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Psychic or energy healing and diagnosis

This is a short poll for the readers.

Psychic healer in the post refers to: general psychic healers, reiki, various energy healer, chakra healing, aura healing, mind force, Jose Silva technique and other similar healers.

  1. Have you ever been diagnosed by a psychic healer?
  2. Have you ever been healed by a psychic healer? Did it help?
  3. If not you, do you know about your relatives or friends who’ve been diagnosed or healed by psychic healers?

Please write in comments and try to be as specific as you can, so that we all could learn and be inspired from your experiences.






    This guy was able to see exactly what was wrong with me over the phone – it was nothing short of miraculous. He knew the position of my organs and specific misalignment of vertabrae. Seriously amazing.

  2. In this article I’d like to discuss the changes in the belief system of a person as required to advance in parapsychology studies and its applications, such as healing.
    What the bleep are you talking about?
    It is obvious that most people live below the

  3. I know a psychic who is a medical intuitive- she does not actually do the healing. However she is very helpful in guifing people on which doctors to go see or where the problem stems. She has helped many people and saved them from seeing tons of specialists by getting to the root of the problem immediately. As for healers – the problem is they may be able to heal on a very temporary basis. Our physical problems stem from stress and emotional issues – the healer may make it feel better – but usually the problem comes right back if we have not healed the issue.
    To learn more about the psychic medical intuitive:

    • Can you tell me who the person is?