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Polarity healing document

I’ve uploaded a document that teaches basics of polarity healing. I’ve found this document a while ago on the internet and liked its content since it resembles healing technique that I’ve learned from somewhere else. This document is a workbook that accompanies some polarity therapy workshop.

Here’s a quote that describes the polarity therapy:

Polarity Therapy, developed by Dr Randolph Stone (1890 1983), draws on techniques from East and West to free blockages, allowing the body’s energies (chi, prana, vital force) to flow freely. Polarity Therapy takes into account thoughts, attitudes, and nutritional needs, as well as physiological requirements, in treating the whole person.

The document contains descriptions and illustrations for several therapies, such as removing headache and more.

Download the Polarity Therapy introduction workbook.





  1. Thanks for the polarity download, I have had sessions for years its one of the best from my view point….Dino

  2. I am a student of spiritual metaphysics and I am currently a Reiki 2 practitioner. Soon I will be learning hands on polarity healing and have been instructed to read up all I can find on the subject.