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Get rid of stuffy or runny nose fast without drugs

Nasal congestion, stuffy nose, runny nose – these are common problems experienced by everyone, usually many times a year. We generally disregard it if it’s on moderate levels but can get very annoyed when they are strong and require our attentions.

Yes, you could use a nasal spray to depress it for a while. But there are some problems with the sprays:

  • First, they are drugs (chemicals), might have side effects and are somewhat addictive.
  • Second, they cost money.
  • Third, you should have it with you whenever your nose drives you mad. This might not be the case every time, since you have to buy it first, and then carry it with you whenever you go (work, for example).

When I was little, my grandmother has taught my father and me a very simple point massage technique that relieves nasal congestion fast and effectively, without leaving the bitter taste in your mouth. I wanted to share it with you.

Please look at the comments below the article to read about the many successes of this technique. Write about your results in the comments as well.

I guess the massage is based on Chinese acupressure but I can’t be sure since at that time neither of us knew anything about it, and secondly, I’m not an expert at this now. There are only 4 easy points to massage, so it’s very easy to remember and always have it with you (in your head). Here how it goes:

  1. Perform the below routine 3 times:
    1. Perform 10 pressures on a cavity at the corner of the nostrils (point 1). You should almost close and open the nostrils when you do the round movement.
    2. Perform 10 pressures on a cavity just below the corner of the eyes near the nose (point 2)
    3. Perform 10 pressures on a cavity just below the ear, behind the earlobe (point 3)
    4. Massage the earlobe 10 times (point 4)
  2. After performing the above 3 times, you should feel immediate relief of your nasal congestion. It is advised to return on the above procedure again in about 10 minutes to make it more permanent or the congestion could return.

Additional instructions: The pressures are actually round movement. Look at the pictures for exact motion.

Do it with a very mild pressure. Just place your fingertips on the points and rotate with a little pressure. Nothing should hurt at all.

You should not push the cartilage of the nose and definitely not the ear’s. In the nose, only the bottom part of the nostrils are being pushed. In the ears (point 3), it’s the cavity just below the cartilage and the rotation is not wide, so you’re actually more pushing and releasing the point when you do the round movements.

Point 2 is just below the corner of the eyes where the tears come out (where you take the stuff out of your eyes when you wake up in the morning). The rotation is done without lifting the finger but by moving the skin. Again, it’s more of a pushing-releasing kind of rotation and you should feel the corner of the eye when you apply the pressure.

I hope these instruction will make you feel better next time you’ve got a stuffy nose.
Tell me if it helps you as much as it helps me and my family.

Stuffy nose massage points

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  1. The acupressure technique that you explained in the above post really works. Few years backs I used to have a terrible congestion at night times, I took many treatments including antihistamines, nasal decongestants but noting worked. Finally a friend told me to do this and the results were amazing.

  2. Didn’t work. >:-( I’m really tired of my nose. I was taking ISTEP+ earlier and I kept sniffling REALLY LOUD and it was very embarrassing. I’m tired of having my nose stuffy because I can’t breathe through my mouth.

  3. It worked! Simply brilliant. I did some quick research and found out they are accupressure points. Thanks!

  4. Wow…it works!!

  5. This is truly amazing! I work in an office where it stays dead silent all day long – making it very difficult to have a runny or stuffy nose. I used this trick on my first break this morning, then once more when I got back to my desk – I’ve been able to breathe for a whole hour! When you have a cold, free nose breathing for an hour is like heaven. Thank you SO much for posting this. I’ve shared on Pinterest!

  6. Simply amazing, thanks for this- will remember it forever

    • this helped get rid of my ruuny nose but i still have a stuffy nose

  7. Wow. This really helped. I mean it comes back, but this is so simple to do and its relaxing. Its 5 AM & I am just willimg to try anything so I can sleep. Looks as if I will tonight. Thank you very much!!

