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A natural cure for diabetes

I’m now reading the book by Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About and I began to notice some of the things he writes about in the book. For those who don’t know the book deals with the subject of medicine in US, conspiracy between pharma companies, FDA and FTC to sell you more drugs and trump the alternative medicine. This is a really thought provoking book in my opinion.

So now I come across an article in the BBC titled Chinese remedy ‘treats diabetes’. Here’s what the second heading states: “A gardenia fruit extract used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat adult onset diabetes is effective, scientists have found.”

Well first of all, it’s not the scientists that found it but the Chinese. The scientists only verified and acknowledged this in a laboratory experiment. But what made me really wonder are these lines:

“The researchers said their findings may lead to the development of new drugs, which would offer a significant advance as there is currently no available therapy for diabetes which targets the underlying causes of disease in insulin-producing cells.”

and a care advisor’s at Diabetes UK advice:

“For the 1.8 million people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, we recommend a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity.”

And I think: What the hell? Why won’t you advise the people to go a chinese medicine doctor and ask them to be treated with that extract and other treatments that this medicine has to offer? Why do we need to wait for a drug to be developed out of the same plant or what’s worse, from a synthetic process? Diet and physical activity are great. But if there’s an existing remedy (and it’s not a drug) why shouldn’t people use it?

Just some food for thought.





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  2. There must be something to what Kevin Trudeau said or the gangstalkers with the pharm companies and govt agencies woiuldnt be posting negative things on this PARTICULAR SITE which tries to trivalize other kinds of medicinal treatments for illnesses.. AFter having been a victim of corrupt pharm companies in IL . I believe they Trash anyone who tells the world their major share holders are in the mob.. and its true too!

    • Trust me, alternative medicines can and do work AND kevie? Well, let me just say this….does he seem like he has integrity? If it looks like a duck…welll…QUACK! Someone’s on the other end of that line taking your order and snickering at your stupidity, most people that order his stuff are incredibly rude imbeciles. Hahahaha. Just remember… Karma’s a bitch!!lol Even if you don’t realize it…buwahahahahaha! Hmmmmm…now I’m hungry for a SNICKER doodle.

  3. how are you people getting that kevin is a criminal? he went to prision for money problems. so what! that dont make him a bad person!

  4. I haven’t read Kevin’s book to know that something fishy is going on! My mother was told my brother had ADD- which is not true. The principal told her if she didn’t get him medicated he will no longer be able to go to school in that district, that means my mother would have to live outside of Houston, do you know how big Houston is. My brother acts like a normal child but they needed him to act like a zombie or a robot because they don’t hire teacher aids anymore or give them recess or gym, so they need you to be very quiet throughout the day. The school sent my mother to the doctor and paid for the visit. Why would the school pay for you to visit a doctor? Isn’t it strange. The doctor said exactly what the school said he had ADD they prescribed him medication. She was supposed to give him a tablet a day until his “ADD” went away. She decided to give him half a pill for the first week just to get him used to it. He wasn’t the same person anymore even with half a pill. She said he really didn’t have any emotions and he seemed withdrawn so she stopped giving them to him. So the school wouldn’t find out she wasn’t giving him she kept refilling the prescriptions. It hurt me to know that if I was born a few years later I would have been prescribed this drug. Why is it okay for the GOVERNMENT and SCHOOL officials to tell us what to do with our bodies?? Don’t we pay taxes? The government hasn’t done me any favors? Please SOMEONE ANYONE HEEEEEEELLP us Americans before were all drugged up!!!!!!

  5. Kevin Trudeau’s is just an unenlightened being. one have to be aware that they have to look witin themselves for the reasons they are ill and still look within for the balance(cure). I have read the book it could scare someone because it talks about all the negatives but doesn’t give any ways or means to deal with them. he doesn’t endorse any particular product but the ways he writes its like everything that a human is surrounded by is bad for them. by the time you get rid of everything that is bad for u and buy some of the things he suggested bill gate wouyld have to be your name. the easiest way out of this to me is give up everything and move to the mountains and live a simple life.

  6. Please elaborate on studies that indicaTE CURE OF HIV by use of the chineese mushroom Reishi.

  7. No herb licking commie is gonna to cure my diabeetus! I fought them in the Pacific for my medical testing supplies, goddammit…

  8. More info on Kevin (trust me Im not a doctor) Trudeau.

    Alternative medicine and medical quackery?

