, by my fingers,thumbs, the side of my hands and are then led to describe spirals and shapes around myself. Sometimes it’s stronger than others. I’ve been experiencing this
    for about 6 years now and am still no closer to discovering a reason or meaning.
    I would be so grateful if you could explain what I feel, or maybe point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks


  3. ive felt the presence of my own energy for about two years now. I didn’t realize exactly what it was except that it felt like ‘power’ I could feel it the most in my hands but it was especially noticeable whenever I became passionate about something. The only way I know how to describe it is whenever I would get angry I could feel this presence moving from my elbows toward my hands and searing out from my palms. when I would feel depressed or sad I could feel it gather in my abdomen and heart. sometimes I would think that I would see a color that wasn’t there but when I looked back it was gone. in my experience ive found that I could heat up nearly my entire body concentrating on circulating the energy throughout, and visualizing the hottest things I can think of. I would start with my heart , because it felt like my bodies core and that’s where my heat came from, I would picture it spreading down my legs through my head and down my arms. Ive also had the reverse happen as well with cold energy though ive not done that much. I just ran into this site about an hour and a half ago and its currently 345 in the morning. I came looking for answers because I sat up with no sleep since 11 wondering about how I felt and why I mattered when I felt that presence again. when I found this site it was completely by accident but something caught my eye and I started reading. so I tried the exercise and have to admit it didn’t do anything for me. however, THrough trying that out I found that instead of holding my hands apart I would squeeze my hands together close my eyes and calm myself, after I calmed my breathing I visualized a phoenix, the sun, and a desert. It sent sensations of heat from my head to my hands, after I figured it out I concentrated on sending all the heat there. it started again from my elbows to my hands but never left my hands. i opened my eyes and continued to concentrate. I noticed that instead of all these colored auras that everybody has mentioned that it was like looking at an iron or a car on a hot day and seeing the heat-waves coming off it but it didn’t look like waves just a still yet vibrant energy that wasn’t touching my skin but was surrounding my hands. when I let the pressure off my hands the heat felt like it was coming into my hands and I started to feel a little weak. ive not told anyone else these things but I figured that since I came looking for answers I may as well give my story to see if I get a response.

  4. well, i will try it to know the reality of it

  5. I’ve actually done this for about 15 years now (I’m 35). When I was 17 I accidentally found a shop in Cassadega, FL on a road trip where the lady in the shop had a giant marble bowl. She had me put my hands facing inward (not touching) the outside of the bowl. She picked up something like a wooden stick with a rubber ball on the end. Then she had me close my eyes and she began rubbing it around the top circle of the bowl, like making noice with a crystal glass. I could feel the vibration and energy, and a sense of calm.

    I didn’t think much of the experience until a couple of years later, I was lying in bed and my hands happened to pas in front of each other. I felt what was like a magnet repelling itself. I started to play with the energy and could make it stronger and stronger. To me it felt like holding a beach ball too, like you could press inward and it would press back. It would feel as if it were a magnet simultaneously repelling and attracting, and like a beach ball that was both weightless and extremely heavy. I find that the way to find the energy is not to try too hard, not to try at all but just “let it”. To this day I can still feel it instantly whenever I want.

    Sometimes I fell it while walking and swinging my arms, and I can feel the repulsion pushing my hands apart as they line up. It got so strong (I used to do it all the time when I was younger) that I was able to direct the energy at things. I would experiment with those old style tv antennas. I was able to “zap” tv’s from perfect reception to total static from about 20 feet away. My friends were shocked and thought I was possessed because they couldn’t duplicate what I was doing.

    I am interested in how I can use this gift for healing, I seem to have very strong abilities with it.

  6. my grandma does this to heal pepole and stop pain and it works very well

  7. The easiest way to feel this energy first time is to meditate and be in a deep meditative state then position your hands shown on the image you know when you’re doing it right when you get a tingling sensation in your palms then hold your hand in the same way you’d hold a ball and you can feel the resistance its amazing, that works best for me:)

  8. I can feel the energy, it feels like my hands are repeling each other just like two magnets. When I make small circles like you mentioned, it feels like it’s shifting between my hands and I feel an immediate coldness on my palms. Can you please tell me how am I doing so far? I would like to use this energy but I just don’t know how. I can feel it but just don’t know how to project it. Here’s my email address:

  9. The feeling varies. Sometimes I may feel a tingling sensation while other times it is a warm pressure-like feeling. I am also capable of passing this energy unto others; they’ll usually feel a wave of heat.

  10. I also practiced this type of exercises many years ago, and yoga, and tai-chi as well. I had very weird experiences. Then something much more serious happened to me. You can read my story at and on I started sharing my experience after I had the Internet. Feel free to post on my site. I am so happy I’ve found this forum where people know that such stuff is real, and I can tell you that many more things can be done with Energy, not only healing, but distant suggestions, telepathy, clairsentience. I had both positive and negative experiences. Now I try to share all the info I have.

  11. Hi i am 13 and i have been doing this since i was 8 i was imagining i could shoot things out of my hands and a warm glow struck my hands i searched it up on youtube and it told me to do this and i wave been doing it ever since. The 5th time i done this i could fell somthing pulling against me after my sences were alot better i am learning how to controle it and use it to heal people but it is hard.

  12. I am a second year graduate student at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. This is a phenomenon that I discovered in a very unexpected way. I am a scientist by profession and nature. I am a natural skeptic, because I convince myself of things and other by proving that all other possibilities are false. This is the best and most thorough way to go about scientific research and is the gold standard in not only providing evidence for your idea, but showing that all other ideas are not the correct answer. So in my attempts to understand chi-energy, I tried to create chi-balls, which I likened to the types of things depicted in the Dragonball animated cartoon series (great cartoon). So I put my hands together (years ago) and tried to meditate, and the most interesting thing happened. I had discovered for myself the sensation of a attractive and repulsive force simultaneously. It was a whole hand sensation, not relegated to a single digit or palm area. I literally felt a constant pressure in between my hands. However, this was not the only thing that I felt. All my muscles and my joints seemed more restricted in their place, and any sort of movement caused a creaking like sensation. Each movement was not fluid, and there was definitely some tension in the joints. Regular movements do not produce such strange sensations. This effect was present regardless of the distance between my hands, as I could increase the distance two fold and still feel the same effects. The sensations and perception of force between my hands occurred almost instantaneously the moment I began the exercise. It required almost no practice, and the experience is very fun. I think there is some sort of physical explanation that can be deduced from this. I am not a physiologist and do not know exactly what is going on. Any light that one could shed, without getting into the paranormal and spiritual, would be greatly appreciated. :-). Please email me directly for a continued discussion on the topic.

    • email me your questions and i will try to help i my seilf was a sceptic like you and also a atheiast so like you said i am not so open with the panormal and or spiretual stuff

      • Want to know why I’m seeing green from my hands? My mum has it too and the heat she can create is phenomal , why??

        • See Donna Eden her website and books . She sees colors, auras, and energy, and geometry in energy. She’s healed herself and others . She trains people to do this . She gives workshops all around the world. My daughter sees colors and energy since a little girl, i do too sometimes. Actually youd be surprised how many people do too. we just sit aftaid of telling others because its considered taboo or crazy by many so called skeptics. The more you open up to it the more you experience , it is an allowing. Jeff Primack on qigong. He conducts amazing energy concerts with breath exercises, people make a human chain powerful and healing. See also Eric Pearl- The Reconnection. Also, Peggy Phoenix Dubro’s EMF Balancing Technique – practitioners who perform this see fibers and grids of energy-light and colors, on the body , they adjust these . You definitely feel the energy and other experiences . There are many others, each a little different, experiencing the “unseen” dimensions of life .

    • It is hard for me. At first. I felt tingling in my hands and it remained there even when I was texting on my phone then I imagined it flowing back in my heart and I felt a tingle in my heart area. Now. I cant do it at all. But when I put my hands together and look straight forward away from them I can feel as if sometimes some of my fingers feel as if they’re touching. But theyre not.

    • Don’t worry, you only need your intention to access these things because it belongs to everyone. The more you open up and try to experience the more you will experience. See my post below for more resources. Don’t pay mind then to the spiritual aspect of those, they still work for skeptics and scientists. But that’s just it- it’s allllll about science, as science is the questing into the… Unknown
      you little fools : )

  13. Hey im 13 and after reading alot of comments about this chi and auras im going to share mine. I’ve tried what michele said about auras against a dark like background and i could see a sort of greenish to blueish aura. It looked very familiar to what i see as long as i can remember in me and in other people especially my religion teacher (this happened when i was conentrating on energy). I see their shape of auras as the shape of their bodies even from quite a distance.
    I remember after a sad death of one of our old teachers :'( we gathered together in a place, all of us were sad and i could see alot of people’s auras that time. I am thinking its about the emotion that made me see the aura because at that time we were praying to God. It’s hard to explain though and sorry if it didn’t make sense :/.
    Also i sleep in a brightly blue painted room which is quite small and the curtains match the colour of the walls, anyway every morning when i wake up the suns shining through the curtains making the room much more blue but somehow dark aswell(sorry if u cant make it out). When i feel a bit more awake i raise my hand against the wall and i could see a white like aura around it, when i ,move the hand the aura follows it. I’m not sure if its the room that made it easy to detect aura but im starting to think its why i can see other peoples auras easy now. Any other people familiar to mine?
    Also i remember seeing a picture of painting of Jesus and his Deciples at the last suppers and the yellow aura like thingys around their head that looks bit similar to what i see which scare me so much!

    • I have experienced everything that you last three have typed except you all can do more. I have created energy between my hands doing the same as you by gathering energy in my abdomen until i feel i have stored enough.
      Then i focus on moving that out through my chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and fingertips to form a ball of energy in between my hands i have only done three times in my life two times very recently and once when i was fifteen all three times it was a visible bright neon purple energy blob/ ball. I can always feel energy now in my chest, my spine, my hands, my head, my third eye chakra which i need to open further. The mastering of the subconcious and spritual body is of the most improtant thing we are to learn in our liftimes. i am on a steady quest to learn more it is great to hear that so many have experienced what i have focus and visualize your feet and legs as roots into the ground and visualize they are pulling energy from the earth into your core center w/e. Next stop astral travel

  14. Hey i’m 13 and I know how to do this….I met some Chinese guy on a bus not long ago and he taught me how to do this… he also said something about Self-Healing. It’s pretty cool though.

  15. Just now I was trying a very simple meditation/focus exercise: grasping hands together and holding out the index fingers with fingertips very close to each other. Here’s what I discovered so far:
    – There is a green or white colored aura (I thought it was an afterimage but I guess not; the color depends on the amount of light and the background color though) surrounding my fingers. When they’re very close together you can clearly see the outline of the aura, with a well-defined grey border in the middle; as you move them apart, though, the aura stretches out and sometimes the border vanishes, I wonder why? Also, if you focus but do not overconcentrate (i.e. don’t start panicking or forcing yourself to see stuff), you might see small lines or “electric jumping currents” between your fingertips, sometimes it is just two separate white streams/lights coming out of each finger. This sounds crazy but I did see them over and over; I also could feel sensations in my left finger when the right finger was moved around but not touching it. Keep experimenting with your fingertips and let me know if you have similar results, thanks!

  16. Hi, im 14 and i could do this for as long as i could remember without even trying. All i have to do is hold my hands still and i feel weird moving sensations. If i concentrate a little, i can feel ‘energy’ with my entire body but not as much as my hands. Does anyone know what its called if you can or explain more how we do it?

    • I too don’t even have to put my hands together and I can feel the energy. As I am typing right now, I can feel the energy in my hands and with that I have chills throughout my whole body.

  17. Anyway.. this information makes you levitate also..
    clue.. use your feet.. and ground..

  18. Hello! subscriber.. these are some information to expand your knowledge.. I was performed this pull and push sensation.. there was a thing i had to intake, to access the force between my hand and earth.. actually mind participate a little, but your hands needs to take time to feel the force..

    if you want a better demonstration.. just follow this instruction, this will help you to remain in your hands the feeling of pull and push sensation..

    take two magnets.. better if circle and wide.. each magnet need to put it on your palms.., facing each other.. you’ll feel the push sensation between two magnets.. try to catch.. and remain the feeling of that sensation..

    till it manifest to your hands… if you feel like this.. try to push some object.., now.. let’s proceed to pull sensation.. do you want to practice. . this??? do the same but inverted ..

  19. Hi, it is odd that i stumble upon the bit, because it seems to come very natural to me. I’ve felt energy in my hands my whole life, and always feel it, yet I’ve never learned how to do much with it. The most I’ve ever done is relief headache’s, relief pain from minor cuts, and stabilize blood pressure (a medicine man helped me thus far), but what is the whole purpose/nature to this energy? And is there any point to trying to move it beyond my hands? I can always feel things that should be able to happen but just don’t. Also, i’m trying to keep ego out of it, is that the right thing as well? This is a very broad inquiry. And help is much appreciated. Thanks so much. Be well.

    • I’ve done healing like that too. I think it’s something to do with green colored auras. People who have them are natural healers. So look up something about that. Hope that helped!

  20. Hi, thanks for sharing, i´ve got only one question.
    Once you gather the energy beetwen your palms, what can you do with that energy? how can you use it? can you use it for healing oneself or others, how? can you give yourself energy, how?

    Thank you for your attention

    My Best Wishes!!! 🙂

    • Ok how do you use your energy that you received? What type of things? And is this chi energy? I intend to do the impossible secretly for the good and glory for my god.

