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A cool mind-body trick to learn

A friend of mine has shown me how one can operate his body better by thinking differently.

She has proposed to play a game:
I took a small coin and put it on my open palm on the waist level. She held her hand above mine about a foot or a little more. Now it seemed to be a simple game of reflexes: I had to close my palm before she could grab the coin from my hand.

She first done it in a regular way (as she put it) and I had no problem closing my hand first, when I saw her hand starting to descend. Then she said she’ll use another technique. This time her hand moved so quickly that I didn’t have a chance closing my hand first and she took the coin.

After that, we switched roles: she held the coin and I tried to take it from her palm. But the moment I started to descend my hand she’d close the fingers on the coin before my hand reached hers. I have tried my best speed (and I believe that my reflexes are pretty good), consciously trying to do it as fast as I thought I could.

Then she told me the mind trick that allowed me to move much faster. The trick is as follows: you should not consciously think how to grab the coin faster. Just imagine in your mind, as you hold your hand above your opponent’s, that the coin is already in your hand. And at the moment that you can clearly see the coin, let go. Let the subconscious mind do the movement for you. You’ll be amazed at the difference in speed you would achieve. Most probably you’ll have the coin in your hand and you wouldn’t know how it got there so fast. I was totally shaken by the difference between the 2 ways.

I think that this mechanism where you clearly see the desired result in your mind and then let go allows your subconscious mind to control you and obviously it does a better job at that. We all know that our instincts are very sharp, much sharper than the consciously controlled reaction.

Today, many mind and consciousness researches speak of the importance of visualization of your fulfilled goals. This, they say, triggers the Law of Attraction of the universe and allows this goal to manifest in your reality through your subconscious. But I’ll talk more about this Law of Attraction in another post, since it deserves a post or more by itself.

By the way, the girl that taught me this mind hack told me that her martial arts master, who first showed this to her, was able to grab the coin from her hand, raise it, and put the coin back on her palm before she’d do any movement. This, she said, was totally unbelievable speed and she couldn’t even fathom how he could do this.

I encourage you to try this simple exercise with your friends and relatives. It only takes a minute or two, it’s lots of fun and easily demonstrates the power of the mind. You can also try this technique to catch flies or mosquitos.

Tell everyone about your experience with this exercise by leaving comments below this article. Good luck.





  1. I believe this. I’ve been doing something similar for years now. Whenever a fly is in the house, I don’t even pay attention to it. I just continue doing what I’m doing, but when it gets close to me, my hand goes up and grabs it before I even realize it. When I try to catch them, however, I can’t. Sometimes it grosses me out but at least I can let it out outside.

  2. Like it. I’m a juggler and this really relates to how I learn new tricks… you have to trust your body to know what its doing to reach its potential – the mind just guides the body in terms of what to acheive. Will have to try this. Thanks.

  3. actually it’s only about 50% mind hack. When you consciously go for it, your whole body begins to move before your hand does. The other person picks up on this movement and begins to close their hand about the same time yours begins to move. When you stop focusing so intently you are more relaxed and the move to grab the coin doesn’t result in such a full body movement. But the real trick is that when you are consciously focusing on getting the coin, you aim for the coin. When you relax and let your subconscious deal with it, your hand actually aims past the coin. When your hand hits their hand, it pushes their hand down, effectively “popping the coin up” into your hand. People who understand this are able to reproduce it consistently and consciously without having to “mind hack” themselves.

    On a side note, this “aiming past the target concept” is also taught in lots of martial arts. That’s how they are capable of punching through bricks, etc, and how people who don’t understand this concept just break their hands.

  4. This is awesome! I need to try this and then if it works I am going to 100% beleive in the Law of Attraction. Now I am at about 80% 🙂