    Snake-oil is all around us.
    The ‘medicine’ is fake but the money the snake-oil salesmen collect is not. Think about it.

    • I like quackwatch they have exposed many scams. Another one of Kevin’s diets that he made famous was the hcg diet which is very dangerous. Quackwatch called him out on that one too.

  9. i hear in his new book that none of it is his work. that its mostly other studies and doctors who are telling you about the rememdies. if thats the case kevin could be and ex murderer and it wouldnt matter! why? b/c he is only showing you what other people are saying. he himself is not saying any of this. he is right. the fda and the medical community will tell you there is no cure for much of the things that do have a natural cure for. so point is it dont matter what kevin is or isnt because his book isnt about him or what he thinks or says. its about other dr’s and so forths studies.

    • If he’s just packaging and selling the work and words of others, why give him your money for work he didn’t even do? Do you think he somehow has exclusive rights to this information, that it is new information that isn’t available elsewhere? There is a wealth of information about natural remedies on the internet and in print publications from more reputable sources, and I would bet that you can find any info that is in his book without resorting to giving a con artist your money.

  10. Schools receive funding if children are on drugs.

    Doctors receive free trips etc to learn how to promote these drugs.

    The drug companies peddle these drugs to children via football stars like “the Bus” and crazy comments/quizzes that would lead anyone to think they have ADD.

    Trudeau has, if nothing else, shouted a wake up call to Americans about what is going on.

    Is he a convicted felon? – yep. However, he doesn’t have to go to sleep at night knowing he prescribed a death drug – Paxil, Zoloft etc to a child – knowing that it can cause suicide.

    Wake up people – ADD didn’t exist a few years ago – now it’s a household word – the drug companies created a home run myth and people bought into it.

    The gentleman who commented he was diabetic and was on meds – okay – I get your situation. But let’s look at the millions of kids who are placed on Paxil or Zoloft or whatever. Let’s look at an adult who racks up credit card debt, goes to her doctor and states she’s “depressed”. Without any questions – a prescription for Zoloft is handed out. To my knowledge – Taking Zoloft does not erase credit card debt……………………………

    There has to be a line drawn in the insanity of handing out prescription drugs without a thought.

    This is my opinion – you’re entitled to yours.

  11. I am old enough (54) to remember the “good ol’ days” when snake-oil salesmen abounded throughout the West, conning people everywhere with panacaeas (cure-alls)made of anything they could get their hands on and put in a bottle. I am also old enough to know that a lot of what passes for consipiracy theory (ewwww…the government is out to get me!) is bulls**t talking through ignorant fear. As a CPAm I have audited many pharmaceutical companies, and I do not believe they are in bed with the FDA. Believe it or not, our government is not out to get us, but to help us. Yes, it is some places run by incompetent managers. Yes, it often makes mistakes (because it is run by people, not God Himself!) And yes, it sometimes tries to cover up its mistakes. But still, there is good everywhere combating evil. I think doctoring yourself is an unwise thing, except for minor, non-life threatening diseases. I am a diabetic, and I trust what my doctors are doing for me. I am sure that researchers will eventually find a cure to diabetes, maybe even in my lifetime. But I want it to be safe and reliable. I don’t to risk my life trying something made in a country where human life is not valued until there is no alternative but an alternative. I am not chicken. I am not stupid. I like to think of myself as wise, perhaps more so than so of the more far out advocates of alternative medicine. I say this having been through a three year painful bout with fighting my mother’s cancer, the whole time her accusing us of poisoning her, in her dilerium.

    • I am also aware that the pharms have many people & docs on their payroll whose specific job is to target these websites and try to discredit viciously any good reports on natural meds or those trying to promote them.

  12. Just to be clear. YES. Kevin Trudeau IS a cheap con artist & a criminal. Of course that dont mean everything he says is bull&*^%. For a con to work the person or persons being conned have to believe. The easiest way to make that happen is to make most of your speil true.If the conee can verify much of your information they will likely become more comfortable in trusting the con artist & hence fork over the dough. That in no way implies that natural cures are any less or more effective. Although it is going to be harder to mainstream that line of thinking as long as people like Trudeau are involved. He removes any credability from any argument when inserted. The way to push forward this kind of thinking & research is to involve more acredited experts, not criminals.