  21. Hmm, this is very interesting. I do feel energy inbetween my hands when I hold them together, but before I tried this excersize, I could focus and feel this energy in my hands apart from each other and whenever I wanted. I can feel the same energy anywhere in my body if I concentrate a little. It feels kind of like…I don’t know, a candle? Sort of? I feel a sort of power in my hands, it’s not warm and it doesn’t feel like electricity at all, but I can feel some sort of tingling inside of my hands when I focus them. It gets stronger when I do this excersize though.
    Is this Chi I’m feeling?

    • Hi there! The most bizarre experience happened to me this morning. Sadly my poor lil shitzu doggy Ella was put to sleep last night and was taken to the crematorium , it was the the saddest heartbreaking thing ever!
      This morning I was over come with grief and felt shaky and felt like I was going to collapse. I got back to bed and the weirdest sensation started from my chest, down my arms and to the tips of my fingers, it was as if I was plugged into the electricity and pulsating and grow stronger. I called to my daughter to rush in and she held on to both my hands to relief it slightly. She couldn’t feel it but it was like I was transferring to energy to her and every time I let go the shocks got stronger! This lasted maybe 5-10 mins and gradually subsided. It was not at all painful but after I felt a kind of relief!
      This was truly an unearthly experience, but could any one tell me what it was or has any one experienced the same!
      I adored and loved my doggy and I’m sure it was sent by her as she was like my shadow and we were connected some how!

    • Hi:) i’ve been doing this for sometime now ,i haven’t read anything about meditation and i believe I’m here because my energy levels started to become stronger and i thought i’d check it out online ,if you noticed we are a lot of ppl from all over the world , anyone can do this,this is how we are created,this is not about healing or being a healer,this is not about you, although some people have great energy levels they can do miracles. you don’t need to learn about it ,just get in touch with your inner self ,the more you talk about it or brag you lose that powerful feeling ,i basically started sleeping on my back and open my palms ,stare at the sky,my thoughts start to fade away and i disconnect from everything around me ,sometimes i do it standing up on a roof or mountain and i open my hands and elevate it the stronger the energy becomes ,the higher i go and then i face them together then start over,you will know what works for you,i even listen to music at times .i don’t think if you read all the meditation books from all over the world they will provide you with an answer,i meditate to connect with the energy source,Allah,God…regardless of the fact that you believe in God or not ,you will still feel the energy its how we are created ,i have had extraordinary events,i did this on my own and its the only way i connect with Reality,the inevitable truth 🙂 have a wonderful day:)

      • try to do it while you really believe in God ,look around you everything is extraordinary,look at the sun and the moon,how everything works in perfect proportion ,look how magnificent the universe is,every single creation…connect with the source “And indeed We have created man, and We know whatever thoughts his inner self develops, and We are closer to him than (his) jugular vein.” (Quran 50:16).

        • Pretty much agree with you ! i do the same thing
          salam !

      • Since I was a little girl, I have always been connected with God and I have a strong spiritual belief. I completely agree what you have said here. In addition to what you have said here, I take it one step further. One should never try to charge for their gift that they received, this too will make your gift grow weaker. A spiritual gift does not require money. It was given to us so that we may help those in need including ourselves. I have never read up on any of this and I am amazed that the steps that are written for people to follow I already do this and have always done it. My hand energy used to be so strong that it felt like it was stinging and it would hurt. I have always been a Medium, but I still have so much to learn and I want to know my complete purpose in life. I know that we are all here to help each other, but each of us have a special way that we can use to help others.

    • Alsarnia, I have no idea what it is but most certainly I have this thing too. I’ve always wondered what it is, whether it’s some kind of super power or just something anyone can do but only I noticed. I can focus this ‘energy’ anywhere on my body. I can also make my entire body feel it at once. If I focus strong enough I start to shiver which is quite odd. I’ve been trying to focus on different parts of my body and I found out that the feeling is the strongest when I do it on my hands and between my eyebraws. The longer I focus on a certain part of the body more I feel like it starts to sort of dry out. I mean it’s like my joints dry. For example if I focus on my hand for a while, and than I slowly move my fingers I can clearly feel like my joints squeak. You said it feels like a candle but I used to say that the feeling is similar to a gentle pressure, something like wearing a rubber glove. I also tried to show this energy to some of my friends and I came up with a test. Take something sharp, like a pen or a pencil or some stick. Close your eyes and aim at your forehead from a distance of several inches. Slowly move it towards your face and await the first touch. Of course be careful, you don’t want to stab yourself in the eye. Somehow this thought that it may hurt you causes you to concentrate the energy. Summing up it’s something I thought would interest you. Please let me know if you have any more experience with ‘the force’ within 😉

  22. Hi there,

    I discovered this sensation a while back and finally decided to do research on it. Do you have any kind of physical explanation for this phenomenon? My mind is baffled that we can experience this.

    Thank you,

  23. can anyone explain smth 2 me please. i didnt believe in telekinesis or anythin but…(this is gonna sound like im some freak i know but what the hell imma try)- im holding my hands(left is down, right hand is top) with some distance between. i’ve put some paper in hope to.. move paper to my upper hand. my hands were itchy, of course that paper didnt move but how to say, when i string ( i hope thats the word) my top hand, its like i could feel the pulse or my lower hand, if i would move my upper hand i lost the feeling in my lower hand, like if there was no paper. now, 20 min passed after i tried this, my hands are still like… i dont know if its itchiy or something but i can feel something in the middle of my palm, especially my right hand. im freaked out lol. i just wanna know what happens now ( no i didnt even try to visualize energy or smth, i do this with my eyes opened). im doing this in order to see if its possible to actually “convert” feeling, focusing of chi i guess into smth material…i know this sounds crazy lol. anyways i’d b really thankful for any reply

    • It’s not crazy lol
      It actually sounds like you’re a natural projector of energy. Some people have to try pretty hard, others can do it without hardly trying. After my 3rd attempt I could project pretty well (tho now I’m a bit rusty).
      But don’t be afraid or freaked out. You were feeling energy there 🙂

  24. Amazing. I also read very high ohms on a ohms meter, which is a resistance to energy. I do not know what that means but I feel and see the energy in a meditated state. I was told I am a healer but have not learned how to heal. If this is a gift I want to help those I can. Any suggestions?

    • Yes my friend, look up the arts of Qui Gung and Kung Chi I believe, Ancient healers who revolve around this stuff. I have recently within 2 years discovered the fact that being a part of the life force, we can also similar on a much lower level to Star Wars, tap into and listen to what it teaches us. We are extraordinary and are capable of much greater if we all were to work together. We have to stop the violence that disturbs and twists the balance.

      To anyone really interested. READ the book Celestine Prophecy…Opened my eyes at the age of 14 and changed my life forever. I have also noticed major spikes and more awakenings since our solar system has moved into this energy cloud…Not only does it arrousse our sun, it boosts our feeling and senses as well. I am currently learning to harness this energy but with little funding and minimal resources, time is questionable. Please feel free to e-mail me any time, always up for discussion or teaching….
      To the Stars and Beyond!

      • I can feel the magnetic sensation between my hands when i focus, i would love to tap into this energy and use it to its full potential.
        I have heard of people crating flames etc.
        if you could shed some light it would be much appreciated

  25. my palms never stop the feeling between them, even if im not focusing my palms still get this itching feeling in the center and i have to poke them in order to relieve the itch but the feeling is unexplainable like warmth to itching to cold to repeling and i cant control the feeling, same with the center of my feet, it does the same

  26. hey hi…im from philippines. i’m afraid to share my experience but since i found out you guys have the same situtation i had. so i decide to right it down. this first happen when i was on grade 6, i was 12 that time, and because of what i love doing a karate move’s same as ninja naruto i do same as they do. after a week of doing that and be-liven that i can acquire as a imaginative kid. i feel sense that make’s me feel so weird i notice my hand always on fire but i don’t see any fire on my hand. my mama says to me its your imagination. then i said to my self. yes it is it just imagination. but starting year of my high school another weird happened. my friend has a disminorea problem which is commonly problem of a girl she set on the bleach and he said that she cannot do the exercise. then our teacher say ok, someone help medley to go to the clinic. then i volunteer but before i reach her hand she collapse. when i hold her again carrying her to clinic. i stay there till her mom arrive. then i ask her if i can try something to her and her mom says ok go ahead no problem. maybe you can help. then i put my left hand on her belly and try to concentrate and i feel that something going down from my hand and she feels it circulating to her stomach, my friend tell me that she feels better for a minutes of laying my hand on her. and now im a 29 yrs old i still keep looking for answers what really happen to me. some people looking for me so that i can heal them coz im a healer that what they said. but im afraid to do it anymore. can someone answer me what happen to me. im a person always say to my self that to see is to believe. but now its happening to me help me how to control these. these is my number +6309286918181 my address is Bulaun res. libby road puan davao city.Philippines

    hoping someone will read my SOS

    • Use that Gift to Help people, i don’t know but i have that ability too but never tried it with people because i was afraid and think that people will laugh at me thinking i’m weird ! this is my Email add me : FB,msn..

  27. i have to follow up on this i have taken it to the next level i just have to say tune in with the moons vibration and you will open your mind and be able to sense the flow of energy and harness it never give up this is the next step in human evolution

  28. i can done it with out any focus and my hands gets really hot

  29. hello my name is Alex i am frm Washington have a story similar to your friend Clara. my wife of almost 3 years said the exact same thing, that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be with me, and after 10 days, moved out. We have a son together and that complicates things further. Luckily, I haven’t been hysterical and freaking out like I normally would. I know that will only push her further away. my days of not seeing her it feels like absolute hell. she came back to get her stuff and to talk to me and she said she would still be there for me. I don’t know if it was out of being truly genuine or because of our son. I truly love this woman, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her. and the biological factor is so true. we’ve had our ups and downs but when it came down to it, we always kissed and made up. I honestly don’t know what happened, as far i was concerned i would do everything to bring her back to me.along the line i was happy for brigs which introduce me to a spell caster men this temple is magical,good and sweet truly she is back to me she inside right now i was just ask to follow up some steps by the temple and 6 days later Gina come begin that she dint know what came over her,i accept her quickly for she is my hearth viewers in this blog should help me thank the grate temple.

  30. Just don’t forget guys, that “we” aren’t controlling anything. When people die or suffer around you it’s not your doing. It’s simply the threshold of experience you’re witnessing.

  31. i just found this…its about auras…is interesting cause maybe the people who are seeing light between there hands is their aura….here it is…Experiment to see your own astral body : Make both your index fingers nearly touching each other, preferably in font of a dark, matt background. Black background is OK. Look between fingers and around them and note, that the background close to your fingers is brighter. A bluish transparent and slightly shining glow responsible for this is actually a part of your astral electronic body. By joining your hands you close an electronic circuit, making the astral body more visible. The shape of your electronic astral body follows closely your physical body. Some people have their astral body quite strong and shiny, extending 10 mm or more beyond their physical body. Typically, 2-4 mm is considered average for a healthy person on Earth.

  32. i discovered completely on my own, my ability to make my headaches and other pains in my body go away. this happened when i was having emotional issues, panic attacks to be exact. i have dealt with these attacks most of my life. after failed attempts with medications and consoling, i looked to god to help me. when i repeated in my head over and over “god help me”, i found that since my mind had only the focus of the words i repeated over and over, and nothing else was left to think about but the words, the anxiety slowly left and i would be able to calm down. soon after i began to use this technique more often. and quick as the attacks would begin, i could make them go away. its funny, cause the feeling of a panic attack is kinda like an extreme adrenalin rush, and my body doesn’t know how to shut it off or handle it, and so i became overwhelmed. one day i had a bad head ache…and decided to try my technique on the pain in my head, i had to practice, a lot. but today all i have to do is to think the pain away, no breathing exercise…it just goes. before when i would stop concentrating on the pain to be gone, as soon as i stopped concentrating, it would return in an instance. i also get really bad stabbing pains in my hands and legs, and with a little more effort of thought, they are gone as well. i have recently began to feel the energy my body produces, and i have to say…its amazing. i don’t have to hold my hands together, but rather cup them lightly and think of the energy in body and soon enough, i can feel it pulsing in my hand…its not warm, but my hands feel cold and i can feel the beating of my heart in them at first, then slowly the pulsing slows, and the energy circulates through my hand from my palm to my fingers. i can do this with my entire body, and feel it in my feet as well. some times it gets a little much and then i start to feel weird and get pains every once in a while and then stop. Ive tried the energy with my boyfriend, when he was sleeping, i would place my hand on his head and concentrate on the energy, he would shake is head in his sleep, and i would move my hand. i also tried it my palm to his, leaving the gap between our hands, but still touching…the energy felt like a mixture of two heart beats, but then formed into one pulse, and slowly the energy would circulate around our palms. when i do create this energy in my hands, it feels as though something is touching them lightly…could spirits be attracted to this energy? anyway…just thought id share.