  8. It didnt work for me (im12).But thank you for using your time to help other people.Any other suggestions?

  9. Wow thank you so much!! This actually helped like instantly!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  10. I would have never thought this would work , but to my surprise it did. I looked on YouTube for this but nothing worked so big thank you !

  11. wow i can’t believe it worked just wow

  12. OMG it actually worked!! I feel zAlot Better

  13. I would just like to thank you for posting this it helped a lot!!!! The only thing I didn’t like about this is that my nose would get all stoped up again. Other than that this is awesome!!!!
    It also helps to put vicks on your nose and then put a hot towl over your face . But we all know how this fall can be . But what I find myself doing every year even when I say i’m going to stop is I carry around a hankerchif like a dork . But thank you because this helped a lot!!!! hat off to you dude.

  14. This really works! Its so easy to do and doesn’t require any extra equipment. I didn’t think this would work but I was like “what the heck do I have to lose by trying it?” I had really bad mucus production and a stuffy/running nose. I drank hot teas and used other natural remedies which helped somewhat with chest congestion but I still had a very stuffy nose.

    So I’ve tried this 2x and it worked! The first time, only my left nostril was open/clear and the right one stuffed up. The second time (after 10 min past with a light blowing of my nose), it switched to the right nostril opening up and the left one slightly stuffed at first but eventually (like 10-15 seconds later) both nostrils opened up. I will make this a definite part of my cold/flu stuffy nose remedy regimen! Thanks!

  15. I have a terrible head cold and the sinus pressure was KILLING me and making it impossible to sleep, even though I’m exhausted. I tried the first round of 3 and it barely worked to open up my sinuses.
    I told myself to be patient, waited the 10 mins, then did the 2nd round of 3. I still can’t breathe through my nose but the pressure is greatly lessened, enough to sleep. So thank you! I’ll keep trying this tomorrow.

  16. thank you 🙂

  17. Thank you! It worked for me! Not super long lasting, but hey, it still works.

  18. goodness im 12 yrs old too and i had such a stuffy nose all day. this helped me for about 10 minutes but i can finally breathe again. nasal sprays can be addicting, but im already addicted to this!

  19. Your body actually takes turns between nostrils throughout the day and it doesn’t usually breathe through both so I would say this trick works except i have to repeat it every 2 minutes.

  20. Hahaha, I did not think it would work, Not 100% but i can breath Correctly from one Side after it so am greatful :D, Who thought massaging your nose works :p

  21. Okay do i literally thought this wasn’t going to work. But, it DID!! I’m still a little congested but i can breathe! I’ve only done it once so in about 10 minutes I’ll do it again! Thank you so much!

  22. Thank you. I’m able to breath out my nose again. I may have to repeat this method, but I care not because I can breath for once.

  23. Thank you SO MUCH! I was really surprised that this worked! I’m 12 years old and I have had a stuffy nose and haven’t known what to do for it but this is perfect! Yay!

    • A little bit hard if you have earrings though lol!

    • I totally agree Miah. I Kind of like this guy and I think he likes me to so I would like to breathe when I see him even though he just takes my breath away anyway… I think he likes me SQUEEEEEEE!!!
      -A lovesick Girl

  24. this actually does work im very surprised i hate having a stuffed up nose and i just found the solution that solved my problem im going to do this new method everyday before i go to bed and im going to recomend it to my friends and family who also suffer from allergies THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I found this amazingly effective. Thank you for sharing it. I was so stuffed up but after doing the pressures twice have had amazing relief. It is now almost 2 hours since I did them, and the result has been amazing. Thank you.

  26. Hi man,
    Thank you so much for these tips. You’re my saviour. It’s just gone completely. I normally have to take medicine. Oh thanks again that stuff works.

  27. omg it really worked thank you so much it was so annoying!

  28. At first I thought upon reading it was a waste of time. But I was so wrong mate thanks your technique is a absolute lifesaver was having difficulty breathing. Will try again in 10 mins !!!!!

  29. no offence but this isnt that great… maybe it’s to do with my sinuses… i only have one set, could that be why?

