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3 simple ways to get rid of pain

Everyone of us experiences pain every now and then. By this I mean regular, physical pain. I want to describe 3 of the numerous possible ways to cope with pain, even to make it go for good.

1. The 6 step approach

If you have some local pain that’s bothering you, find a quiet place where you could sit, close your eyes and relax for several minutes. Then do the following steps:

  1. Locate the pain in your body.
  2. Identify the shape of the pain.
  3. Identify the color of the pain.
  4. Identify the taste of the pain.
  5. Identify the smell of the pain.
  6. Find a container suitable for the pain and imagine how you put the pain in it. The container can be anything: a bowl, a box or anything else that comes to your mind.

How to identify the shape, color, taste and smell? Just concentrate on the pain for a second and ask yourself the question: "What shape (color, etc) my pain is right now?". The first thing that comes to mind is what it should be.

Now, the way to use this 6 step approach is to repeat the steps until you can’t locate the pain (which, by the way, means that the pain is gone). This may take a few iteration.

You should also pay attention to the changes in your answers. If for 2 consecutive iterations you give the same 6 answers and the pain is still there, then it means that you should stop doing it as it doesn’t help anymore than it already did.

This is a very simple and effective way to deal with a lot of types of pain in your body. Try it and you’ll be surprised!

2. The chinese acupressure point.

Acupressure is similar to acupuncture but instead of inserting needles, a pressure on the points is used. This may have a weaker result than needles but it’s easier to use "on the go".

There are many acupressure points to reduce one’s pain, different points for different types of pain. But we want it simple, so we’ll learn the basic one.

The point is on the palm of the hand between the thumb and the index finger.
With the thumb of the right hand press on this point on the back of the left palm. At the same time, with the index finger of your right hand press at the same point from the inside of the left palm. This way you press on it from two direction.
You may also apply gentle round motions in the point, preferably in the counterclockwise direction. Hold this way for several minutes until pain goes away.
You can also switch hands.
The pressure should be firm, even painful, on the palm itself.

This particular technique is especially good for head and teeth pain but can help with other pain types as well.

The benefit of this technique is that it doesn’t require a quiet place or closing your eyes, so you can just use it at the office, or walking the street.

Update: See  Research: Acupuncture reduces pain  for a related info.

3. Take a pill.

I probably shouldn’t be telling of taking pain reducing pills on this site but since the above methods may not work for you at the specific time or for the specific problem, you might need to resolve to taking a pill. The reasons that I mention it here are these:

  • The above methods might not work or you don’t have the time to do them.
  • I put it under number 3, below the natural methods to show you that taking a pill should not be the default choice. Try the natural way first, and only if doesn’t help, go back to the chemicals.

Later I’ll post several techniques for dealing with specific types of pain.





  1. Thank you so much for this! I am not sure what is wrong with me but every month I get extreme pain. To the point where I either puke or pass out and usually end up in the hospital. I am supposed to go see a specialist but havent gotten around to it. The first method you have on here seems crazy but I was willing to try anything and I gave it a shot. The results don’t last long for me but those few minutes of relief are amazing. Thank you

  2. I was in agony of tooth pain from a rotten cavity and tried everything but I could not concentrate to do all this pressure point, meditating crap so all of a sudden I remembered I watched this episode of these native people or whatever they were had this ritual of chipping their wives teeth and when they were done they ate bananas for the pain and guess what I took one bite with the same tooth that was killing me and the pain was gone in two seconds it comes back lightly 5 mins after but just take another bite, truly amazing I hope this helps others

  3. Obviously Josh is a luddite.
    People who scoff at ideas without trailing them are as useless as the sun behind the clouds.
    One should never ridicule anything because you may be denying someone of help they could get. Do what I do research the damn thing test and restest then make a report don’t just shot your mouth of in the rebarbative way so many naysayers do they are simply displaying the arrogance of their ignorance

  4. i am having a pain in the surface under my feet. today when i was walking i by mistake got a nail in my feet and now its paining alot its been 5 hours now pls anyone can help to get rid of it

  5. I have been a nurse for more than 20 years working with people who have chronic pain. While I have found no single perfect method outside of anesthesia, I have used 2 visualization methods that have given temporary relief to many. You have to remember that pain increases with the importance you give it. The more you worry about what the pain means, the greater it will seem.

    Method 1: This comes from Hale Dwoskin. Here in the moment, as best as you can identify and focus on the pain. Welcome the pain. Imagine opening a door and letting the pain in. It is part of you and resisting it creates unnecessary stress. Now as you are in the presence of the pain, in this moment right now, do you think you can (have the ability) to let it go? If the answer to that question is yes…in this moment right now will you let it go? If the answer to that question is yes…when will you let it go?

    As with the first method described, you will likely need to do this several times to get any relief and asking someone to talk you through the steps while you audibly answer the questions is far more useful than just silently imagining them.

    Method 2: Imagine that you are at the top of a flight of 20 steps. At the bottom of the steps is a small cabin where a warm fire, a comfortable chair and your favorite book wait. Clearly picture the scene at the bottom of the steps. How will you feel when you are in this place of peace and comfort? Will there be friends or family waiting for you there? Is something baking in the oven? What sounds might you hear?