    • Unbelievable. Thank you for clarifying my energy. I have felt this for years and did not know what it meant. I also drain batteries, is this normal. I also feel drained if I am ina large room of people especially if negative energy is in the room, I actually feel sick. I will keep doing these exercises and see where it takes me. Thank you for clarifying I am sane =0)

  33. i dont know why but, before i ever did this, i had the same sensation but in my legs, when i was maeditating for like 5 minutes, i read this pagan stuff about how witch’s make what they think and materialize it, pretty cool. so i did that pagan method but instead of in my hands i felt it in my legs, at first i thought it was electricity,it was getting stronger and stronger to the point that i felt my feet trembling, and i felt if i kept going my whole house was gonna start to tremble. then i found this thing right after i tried the pagan one, and tried this one and acctualy i began to feel it in my leg, but then as i concentrated i could feel that sensation in my whole arm, but it didnt feel as strong. it felt… tingly and maybe just a TAD bit of electricity. but when i felt my legs like that i felt like i could do anything… i think the force that i got in my legs is because i practice a lot of things. im christian but im open-minded. now i can heal myself and not wait 2-3 days when i hit concrete walls without stopping full force lol. nice post dude now i can continue to get stronger. also dont just do what you read. practice more things. things that just feel right. do you watch dragonball z? i do its awsome stfu. you know the kaioken technique? i acctualy came to the conlusion thanx to one piece :3 (luffy’s gear second) that goku got red like that and got so much more powerful because his body could’ve withstand his blood flowing at approximately 2-3 times faster than normal. i have tried it with my heart. to raise its beat just by meditating and… idk how to explain the other part, i go more by feeling. well it raised my heart beat but then i felt like i was gonna pass out. and my heart felt pretty worn out. like if i do that a lot i could die. i practice a lot of things i just want to get stronger.btw i could only raise my heart beat a little… not even 2 times faster. and i felt so worn out… just imagine hw much goku trained D:ohwell.

  34. guys even i am having the same sensation b/w da hands ……. 🙂 ….i hav been practicing it whenever i get time ….. i can feel the repulsion even wen my palms are in the farthest position …. so if any one knows any other exercises to improve this feeling of energy please share ….

  35. I did something like this can made a glowing light started small then turned in to a size of a baseball I got scared and stoped, trying doing it a few 1000 times never again worked. That was it? What if it got bigger?

    This happen to anyone? Email me

    • To Tony that was your energy growing between the palm of your hands…some people can see energy between their hands like light as u saw and some can’t and could just feel the energy getting higher. your driving Al your energy to the palm of your shouldn’t have been scared of it as u woulda felt the energy growing in which you see the ball of light growing in between your hands. It wasn’t gnna explode or nothing lol. I dnt like talking about this anymore. But your energy could be higher than u or everyone in this forum can feel it through between your hands. Alot of people have limits in which why u reach that level of energy your feeling. Breaking a limit for higher energy requires pure concentration Nd you will when u do and it will make u feel strong energy all around your body. Email me if u have questions or anything about this again I stopped doing this cause of personal reasons.

  36. This technique is similar to how I naturally discovered energy thru my hands… Anyone who is successfull at this, I urge you to use the same method, play around a bit with it… And apply it to a home made ESP wheel… (home made ones work the best, as your subconscious mind believes there will be no tricks to get it to spin) basically because you alone made it, so u know, if it does work… Then you know it’s your energy. It works better with foil instead of paper, as foil is a metal, and metal seems to be more effective in gaining results from energy. Try it. I just use a pen… Stick it in something I hold it upright, an place the foil square ontop… It’s a good excersise to learn how to manipulate your energy.

  37. I was wondering if those of you who possess these abilities have known about it your whole life. I am fourteen and my aunt who is a psychic for a well known paranoemal consultation and investigation group in our area has been telling me for years that I possess someething of the likelihood to channeling energy and consiming aura’s from people. I am a bit if a skeptic,ill admit but I want to know if its something that becomes stronger as you age and practice your energy.
    I remember attending a Superbowl party with a friend of mine last year at her grandparents house and feeling an overwhelming sense od death and sorrow whenever I was near her grandfather. Only s few weeks later he was killed in a freak accident in his place of work and when I hugged her, the feeling entered me again and then was gone.

  38. Hi Ive been able to do this for a while now it feels like a magnetic force between my hands I can also do it with other parts of my body usually my legs like today I was lying on my bed watching TV and moving my knees together and apart and imaging someone strong pushing them apart and I feel that I couldn’t push my knees far apart it was so cool. I do the same thing with my hands, right now I’m able to move them very far apart and make the magnetic force happen and it feels like I’m pressing on something very hard between them. Does anyone suggest where I go from here? I mean, yeah it’s entertaining doing this when I’m bored in my room but what is the point of it? I wish I could talk to friends about it but they think I’m nuts 🙁

    • Hi,well this is what I think about this whole thing since many people around the world feel and experience the same things, such as a growing magnetic force between their hands, I beleive that this is simply the human species evolving into a new state where we are able to manipulate cosmic energy at a basis level, what you are creating in your hands is said to be a “Psi Ball.” now you should research cosmic energy on the internet and research psi balls and telekinesis(as this is an ability gained by humans through psi balls) and you should see what different site say about energy manipulation. I know this all sounds weird but it is true! Try using this energy and instead o9f keeping it in your hands you should project it off and into the space around you but remember to always bring it back to you because psi balls that are left in a place can cause an energy imbalance and that could turn into negative energy and it would affect people in that place and you. You are not nuts, I mean look how many people say that they haveame experiences and how many sites their are where it teaches you to use your energy! Also your local bookstore should have books about all this maybe in the philosiphy section or psycology section or anywhere else. Their is so much evidence that humans are now different and evolving so go out there and start learning about this and follow techniques and methods to develop your self and your abilities but remember, only use this energy for good and nothing bad as it would only affect you if you used it for bad, but otherwise, find more about ths,learn and practiceyour skills.

    • Hiya Shaun,

      If you are still feeling something between your hands , like tingling sensations. Or when you walk on the streets, you intuitively know when a woman or a man is gonna pass by you, by just sensing the warmth or tingling in your hands….check out a thai chi or chi kung (qi kong) practitioner. I will do tomorrow as welll, as I started to feel these stuff in my palms and I can actually make the energy move from left to right on my left palm. As if the right hand is the conductor and the left hand the receiver of life energy or seomthing. So I will go to a chi kung shaolin master here in Galicia, Santiago de COmpostela, Spain.

      I am out.

      Need to find info on hoiw to move a peace of small paper in my hands.

  39. Hey,

    What can this energy be used for? is a gift?

  40. Hey all you guys,Look, i am an ordibary boy living in south africa and I came across sites that deal with energy and then I came across this, with many people experiencing and manipulating energy! I too have had similar experiences that deal with telepathy and telekinesis and feeling the energy spectrum within my hands. Although I am just a young teenager now, I really am interested in this as I do agree and beleive that this is the next step in human evolution!!!!!!! Let us experience this together and please keep in contact!email me at let us lead the future of mankind!

  41. When I do this exercise I experience energy from my gut, through my chest, through my arms, to the palms of my hands. I am Bipolar 2. With this diagnosis and all the med’s I am on in order to control all the energies I feel from people and our Higher Power, I don’t have to close my eyes to feel the energy in my palms. I feel the energy running through my entire body. Less in the legs and more in my torso and arms through the hands. My hands want to come together and not repel each other. I have to concentrate for them not to connect together. The energy between the palms feels like two magnets drawn to each other. Warm to hot.

  42. it was easy for me to learn this because i felt the tingling and warmth senasations in my palms and felt a slight pressure and felt a magnetic repel like sensations in my palms like act i like was actually holding something and i can do this super easily

  43. I have recently discovered this too and also to the next level have learned of other techniques which can be used during and after the energy build up. Also i have learned how to store energy more efficiently. I truly believe nature has forces and energies we couldn’t even imagine, Instincts, feelings, perception, and so on.

    Think about ‘IRONIC’ for a second… Have you thought of someone or something and have a relative experience happen soon after? Ever have that feeling you had been somewhere before or done something once already? It’s all connected and relative. We are a part of nature and in turn can learn to listen and act according.

    I am starting a manuscript of this far from new discovery and what I know about it will be stated and described to best allow readers to interpret and even try for themselves. I believe this to be the next step in human evolution.

    P.S….”I’m not crazy, My mother had me tested!”

  44. do your hands hurt instead of tingling when you make movements with the other hand -circular motion ,pointing finger-no touching??

  45. What i do is press my hands together like an buddhist you know with no space between the fingers pretty hard though not too hard, then i slowly pull them apart holding them in the same position and imagine there’s a beam of energy flowing between my hands.

    You should imagine something that fits you best though, and not necessarily what i use to make it work.

    After reading this i tried adding this to what i usually do and it helped a Great deal the feeling became so much more clearer.

    When i did this i noticed that when taking the breath i feel my hands getting pulled towards oneanother, however when i let the breath go i feel something pushing them away from eachother.

    What does this mean?

    And don’t say it’s just my imagination when i “know” i’m feeling something.

    • Hi Stian, depending on who you are talking to, the feeling you mention could be interpreted in several ways; it could be the feeling of energy that is always there and that you are becoming attuned to, and it could also be that when you breathe in the lungs hence the thorax expand and your arms are drawn together in a lever fashion (and the opposite when you breathe out).

  46. Well i had never even heard of this before! i only googled this because i have been doing this myself and wondered what i was experiencing? i have also demonstarted to other people and they can feel my energy in there hands like heat and strong repelling magnetism!! thought it was just me!! hey at least i know its not just me, once i almost thoght i could see it and it felt unusually strong but i got over excited and it stoppped and had to start again… maybe i should practice more and see if i can do more with this!!

    • Hi Adam, what you said is interesting; when i first started experiencing energy, a few years ago, it felt very strongly and people i was experimenting with could also feel it. Strangely enough, the only people who can feel it now are healers or energy workers. The thought came to me whilst reading Chinese Medical books that maybe the strong energy i was and others were feeling at first was a clearing out/cleansing of old stagnant energy in my system.

      • 19 years ago I had a brain haemorragh and didn’t know family and friends for a while, eventually I improved healthwise but never the same. Strange things happened and the energy from my hands is so very strong. A few years ago when a friend of mine had a back pain I just jumped up told him to lay on the floor and had my hands floating over the area down his legs around 1 to 2 inches above. The pain went away and he had had that problem through playing football when younger. He was shocked but pleased. I didn’t know what I was doing and felt as though someone else was doing this for me. I have done it so many times now for different illness’s. What do you make of this one as I am pleased every time I do it but sometimes even my legs go numbish and I’m tired but fine the next day. I am also a very strange person that thinks this is one of the reasons I am still here. Hope someone could know a bit more about this. Thanks for listening
        #104 Shell on 2011-12-03 05:57 (Reply)

  47. whenever i do this exersize i can feel tingling in my finger tips….. this this natural or just something different??

    • Hi Jada, the tingling is natural; it means that you have attuned yourself to what’s going on in your body and are now aware of all the little movements in your fingertips, such as blood flowing through capillaries, nervous impulses, etc…

      • Hi Nick, I dont know if you can enlighten me to sensations I’ve had since I was a child. I feel energy through my head and hands, and when hold other peoples hands I can feel their emotional energy. I can direct the energy and the head energy becomes very intense if I am near people praying or feeling love. Thanks for your time 🙂

        • Morning Amelya, first of all i love your name. I cannot enlighten you as i am not enlightened and even if it was the case i believe it’s a lonely path to tread on (apologies for linguistic mistakes as i wasn’t reared in an English speaking country). I have been practicing yoga and qigong for a few years and got mixed messages from teachers; in yoga classes i attended, the aim was to awaken all the chakras to bring energy awareness to the head, whereas in qigong, especially in the early years of practice, the head is the last place to pay attention to when it comes to moving awareness. I believe that everyone feels what you are feeling although you are very lucky/wise to be able to realize and acknowledge it.

  48. Does anyone know anything about watches constantly losing time or breaking? Same with digital cameras? Id love to hear some stories! Also, I find my hands can help heal injuries on my animals. I just create heat over an area that seems sore and kind of ‘throw’ the pain out from the animal. It really seems to help. Anyone else experienced this? X

    • Hi Dawn, that sounds exciting… How long ago did you discover that and how old are you?

      • Hi nick. I’m 43, and for as long as i can remember, I’ve always thought I just had bad luck with watches! Lol. I also thought I had bad luck with cd players (if Iam meditating or getting a massage) and bad luck with digital cameras, until someone said to me one day that maybe my own electrical magnetics were interfering with these appliances! I also can sense things on other levels from time to time, and predict everyday things like speeding fines, phone calls etc. It comes and goes sporadically, but my instincts with people and the heat in my hands is a constant. It’s lovely to know there are commonalities with alot of us. It’s comforting to see others stories and it makes me feel a bit more sane! Lol.

        • Hi Dawn, you are completely sane, at least regarding the feelings you mentioned. It’s probably difficult to make sense of it for most of us but is it not even more difficult to make sense of Life altogether? What i mean is don’t forget the big picture:)

        • Hi Dawn, this link looks interesting:

  49. can any 1 help me wen i put my palm of my hand to gever there like a verry cold energy
    and sometime my palm r not evening touching . any help wod be greatfal iv all beabel to do it even as a kid thank

    • There is another experiment that you can practice with: go behind a friend’s back where you stand a few metres away, hold your most sensitive hand palm facing towards your friend’s lower back and move slowly closer and closer towards your friend’s body until you feel like you are either hitting a field/barrier or the tingling/heat in your hand increases. If you play with this sensation and move your hand in vertical circles for example whilst maintaining the mental connection, and although not in physical contact with the other’s body, funny things may happen like your friend’s body swaying or even stepping backwards. It’s especially funny/strange/interesting when it’s a replicable experiment, in my experience, and your friends don’t know or expect what is about to happen. A word of caution though, it doesn’t matter how hard i’ve tried with some people, they just don’t move… Finally, i have tried to heal others and received healing myself with this energy awareness/feeling with very limited success; I am therefore aware of the energy but not sure if it’s not a trick of the mind or just an unconscious process (happening anyway) that we make conscious with practice and that has no real healing power on others…

      • Hi guys, there is a post somewhere about attracting balloons with energy awareness in palms; i believe it could be statics and not some undiscovered scientifically unexplainable energy. Regarding making ripples in bath water; i believe it could be wishful thinking. After all, don’t we all create our own reality by how much we decide to hide from the truth (how many filters or blind beliefs we are willing to look at life through)?