  30. WoW it worked thank you so much

    • No it didn’t for me

  31. I was amazed that it actually worked. Those points cleared up both sides. But as soon as I stopped, I was congested again. I’m going to try it again in 10 minutes. At least I was able to breathe through my nose for a moment.

  32. I was really looking forward to trying this but was disappointed as I read the directions. I knew it wouldn’t work for me because I have my lobes stretched out with large jewelry in them. I tried it anyway and it made me feel worse, the pressure just multiplied. On to something else I suppose :/

  33. I couldn’t sleep my nose was so runny was willing to try anything and didnt want to do some of the other home made treatments to much work at this time. I saw this one that was simple and I didnt have to do much. Immeditley I could feel the pressure change in my nose and even my headache. One nostril cleared up immediately. Im going to try it again in 10 min. thank you.

  34. My nose was super clogged and I tried it and at first it didn’t work then I tried it again and one nostril cleared up. I think the other nostril didn’t because I have a nose ring lol. Thanks!

  35. Ur a freaking genius

  36. It worked a little but it’s still clogged up

  37. this made me be able to breath out of my nose but it is still not unclogged

    • This is pretty good actually, I only tried it out of desperation but it has helped, especially point 2. I’m going to keep doing it. 🙂

    • I appears to have worked for me , if so I’m so ever gratiful…. It also was very easy to do.

      • wtf are u talking about if anything it made it worse

  38. This is fantastic. Works better than vics.

  39. This is truly amazing. It worked. I feel so much better. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it. 🙂


  41. I think this works for some clogged nose situations. Some may be to severe for this to work. I just tried it and it didn’t do anything. I could feel the pressure while rubbing the pressure points and thought maybe it would be working. But when I was done after doing the whole thing 3 times, I still had a stuffed nose.

    Thanks though.

  42. I did it and it only worked for on nostril…Thanks anyway 🙂

    • Yeah it didn’t unstuff my nose so this is a lame trick to use.

  43. This worked for about 10 seconds then got stuffed again. 🙁 I know I’m doing it right but its still ugh!!!

  44. it work for 40 seconds for thanks for trying but it is getting better

  45. it worked

  46. Just worked on one nostril for me 😛 Thanks a lot though!

    • It worked for me, never thought it would.

  47. OMG! This worked! after 30 mins of researching how to destuff my nose, this actually worked. It works even better before you use the netti pot and after! Thank you Thank you!

  48. now im getting nothing at all

  49. This works bu strangey only one nosrtil

  50. I invented one such instant nasal decongestion technique that can help many who want to get rid out of stubborn nasal blockages instantly
    1] simply take one cup of distilled water [ not tap water ] then boil it for 20 min to kill bacteria in it then put pinch of 1 gram alum and again boil it… now just put two three drops of this into each nostril you will find the relief instantly… your nose will get instantly unblocked..
    this is 100% natural relief
    venkatesh bakale

  51. Good god! If this works for me, itll be a life saver!! DX

    • How? m i doing something wron? all you guys are getting fantastic results!

  52. it didn’t work
    but I know I did it wrong because I know it works…

  53. I usually wouldn’t try things like this, but I was getting pretty desperate, I didn’t think anything would wouldn’t work, but this was amazing, thank you!

    • WOW!!!!!!!!! It actually works.Me and my daughter were searching and we both have runny noses.So we found this and it works great

  54. Hypnosis can help with the healing process if you let it but this technique works to.

    • Drained both nostrils well. Did several cycles and will continue often (why not?) for more relief. I can feel drainage continuing which is better than anything else I have used. I was at my wits end and almost went to the ER.Thanks so much for the info and keep massaging everyone. Reread the directions and try it several times. Good Luck!

  55. Hi! This technique works really well! I’ve had the flu and this unclogged my nose in 5 cycles! Thank you!!

  56. Omg Please Help Me Im ’11’ And I Just Cant Brethe Its 4:00 And Im Not AsLeap Like I Just Cant HELP ME!
    ( )
    _ _

  57. It worked! I’m not 100% but at least I can breathe better and the pressure is relieved. THANK YOU!!! this worked way better than medication,

  58. Damn you are a shemale and this worked

  59. I can’t do the ear ear lobe part because I have 10mm Stretchers but I did the other 2 steps. Will this still help?
    I can breath a little better now but still..

