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Astral Projection

Erin Pavlina has started a great blog on the topics of psychic powers, the world beyond and psychology. Recently she posted two articles dealing with the ‘Astral Projection‘ phenomena.

The first article that she posted tells about her first personal experience with astral projection, while the second tries to explain a bit more fundamental things about it, since many people don’t know.

Her story of the first event is very interesting. Here a small excerpt:

I felt my spirit (for lack of a better word at this point) moving slowly out of my body. It was as if the tingling electric feeling was almost driving me out. But there was something else. I sensed the presence of three others in the room. I couldn’t see them, I just knew they were there. I was so scared to be feeling this separation that I tried to move, scream, anything to break the spell. I was unsuccessful. I even felt like I was choking as I tried to make my body’s mouth scream while my entire consciousness was in my spiritual body.

The second article explains what astral projection is and what is possible to do while in this state:

There are so many things to do, and I’m quite sure I haven’t done everything, but a short list of things I’ve done while in an astral state include: * Helped lost souls find their way to the after-life * Encountered some really negative, low-energy beings who weren’t very nice (to put it mildly) * Visited and conversed with high-energy beings who were really nice to me (to put it mildly) * Had conversations and encounters with deceased relatives * Gone back in time (but stayed on the astral plane, not the Prime Material, so don’t worry, your grandparents are safe!) * Gone to other planets and realms I can’t even begin to describe * Visited with friends who were also astral * Flown around the planet for fun * Engaged in, um, relations with other beings * Had interesting conversations with my spirit guides

Quite obviously this sort of things sounds very intriguing. I’ve known about astral projection and what it meant. I’ve learned about the various human bodies on parapsychology course I was taking, so I knew about the astral body. I might even learn more about it in one future course I might take.

In her future posts Erin promises to tell more about learning to use this ability but note that it took her 3 years of reading and getting prepared for the moment and she was already very experienced in lucid dreaming at that time. It surely takes a lot of preparation and increasing self awareness.


Astral Projection: My First Experience by Erin Pavlina.
Astral Projection: The Basics Explained by Erin Pavlina.





  1. Amazing to think that after many years of experiencing what I could not even begin to describe “I tried to explain my experience to a few friends and it was like I was telling them a lot of bull”, today I found myself google this awesome experience for the first time. To my shock I found a few websites and blogs that discussed about it and I actually found out that this experience has a name or names, I’m still not sure which one is it for my case but what I read so far is more or less what I’m experiencing. I hope to have a chance to share my experiences with you, I think I’ve advanced a bit and learned how to trigger and control this experience at will (even when I’m not asleep), I’ve not done any time travel or any of the planet travel, encountering beings, etc as Erin Pavlina. Like I said that today was actually my first time to try and find a meaning about this. Perhaps learning more about astral projection will help me understand this phenomenon better. Please let me know if there’s any books and places I can find more information about this from. Thanks for sharing…

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  4. I really enjoyed your blog and at times found myself laughing out loud. I will definitely continue to look for your articles. Loved the segment on children. You had me at hello. you are a gifted writer.