  50. I just found this, as a lot of people who commented did.
    I found out that i can send heat from my hands at will, when i was trying to heal someone’s muscles.
    i didn’t exactly know that i could do that, but knew i emit some sort of field all the time.
    i haven’t begun so to speak, but i feel the potential.
    All of this came about this week, i watched a film about quantum physics…spookily enough directly in line with “particles that ARE everything”…there is a reason for this obviously….
    not that is has much to do with anything, but i have five pointed stars in the lines on my palms also….
    if any one has advice or can point me in the right direction i would be eternally grateful…

  51. I can feel the energie all over my bathe, sometimes so match that i don’t know how to control it.
    This flow of energy you talk about, i wanna know more about it and i will teach you how to get a unbelievable strong power that you can control all over you’r bathe.
    i already have it but i don’t know much about it what it can do, i’m farther and stronger then you know and i need your help to control it.

  52. Feeling power to touch things and people are theft of negative electrons from one cell to another. The excess radiation generated energetic molecular disorder or imbalance causing ulcers, gastritis, tumors and cancer. The scalp massage repolarized energy or equipment that balances the electric charges of all the radiation received from the sun, temperature, static, phone cellular, microwave, TV

  53. how do you fly the tissue or paper with a hand? someone can teach reply me thxx…

  54. Hi ive been reading the comments about magnet charge and iron bar, when i can really focus my mind and channel energy i can feel a build up of electric current flowing through my hands, mind and body, i heat up and sweat straight away it is strange.. it really feels like eletricity flowing through my whole body, current jolting out of my hands..

  55. hey, im wondering if this is actualy real or am i just going crazy. i was just laying in bed with my hands a few inches apart and after focusing and feeling something that is hard to explain they started to move apart from eachother and felt a bit tingely. i have been trying it again after reading some of this and its happening again. im 16 now after a few weeks and im just feeling this energy i guess u could say, am i going crazy or is this real and if it is real what can i do with this “power”?

    i would love to hear what you have to say, i always knew there was more then met the eye, i love this type of stuff.

    • Ok so I feel like a dork actually asking this
      But have you ever had the energy between your hands
      And your working on getting the force larger
      But then your hands kinda start moving in their own pattern
      Kinda like the pattern is generating the energy or something

      I have a example kinda
      One time I was meditating around my friend
      And I was just gonna show him
      How he could feel the energy in between my hands
      Well I was doing it for awhile
      And then I started getting into a deep meditated state
      With out realizing it
      My hands starting moving in a pattern
      Kinda like moving in their own circles
      But I wasn’t really control how my hands moved
      I could control it to where I didn’t move my hands
      But if I did move my hands
      They continued in a circle type pattern

      Anyway I ended up doing it for like 15 to 20 min
      Without fully realizing that I was doing it
      But then my friend asked what I was doing and thats when it concerned me
      Because I didn’t know what I was doing

      But after I did that
      I told him to put his hand between mine
      And he felt the warm tingly sensation
      Which surprised him
      And I continued for awhile
      And my friend randomly claimed that he had a headache

      And at the time
      I wasn’t trying to be 100% serious
      But I was thinking to myself it might work
      And I told him I was going to cure his headache
      So I put my hands about 1 in from each side of his head
      And I was focusing on exerting the energy out
      Well he got got the warm tingly sensation through his head
      It freaked him out alil bit
      So he made me stop
      But then I asked him if hes headache was gone
      And sure enough it was.

      So if anyone may have answers for me
      On what the patterns are?
      Or what makes my hands to the patterns?
      Or how I cure my friends headache?

      I’d really appreciate it
      And be thankful if you email me

  56. why do people feel the need to ‘rationalise’ their expereince by saying ‘I just imagined it’ or ‘its all in my head’.

    we don’t question the existence of love because it is so socially accepted as being real. yet it cannot be proved – or disproved – our expereince and acceptance of it makes it real.

    The energy you feel IS REAL – you don’t need to rationalise it 🙂 its ok 😀

    My hands have always heated up while meditating and have been ‘vibrating’ for a while now. When I meditate now I allow myself to feel this energy as it flow through the rest of my body – I can not feel it run up mu arms and afterwards I have difficulty holding anything in my palms – they feel too full.

    Try standing, facing the sun with you palms out and let the sun feed its energy into you – its a great sensation.

    Also, I meditate with my left hand facing down (feminine) and righ hand up (masculine) – depending on whats gone on in my day, one hand will sometime vibrate much stronger than the other – when its been a good day – it is balanced.

    “begging and pleading to a higher purpose seperates us from the God *within* ”

    xox peace

  57. Wow Im sure glad to have found some of this information from others with the same experiences. I have only been noticing this change in my body until recently. I thought I was going crazy. The energy level is so serious that even when I hold my hands out stretched it feels like my hands are being charged. I can also create the energy in my hands at will. Example spreading it across my whole body to the point where my face becomes all tingly with an electric feeling. I know a lot of these post are old if some one can get back to me and let me know more especially why I have this weird growing pulse feeling in the middle of my brain. Sounds crazy I know… Its true every bit of it.

    • Hey i did the same thing when i first tried an i was freaking out an really excited, it scared me so i didnt do it again for awhile

  58. I think its all in our heads mine too and we make ourselfs think we are doing it so we feel it and that is why it helps so much

  59. I get it, goku lol…

    Anyways I’ve been reading evreybodys post and have been very interested in this stuff lately, for the past couple of weeks I’ve read about it and watched videos but I came across this site 2 days ago and have been trying this a few times a day sense then and had little to
    no results, i was wondering if somebody could give me tips and tell me how long it took to see results.

    Thanks guys and please, keep up the informative posts.

    • This is the signle most unhelpful and most helpful bit of advice I’ve ever been given (bear with me)

      Let go. Don’t expect anything. expectations usually only work to hinder you – they sit there in the back of your mind, distracting you from your expereince.

      I think the time is different for everyone. I find that when I accept I won’t expereince my progress while I think about it, manage to somehow let it go, stop thinking about it – then it usually happen.

      The art of letting go is *definately* an art.

      while a child still clutches to his favourite toy that is broken, it can never be fixed. He needs to let it go, so that someone else can work on it and fix it (aka the universe, all, God etc. Then it can be returned to the child, better and more wonderful than before.

      Also: the universe is a mirror – give and it will give, take and it will take – surrender yourself to energy, it will surrender itself to you.

      I know thats all super airy-fairy but I hope it helps 🙂

  60. Hey, do any of your guys hair suddenly get bigger and blonde after doing that? I’ve had beams of light that can destroy things, I mean like obliterate things after doing this. Also, my balls shrunk after doing this. I’m calling my doctor and eating some beans.

  61. Are you guys kidding me? Of course you’re going to feel heat on your palms, you’re holding two of the best places on your body for heat to escape 2 inches apart.

  62. hi thank you for theese informations even if i dont understand everything, when i was a kid i discovered this kind of energy but i dont feel magnetic repulsion, its like warmth but not realy… and i can “feel” it with all my body, also i can “put” it in different objects or take it to someone else (i dont do this usualy) is this what you are talking about? if its not that so what is it? Does different feelings have different effect and what are theese effects? please help me ,if you find a time to answer my questions please send me a mail. “ Thank you 🙂

  63. this is weird i tried this and after about few minutes my hands started feel hot and my fingers started to move themselfs then like magnets like minus and minus trying to get away from eachother. iknow this sounds funny but still. i want to achiev an power of unhuman .

  64. This is absolutely mind blowing, tried it for the first time today, it’s amazing..
    Is there anything other than practice you can do to make the energy ball larger/stronger?

    Also, there used to be a trick the kids in my school would do…I was wondering if it was the same thing as this energy ball…?
    what we would do is:
    1. Ask your partner to place their hands as if they are holding a ball.
    2. Place your hands around their hands, allowing them to keep the shape of the ball.
    3. For two mins, push against their hands, as if trying to get them to squish the ball, while they push against your hands, protecting the ball. So you are pushing in, and they are pushing out. Do this for approx 2mins.
    4. Now release their hands, they should feel as if there actually is a ball in their hands.
    Switch up the partners too so you can feel the ball as well!

    Is this also energy? Or is it simply something like muscle memory?

  65. I see alot of younger people experimenting with the ‘psi energy’ here, and it reminds me of doing the exact same thing when i was 15, now im 23….
    If i could say to myself then, i’d say good work on never giving up. not that i worked exceptionally hard or as often as i could have. but at least it was always in my mind. anyway the psi energy stuff is very real, and you’ll get it with time.

    i have found that there is not a great deal of information out there either, its all pretty much a basic psi ball exercise or a feel the energy between ur hands that. but if you can master a few of the basic concepts there really is alot of ways to use it, as far as ur imagination really. try the floating a feather (small fluffy, pref blue) between your hands for 3-5 minutes exercise just on the energy you are transferring from one hand to another.
    or also work on your energy vision so that you can attempt to better understand whats going on around u as you work. try open your chakras so you can have a larger amount of energy to work with.

    anyways not the point, my point is that it is real, you can get better, and never give up, its been 7 years i wouldnt say i practiced very hard, but it pays off.

    So good luck on your progress!

  66. Hi
    Great posts here.
    This is something I was taught about six month ago by a Yogi Guru visiting Canada from India.
    I currently practice drawing in the energy from around me “allowing” it to enter me and then “allowing” it go out my hands.

    Notice I said “allow”!!!
    I am not creating this energy or forcing this energy to appear. I’m allowing it to enter my body.
    I am allowing it to travel threw my body.
    I practice this every morning after meditating.
    I’m at the point now where I am getting up one hour earlier each day just to meditate and play with the energy. It gives my great happiness!
    My hopes are to one day do more with this energy.

    Thanks everyone for all the great posts!!!!!


  67. Hi ive been doing this since i was 15 im 17 now and when im really concentrated i start to see energy in my hands i might sound mad and also i get too the point after doing this after a hour where i cant put my hands together i dont know if it just me going mad or if its real please will someone give me advice thanks email me at

  68. Hi, I have just tried this and I once I had cleared my head and focused I could feel my hands repel each other..I have been going through some stressful situations at the moment and have been lacking clarity, can I use this to refocus my mind?..I have never tried anything like it but I have to say I felt relaxed afterwards.thanks..Annemarie

  69. hi, I didn’t write for nearly 2 years.
    If any of you is feeling energy between hands and is able to choose wether to feel heat or magnetism and can feel the same thing through the body and when it happens it seems to be hard to remain awake but after, let’s say, an undetectable amount of time, something very powerful, very “real” and disconcerting and absolutely short happens;

    well, I would like to hear it.


    • I would like it if u could give me your email 😀 ?
      I have some private stuff about energy to tell u.
      Thank you.

  70. Does anyone know why this happens? I’ve actually tried healing someone with it and I’m not sure if it worked, but he had a cough and headache at first, and after I had tried it, he was much better. So, what type of energy is it?

  71. perfecting…but as noted above, good and bad can come of this ability, who will you side with when the time comes to show your colors…

  72. Hi ive been able to feel and transfer energy for 10 years now but can use all the advice i can get

  73. Ok; if it is really hard to make your hands connect when you try to put them together, does that mean it it working? And is this little energy ability permanent?

  74. hey, I am completely lost and I felt the energy a little bit. I need major help to feel comforted and i am having trouble focusing. Can anyone help?

  75. Hi everyone
    Came across this page in an attempt to discover what the difference in energy’s means.

    My friends and I are very into this kind of thing. I discovered last year that I had been seeing aura colours my entire life, and would automatically stay away from any person who was a red, purple or brown… without realizing what I was doing.

    My friend Katy can assign an element to people. Earth, Wind, Water or Fire. I have learnt how to do this… it is just a feeling from inside. We have never met a proper wind. (you’ll get different types of water, earth and wind)

    We have recently delved into feeling our energies. We have felt our own, and each others… and it’s easy to feel the difference between them.

    Her’s is hard and makes our hands tingle… whilst mine is soft (smoke-like) and emits a lot of heat. Our other friend’s acts as an attraction while another friend’s repulses.

    It is amazing to see the attractive and repulsive energies when my two friends share energy… it’s like they mix rather than converging 🙂

    Thought I’d share this with ya’ll…
    So keen to delve further, but am scared of opening myself up to seeing things like shadow people.

    Looking forward to reading your replies 🙂

    • Thats pretty interesting, I wish I had friends like yours! Seems like you guys are making progress. Keep up the good work, a little practice goes a long way. I have just recently started practicing on seeing aura’s better, all I really see is a little glowing around people and it’s usually white. How can you tell if someone is a proper wind type?

    • Wow that’s awesome 🙂 I always wondered what the tingling was…but I just assumed it was because I have an over-active imagination.

      How are you guys able to ‘see’ auras though? ‘Cause I read a book where the main character could do that, but I thought it was just fantasy — it’s called the Immortals series by Alyson Noel.

      And how do you do the healing thing with your hands?