    • ll same… I have no earlobes. I have 9/16ths so… lol yeah, it’s a no go.

  60. I took a decongestent a few minutes before trying it. So I dont know if it worked, if it was a combo or just the decongestent. Before I tried it I blew my nose and felt very congested and stuffed up. I did exactly as the instructions told me. After I did feel less pressure and was able to breath out of my nose again. I still had a little bit of stuffiness and mucus, but not nearly as much as before. It does say to do it again after 10 minutes. So I again blew my nose, more gently this time. I didn’t feel as congested and stuff as I did the first time after blowing. I did the 4 steps again. Now about 30 minutes later I am breathing much better. Not perfect, but at least I can breath through my nose now. I am also making sure I am sitting up strait and breathing slow and light (found that on a nother website). So far so good. Again, dont know how much is the technique and how much is the decongestent, but I dont usually get this much relief this fast from meds. I say to anyone who isn’t sure if it will work…. Its worth a shot.

  61. WWorked completely on one side and pressure was 90% gone on both sides so can’t complain thank you

  62. Nope. Doesn’t work at all.

  63. Still feeling bunged up, but nose breathing is now possible, so that’s okay for now 🙂

  64. This TOTALLY helped. I love your grandma bro. My nose is unclogged now.

  65. Just tried this for the first time. Didn’t think it would work and don’t know if I was doing it right but it definitely worked for me. Thanks.

  66. Not to be rude, but this didn’t help.Less than 2 minutes later i sneeze a river.To tell you the truth I accidently sprayed myself with disinfectant spray and my passageway was clear! For a few seconds. Anyone who needs help try this: Clamp your nose down with your fingers and cut off your breathing, then run around. Then sit up straight and slow down your breathing. It may sound crazy but it works! Do that a few times and you’ll be fine!

    • Yeah…the article didn’t help me at all..but yours did…for about 2 min. then it was back to being so stuffed up my head wants to explode! But thanks for the 2 minh. of relief! =)

  67. Tried your technique and it was VERY successful. Thanks. Have never been that stopped up since performing it.

  68. very nice keep it up

  69. It worked!!!!!

  70. oh yeah! it really does work? it is kinda confusing since we are used to pills pills pills and spray spray spray but somehow this is MAGIC. and i almost didn’t even read it and was thinking YEAH RIGHT

  71. Amazing , This work !!! Try couple times , it will work !!! it worked for me ..Thank You for Sharing …

  72. Didn’t work

    Tried several times.

  73. I am 23 years old and have suffered so much from persistent nasal congestion for as long as 11years. I have been advised by a doctor to stop taking drugs. what can i do to be treated from this illness?

  74. My nasal congestion is gone in a minute. Wow…this really works.
    Thank you very much. Let me know where can I find more tricks to treat small health problems.

  75. yes it helps ,my wife has a terrible condition in breathing ,after i tried the pressures she had a relief. Thanks so much for the tips….

  76. this helped me but my nose is still a little bit runny but it helped so im not complaining 😀 thanks!!!!!!!

  77. Just tried this for the first time and it definitely helped. I do not like nasal sprays or other OTC meds. I am stuffed up most of the time, to one degree or another. It’s nice to have an alternative to OTC meds. Thanks!

    • Wow, it worked.

    • I just tried it quick, because I’m always into these little life hacks, and my nose has beenstuffed up and runny for about a week and a half, and once i tried it I definately felt stuff lossen up in there.

