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Developing ESP – First steps

In the article ‘How to develop ESP‘ I told that there’s a possibility to develop ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception) by yourself. In this article I want to give your several first practical steps to help you accomplish this.

Personally, I’m mostly interesting in healing, so my knowledge is bigger in this field. Many of the healing techniques use the life force energy (Chi, Ki, Prana, Biofield, whatever you call it) to feel and diagnose the patient and also to affect him in a positive way.

Therefore, the first thing needed to be done is to open yourself and your hands into feeling and transmitting this energy. First, feeling the energy and opening your hands.

Some general suggestions:

  • Before doing any energy work, perform at least the first 2 exercises for increasing energy levels. Better perform all 3.
  • You can rub the palms of your hands on each other fast for about 10 seconds before doing work with your hands, if you feel that they are cold, or if you don’t get the results you get. It helps to increase energy flow into the palms.
  • When you work with feeling energy with your palms, after some time, the various feelings start to add to each other on the palm and it might get hard to discern what you exactly feel. In that case you need to remove that ‘information’ from your hands. To do this, either rub the palms or do a wiping motion with palm of one hand on the palm of the ‘tired’ hand. When doing this, think that you remove the collected information from the hand. After this you should feel your palm ‘blank’ again from any previous information.
  • The feelings can be very subtle. Pay attention to what you feel when feeling energy with your hands. Try to understand how you feel it.
  • Preferably do this when nothing distracts you or in a group of like-minded people who will do the exercise with you. In that way you may encourage each other and share your results.
  • If you use to meditate, try meditating before the exercises and ask the higher forces to open your hands to feeling the life force energy.

Now to the exercises.

1. The basic exercise is feeling the energy between the palms of your hands. See my earlier article on how to do it. In the exercise it is especially important to perform the energy increasing exercises just prior to this one. Do this several times and even for several days until you can feel the energy firmly and you get to know how it feels to you.

2. Feeling the edge of a table.

Sit by a table. Clean stuff from atop the table near where you sit, so that it won’t interfere. Now hold a palm of one hand, usually the right one, over the table, not too high, an inch or two. Now slowly move the palm over the edge of the table, all the time concentrating on the feeling in your palm. When going over the edge, you should feel the difference, the absence of the table.

Do this several times with your eyes open to calibrate your feelings. Then close you eyes and do the same thing with the eyes closed. Closing the eyes helps concentrating on the feelings. Moreover, we don’t want our eyes to tell us what to feel. Try to sense with your palm when it is over the edge of the table. Recognize the changes in the feeling when over it and over empty space.

With time, when you think you know where the edge of the table is, open your eyes and verify yourself. Don’t give up if you don’t hit every time. Remember, if your palm it ‘tired’, overwhelmed with different feelings, take a break, wipe it with other hand to remove all the collected information.

Try to master the first 2 exercises. Next time they will start to get more interesting and thus more difficult.

Good luck and keep in touch.

Update:Read “Exercises to develop ESP ability – part 2” for more advanced exercises.





  1. Here is a great video on ESP

  2. If You Have good ESP then make a video!

  3. Ok… I have tried everything I could find here, and I have succeded.
    Please, I am very good at self teaching, and I would like some more exercises to increase my… capabilities.

    P.S. The warm feeling in the palm…
    I must understand it.

  4. I feel big and strong energy of every thing.
    I feel table, desk, box, and even more… I feel energy of the water, animals, peoples, etc.
    I feel everything.
    Can you send the exercises for increase telepathy.

  5. ~ 2 years i found this type of energy in my hands, but i can’t develop it to next step, mo powerful step, how can i get it?
    this exercise with edge of table is amazing, then my paml is located above hte table, i feel (with palm’s side) something warm, i feel how my palm is warm… byt when i going over the edge(for example: half of palm stayed above table, another in air), i immediately feel cold…
    thanks for exercise, post new…
    sorry for my english if i wrote with mistakes, i’m from moldova

  6. I have recently noticed i can move ojects as long as they are in the same room as me only small objects and it takes a while just staring at them, it hurts my eyes and feels like a burning in my head i hear a rumbling noise all the time now and get pins and needles in my hands regularly not sure what is happening!

  7. for some reason i can feel it and sometimes
    its weird i can see inside peoples head like
    the other day this girl was looking for something at the book store and i named the book and told her they did not have it she gave me a weird look but after that
    i have this intense headace anytime i try to do anything.

    can someone help?

  8. having completed a exercise on the second page, i came to the first one to look at these
    ive always had a sense of things with my palms, moving it over stuff and feeling the absence of an object there. i truely believe i have alot of ESP potential =D

  9. Just tried this… im into a lil of meditation..
    i’d say it worked.. but im gonna do it on more tables and let know..

    as for Adam… cud u describe in detail all that u felt during the whole exercise?

  10. Just a short question, I found this website a few minutes ago and immediately tried this. When I tried to move my hand across the table, I’d sometimes feel a weight on top of my hands and they would fall on the table. What does this mean?

    • cud u describe in detail all that u felt during the whole exercise?

  11. I’m actually met someone, a girl, who could actually move things.. What is did was put her in between the object that she want to move. The hands are about 2 inches part from the object and within seconds…. the object moved. I didn’t believe it the first time.. and checked for any foreign objects attached… nope, i see nothing.. She smiled and took a wine glass placed it on the table.

    She then placed the hand on top of the glass, with the finger pointing at the rim of the glass. What she did was just move her fingers in a clockwise position… i’m was again amazed when the glass spiralled round. I can’t believe it… but she made a believer out of me… wow.. She about 23yrs old.

    There’s also once she asked me to place my hand in between the object and then she put hers outside of mine and she concentrated and again the object moved.

    • hey im intested in this alot n would like u 2 ask her how long it took her to do that n how 2 develup the energey 2 do this. I can feel the energy n would like 2 know how 2 increas my energy and control it as she has. THX=)

  12. Wow! I never tried anything like this before. I found this website by accident, decided to try a couple of excercises just for fun and was amazed how well they worked. Being able to feel the table was amazing! I am hooked!


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