    • I always read a lit of fantasy books, and when I was about 15, I started playing with pendulums. It started to answer my questions, and I also was able to make it swing so hard that the pendulum would fly off my finger. The most concrete evidence I’ve ever had was when I pushed the pendulum at a 45 degree angle, and it stayed there after I moved my hand away. Anything I’ve ever experienced could be explained away, except that, the thing was defying gravity and just hanging sideways in the air. Well I was a Christian, and everyone around me told me it was evil. Soon after I started to feel presences around me. Everyone else calls them shadow people, I guess that’s accurate. I felt them more than saw them, and I was scared to death for years. I stopped playing with all of this, simply blocked it all. That was about 15 years ago. Eventually my awareness of them just faded. Praying didn’t help, what helped was simply blocking them, refusing to let them in my space. Don’t know what they are, but they exist in our realm, we just don’t see them, I accept them being around me in the same way that I accept bugs living in my home, whether or not I see them, they are there. I guess it must still scare me because I haven’t been able to do anything with pendulums since. However, the ball of energy I do all the time, and I can’t see how that can be bad. I didn’t know what to do with it, tried healing, didn’t really see a difference, but EMOTIONALLY, wow, it gives me happiness, warmth, well being, a feeling of blue still water. I don’t know the source of all this stuff, but I think that if someone is afraid of things they are better staying away from this, I think the fear projects the power into something unpleasant. Just wanted to share this with others that might be able to sense them, and how I got over the fear, hope it helps. You can simply block your awareness of them.

  76. Interesting, I used to put my had above the arm of my brothers and sisters when I was younger, and I could feel warmth energy, I feel like I could give good energy or take out bad,through the years I would once in a while put my palm above my own arm it took awhile for me but I could feel the energy growing, I always thought if i had the right teacher,and practiced, I could move objects. I am 42 years old now and still believe.I have shown others in the past and would get simular results of “what are you talking about”…thanks for any help..Matt

  77. Just found this site, have tried this a few times on my own, I was kinda trying to find out ways to grow it. My feeling isn’t the repulsion though, it’s undoubtably heat. I’ve gotten to the point of my hands feeling actually hot to others after a few minutes of concentration. Anyone have any expirience with that kind of thing?

    • Hello Jarrod.

      I’ve experienced somewhat something like that, but yet when i feel this heat, i still feel the repulsion. I think we’re able to control the heat with enough practice. I’ll defiantly try it letting another feel my hands if it is hot like you did.
      If you happen to experience anything new about this, get back to me, I’m open for a talk.

  78. um is feeling a repulsion between your hands normal? email me if that means something

  79. Hello everybody, I’ve been doing this energy practice for good half a year now. I can make the ball very heavy if you can say it that way, I cannot move my hands together when i do this. My energy feels alot more strong when im about to to go bed, its weird.
    I’ve also learned myself to control my heartbeat, clear my mind on a very short time and other stuff. I’m looking to learn very much about this, and I feel its a very nice thing, I’m looking to learn energy healing, moving my energy to other parts of my body AND feeling it on other parts of my body, the last one is very complicated for me if I concentrate I can make my foot warm, it tingles like with my hands, but yet im not sure, I think it requires alot of focus.

    I’m open for a chat, I’m looking to share experiences, thoughts and much more.
    My msn/email is “”
    Hit me up if you feel like it.

    • HI, I came across this website after having this experience tonight. i have never had so much power in my hand before. Mine came by accident i was in a deep conversation while just playing with two tigers eyes’ stones. i felt my friends energy and she felt it to. i was crying because the power is was so strong. the person i was talking about at the time oddly enough called me right after words. as soon as i answered the phone i asked her if she felt something weird because i was talking about her, and she almost passed out. this was all happening at the same time. I am in shock. if anyone can help me understand this better please let me know. thank you

  80. Hey guys I know I m probably wasting your time but ihavr done things similar to this except this time a few things happened. . . I wanted to know is it normal if when I threw my hands (like throwing the ball of energy) it felt like something bit my finger also my hands wanted to attract extremely badly. It even managed to drag itself across the table a little when I set me hands down. . . . So please just tell me if this stuff was normal thanks you guys have a great day!

  81. Just thought you might want to check out this video for an explanation on how to feel energy.

  82. ya i dunno i tried ur postioning and that other stuff i dunno i have always felt some sort of power or energy between my hands it isnt even necessarily between because i can feel it in my hands when i just think about it i dunno something crazy just sounds strange but i feel like my hands are pushing a froce outward and wehn i hold them together they kinda feel like they creat a “orb” of something or other i would like to figure it out but i really dont htnk much of it if you got some usefull info lat me know cause this pwoer doesnt seem possible but i do feel something i dont know if its there or not

    • i dont feel a magnetic repulsion its more like a force that is not really controalable its sorta like a power thats there but i dont use it so it goes away no magnetic no pull just a force i can feel like it has a pwer but i dont know what to do with it i have dreams of healing pweres but thats a dream its a weird feeling when i do it and i can only hold the feeling in between my hands ( or separate it in two hands) and then it goes away after 1- to20 secs

  83. i have always felt a power between my hands i have dreams of it being healing and dreams of it being destructive im pretty sure it doesnt work for moving things but there is this strong force emenating from my hands i dont know how to try to figure it out but there is a definite energy between my hands ive felt it for a long time but i dont know what to think please help

  84. I have been practicing this meditation technique for close to three years now. It also works from up to 20 feet apart with a partner. just put your hands up in front of your face palm facing your partner and one of you keeps their hands still while the other makes small circles and slowly pushes towards the partner. With some practice you can really feel a magnetic connection. A triangle can also be made with three person standing 5 to 10 feet apart and having the palm of their hands facing each of them. Once you start feeling that magnetic pressure ask for somebody else to slowly walk between the connected palm and you feel your whole arm being slightly pulled by a magnetic force

    • thats awesome.. gonna do that

  85. Hey I just started reading this today and I think I have been using the heat that I get when I put my hands close togerther on my hole body be ause i haven’t been col when I go outside in just a sweatshirt when it has been 15 degrees out. I would like to here you’re thoughts on this thanks


  86. wow my hands feel like two magnets trying to repel each other, very strongly. thank you for this excercise!

  87. I was taught to use the ball of energy between my hands in Tai Chi class when I was young. Yes, this is real and I have been doing it everyday for many years. As you play with this it gets stronger. I always play with the ball of energy (light) while I do Tai Chi and my other energy exercises. If I were to get into a fight, I would use this ball of energy in the fight. But the ball of energy is also used to heal. The ball of energy is made up of two energies combined into one. They are Yin (female) and Yang (male) and you can learn to tell the two apart and to make this very powerful. As many have mentioned above, this can be used for many different things. I use it to energize and vitalize myself, as I do not fight unless there is no other choice. The Yin aspect of the ball of energy is the most powerful aspect and so Tai Chi that is taught to the public is mostly Yang style. Yin Tai Chi is still mostly held secret as it is very powerful. But it is not so different from Yang style. I have created my own little energy exercises to strengthen this ball of light. The keys to it are focus, visualization, deep breathing and an empty “no thought” state of mind. Focus your mind on the ball of energy and See it with your mind (imagine it). You can easlity feel it between your hands, now play with it and learn to use it for what ever you desire. It is very effective for self defense and also healing your body and mind. I always tell people that my exercises are both a Dance of Life for the person performing it and a Dance of Death to anyone fighting you. It can be like your own little gun that also heals, please use it wisely.
    The new movie Men who Stare at Goats exposes some of the military tactics of psychic attack. Use this ball of light to defend against such a hidious attack. It will reflect and also empower the energy back onto the one who is attacking you. Causing to them what they intend for you, but now more powerful because you added your focused life energy to it. But the ball of light can be used in any way you choose. If they are working on mental attacks, then we need to work on mental defense and this is one way to defend against this. We seem to be moving into a new era and in general people are becoming more self aware. Balls of light are extremely healing or extremely destructive. It’s free will, so please you use it wisely. And all it takes to learn this is practice, practice, practice.
    One more thing, Love is the single most powerful force in the universe, it is the force of attraction (several people mentioned magnets) and can be used with your ball of light. Use your imagination to figure out how. You can do much, much more than you may presently realize. We all have special gifts and we can grow them stronger. Use your ball of light to awaken your energy centers (Seven Stars, Chakras), find the I AM within You and become Self Realized, that is the best use for it that I know.

    You do know that everything is really energy, as proven by e=mc2. And light is how we see energy and also the only constant (speed of light) in this formula. So this proves we are already light and so all we must really do is awaken to this fact. Your ball of light can help you with this. Light and energy cannot be destroyed, only altered or transformed. Light is literally immortal. Does this sound a little bit familar? Science (Quantum Physics) and religion are now coming to a point where they meet. Welcome to the New Age of the human experience.


    • Good post Randy. I will put to practice some of the things you suggest.. one of the most important things that I realize is not the power I am able to gain from the this practice, but the ability to control that power, is most important. Using it wisely will benefit ourselves and the rest of the world. I truly wish for peace in this world, not war and death. I keep this in mind every day every second I am training, otherwise my own powers begin to eat at me and I lose everything I have worked for (focus & energy, to do my work and be a balanced person) I am currently working on forming a ball of energy in my hand that can present enough force to cut through anything.. (see: But along with this training my healing techniques are getting stronger too. And I am starting to be able to sense things without my eyes open, like touching your own hand, without physical contact. It’s taking some time cause the ‘I AM’ and self aren’t super easy to developed for me. but its still SWEET! talk to you guys later

    • Randy
      How do you begin to create the ball of light and what doese it feel like? I would really like to be able to master one.



      • Jacob, a ball of light starts with your imagination. imagine blackness, and in that blackness a point of light, the brightest purest light you have every witnessed. It takes some practice but after a few days you should be able to focus on it clearly and grow it larger. It feels like a true connection with God to be honest.. but even those words dont do this feeling justice

        • Thanks. Because everyone has been talking psi balls and I never really knew how to make/use them.

        • I have one more question. Have you been able to spin a psi wheel and if you have how do you?

          Ps: I was able to create a psi ball thanks to you!

        • Sweet! Give me some details on your psi ball, did you see it in your hand at all or did you feelit in your mind?? Actually being able to see a ball of energy in your hands takes much more practice for me but its coming along..

          About the psi wheel, I have been able to manipulate the psi wheel for a little while now, but it takes practice everyday to be able to control it very well. I have been focusing on other things and haven’t given it much time. There are multiple ways to control a psi wheel. One is directly: using a direct “chi” connection the with the object which will allow you to turn the wheel in any direction your will commands. (key thing there is your “will” or “true will”) another way is going ‘elemental’ haha, or, using elements (like wind) to control the wheel. Different energy users have different styles. Let me know your findings, reading about others success motivates me greatly!

  88. um ive been able to feel the energy between my hands since i was a child, i used to do it out of habbit. it fells like something is pushing n pulling my hands towards each other, i used to do this after watching my grandmother do it without her knowing. and my granddad is a psychic medium. my parents dis beleive powers n such so i was never alowd to get involved but i have the same occuring dream about a large wall of water coming towards me. Anyway.. ive allways wanted to know what this energy ment and what it is and how i could use it. thank you.

  89. im a skeptic about these thing and when i tried it i felt like if i were holding magnets that were repelling each other it was awsome

  90. Hey, i’ve been using this ever since 2nd grade when i was bored in school. I just found it out of nowhere when i focused energy into my hands. Its weird but i do it all the time. I have the repulsion, heat, stuff like that when i hold my hands close together and focus. But another thing that i do is if you have ever seen the naruto series i imagine it like Rasengan
    I even get it to feel like its spinning.
    I tried an experiment with a friend and he said he could feel it in his skin when i touched him with it. I have also been able to move energy through my body to stop any kind of pain i have, such as a cut or bruise, which i get a lot from football. I also find that by concentrating it in my ears i can greatly improve my hearing, as well as eyesight at night. I dont know how i do it but when i play sports i can sense where everyone is. It is a huge advantage during basketball too when you can tell where everyone is and whether they are on your team or their team.

    I don’t know why all this stuff happens, but the ability is diminishing for some reason. Ever since i got into highschool i have lost the ability to sense people. I figure its the lack of sleep. During summer i feel way better, and usually regain it within the first few weeks. This also helps because it is when my team plays airsoft, i can hear someone move about 200 yards away with this.
    Is there any idea to what causes this?

    • Thats sweet! I am going to try the eyes and ears improvement technique haha, see if it will work for me.

      • perhaps this will help you see energy. still your mind… keep focus on a spot infront of you… clear all thoughts. you will begin to see somethings kinda like dots rippling through the reality you see. sometimes you will see different shapes of colors, but sometimes you will just see the mass of dots in your vision. this is energy. this is the best way i can describe it… the dots have no color… its kinda inivisible. you have to clear all thoughts, and focus to see it… its kinda like meditating with your eyes open. this is the secret to “time” travel using your mind. i quote time because time really does not exist. there is no past, and there is no future… there’s only the present. the past is only information collected, and the future is only what the present will be. now back to topic… focus your psi ball, and still your mind… you will see a bar of energy (like a line) connect from palm to palm. in the middle you will see the actual ball of light. its muuuuuch smaller than it feels, but not too small. however i just discovered psi balls a month ago when trying to learn telekenises i havent been practicing much, but after about 3 mins of practicing i was able to expand my hands quite far. i stopped after about 2 days when it seemed impossible to get a small object to move, but i still randomly every 3-5 days just put my hands close together and begin working my way apart. one day i stiilled my mind and focused on the center of the 2 hands. i saw a clear energy, but a small hint of white in it. perhaps yours will be different than mines, but i felt you should learn about stillness. dont ask me more on time travel either because i will prolly never come back to this webpage, however google how to do teleportation… learn up on that, and then you can advance onto time travel. telekinesis is the first step to time travel with the mind. however i find this all easy cause i go by the reality that existence doesn’t exist, and the power of the universe is within your mind. god made you in the image of him… not ears mouth nose, but in mind. gods pure mind you could say… you could say we live in his mind. how do you think he can be everywhere at once… how do you think he is everything? god is pure existence. i am that i am… he really just is….