  78. Sorry for the empty comment I just posted. Anyway I have the flu and all of the sudden my mucus production went through the roof. My sinuses are horribly congested and I didn’t want to take anymore OTC medication (nasal spray). I was looking for a more natural alternative and remember reading that chili helps clear your sinuses. I prepared some chicken broth and added lime, chili sauce and cayenne pepper and drank it. I stumbled upon this site while I was drinking my broth and tried the acupressure. I can breath through one nostril now and the I don’t feel the pressure on the other, though it is still blocked. Wow what a relief. Don’t know if it was the broth or the acupressure, but I will definitely try this again.

  79. High expectations, high disappointment…. As a person who has a stuffed up nose pretty often I always looked for methods to clear it since I’m really going mad about it and feel like I could punch people. Right now its 5AM in my country and I can’t sleep anymore because of this !§$%&/!$” nose. Not even nasal spray helps me at the moment, tell me what to do ;(

    • I suffer with having a blocked nose quite often especially when the weather gets Hot!!!! Sleep with your windows open or air conditioning even better. Also Olbas oil can help this helps me temporararly but wear clothing that is thin material. Windows open while you sleep so important. Oh lastly Cold water.

      Chris 🙂

    • Totally relate. Can’t sleep. Can’t breathe. Nothing works.

      • Oops was for Harry above

        • it worked but only one nosril was cleared.thanks though i feel beter brathe out one nostril than none

  80. Help I can do it!

  81. Wow it worked, niceee ! Thanks

  82. This is a life saver; thank you so much!

  83. Thanx. It worked. Much appreciated. God bless.

  84. I feel like it is working, but I also feel like I did it wrong. could you further explain the part?

  85. This worked for a couple seconds and I stuffed up again (I think my nostril passages are very swollen). Is it OK to do it sooner than in 10 minutes? also is there anything you should avoid doing like for example exhaling through the nose while you are doing the technique if you have congestion?

  86. OMYGOODNESS! Thank you so much! I couldn’t breathe through neither of my nostrils AT ALL. Couldn’t even sleep! But now I can breathe (only through one) but who cares! its better than none! I can finally get some sleep! Thank you!

  87. This is so amazing. I always have a stuffed up nose for some reason but this is making it clear up. I hate using drugs. Thanks 🙂

  88. does it get rid of it or just so you can breath??????

  89. I am a Registered Massage Therapist in Canada and I used this on myself this morning. I had a little bit of a Runny Nose, and some congestion and the symptoms were relived almost instantly after hitting points 1, after points 3 i felt relief in my eyes and forehead.

    I understand each points are not only pressure but trigger points as well. Sometimes a little pressure my cause some discomfort at points 1 and 2…especially with those with Sinusitis, or even Chronic nasal congestion. Its always nice to learn new techniques!!!

    Thank you so much works great,
    going to use it on my clientele if thats ok

  90. I am not sure whether I have understood to do it correctly.Is it possible for you to post a you tube video.

  91. IM 13. And my stuffed noes started about a week ago and i do this and i feel like it worked.But im doing it allllll wrong ??? hellp?

  92. I feel like it is working, but I also feel like I did it wrong. could you further explain the ear part?

    • There are two steps in the ear part. First is the soft point below the ear, practically on the skin under the earlobe. You should push and rotate it with your fingers. The other is the earlobes themselves which I catch with my thumb and finger and gently move the earlobe from side to side, like if you were rolling a pencil between these fingers.

    • The technique cleared one of my nostrils, but the other is still blocked. My nose is still runny, but not as bad. I hope it’s gone for 2m, am gonna stuff myself with vitamin C. Am strating to get a very sexy red nose :).

  93. Oh. My. God.
    Three minutes ago I couldn’t breathe through my nose AT ALL. Now I can breathe perfectly through one nostril (one is still blocked). This is a bloody miracle, thank you so much!

  94. This worked wonders !! Thanks so much. Sweet relief at last !

    • My nose has been stuffy for almost 3 weeks now. I tried this technique, and it really worked! Thank you so much, and I will always use this technique.

  95. only opened up one nostril
    but its better than none, so thankyou!

