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The nepalese meditating ‘Buddha’ boy has disappeared (updated)

Latest news about the meditating boy in Nepal are that he has disappeared. The boy has been meditating for about 10 months now, supposedly without eating or even drinking. Now updated – video shots after the dissappearance

He was last seen on Friday. His clothes were reported to be found near the tree. It is possible that he was kidnapped by the Maoist or other armed groups.

I’ll continue to look for more information on the now missing boy.

It will be very unfortunate if he’ll never be found and we won’t know the truth about his meditation: if it was really as said or it was just another hoax.

"Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’ vanishes"
"Boy Some Call Buddha Reincarnation Missing"


Accroding to a BBC article, local committee that manages the meditation site has released a video of the boy that was shot several days after the boy got missing. Here’s an excerpt from the BBC article

The chairman of the Om Namo Buddha Tapaswi Sewa Samiti (ONBTSS), Bed Bahadur Lama, told reporters that he and his colleagues had met Bomjan about 3km (2 miles) south-west of his meditation site in Bara district on Sunday.

He said Bomjan had spoken to them for half an hour.

“He said he would reappear after six years. He has asked monks to perform prayers in the meditation spot,” Mr Lama told reporters.

I left because there is no peace here… Tell my parents not to worry,” Mr Lama quoted Bomjan as saying.

The alleged meeting is the first news of the boy’s possible whereabouts since he disappeared on 11 March. District authorities say they cannot confirm the sighting.

BBC article “Nepalese Buddha Boy ‘reappears'”





  1. People who believe that ‘Buddha’ boy is reincarnated after Buddha had passed away is completely wrong. That means those people do not know even what the purpose of the Buddha. If Gautama Buddha reborn or reincarnate as Ram, it is joke. Why? Buddha constantly said through the teachings that purpose of the teachings is to stop the cycle of the life eliminate desire delusion and anger. So Gautama Buddha or any 28 past Buddhas cannot reborn. Only the followers of the Buddha can reborn. So we need to clearly understand that based on the Buddha’s teachings, one Buddha born once pass away once eliminating desire, delusion and anger forever. Second of all Ram cannot hit people like he did. That break abide precept. So it seems as though that he is in Brahmin stage.

  2. Latest news on Buddha Boy:

  3. Okay to ‘Top level’, am I right? There was a video about the boy and he said himself he did not want anyone to follow him as he headed out to the woods to finish his meditation. Therefore, he said to the camara himself that he would be disappearing somewhere, who knows where, and that he wouldn’t be coming out for another 6 years. I myself think you should go get the video and watch it if you understood the language of Thai. :-) Or, you can get a translator. Thank you very much for your time.


    • Western media always creating problem to this mediation.
      public and Media should not involve to disturb this mediation.
      Let him reach his Goal, why so inquisity? Every body knows
      what is meadiation ,for why people do mediation.
      I do do not understant why specialy this western media interfearing to this holy land soverinity. Buddhism only the religion have more freedom .not like any other religion.
      Lord Buddha was great leader to the whole world.

    • I myself think you should go get the video and watch it …

      Any idea what the title of that video is, or where I can find it? Thanks a lot!

      Very best regards from Belgium!


    • Saw the Discovery documentary. Boy’s teacher communicated with him telepathically and he began to sweat. Why did not doc crew look for track from dusk and then again at dawn going to the boy?
      Terrible documentary.
      The West has a lot to learn about the Mysteries of the East…..

      • It is not an issue of East knowing more than the West. West itself has more to be identified with England and English nations, than the whole of Europe.

        As to whether people in the East are more informed is also debatable.

        It may be noted that the concept of Software came from the West.

        I would like to inform interested persons that there is a reality totally different from material reality, which more or less controls and designs our reality.

        Please download this Study: Codes of reality! What is language?

        I am sure a lot of understanding of this phenomena can be had from this study.