  91. Hey fellas. This is my first post ever on this subject because it took me about 5 years to stop ignoring it. I am 29 years old and since my early 20’s I have begun having strange things happen. I started to feel the energy between my hands about 3 years ago and since then have been able to move the energy to any part of my body. I never experimented with how far i could spread my hands and still feel the connection but after i read this post i decided to try and i am able to feel it at full arms length with my palms facing any direction. I have no idea why it is happening which is why i finally decided to search the internet to see if others are feeling the same thing. For you guys trying to feel it, all i can say is that in my experience it is all mental. The energy is always there you just have to acknowledge it. Eventually you can feel it anywhere in your body and even feel it move if you want. If anybody else has similar experiences i would love to hear about it so I can try to make sense of this.

  92. I’ve done this many times. Havent read this in a book. It came naturally. Just close your eyes, visuallize that you have a energy ball inside your palms. try to “feel-it”. And be concentrated. Do what feels right, and it will happen for you.

    • I have done this many times without concentrating at all. It’s like some kind of gift that was asleep within myself and it just got activated. I saw shadow people like six months ago and after that weird things started happening to me. I can not only attract & replel my hands and legs easily but also I can sense other people with this energy, alive or dead. I can feel the energy that surounds people with my hands and feel bad vibracions from their boby when they are sick, also I can see their aura. I haven’t read a book yet but felt great to find people that can do this amazing things. To me is a question of faith, too. I would love to start training to see what amazing things I can achieve but I also get scared of opening a door that I won’t be able to close. I believe in God, and I have even asked him to take this away from me but I feel more powerfull when I am in church. I guess it’s because I am meditating. That’s when I see energy all around people, auras, I feel very light like floating and my hands start humming and I feel the energy without putting them close together. Any book references that would help me control this power?

  93. i feel a force of repulsion as well as attraction between my palms when i concentrate, weder by closing or not closing my eyes….. im doin dis frm atleast 6 years. nw im able to bring my freely hanging legs together and apart by concentrating, i xperience da same force betwwen my legs if i concentrate on dem….. but i dnt knw wats da use of dis energy and fr wat oder useful purposes i may use dis???

  94. i felt the pressure when rubbng the hands together i dont think you need to just put your hands together as instructed. i touched my neise several miles away when doing this its fun

  95. wow, i’ve never tried this before, but whenever i do the hand thing, i feel something almost instantly, and another feeling too, i get scared… its really creepy, like somethings about to happen thats really bad.. anyone got any idea why?

  96. I seriously thought I was crazy. Im glad Im not the only one who could do this. My wife thought I was nuts. I just discovered this ability last night. For some reason I just closed my eyes and started to move my hands in a small circular motion and I felt this energy between my hands. Then I started to bring my hands closer togather in which there was a feeling of two magnets repelling each other. I could feel this sensation with just using my fingertips and not my palms. If I do this by my ear it creates a sort of sound wave. I can create this energy with my arms extended all the way out. I had no idea that this was something practiced for healing purposes. Thanks for sharing your experiences and comments it really helped me to understand this energy I felt between my hands.

  97. HI GUYS! to whom followed my comments before… well!! i wanted to say that being alone is not something to be afraid of but it’s actually the only way to know who we really are.

    sometimes we just want to observe what happen when our social identity goes against our real identity…. when are we more than an observer??
    I keep learning a lot from what i’m doing expecially when i observe the world knowing that what i’m surrounded by used to live inside other people imagination. am i just an observer????

    • … that really makes sense. I believe I am merely an observer. Yet, an observer who can also make decisions.. and observe how they play out. as far as being more than this.. I don’t think we can be in this life.

      guess it could be argued both ways.

  98. Hello, everyone! I am so glad to have found this forum! This
    has been driving me nuts for several years.

    I need help!

    Several years ago, I had a set of book-on-tape series about
    Energy Work & I believe it had a white flower on the cover.

    I have been searching everywhere that I can think of for
    something similar to this that will talk you through the
    energy between-the-hands exercise & more.

    Does anyone have anything like this or know of a website to
    try to look?

    Thank you in advance! Please feel free to email me at

  99. By the way you guys-


    “The Pendulum Technique”

    (This is how some people are able to bend spoons).

    You can use anything for this. Hold some sort of chain with something on the end of it, or simply a cord or something, in front of you.

    Take a few deep breaths and get to the point where you are able to concentrate.

    Look at the pendulum hanging in front of you, and simply state “yes” a few times, and feel the feeling of saying “yes” while staring at the pendulum. Be patient. Keep repeating “yes.”

    It will move forward, back and forth.

    Then say “no” in front of the pendulum. It will generally move right to left (or left to right). That’s why we shake our head right to left when we say no- it is instinct- signifying a bit of negative energy.

    “No” usually holds negative energy- because it is holding resistance to something. “Yes” moves the pendulum differently because “yes” emits an energetic frequency/feeling of acceptance, letting in, positive. Even if you say yes to something bad- it is signifying a feeling of acceptance.

    When it moves in circles, it generally means that the energy hitting it is neutral.

    Try it out! I thought it was cool when I first found out about it. It “proves” on a physical level that energy exists.

    It works for figuring out the truth of certain statements, if you say the statement in front of the pendulum. It also helps you find out what food/things will benefit you for your highest good.

    It does not work for questioning the future though. lol. It gets confused and gives you jumbled answers. That’s because the future isn’t fixated. Also proves that there is no such thing as pure destiny- there are millions of paths existing that we can take.

    Thanks for listening guys! Glad everyone is having fun with this!

  100. I believe in energy…but I have a hard time believing some of the people on here who are saying they can move paper, blow out a candle, or redirect objects…hm, maybe I’ll experiment, but unfortunately I doubt that any of this is actually true. I’m sorry, lol. I think people are freaking out too much. It’s only energy between the hands, guys. lol. It’s quite simple.

    It got me thinking- it really sucks that everyone on here is discovering energy, but people feel like “freaks” and are afraid they are alone when they discover it. I hate the stereotypes we have in society, where we are quick to label things as “woo woo.” It’s discouraging. People are so close-minded. Generally if you try and talk about energy with the average person, they get all close-minded on your ass.

    People are stupid. I wish this was a more well-known thing. My parents would TOTALLY not approve if they knew I was interested in Reiki or healing as a career.

  101. excuse me,

    tried the water test

    ripples from my hands

    my nieces had a balloon, tried a test to repel it, didn’t work

    but I did pull it
    not my dick, perverts

    i concentrated and was able to attract the balloon to my hands

    am I the only one?

    I tried closing my eyes, and was able to stop my hands before touching an object, by feeling it

    any exercises to develop ?

  102. Can this be dangerous? for myself or others? if so please, please, email me at


  103. Guys, Ive been doing this for a few weeks now, and after reading Simone’s comment about the ‘energy cannot be destroyed,’ I tried something:

    When I was in the shower, I did the procedure and felt the energy between my hands. As it built up, I could have sworn the water falling between my hands started being pushed to the sides, as if being repelled by this ball of energy.

    I can’t describe it, Im sure it was real but unless anyone else had a similar experience, I am not sure…

    Thoughts please.

  104. not about feeling energy,

    about seeing what the energy is, the best way to describe it, can anyone help me?

    My family from my great grandmother, told stories, my first experience was about 3 years ago, do you know anything about shadow people, and energy from hands?

    • I heard stories from my grandmother and Aunts, I have seen shadow people, as well as felt them I mean actual physical, that was about 7 years ago, could feel energy from my hands since i was a teen,

      Your post hit me when I read it

      send a reply sometime

    • typed your name by mistake

  105. Guys it works. Open all the chakras, root, sacral, naval, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Research on it, use mudras and vibrations to activate the chakras. Also visualise the respective colors for each of them and to open the chakras, ‘see’ a flower opening. Do not force it though. If you do it properly, you WILL be brought to tears. now THAT is meditation. And if you really are successful, you would feel a tingling sensation at the part where you meditated on.

    • Yeah, its really starting to work. Just takes some practice. I just started reiki training, its going really well.

  106. *this looks like a good exercise to gather and focus the energy of ur body at one point i.e, ur palms.
    hope this works with me too as i haven’t tried this.*

  107. Hi guys! glad to read your comments…

    i feel like i’m walking through a dark path… The more I delve into this, the more it scares me.

    the power of it – is too much! I wrote a mathematic rule describing what i’m doing and how i’m doin it. it’s a code and it “sadly” works

    i said “sadly” because curiosity and risks are equal – so it’s hard to make choices

    i totally see what you mean ryan when you say (smthg to do with being scared about who really was god in this universe).

    i feel like i know how to reach it. let’s say that i feel like i could change time and space…

    actually the concept of time is so subjective that can be monitored.

    i don’t wanna show this code to anybody yet, i feel like is just dangerous in fact i’m trying to stop doing stuffs which is hard anyway.

    there was a whole week in which i didn’t sleep and i wasn’t awake neither.

    couldn’t work, of course, couldn’t talk properly wth people – i was just walking and observing and living a kind of inter-reality hidden inside reality of things. this week ended with the fact that i could write this code which explain how to change time and space destroying the relation between them called “speed”

    i can decide to change one or the other but as soon as i try to change both at the same time, strange things happen to my body. i’m too scared. not ready to push me over than that.

    it’s dark sometime it’s lightless. i went over the whole mirror of human emotions. don’t have enough faith

    i can answer the question “where” and “when”… as soon as i tried to answer the question “why” i realized i don’t have enough faith so it’s hard to make a choice now.

    choices choices choices mean evolution – the “second” is a human invention, it doesn’t exist at all !!!

    • hey simone. shoot me an email, id like to start to talk to you off this board.

      Faith was certainly the problem i had.



    • I would like to know how u got to that point in you’re “journey and how u figured it all out.

  108. Hi RYAN,















    • I’m glad you posted your thoughts. I’ve been experiencing this for over a year and I can relate to a lot of the comments you have posted. There is more to this and it goes way beyond just using your hands to experience the energy / repulsion / attraction. I can relate to focusing on your heart and the sensation of loosing yourself in time. I believe that the stronger your connection to this energy and your willingness to let it flow through you the deeper you can go. There was a time when I tried to “do” things with it but my personal experience has been the more I push it somewhere, the less I feel like I’m moving forward. The fact that you have experienced a deeper level of thought leads me to believe that you are on to something just by letting go. You said “loose yourself” and this makes sense to me because the more you let go the more the energy has the opportunity to connect. I’m not trying to tell you not to experiment…I would love to hear of any progress you have. Maybe there could be away to guide the thoughts instead of force them…I agree that if you dream it then it could be possible, so maybe there needs to be a balance of letting go and guidance. Please keep trying and let me know how it goes.

      Good luck!


    • Sweet Post Simone.

      I just tried what you said and it seems to work very effectively! I am going to practice more after my biology class. . but I wanted to comment on the dreaming.

      I had read an article from a martial artist, describing that in a dream, the mind and ‘body’ can do anything, and you are limitless in that state. By mixing your personal “reality” with you dream reality, then many things in life that were no possible before, are now very possible and likely with the slightest amount of focus.
      Something like this actually happened to me for about 4 weeks. Somehow I analyzed my reality in such a way that I came to a conclusion this reality was the realist reality I will have in my life, and converted all my goals, directly to will. I have to say it seemed like my intelligence sky rocketed, and problem solving ability increased by about 100 to 1000% i would say. but the best thing was I somehow ended up with a huge amount of free time (while still completing the tasks of my full time life w/ school and work) like so much free time I was taking on other huge goals. I got so excited I literally started designing a hydrogen capacitor.. then after about a month I dont know what happened but somehow I had a huge crash from my ability. Something to do with being scared about who really was God in this universe.. Anyway, I went back to how my life was before, stressed, tired, and sick or working for a living (ha!) which appeared to be the only option at the time. Because of this event I have come to the conclusion that it takes baby steps to reach that higher levels of consciousness, which (with experience) you can by pass at any time.

      Does anyone watch the Japanese anime called naruto?? I get a lot of inspiration from this, check it out, and how they use their “chahkra”


  109. HI BODIES!!!













    • He Simone, your comments have inspired me greatly. I am in contact with this guy named Josh who is starting a website and forum for us to talk about this stuff. Our plan is to exponentially increase it and use it for good (leviating, moving wind, water) I practice this often but I have not found a way to move anything but wind so far. I had put a sqaure piece of paper on a needle which I stuck in some candle wax. I can move the paper very well sometimes..

      It seems to me that focus on some emotional event brings out the most power, otherwise I just dont care about moving it. I wish to be able to fully control this ability and am willing to train to obtain this control..

      Anyway Im glad more and more ppl are finding this post. Ill talk to Josh and see how the website is coming then we can really start figuring out how to increase our powerrrrrr..

      Talk to you later

      GO CHARGERS!!!!

    • I can feel the energy building in my hands, I can feel a breeze kind of gathering, feel stronger around a wind.

      Something blows towards me I can repel or redirect it, am I making sense?