  96. OMG!!! this realy helps my i got il this morning and tried the tecneque and it works . Thank u it helped very mutch

  97. I am 13 and when I go to Bed at night it feels like the mucus in my nose travels to the nostril witch is closer to my bed and something randomly one side of my nose it clogged and the other isn’t…please help.

  98. I’ve had serious nasal congestion for a number of years. I can get relief using warm salty water. I bought a devise used to clear mucus from children’s noses. Basically it’s a small rubber bulb that you squeeze and stick into a cup of water so it fills. Then you squirt the water up your nose and blow it back out clearing out the mucus. I do that a couple of times a day and before I go to bed. At bed time I also use a decongestant nasal spray which usually lasts most of the night. I’m going to try this massage method and see if it works.

  99. Thanks it was irratating and it worked i will always
    Use this techniqe

  100. This is a miracle worker!!! I have a HUUUUUUUUGE performance tomorrow night (3/16/2012) and this instantly cleared up my nose!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  101. Wow. I’ve been sick for two months now, from a cold to a sinus infection to strep throat and now back to a cold. I’m too miserable to go to a store to buy medicines. I already took a hot shower and spread vicks all over my chest and am drinking hot drinks. No help. I’ve gone through almost an entire box of tissues and my poor nose is red and raw. I looked up home remedies and came across this. I tried it, and it worked! The congestion came back after a few minutes, and so I did it again, and it worked again! Yay! I found a new solution! Drug free and money free!

  102. I suffer the same thing – in terms of my nose getting blocked/stuffed at nights and being a side sleeper, i always end up turning from left to right as only either one side of my nose gets blocked/stuffed.

    It never was like this when i was younger. It started when i was about 15 years old then it disappeared then came back when i was 20. I’m now 27 and nothing has worked either. The Doctors have prescribed alot of different remedies that don’t work so I’m assuming they don’t know what i’m suffering from.

    I’m hoping i don’t have to have surgery. Please advise. Thanks # Anne on 2009-06-30 11:36 (Reply)

  103. This helped with my headache and the uneasy feeling runny/stuffy noses come with. It also helped relieve the pressure in my nose, but it’s still runny and stuffed. I’ll try it again in ten minutes and hope it does more 🙂

  104. Thanks!! That was amazing, I feel so much better! So glad I can stay away from the unsafe chemicals n dangerous drugs

  105. Nice article! My parents always told me similar things but I never tried. But somehow I stumbled on your article and coincidently is having stuffed nose and tried it. Looks it seems to be working as I am feeling little better now.

    Also read lot of posts, I think there are some Yoga excercises(one of them is Neti Kriya – using water which girl Jessica mentioned) for the person who have permanent problem of this type or allergy.

    Be Well

  106. I tried this thrice but it didn’t work…I did work once, an year ago though.

  107. Hi everytime I have a stuffy nose I can’t help but blow it all the time I’m 12 but when I blow it it’s bleeds like alot and it’s bad my mum said I will be fine but I don’t Think so I also but water down my nose to try and unclog it I know it sounds silly but I want rid of this all my stuff is covered in blood and when I go to school in class it starts to bleed please help! X from Jessica

    • I know, right?! Im 12 too, and in the seventh grade. My nose is constantly blocked, and i can barely get the luxury breathing through my nose! And some times, it bleeds, like alot. What seemed to work is rinsing your nose with salt water. I know its gross, but it works for me. The salt kind of “strengthens” the blood vessels in your nose. Anyway, contact me if you have another solution at Good luck!

  108. Hi, I’m from England I’ve only been suffering with a Blocked nose on & off the last couple of months & when blowing my nose I’m blowing bubbles out of my tear ducks (eyes) I’ve used every spray tablets the works I’ve just tried this and feels better ASAP just wanted to say thank you this is going to save me a fortune and I’ll taste my food again.

    Thanks very much


  109. How long exactly does it take to kick in ? i cant get rid of the cold i have. Ive had it for about a week now and it seems to not be going away. Its driving me insane. I Came on the internet to have a look and i found this! THANKYOU 🙂 thankyou so much for sharing this tip with us !! Your great 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  110. Ok I have a really bad cold but this aint working. Neti pots seeem too dangerous and snorting hurts like crazy. Is there an easy at home way I can get rid of sinus.