    • So you fill yourself with prescription meds then, and reap the consequences. I personally have seen the results of these. My mother saw 5 top notch eye doctors including Columbia Presbyterian & U of Pa who said her cataracts were only at the initial stage & would take 10 yrs to develop. All docs told her the same. One month later her GP put her on a cholesterol drug & 3 months later she had full blown cataracts AND macular degeneration (which she did not have before). When she returned to the 5 docs one had the courage to say “What medication have you been on recently”. When she read the fine print of the meds it said it could cause eye problems. Cholesterol can be cured naturally and she didn’t need those poison pills and her eyesight would still be good today. So go ahead and follow blind trust in those Pharm sponsored docs & meds but let others follow another course as they choose. I am not a groupie of Trudeau but I am very grateful to him for helping opening my eyes to the truth.

      • You evidently read my post, since your reply is to it. So let me say again just to be clear. Now that Kevin Tredeau in your words ” has opened your eyes’. You are now ready to send him the money if you have not already. Believers make the easiest hustles. And you think the Pharms are connin ya. As I said Trudeau has had an unblievable run of luck, I would have been in jail with this con years ago. Im only suprised he hasnt yet gotten a Ghanna or Waco, he has so many believers. Im pretty sure when this con hits the wall, preachin will be his next big gig.

        Yes, the Pharms have people out there discrediting alternatives to meds, the big 3 car companies actively seek out & stifle any & all new ideas for alternative fuels or cleaner & cheaper running engines. Why ? Because business is business. The Pharms & car companies are in business to make money for their respective stockholders. Not to make your or my life any easier.It just happens that the business they are in is meds. But its still a business, not a charity. Is there a huge conspiricy going on ? I doubt it, but you just never know. Are alternatve meds effictive & safe ? I dont know. But I do know they will never be mainstreamed as long as people like Trudeau are involved.

        Slappy Da Clown

  13. Oh……in case anyone wants to know, the newsletter I mentioned about the alternative doctor who travels the globe in search of alternative remedies is Dr. David Williams: I get a few different newsletters, but his is my favorite and it’s called “Alternatives”.

    • Chris, you entirely missed my point. I am not disagreeing with anyone’s belief that the FDA or any other government organization is corrupt, and I’m not saying that there are no alternatives to prescription medicine that work. Whether those things are true or not is a separate issue.

      What I *do* feel very convinced of after doing a considerable amount of research is this: regardless of whether it is truth, fact or a combination of both that is coming out of Kevin Trudeau’s mouth, his main goal is NOT activism and helping other people, it is putting as much money in his pocket as he can. His past activities prove that he is willing to sell just about anything he can create a good sales pitch for. He has been willing to lie, cheat and steal to line his pockets and appears to have no sense of ethics whatsoever. Apparently those two years in prison only had a marginal effect on him.

      Chris, you recommend that people educate themselves. I couldn’t agree more. You should start by educating yourself about Kevin Trudeau’s history of activities. If you have already done so and are still willing to trust this person enough to hand over your money to him, that’s a shame but it’s not illegal. As an intelligent and educated person, ow do you feel about the fact that the information he sells to people is already freely available from many other sources? If he really just wants to help people, why didn’t he put all the information he has in his book instead of making people go to his website and give him even more money to obtain these “secrets”? Even if Kevin Trudeau was actually a completely honest, ethical and credible person instead of a very sophisticated con man, why would you trust your health to the advice of someone with no medical or scientific training or experience, someone who has never supplied any substantial evidence to back up his claims? Personally, I don’t think it’s wise to base decisions upon anecdotal evidence, and if you’re willing to do so it certainly goes against your assertation that people should educate themselves.

      Slappy, thank you for your rational and well articulated comments in this discussion. I wish that more people would exercise their ability to think critically. Even highly intelligent people can be fooled by a good con artist!
      As the magicians’ saying goes… “deception requires cooperation”.