      I can feel my hands warming up to a point of heat

      been toying with candles putting out the flame, thought i was the only one

    • I think you might be over-thinking a lot of things. This is just energy between the hands…lol. I think you might have some interesting points, but it seems like a lot of people are freaking out over something so simple…simone, you’re talking in all caps, I don’t know why. lol. But I do believe you when you say that we aren’t creating energy, we are simply changing it to something else. This is actually a well-known idea in the spiritual community- the fact that energy is never created or destroyed. Simply channeled or transformed.

  110. It sounds so simple, but imagine if it got to hard for you to control… It’s weird. I tried to but it only gets worse… Well it all started when I was practising telekinesis, I did some excercises for 2 weeks and i ended up with this ability I cannot control. One day I placed my hands together when i was on the toilet and i felt this attraction or something… The energy was so strong that i couldnt take my hands away. now i can’t control it, it controls me. everytime i put my hands close they react in a crazy way i create heat or cold. i started to feel pain on them. now i feel that my hands are cold for the most of the time, its like a burning cold feeling. sometimes it stops and never comes back, but im curious so i try again and again, and after everytime i put my hand together it starts agian. the irritation stay on my hands for about 2 weeks after i do this thing. as i said its burning cold and it gives me discomfort. the feeling can be compared to a feeling when you put a pure spirit on the irritated skin. is that normal?

  111. I just recently started using energy healing on others. i first started on my parents and then my friends and now everybody wants me to do it for them. i have them lie down on a bed or something flat where i can scan there body with my hands. when ever i feel something wrong i get a vibe of energy off center of the middle of my spine. as i concentrate on the area the energy grows up my spine reaching a climax where i pull the disease sickness or whatever out of them. i can still feel the energy in my back untill i throw it off and blow it from my hands. it is very interesting. adn i also figured out that i can change my aura Instantly my energizing my chakra. its pretty cool. for those of you who dont believe i only have one thing to say. every body has energy, everybody has an aura. its how we use those elements that count.

  112. Wow. I tried that, and it was unimaginably cool. It definitely felt exactly like to repelling magnets! I still suck at spoon bending, though. i just wrapped my first one about five times before it snapped, and it was a pretty flimsy spoon.

    It’s frustrating, but cool.

  113. I am interested in others that have experienced this energy between your
    hands and other body parts. I’m extrememly interested in anyone who has see
    this energy or can describe it. I’ve been on this journey for about a year.
    I’ve tried to keep away from others influences but I feel it’s time that I
    learn something from someone else.
    I’ve learned alot but have no one to share my experiences with. please let
    me know if anyone knows if there is somewhere this can all be discovered
    together as a group. I thought I’d throw it out there…is there anyone who would like to get a more formal/regular group meeting established?

    my email as corny as it is :

    let me know if anyone is interested in this and I will set something up
    so we all can learn about our gifts and then feel normal again.



    • Hello Brian. My name is Josh and I have
      been working with psi for a few months
      now. I have felt energy between my hands,
      made it into a very strong psi ball, and
      I also believe that I have seen a psi
      ball and thought that I was going
      delusional. I’ve done a few experiments
      with my girlfriend and my friend Sarah
      and most of my experiments were
      successful. I am only 15 years old, but
      please do not underestimate my abilities
      and claims just because of my age. I
      would be glad to talk to you about my
      experiences and all. Like you, I also
      need someone to talk to because I have
      no one else to share my experiences with.
      I have tried to, but those either didn’t
      understand what I was saying or just
      thought that I was simply mad. My E-mail
      address is I will
      write to you as soon as I can so the both
      of us can continue to talk about all of
      this and possibly start some sort of
      aquaintaceship, but that’s up to you.
      Until next time Brian. Good luck.

  114. When I was 12 or so I was in a shopping mall. A man grabbed me and held my hand close to his. I thought he was trying to kidnap me. I remember him telling me that I had very strong energy or something. I go scared and tried to break away. He kept pleading with me to release the energy (or something like that) this was over 15 years ao so it hard to remember. I kept trying to get away from him and I guess some other adults noticed and pulled him away. At that point i just ran away as fast as i could. i never heard from or saw the guy again. Its only the recent memory of this event that made me seek answers on the internet. I can feel strong energy almost imeadiatly, and if I really concentrate it feels like my whole upper body is suspended without gravity almost like there im in some kind of warm water. Im not sure where to go from there or what the purpose of it is, I just thought Id share that weird story with you guys.

    • Chris

      Sometimes people who are less a part of the social world can see things that others cannot. If that gentleman was a little bipolar or mentally what is considered out of the norm then he may have seen your capacity as far as working with energy is concerned. There was a wave of children born starting in the late 60’s through until the early 80’s and they were referred to as “indigo children” they were placed here to help change our society and to shape it towards the evolution spiritually and culturally of mankind. each child is different but with a few marked similarities – their inner strength and power, their ability to put the greater good above themselves (short and long term) and their desire for change of every description. there are other ways to tell indigo’s – often they are impatient but intelligent with very little patience for slow thinkers of idiots. that aside indigos have the capacity to easily connect with the energy flow of the universe and that is in essesnce what everyone here is talking about. Ultimately what you do with that energy once you channel it is up to you. I am 29 years old and am a registered metaphysician. I use the energy I channel to heal and assist others to evolve and accept their place as gifted individuals. I have my own healing modality but I found that becoming attuned in Reiki greatly assisted me in precise channelling of my hand energy. At first it was like having great spotlights turned on. Now i can actually create this field with my whole body and feel others emotions and pain and joy when I use it to create a field between us. There is limitless possibilities within this field – I have discovered my purpose here in this time and I am going on to do many things. As humans we need to realise that we are not defined by anything other than our own minds and perceptions and that with an open mind and a by making the choice to truley see ourselves we can do more than just telekinesis – we can heal, create and inspire. just a thought.

      if anyone has questions my email is if can answer I will even though it may take some time to get to all my emails.

      to understand energies try googleing “energy flow” “Divine human energy” “Hands on healing” “chakra energy” “white light energy”

      GOod Luck.

  115. I found this site by trying to find out why I feel
    an energy between the palms of my hands.
    I have felt it for years and have not got a clue what
    it is.
    The energy I feel is like two magnets repelling
    each other and it is always quite strong weather
    my palms are close or wide apart.
    It feels like I can manipulate the volume of
    energy and also feel it on one / or both hands
    between my thumb and index finger.
    Can anyone explain what it is?

    • Chakra

      (combination of your mind, body and spirit)

    • If you really want to open your mind study The Bronnikov Method. Pretty pricey dvd, but do enough googling and you can find the right information to help. Remember we are all sparks from a divine aether that knows only the boundaries we are taught. Try here first

  116. hey I’ve been doing this for couple of months and now i sow the comments here and they made me laugh

    1. The energy is real
    2. Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation and …. are not real (there is 200k prize for someone who can use telekinesis and …..)
    3. OOBE and lucid dreaming are for real
    4. The energy can be used to increase concentration, to activate your brain(we use only 20% of our brain potential), …..

    • omg. then why do we have an imagination?

      don’t tell anyone whats real or not. Believe only on your own understanding, if this is yours.. then.. i am sorry. but 1234 this:

      telekinesis and the like (although already proven in my life) are somewhat the edge of our own imagination in this world. wait til the next life bro, we got some tight shit to get into.

    • if we only use 20% of our brain how can you rule out anything?

  117. This is pretty ironic.
    A few years ago, I dabbled in meditation and yoga. I was laying on my back, eyes closed, and felt compelled to VERY. SLOWLY. raise my arms and lift them to each other, outstretched – not bent at the elbows or anything, just straight over my body. I did this ridiculously slowly; it took a couple minutes. When they were almost both upright, I felt a CRAZY magnetism between my hands. I kept my eyes closed and could feel the energy, I could push it and feel it wax and wane as I moved my hands closer or farther from one another.

    Just recently have I gotten more serious and, I guess you could say, more ‘awake’. I’m glad I stumbled upon this accidentally – it sure blew my mind.

    • I would love to hear more about your experiences. The same thing happened to me when I tried meditating. I was compelled to move into only what I could describe as yoga positions. I’d never done yoga but it felt natural and I followed my instincts/this magnetism. Since then I’ve discovered much more by just listening. If anyone has any personal stories they’d like to share please email me at
      I hope to hear from anyone that would like to share.

    • Bethany

      what you have said is exactly how I became aware of
      the energy. I was laying down (arms streched out)
      then slowly raised my arms equally without bending my
      elbows. As my palms of my hands became closer I felt
      the energy. I have no problem feeling the energy now
      if lying down, standing, sitting, it is always there.

      • I’d love to hear about other experiences….
        How deep have you gone?

        I wrote the email address down wrongthe last time…if anyone has any stories or anything they want to share email me at…it’s a lame account name
        but it will work. It’s hard to find people that will talk about
        this…If anyone knows where to find more info please email me


    • Maybe too much time at the keyboard? I remember doing a trick as a kid, something to do with muscle tension raising your arms, as if of their own will. Some of that may be at work here.

      My two cents: I feel uneven energy between my hands, looks like air roiling with heat over a hot surface on a summer day. Only worked as expected when I visualized the energy drawing into and exiting the chest; Tried doing the chakra thing as someone suggested, activating them one at a time, but felt really top heavy, as if each lower chakra was successively more stubborn. When I directed the energy into my hands, the subtle ‘hovercraft’ effect I felt inverted to an attractive force. I feel like Humpty-Dumpty now.

      Neat discussion and exercise, I never thought about really integrating this kind of stuff to actually do something useful in the real world, other than basic health. In just these few minutes of experimentation, I think I’ve learned more than in several months of speculation. Yup, everybody is different, there is no ideal body…at least not that can be accessed outside of contemplation.

  118. can you see this energy?

    • not with your 2 eyes, but maybe with your third. Unless there is a lot of it. Which most of us won’t see in our lifetime.

      Also, for all of you who follow up on this. I figured out how to feel the energy with one hand. Basically between the thumb and other four fingers. Similar to the circles with your palms, use your fingers in one hand (or both at the same time) to feel it, I can sense it almost immediately, and am working on the next step of bring more out, and affecting “physical” objects.
      Dieing to yourself is time consuming.

      • I’ve been experiencing what you have been talking about since August
        It’s pretty amazing to see that there are others that are experiencing the same thing I have been.

  119. Hi all. Repulsion is not the only feeling one can feel. I generally feel attraction between the palms. Some of my friends just feel a tingling feeling and their hands heat up. Our hands become energized but how they behave (attract/repel/tingle) is different for everyone.

    Also try the following:
    sit down with your hands far apart.
    if you know about chakras, activate all chakras one by one and send energy from them all to your hands. If you dont know about chakras just imagine your body glowing in the darkness and that the glowing energy is going into your hands. now that your hands are energized imagine a ball of invisible energy the size of a bowling ball hovering in front of you. Bring your hands close so as to hold the ball from both sides. now imagine your energy fusing with the energy from the ball an move your plams on the ball in circular motions all around it WITHOUT touching one hand with the other. Now imagine that you are happily letting the ball go back to the universe. slowly open your eyes (or keeping them closed) bring your hands close, palms facing each other. This time you will feel the energy flow between your hands (attraction/repulsion/tingling) to be stronger than it is usually!!!



    • thanks mr k. i’ll check that out. why are you 9 up from the bottom comment? you should reply to the highest number for what you’re talking about. its broad comment

  120. I have never tried to do something like this but have always found it interesting. I have a few questions before starting any of this.

    First this might sound stupid but is this evil will it open you up to weird(paranormal) things i read what Kevin said and am kind of scared.(sorry if this question sounds stupid)

    Second do you need a gift to do this.

    Third can you give me tips how to build up my energy levels because i want to one day be able to bend a spoon with my mind.

    Please reply ASAP because if i can i’d like to start building my energy levels as soon as possible.

    • yeah Bob… its like this: do it.

      anyway you can or want to, the
      limit is how far you will push yourself…… why am i so lazy.

      • That dosen’t help me. Can someone else answer my questions more clearly.

        also is pyrokanesis real if so how do you use it?

        • hey also try it with one hand like it clasped around a base ball. just another exercise…
          you can visualize the energy coming from the center of the earth up your toes through your mind and down your arms into
          into your finger tips and into your little ball of energy
          it really feels good after about 15 mins.

  121. Hahaha…

    All of these novices… worried about what they can and cannot do… unalive…
    Try true life…
    This is the key to what everyone of you are missing. Become dead to yourself and you are truly alive.
    Master one technique – move to another more complicated one.

    Currently working on making a ball levitate as is attached to strings that are between my hands… I would like to video record this, but when I did last time, it ruined my camera…

    Have fun… and grow… 😐

  122. Hello fellow subscribers to this article blog thing.. I was wondering if each of you have tried this (as described at the top) and if you are making progress.. please, anybody.. i would like some encouragement or any personal stories in that regard.

  123. (*help*)

    • Ok buddy, just calm down for a sec. In terms or the attraction part, try to visualize the ball/beams/whatever between your hands, not engulfing them. Subconscious mind……hmm. All that I can say there is, if you are having an Out-of-Body Experience, then try to see the energy between you palms. Unalive is kinda hard to explain. If you feel some guttural, rhythmic beat or pulse then you could be doing something right. do you feel relaxed, tranquil, or have certain thoughts of any kind while you attempt the exercise?

    • hey anyone who needs some faith go see ‘john chang’ on youtube. click on the 9 minute one. if you like reading check out ‘the magus of java’ and ‘nei kung: the secret teachings of a warrior sages/taoist written by a greek man that met john chang. it’s very informative in that it gives you insight into the world of psychokinesis and the likes. when you see the video you might not beleive it but when you read the book, which has some factual refrences you’ll quickly realise that this kind of phenomena has been long known of and is preternatural. if you’re still skeptic then study quantum physics because i’m sure that will make you realise what part of our reality is like.