  111. Before doing it both my nostiles closed and was suffocating , itching inside my nose as both were stuffed
    My previous remedy was taking the steam , but in office it is not possible.

    Now i did above step slowly for 3-5 times after 10 -10 mins results were positive. My one nostril was opening slowly.

    It works But need Patience (lots of patience)

    Do this Stuff Slowly like a Massage (do not hurry) , result will be positive.

    thanks for great post !!!

  112. Wow, this really worked for me. I can’t believe it’s that simple to get rid of nasal congestion. I hate using nasal spray cause as soon as it wears off, your nasal symptoms come back worse. Thanks!!

  113. What sorcery is this?! My nose has been stuffed and runny for two days straight. I try this out for the heck of it, and suddenly my nose clears right up.


  114. THANK YOU!!! i’m off on holiday tomorrow and i had a stuffy nose which was getting me down, didnt want to be ill for my holiday.
    i tried this and it works! *100%*

    its *quick, easy and clean*. (no horrible stuff on your hands afterwards, so dont worry about that)

    thank you again

  115. I just did this for my girlfriend and she says “Huh. That worked oddly well.”

  116. If anyone shops in england buy Vicks Sinex nasal decongestant spray, relief in minutes. Maybe you can get it in the USA, I don’t know. I also sometimes use Vicks first defence in conjunction with Vicks sinex if I have a cold starting. Has anyone tried vacuuming their house/bedroom/pillows every day to remove excess skin/dust or potential dustmites and their faeces, even the cleanest homes can have these. Try using a Dyson vacuum if you have one, or one with a good filter system!

  117. In desperation to breath after not being able to for 13 hours and getting very stressed, I looked for a way to help with my congestion. I came upon this site. I tried it- and it did work for me. I had tried everything else. The sprays, pills, blowing my nose…nothing worked-actually seemed to make it worse. It does not work immediately, but after about 35 minutes with doing it every 10 minutes like instructed, my left nostril is completely cleared. I am going to do it a couple more times before I go to bed, but I am so relieved.

  118. I’ve had this dam runny nose since and I feel uncomfortable using nasal sprays so I left it, thinking that it’ll get better during the warmer season. Everyone’s sick of me blowing my nose and it’s so annoying having to blow durin exams.
    Thankfully, I found your amazing method which just 100% cleared my nose! I could beware properly again.

    This method also works when you have an extremely runny nose after crying. Just need to blow to get rid of the mucous which is already really runny and the rest is gone!!

    Thanks so much!!!

  119. Holy crap I didn’t think it would work but I only did it once,not even three times and my nose cleared up in a matter of seconds!! It scared the crap outta me!

  120. I have had this problem for as long as i can remember. Constant blocked nose, and when it does get clear, after using high steroid nasal spray it runs a lot, like a tap. My main concern is that I can’t sleep at night, like a lot of you, i only get a few wrestles hours of sleep a night. I am wondering if there is any device you can buy that has tubes that go through your nasal passages so you could breath through your nose? I don’t know if that would work, I don’t know how the nose works. But yeah i’m willing to spend a good few hundred pounds for this device so if anyone knows of such thing please let me know! 🙂

  121. Get some Hot Tamales (the chewy cinnamon flavored candy).

    Chew on a piece or two and enjoy breathing again.

  122. Worked a little too well, literally puked on the snot nugget that suddenly broke loose and went down my throat. Nose is clear though, though I’m not sure if that’s from the technique, or from the exertion of losing my lunch. I can still feel a little pressure beneath the left eye, but at least now I can breathe.