    Imagine your feet moving down the first step.
    Now take the second step.
    As you slowly continue to descend the steps, imagine the cabin getting closer, your anticipation growing and your pain decreasing.
    Now you are on step 3 and you can see the glow from the windows.
    You move down to step 4 and then to step 5.
    On step 6 you begin to smell something baking in the cabin…what could it be?
    You move to step 7, then step 8. Take stock of your pain–has it decreased as your anticipation has increased?
    Your foot hits step 9, then step 10. Remember at the bottom of the 20 steps you will be pain free and in a place of peace, safety and comfort. Are you anticipating this?
    You move down past step 11, 12 and 13. With each step your anticipation grows. You can’t wait to open the door to the cabin.
    Next comes step 14, 15 and 16 and you find yourself moving faster now.
    As you land on step 17 you begin to hear sounds coming from behind the cabin door. What are they? What awaits you?
    You move to step 18 and then to step 19.
    Finally, step 20 is all that separates you from the door of the cabin. Remember that when you reach this step you will be pain free and have a profound sense of peace and comfort.

    Take the final step, reach for the door knob…your pain is gone.

  6. I want to share my example rather than others. I
    was suffering from lower back pain when i wake up in the morning it was difficult for me to move my back and all day it was paining doctor says it was muscular problem do exercise but it was not possible for me as my schedule is very hectic. So i just see videos on acupressure point and it really helped me. Just practice two points 1) between thumb and index fingure and 2) when you fold your hand just inside elbow. Try it if find helpful kindly post it so that others use it.

  7. This has to be the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard, “colour of pain” I mean come on. This is just some pile of crap made up by people who think that chanting can cleanse your soul and fluff like that. I would seriously consider updating your methods as they will never work except on people as naive as you.

    • Well Josh, obviously you haven’t discovered the power mind. The type of ritual doesn’t matter, it’s the subconscious mind’s belief that achieves results. The visualisation of the pain enables one to be more in control, and is effective to various degrees depending on the type of pain and it’s cause rather than just being a cry baby ( not pointing any fingers here Josh) and giving in.

  8. Hello, could you please update it with pictures?

  9. I really didn’t think you could tell much tonight as I sit here in killer pain but I I did find the touch therapy to help . The take a pill is good as welled treat other medical conditions with a pill so why the laughter? Anyway nice artical . I thank youmuch!!!

  10. the 6 step approach of controlling pain is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

    • I have come to realize that doctors don’t know it all. However I am a little skeptical with this, but I haven’t tried it yet. I just need to open my mind. And mark, you just need to open your mind to the possibilities.

  11. Good day!
    It is very informative and has a very good quality in it.
    I like it…

    Thank you very much for your time.


    I started laughing at #3: Take a pill. That’s hilarious! 1 and 2 are all mystical and then 3 is like “Take a pill you moron”. HAHA!

  13. There’s a lot of great information here! I will definitely refer my friends here.

  14. You can substantially reduce or even completely eliminate many kinds of chronic pain with a special diet that’s rich in certain carbohydrates, and low in fats, protein and sugar.

    Substantially increase your consumption of complex carbohydrates, these include foods such as wholegrains, ( with the exclusion of corn), beans vegetables and fruits, so these make up 70-80% of your food intake.

    Avoid refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, honey, and syrups, and cut your total sugar intake by at least 40%.

    Avoid all fats and oils including butter, margarine, meat fats and lard, as much as possible. Also avoid fatty meats, whole milk, cheese with more than 1% fat content, and egg yolks.

    Give both caffeine and alcohol a miss.

    Take an amino acid supplement called tryptophan, this is converted by the body into serotonin, a pain relieving chemical.

    The combination of the special diet and the tryptophan should dramatically elevates your pain tolerance.

  15. I’ve been 100% correct when finding the shape, color intensity and the depth of pain in others. I’ve never tried to allviate my own pain and didn’t know it to be possible.
    Last week I ran my hands over a young man and found his pain in a few areas. I visioned the color and shape clearly. The depth was different but I realized that was because in one spot his pain went right through the back of his leg to his knee. That was a first for me to experience.
    Seemed that only one of my hands was gathering/finding the pain. Know why?
    Also, a few days later I tried to alleviate pain from another person. It worked! I didn’t know what or how to do it but another time I’ll try to explain my thoughts ass I erased a very painful area from an athlete.
    To me? It’s a miracle and I still don’t know how or why? There are no credible groups in my area. I’m ready. I can. I now believe.
    NEED to know my next step of learning!
    respectfully, Jackie, Ma.

  16. Here is another method of controling pain
    its call the touch over pain theroy
    maybe simmular to accupucture but you dont have to find the pressure point
    use your mind to identify where the pain is and it indeed it is comming from somewhere else and then feel the pressure the pain produces on the nerve theory is you cannot feel touch and pain at the same time
    good luck
    it works for me

    • i was amazed what u explained worked since i have serious chronic pain issues from multiple herniated discs that multiple surgeons have said are inoperable so i am thrilled that it works thank u so much

      • Thanks for helping me I don’t have know painin my hand now