      • look at #21.2

  124. (help)

    Can’t do it right.

  125. When Criss Angel did a demonstration, he always said ” I will show when mind, body and spirit work togather, we can accomplish anything..(or something like that..)Is it real?

    • As far as I know Chris Angel is a stage magician – a mentalist. He’s not the real thing.

  126. Oh ya….Can I do rhis experiments when I was sick?
    (having a headache, fever or something like that?)

    reply me somebody…

    I really need to know…..

  127. Oh HELL this feeling sucks…………………..

    • Maybe you are holding them too far apart, you arent focusing well enough, your chakras are screwed, or you just need more practice.

      • This ish is the bomb. I am excited that you new guys found this message board, it gives me more motivation to practice. And more information about what is actually happening. To bad this whole thing is prob here to control us…. anyway..

        about the being “unalive” thing… THAT SOUNDS SWEET!
        not that I do not want to be alive.. but I think you just gave me a huge clue as to what I am doing wrong, with this.. and with my everyday life. THE SUBCONCIOUS. I AM ONTO IT NOW.

        talk to you fools later.

        • i have done the hand exersise to the point where i can hold my hands out as far as they can go in the shape of a ball and feel strong energy, i think humanity in general needs to put much more focus on the creation of psi balls and energy, when i had a strong energy in my hands i held them around a toilet paper roll and the paper started to wiggle, the stronger my energy was the more it moved, when i moved my hands it stopped, more than enough proof for me that energy can effect real world objects, i wonder how i could hone this to be strong enough to easily push a pencil, and if i figure it out ill be sure to be the most amazing thing on youtube.



        TEACH ME.


      • I think you should move this discussion into the forums at

    • lol, why does the feeling suck? It is supposed to be a good feeling.

  128. Are you sure that the force is repel???
    I felt that the force is attracting..
    like magnets..
    Not REPEL..
    And I also feel “unalive”..
    like living in my subconcious mind <----------- (seriously..) Fell like emptiness inside me.. just my eyes and my movement.. how do I fix this problem??????????? Please...I hate to be like this... Reply me As Soon As Possible.

  129. Wow, on my first try i could definitely feel the magnetism repel my hands. This id definitely going into my daily schedule.

    • ok did the exercise for the second time using the chakra network thing, my palms are still hot and tingling from it.

      • Oh god, I went overboard with this. Really bad psi headache. If only there was a way to help soothe it.

  130. Like Kevin, I can achieve that iron bar feeling too rather easily within a few seconds. It feels like my hands have a mind of their own or as if a ghost is controlling my hands. And if i focus and summon this energy to my brain, I can feel my head being pulled and guided by this energy. But I wish I practiced more and could learn more on what I can do with this. It’d be nice if I had someone to talk to about this, cuz I honestly don’t know anybody that understands. I tried telling my girlfriend(now ex-girlfriend), and she thought I was delusional and it made me feel like crap which is why I didn’t practice that much. I want to use this gift to do positive things and help people. I feel thats what God put me on this earth to do…to help people. I just discovered this two years ago after attending a retreat. Any comments or advice would be awesome. Thanks! And God bless you guys.

    • peace happy new year’s are you still looking to speak with others have you discovered anything else to do where you can feel energy or direct it.

    • Hi, I have for the first time looked this up on the internet. I have experienced this energy since 1997. I too feel like a ghost or something is guiding my hands, arms, head, body and have gotten very afraid. I tried to write with this energy and see what was written. Just a lot of geometrical designs. I have no answers, but I completely understand and feel like you do. You are not crazy and neither am I. I am no longer afraid. I believe I used this energy focused to heal my own hep. C. I have taught it to my 3 children, but my husband has never been able to feel it. I want to use this gift now, but am unsure what for. I think it should be for healing. God is good and I am positive he will reveal the reason to all of us who want to use it for good. Just wanted you to know someone understood.

      • Angela, like you and others on this page, I have been able to use this energy to heal my health problems along with those of my loved ones. I never knew I had the ability to utilize this gift until one night when I was just relaxing in my room, God spoke to me and walked me through the steps on how to activate this energy, then told me to heal my health problems with it and use it to heal others. He went on to say that I would play an important role in the upcoming year. I believe this role is as a healer, and all of us gifted ones should try our best to heal others and teach others to heal.

        • I have been able to create “heat” for many years between my hands and have actually practised exchanging “energy” between myself and others. I recently had an experiance where I asked the person to tell me where I was forcusing my energy without touching them and 4 out of 5 times they felt a warming sensation in the area that I was foucusing on. I have also been able to put my hands on different people and they reported that they could feel knots and muscles energized and then relaxing. Not to be crude but one female friend of mine reported having an orgasm while I was “transferring energy” and I did not touch her in any sexual way. This experiment was done on a few different people that I knew and I never told what I was doing. Is this just a fluke or is this something I should embrace or is this just too much red wine? Can I really transfer connection to the individual in front of me? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  131. I managed to feel the energy and it felt as if my hands where rejecting each other. . .the longer i practice the stronger i feel the energy. . .

  132. Try rubbing your hands together – particularly your finger tips then tapping then one at a time on the opposite fingers with your palms together this will open your meridans (Part of a charkra system) to awaken energy flow.

    Then open your hands like a butterfly with the base of your palms/begginning of your wrists together then rub your wrists together clockwise or anticlockwise what ever feels right to you – thinking about connecting to your energy centre.

    Then flick your hands to the ground (this clears the energy blocks and send them to the ground for transmutation into positive energy)

    Then try the exercise above and see the extras you can achieve! You may need to work on the opening connection do it a few times if that feels right – but it will help!

  133. sooo i was watching a TV show & apparently this “felling” can bend spoons? or levitate things

    is it possible i could do that?

    • Yes of course. Now the trick is to build your power…. and use it.

      a little bit difficult for some to imagine

      • ok wow thats pretty awesome.

        id really like to maybe do that someday
        can you give me any tips to build power?

        • FOR SURE, CHRIS!! But, if your on thispage, you probably already ready all of the ones I know of… here are my own..
          1: NEVER GIVE UP, & Dont ever stop practicing.
          2: Every morning wake up with the idea that your power will be growing ‘today’ (or everyday you do practice)… and it will.. when you tell your mind that it is. thats the funny thing about this world..
          3: Stretch the force between yourhands, instead of just moving your hands in circles, pull your palms apart and attempt to keep our hands together with your mind, also try compressing your hands and feel the power kinda compress between them, this is all i have discovered doing this for about 2 months, when i first read this article. I will master this.. I will.

        • the secret may be to involve other people in this. like trying to get this feeling from another individual. It’s just difficult to find others willing to try. And then this may become something real. I’ve never had the chance to, but please let me know how it works out if anyone tries.

      • If you think of it as a trick your not allowing yourself to belive in it, in order to suceeed you must first believe and know its real. Mind Power is were it starts. And yes if you learn to control this you can do many different things with it.. also be comfortable with what your doing, there is no one special way for every body, because everyone is different and has had different live experiences.

  134. Im trying to perform psychokinesis with my psi wheel,,,need some tips on how to move it more efficiently…sometimes i doubt the idea, only then does it spin…?

  135. NOW WHAT? I can almost immediately feel a strong repulsion, like two magnets pushing apart, between my hands. What do I do with it? I’ve been playing with pulling my hands further and further apart and still keeping that repulsion. I can get them quite far apart now, but WHAT IS THE POINT? What do I do with it???

    • Good question. The point is, is once you can start sensing energy, you can begin doing things with it- reiki, self-healing, crystal healing. You can charge your food before you eat it, etc. There are TONS of things you can do.

      • hey, i have been able to do this since the seventh grade, i can usually create the feeling pretty quick now, i remember the year i learned to do it i was obsessed with figuring out what the point of it was. can you please tell me a site or book, of somewhere where i can find out what to do with it. im 17 now and i think i might have actually been able to make the sensation stronger then.

        • a lot u can see the future or see were a person is sick, or let the bad out (energy ).feel the white light(some call god). and feel happy ans so much more>

  136. I have been doing this for like 2 months and the power is slowly increasing.. I need to find a way to make it increase faster though.

    • Why are you in such a hurry to get more power between your hands? lol.

  137. Kevin: Are you serious? I was a quite anxious to give it a shot, but I don’t want to go where you went, like in ‘people around me dying and having bad accidents happen to both me and friends’. I’m learning to ride a motorbike 😉

    Small question, your hands, do they need to be straight, or relaxed and curved?


  138. This energy can be felt by what you look at as well. It’s not the hands, it’s the mind. But, I started with the hands. NOthing significant has come of this, but I use this as a meditation. Still the feeling between the hands can’t be denied. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not crazy.

    • well how much did you train?

      • not much, but a little bit every few nights. it was funny because I tried it one day for the hell of it; as a form of meditation. i think that if more people were aware of this that it could become a critical part of life on a conscious level.

    • Shaun- good point, it is in the mind. Why? Because if you use the “pendulum technique,” you can only move the pendulum if you are focused on it (I’ve been experimenting with the pendulum). It only moves when you are looking at it. Good observation you made!

    • No your not crazy.i have felt this many times. and you can give it to some one eles. i did and it’s like your discharging a little.
      the person i ask was having a hard time. i ask them not to touch my hands but to hold there hand close to mine about 2” or so.
      it was amazing to see there face of joy and belive.then when i touched there hand palm up.
      they had to sit down after made some cry and some hair on there arms stand on end.

      • I beleave what we feel may be a invisible partical called netreanos,they are a part of what life itself. there are billions of them that flow throught the body.
        time to look and see more I will.

      • hey peoples listen i’ve had actually no experience doing this but i’ve tried and researched other things. I tried this and i want to know if this is energy okay so did what directions told me to and i felt my hands repelling against each oother and my hands started moving on there own i felt like there was somthing there moving them inbetween them and i had little comtrol over my hand movement please give me ansers!!! thanx guys i happy i actually found a place were people actually dont think im crazy about any of this stuff bye!

  139. may i also add that this magnetic repulsion between the hands only starts with thee the palms facing. the force becomes like an iron bar and gradualy u can turn the palms palms in other diffrent directions and it still feels like there conected as if still facing each other via the stiff iron bar the arms start to flow and u can follow this flow as if a ghost were guiding the hands . the wind current in the air dictates the dirrection of flow for me but wenever i moved the hands below the belly button the force got disconected bringin sensation back to that or both hands and arms the more u do this the easyer it becomes to return to that state of mind used to bring forth this sensation

    • Kevin, What is it like to move without feeling like moving? Do you feel weight less and seem to move without affecting your surrounding areas? And what is the significance of the iron bar sensation between your hands… does it help your mind focuss? Is that the technique causing your ability would you say?

    • I need to know how to create more power between myhands.. I have been practicing and I cannot seem to make more of the iron bar yet. Thank you.

      • What is the iron bar? St Germain’s Alchemy?

  140. i am so exited that i am not the only 1 who knows how to do this . this repulsion can go on to so many diffrent evil and good paths i branched into some wierd unfortunate life surcumstances with this sutch as people around me dying and having bad accidents happen to both me and friends i have stopped but could have ventured further i gained the ability to sence objects close to my fingertips with my eyes closed . i was able to lift free wieghts with no sence of gravity.i sence evil in every1 i meet and my life is now ruined and plaged .i gained the ability to move my body and flow with no sensation of movement i hope u will reply to me soon please please

    • Hey kevin, can you email me I need to know how to create more power between myhands.. I have been practicing and I cannot seem to make more of the iron bar yet. Thank you.

    • I’m surprised that no one else but me and Kevin have had the same effect , on knowing when people are dying and bad accidents from practicing these exercises, developing is one thing but understanding what is happening is another , yes you will feel different sensations in your hands if you practice, but be aware their are a lot of people that don’t understand what this so just b careful.

      • I am also another one that has the ability to develop other mental and physical abilities from this exercise. I also gain the ability to decode and understand why only a select few of us are able to gain so much more from this meditation energy transfer exercise and it is because not all of us are born in the right earthly vibration. Some of use are more developed through genetic rights, but often are unaware of such because our up bringing did not teach us such. It requires pure faith as well and the more you cultivate it the more supernatural abilities will manifest.

  141. As Howie said, the Q-Ray is a magnetic bracelet that’s usually advertised on those blue screen 1-800 have-your-Visa-ready type commercials. If memory serves correctly, there is a fair amount of copper in the bracelet. It is also worth noting that the Q-Ray has also been subject to harsh scrutiny from dissatisfied customers.

    I, for one, was puzzled by the term “ionized”. No solid object can be ionized; the term is used specifically when speaking about solutions, usually water-based. Maybe it was just to convey something the bracelet does that could not be otherwise described.

  142. I think he’s talking about a magnetic bracelet.

  143. I use the two-hands exercise in the end of my qigong routine. It’s funny, but when I wear my Q-Ray, the energy level I feel between my hands increases exponentially. It’s very cool, and feels kind of tingly. Do you know why this happens?

    • AJ, unfortunately, I don’t know what Q-Ray is, so I can’t help you with that.
      Maybe you should ask your qigong master.

      • I just tried feeling energy between my hands as described above. I’ll admit, I couldn’t give it my full or half concentration. Didn’t matter though,my palms started getting hot about 2 minutes, while I was making a circle and hands were 2 inches away. Cool!
        It’s nice to feel my own energy. I’ll try this agaain when I can concentrate.
        thank you.

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