    • TMI

  123. Woah!! That is so weird! It actually works!!!! Well just for awhile but still way better than nothing!! Thanks for sharing 😀

  124. Surgery is no longer necessary. Now you can have a simple procedure performed in an ENT’s office called Balloon Sinuplasty. A small balloon is inserted into your sinus ostium(opening) and inflated; remodeling the wafer like bone. It is not painful and you can go back to work within 24 hours maybe that day. Be sure to ask for the Acclarent Balloon Sinpulasty as the other system on the market doesn’t guarantee the ENT gets into the sinus oepning. You want relief!! and find an ENT in your area performing this simple procedure.

  125. It made 1 nostril clear but the other is num AND stuffed so that failed gonna go for a walk in the newly autum air!

    • Hi mate yea I had the same experence ,only it only worked for a short time so I tried about a quarter of a teaspoon of salt disolved in warm water I snorted the warm water up my nose twice try it

  126. OMG this actually worked! i used it not thinking it would help me because my runny nose was just soo bad but after i did it 3 times likebit said to one of my nostral are much much better but i think ill need to do it a few times for my otherbone ro stop! thank you so much! 😀

  127. thank’s it really worx! best pain relief no need to buy vicks inhaler…

  128. My nose was dripping constantly like a tap, driving me nuts
    This method worked – thanks so much

  129. This shit don’t work. Your earlobes have in no way anything to do with your nasal cavity.

    • That’s EXACTLY what I was going to say.

  130. I was suffering from a stuffy nose (I couldn’t breath one of my nostrils) I tried everything, including steaming my face. I even added strong mint balm to the hot water. Nothing helped my stuffy nostril. I found this website on youtube. And this worked a little to slightly open up my nose. It is totally awesome. Though it worked only a little, I can at least breath properly. This thing did what a mint balm couldn’t do. Thanks to the mystery writer who wrote this.

  131. Thank you, i have had a sinus infection for a week, alot of pain from my blocked nose and have to catch a plane in 2 days. I tried this and i can now breath thru my nose – still a little stuffy, but will try it again in the shower.

    Thank you 🙂

  132. As all these ‘exercises’ may help, consider this:
    Try ‘snorting’ sugar. It clears up your sinuses and makes the inside of your nose taste sweet 😉
    As I may/may not be a doctor, I have tested it, and it works!
    No offence to anyone here but I believe “push-ups” is a bit farfetch’d. Pansies.
    Snort some SUGAR! XD
    Note* Sour sugar works best 🙂

  133. It works but I don’t understand the science behind it as a medical student. Thanks.

  134. Thank dude its realy very helpfull

  135. Worked very well for me .. i have been stuffy the last few weeks and nothing was working .. Guess it works for some people .. and other just have to go buy something but this is real .. Worked very very well

  136. If you press in between your eyebrows and keep your toung pressed up to your back side of front teeth. Hold it for roughly 20 seconds while counting. This will drain your sinus ever so slightly and allow you to breathe. Repeat after 5-10 mins and it will stay like that for a while 🙂

  137. I have something that might help 🙂
    Well all you need to do it get some hot water (not boiling)
    and put salt in it 🙂 when the salt devolves it will be salty water
    then get some in a spoon and gently spill it in your blocked nostril
    (you may need to tilt your head) then let it pass through to the other nostril. this should help to unblock it 🙂 do this a couple times and every now and then and it should unblock 🙂 xx I hope This helped

  138. thanks a lot.. it really works..

  139. This really helped & seen immediate relief. Thank you very much

  140. this really worked for my boy friend …. love this technique …. thank you very much 🙂

  141. Thanks.

  142. hey everyone,my nose is KILLING me!! the left side is so stopped up and nothing im doing seems to help i need cheap or free things i can do to fix this!! please help!

  143. well it worked a little do you know anything else that might work i need something fast cause i have to go to something very important on monday it’s 4 mai and i need to go to a big thing on the 9th please help me.

  144. No result. maybe it’s just a mind thing, if you think it works it does.

  145. Wow. Didn’t expect it to work instantly! My nose was so thoroughly blocked for hours — gave me a headache too. Tried a few things that didn’t work. Tried your method and it cleared one nostril completely! Good enough to get me through the night.


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