I’m glad to welcome on this site the readers of the Carnival of Healing. The Carnival of Healing is a weekly round-up of articles, posted by personal web site owners on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment. This is the 36th edition of the Carnival, titled ‘Food for thought’.

First, let’s start with Shekhar Kapur who writes on the intentBlog about his wealth. It is not in the money, as you might have guessed but in the various experiences of one’s life.

Enough about thought for now and let’s move to the food, instead.
Wenchypoo from “Frugal Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Warehouse” writes about a seldom known human body organ called omentum. It is an organ which stores the fat in the stomach. I’ve never known I’ve had this organ before (but, on the other hand, I’m not fat 🙂 ). So learn about omentum and the good and bad fats in “A Health Lesson from Oz”.

While reading this carnival, maybe you’d like to drink some coffee? Well, C. Melinda Wenner from “She Blinded Me With Science!” is proposing that you better drink tea in her post “Tea, It Does The Body Good”. She explains that green and black teas possess a remarkable number of positive properties, such as containing an amazing kind of antioxidant which can lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, reduce the risk of heart attack and promote weight loss. They also have been found to help reduce the risk of various cancers. Green tee in particular has also been associated with increased calmness and concentration, she writes. It’s also cheaper than coffee (in Starbucks, at least). To learn more about the benefits of the tea, read her article.

Now, that we’re all full and quenched, lets see how we can balance our life. Paula G., owner of the Coaching4Lesbians.com website asks you “How is Your Life’s Wheel?“. In this article Paula subdivides life into 8 major categories, such as health, finances, career, spirituality and more. She suggests that all parts should balanced and proposes the reader to draw a wheel, divide it into 8 parts and draw each part’s length to the proportion of your degree of satisfaction with this category in your life. Then see, how round your wheel is and if it suitable for driving the life.

Jamie Bower, the conclusion blogger, has described his findings on the connection between confidence and energy levels in his post “Controlling your energy“. He tells how at some point of his life prolonged negativity has exhausted him and he thought that feeling sorry for himself was okay. He then forced himself to act, raised his confidence level and has seen his energy levels going higher.

If you are concerned about environmental issues, and even if not, Karen wants to tell you about the Ecotonoha project, launched by NEC. In the website of the project, people can add messages to a virtual tree and for each 100 messages, a real tree will be planted on Kangaroo Island, Australia. Read more in the article on “hip & zen pen” site.

To connect all the things together, Deepak Chopra, the famous author of many books on spirituality, tries to explain “How We Are Connected” on his intentBlog. In this article, Deepak Chopra explains the differences between the western and eastern views on life. For example, he talks about the concepts of “subtle body“, which are widely believed in the eastern cultures but are not known well in the western world, since this is not a scientifically verified fact. He states that many people in the west are experiencing its abilities, but on a personal level or in small groups. He says that while many believe in the possibilities of healing, destiny, power of intent etc, it’s not widely accepted yet since this information is not organized yet and it needs to presented in coherent way to make a shift in peoples perception of the world and the power of human consciousness.

Well, this wraps this week’s edition of the Carnival of Healing. You can see last week’s carnival of healing by following “Intuitive Living Medical Intuitive Spiritual Healing & Relationship”.

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