      • And I suppose the big Pharms intentions are to help people? Give me a break. Their intentions are to put as much money in their pockets as they can and to hell with public safety. Take vioxx and celebrex as examples….how many people died, 160,000?, before it was reclaimed and in fact celebrex is still on the market! If one person dies due to (synthetic) Vitamin E, the FDA is all over them and withdraws it from the market, but not with the Pharm medications. Doesn’t anyone see anything fishy there? My daughter went to a doctor and he prescribed celebrex; as she was paying I called her and she told me what they had prescribed. I had her put the doctor on the phone and I told him “This was withdrawn from the market”, and he said “Yes, but they put it back on again” so I said “So you take it then but don’t give it to my daughter!”. What a scam. So it’s ok for them to make billions but Trudeau can’t make $$ but telling the truth about the industry? Pul-eeze. The more you read about these things and then correlate them with what you read daily it is SO obvious what is happening. Wake up……..

        • Xochi — Please save yourself some embarressment and *read what I have written* in this thread before you respond.

          In my very first post, I said that Trudeau was “using people’s well-placed distrust of pharmaceutical companies”. In case you’re not clear on the concept, “well-placed distrust” means that I believe that their distrust is appropriate.

          In another post, I state, “I personally believe there may well be some truth to the drug company conspiracy theory.” How exactly do you interpret that as me putting forth that “the big Pharms intentions are to help people”? I said nothing of the sort; just the opposite, in fact.

    • Chris I am very impressed with what you had to say. Do you mind answering a couple of my questions? My email is Thank you

  14. Let me also add that Kevin Trudeau is right about the FDA…….they already stopped a place from selling an alternative remedy I have purchased in the past and I am hopping mad! The FDA wants to take alternative medicine off the market so all you have is “drugs” which not only kill, but puts thousands of people in the hospital each year. The powers that be want to also make vitamin supplements only available through prescriptions…… they do in other countries. We have to fight against the FDA to keep OUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! I don’t know about you, but “I” don’t want to have to get a prescription to be able to buy a bottle of Vitamin C! If you want to help yourself with an ailment…… HAVE TO LEARN ABOUT IT! DON’T just take something without knowing what you’re doing. People come up to me showing me a bottle of a weight loss formula they bought……..I look at the ingredients and tell them if I feel the product is okay to take or not…….if I recognize a natural ingredient that could be harmful, I tell them NOT to take it………..everything natural is not safe……you have to know what it is and what it does…..or ask someone who DOES know. For every natural ingredient that could be harmful, there is one that is not that will provide the desired results. Many answers lie in the Flora of the earth, which is why I am so hopping mad when I hear about the land being raped of trees and plants…….especially in the rainforest………lord knows what remedies have been lost forever……..we need to fight against this too……AND the destruction of our flora here in the U.S. ………. just look at the flora being destroyed because of all the housing going up………it’s enough to make one puke! No wonder animals are going closer to people’s home………man is taking THEIR HOMES AWAY! Where the hell else are they going to go? No…….man just kills them as the answer…….well folks, once the animals go…….we’re next! I am not some “nut”……… I am fairly intelligent and constantly praised by many people where I work. I, like Kevin, want to wake people up! I see so many people around me with ailments…….many are younger than me………I have no ailments (thank you God) and the reason I feel this is so is because I don’t eat animals which are constantly shot up with antibiotics and hormones and sick from horrible sanitary and stressed conditions under which they are raised……antibiotics in animals is transferred to you when you eat them……..antibiotics kill all the friendly flora in your gut…..and a stressed animal is a sick animal…….and, hormones should be avoided…….all of this is what you eat! The Bible says: “God helps those who help themselves” and “physician heal thyself”………WHAT do you think this MEANS? People………EDUCATE YOURSELVES!

