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Visual chakras meditation

Caroline Myss Ph.D. who holds a site on holistic healing has posted an online meditation presentation with good graphics and music. This visual meditation centers around the seven chakras, shortly explaining their meanings. The presentation also gives some ‘sacred truths’ as related to each chakra. (First seen at About Holistic Healing guide). The site holds another good presentation on chakras and a lot of other interesting information.


Visual meditation





  1. Normalize

  2. All sorts of strange thoughts and feelings appear in my mind as I sit to do this.

    • Well I have a gas problem and i find that instead of coming out of my ass it comes out of my mouth and nose when I sit down to do this.

  3. Jacob, Thanks for the reply.

  4. How often should one meditate and for how long? Are there limits to meditation? Is playing sports better?

    • If you’ve never meditated I’d suggest not meditating for a long time. You could start with 15 minutes a day to get a feeling. 15-20 minutes of deep relaxation can give you a good example of the benefits of meditation. Later, if you find it useful for you, you can take the time and increase to 30 minutes. Also, it’s better to meditate every day.

      Some traditions meditate more often and for much longer times but these are the “pros” of meditation and unless you want to stop you “regular” I wouldn’t advice to meditate too much, especially without guidance of a master.

      Playing sports is something else and has its benefits unrelated to meditation. Possibly, one can help another.