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Aikido, relaxation and Ki exercises

Two days ago I have happened to stumble on a great site. This site teaches some principles of the Aikido. I was only knowing that Aikido is some form of martial arts and I only saw it in movies with Steven Segal. I didn’t know anything about its principles or about its mind-body connection.

Here’s how the site defines Aikido:

So what exactly is this thing called Aikido? Okay, it is a martial art. The most effective martial art in the world, I believe. Because it does not rely on speed, or strength, or youth, or athleticism, or size, or weight for its success. It relies on your own internal mind/body state. And it relies on the fact that, when someone attacks another human being, that attacker has broken some unwritten universal law, and has thereby made himself vulnerable.

Being personally interested in the Ki (energy) part of Aikido I found a lot of interesting information on the site. It includes the basics, such as feeling the one-point (which is located exactly where the dan-tien is), correct postures and the power of relaxation. Relaxation seems to be the most important aspect of Aikido, as I understood it.

The site has several interesting contents features such as:

  • Ki exercises – 12 exercises to feel and increase the Ki energy and using the body in the right way. All exercises come with good explanation, tips, photos and a video. Interesting that exercises 4 is somewhat similar to the second exercise in the 1 minute refresher I posted a month ago.
  • Cool Ki tricks – these are some game like exercises to be used with a partner to show the effectiveness of the Aikido principles. Includes 4 tricks, such as "unbendable arm" and "unliftable body". All tricks come with animations and explanations to perform.
  • Daily life – Applying Aikido in daily life, including in business, music, basketball, trauma and more.

I wanted you to read at least the basics and the Ki tricks. I would also like you to try the tricks on the site and write your results in the comments. If you have some more personal experience with Aikido, please share.

To read about my results with the Ki Tricks, read my post: Experimenting with the Aikido Ki tricks

Link: The Body Mind & Modem site.





  1. i can increase my ki just enough to break a brick,but i do tire after that i am just 13 and have practiced ki for 1 year,but believe me,i am telling the truth. i also no how to heal using ki. and do many other things with ki such as,increasing speed,how to channel my ki to any part of my body,and slightly moving a peice of paper with ki. please belive me, i will teach every one this if you ask me to.

    • Dear Josh,
      I wanna learn from you if you are really capable as you mentioned. Who is your teacher?
      Are you practicing Aikido or Tai Chi?it is interesting to use ki in such a way as you mentioned.
      Looking forward to receive your teaching.

      Warm Regards,

  2. i want to learn how to increase my ki powers please

  3. I have been practicing Aikido since 1998. In these years of practice, I realized Aikido transcends the label of Martial Art. It was actually called by its founder as Art of Peace.

    It is a way to learn concepts such as centering, grounding, non-resistance and acceptance through your body, your mind and emotions. I perceive it as an integrative art. If you practice with this intention you will become more present and more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

    It is also a way to practice meditation as Laurel said.

    Saulo Fong
    Aikido – Instituto União

  4. I practice ki aikido in Japan. I practice more than analyze, but aikido is often described as “moving zen”, that is, a form of meditation.

    Meditation with mind and body unified, and with the premise that you and your “opponent” are in fact one.

    I find aikido fun, fascinating, and a very practical way to be happier.