    • Chris, I am so happy you did educate yourself and have found the elixir to help your illness. Doctors are not our friends. They do indeed live for the kickbacks from big pharma for pushing synthetic drugs.
      Kevin Trudeau is indeed opening the eyes of many with his book, but i agree with MK, the information has been out there for centuries. Everything Kevin wrote about is true, but he doesnt tell you any “secrets”.
      I read the entire book and when he gets to what the exact component is that heals, he stops, he gives the educated consumer much info on the fact that there are alternative treatments and to seek them out, which is a great service in itself, but there are no cures so to speak.
      And David Williams, Dr Whitaker, Dr. Sinatra etc. are all fabulous Dr.s doing fabulous research, but think about it, those pamphlets and brochures you get from those wonderful alternative Dr.s all look the same , they all state “we found the simplest cure for clogged arteries…” or we found that this one 25 cent mineral can CURE cancer, but then they charge you $150 for the 90 capsule bottle. They all work for a company in Virginia that is preying on people who are seeking alternatives. These doctors are a great source, but why dont they just say, ” Take Zinc to help with cancer” or Magnesium for depression” etc. for instance, we live in a world where viruses are killing people everywhere, did you know that Apple Cider Vinegar KILLS 80% of the viruses in the world? and all you need to do is put it in your diet everyday. Or that Tea Tree Oil Kills on contact? That Hydrogen Peroxide and vitamin C injected into cancerous tumors disintegrates the tumor? That something as simple as whipping Flaxseed oil with cottage cheese makes it 100% more absorbable and usable by your body? Kevin didnt tell you any of these pennies on the dollar cures. Kevin did write a book on opening the eyes of the public, but he exploited information that was reeadily available with just a small bit of effort. He is raking in money , and good for him, I could do the same thing, but if youve ever seen someone with cancer, or a debilitating disease and helped them cure themselves from natural remedies, youll agree there is so much more fulfillment in knowing you helped them without earning a billion dollars selling a “tell all but not really book”. Now if you want to read a worthy book, read Lorraine Days book on cancer, or “Cure Your Cancer” by a wonderful man named Bill henderson, who is spending his life educating people for free with a fabulous newsletter. Mike Adams of is a great resource as well, and he advocates Kevin Trudeau, but he also gives real FREE information because he sincerely lives to help others. Theres a big difference.
      God Bless you all for your views and keep on educating yourselves, help others and give selflessly.

      • Well said, Carmella.

    • Because the admin of this website is working, no question very quickly it will be well-known, due to its quality contents.

  15. You are all sooooo wrong about Kevin Trudeau. How do I know? I have been reading about alternative medicine for YEARS and let me tell you what he is trying to do is WAKE PEOPLE UP to the fact that there are alternatives to drugs which are safer. He does admit that there are times when you really need a drug, but in many cases you do not. Also notice that he does not tell you to go out on your own…..he specifically states to see some type of doctor. I am living proof for alternative medicine for things I have used on myself, and a cat through working with a veterinarian. I have tried an alternative remedy that a pharmacist AND CHIEF of a medical department in a hospital told me would NOT work…………I proved them BOTH WRONG because it worked perfectly. I get a newsletter from an alternative doctor who went through medical school but was frustrated that he was not “curing” people, only masking their symptoms with “drugs”. So he started to travel the world interviewing different sects of people to find what natural remedies they have used for ailments for years…….he will ONLY report on safe items. I am tired of people bashing Kevin Trudeau………those that do have a LOT to learn about alternative medicine.

  16. Kevin Trudeau is a cheap con artist that has had an unblievable run of luck. That being said.
    I not only believe there are better natural alternatives to most meds, Im sure of it. I even think that with proper training most people could use their own minds to alieviate or lessen the effects of lots of things. But them drug company people all have kids to send to college, so there you go.

    • Yeah, but you guys didn’t read the whole thing completely. The article on the Chinese herb came from the BBC, which is a whole lot more reliable than Kevin Trudeau. Even so, drug companies don’t want us to learn more about natural and psychological alternatives to drugs, even though they exist and could prove to be much more effective.

      • I did read the whole thing completely. I wasn’t commenting at all about the Chinese herb statement, just about Kevin Trudeau. I personally believe there may well be some truth to the drug company conspiracy theory. Kevin Trudeau is not the activist with special knowledge to impart that he claims to be, just a greed-driven con artist (thanks, Slappy, that was the term I was trying to think of when I first posted) using his mastery of persuasian techniques and people’s prevailing distrust of the drug companies to sell information that is already freely available online to way too many sheeple.

    • I wonder if you also are on the payroll of the big Pharms to knock any alternative treatments and the book! I LOVED the book and it opened my eyes to what is really happening in the world today with the control of the Pharm & Food Industries. I suppose you have more confidence in Abramoff & Bush Govt who are lying thieves and should have been put in jail years ago?? Whether he was in jail for 2 months or not, the facts he is presenting are true & clear & I for one have changed my eating & medication diet!

      • “I wonder if you also are on the payroll of the big Pharms to knock any alternative treatments and the book! ”

        Xochi — By the same token, it is just as likely that you are on Kevin Trudeau’s payroll to try and downplay criticism of him. Whether that is true or not, I don’t really care. FYI, I’m a self-employed web developer, not a drug company and/or government stooge.

        If you had actually read anything that I’ve written here, you’d be aware that I do not at any time knock alternative treatments. Nor do I base my mistrust of Kevin Trudeau on a single piece of his history, such as the 2 year jail term, but on his activities as a whole. However, I’m not going to reiterate the points I already tried at length to make in this thread.

        I’m not asking anyone to believe me on this issue, just to go look at the info out there about him and make up their own minds. My reason for posting here, other than expressing my personal opinions, is to make others aware that controversy about Kevin Trudeau’s motives and methods does exist, and to encourage them to look at any information they come across, regardless of the source or the subject, with a critical eye.

        I dislike seeing people taken advantage of because they are gullible, uninformed and/or uneducated, but if you want to give your money to a con artist, that’s certainly your perogative. I hope you get your money’s worth.

      • Also, please get your facts right, Xochi. Some simple research will reveal that he was in prison for a larceny conviction for two YEARS, not two months.

    • slappy da clown is a fake most likey works for the drug comp. in some way shape or form dont lissen to people like thes! I WARN YOU!

  17. Before you consider anything that Kevin Trudeau says or writes, you should consider that he appears to be a lying, convicted scammer who doesn’t even have a medical degree and is using people’s well-placed distrust of pharmaceutical companies to prey up on them. I’m entirely disgusted by this guy. But don’t take my word for it, read more here: or just Google his name and you’ll find more links about his despicable activities than you could want:

    • you’re told that he’s despicable and you believe it, therefore you are told what to believe. Kevin Trudeau is a person with good intentions who is accused of things that aren’t even health related. He gives resources to research up on if you don’t believe him. Read the book before you judge. Peace, love and light.

      • @ Christine Marr:

        I beg to differ, no one has me what to think. I reviewed the available information about this guy that seemed to be from credible sources and _formed my own opinion_. Which, if you have read my other comments on this topic, is what I encourage others to do. I don’t need to read his book to disapprove of his activities, methods and apparent motivations. If I was going to object to the -content- of his book, that would be another story, but that isn’t the case. He didn’t come up with the information in the book by himself, he has merely packaged and distributed it.

        Let me ask, how do _you_ know that Trudeau is a “good person”? Do you know him personally? Or have you, like myself, made your own judgment about his character based on the information available to you? In this case, I would venture to say that I probably have a more objective and realistic opinion about him than you, since I’m not basing my judgment on the image that he himself tries to project, but on facts about his past behavior and activities.

    • MK is a fake person created to hate kevin trudeau to MAKE people think that doctors are GODS! truth is Dr.’s dont know there head from there a** for the most part. kevin trudeau is only trying to get the truth out about the goverment, doctors, FDA, FTC, & others. wakeup america the american people needs to take charge of this land NOT the goverment. we the (PEOPLE), for the (PEOPLE), & by the (PEOPLE). in that centes does NOT say, we the (goverment), for the (goverment) & by the (goverment), are 4 fother did NOT say any thing about that. kevin trudeau is trying to help us, I have to say with his books my acide reflex is NO more my weight whent down i feel better, my depression is GONE! im not stress any more the list goes on. so people is some one says pills are the only thing that can cure treate or provent THY ARE LIERS thy think there GODS! thy want money money money money money money money!!!! so use the earth not the dortors

  18. Another good side that covers such topics is

  19. heheh, this is the market economy;-)
    ….To survive the market economy pharma companies have no other choice.

    • Ever here about “Stress” & Genetics”? Most things happen from stress, and by our genetics. With that being said,if we add on all the toxins our body consumes from everyday living, such as indoor toxins, outdoor toxins,fumes, wastes, food, the water, the sun, etc… add that to our genetics and stress factors, we are more at risk for health problems. Bottom line is this, we cannot avoid everything, and if it’s in our genes, them it’s in our genes, it might skip us, it might not, stress is always there, so reduce it, since you can never avoid it, unless your superhuman. Green tea, is that a hype or what?

      Bottom line, Stress causes a lot of illness.