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Restore eyesight to normal

I wear eyeglasses. My vision started to deteriorate at about the age of 11 but I only started wearing eyeglasses at the age of 17 when I had to drive. I’m shortsighted (around 1.75) and also have some astigmatism (I don’t know and don’t understand the numbers of it).

I know people who succeeded to improve and restore their eyesight by themselves, without any surgery. Most of these people used a system developed by a Russian self-healing teacher of Uzbek origin Mirzakarim Norbekov. His system envelopes the whole psychology and health of a human being and improving eyesight is only one of the applications of his teachings. The reasons that many people try to restore they eyesight using his technique are:

  1. Norbekov’s first book, where he presented the origins and explanations of his system was using eyesight restoration as its example and had specific instructions for this.
  2. Many people don’t have perfect vision and thus tried his technique to improve it. Moreover, most, if not all, eye doctors will tell you that it’s impossible to restore vision back to normal, especially if you have astigmatism.

I have a guy at my place of work who’s been using his system for about 6 months now and one of his eyes returned to normal and the other has got better. I also know some other people who’s friends took the glasses off.

I also happened to hear Deepak Chopra speak of Ayurveda and describing ayurvedic system to restoring eyesight. It was interesting to note that half of the system was actually the same. It made some sense to me, though, as Norbekov’s system is based on Sufi school, so it’s all coming from the East.

One of the things that both system have in common is that in order to improve vision one has to reduce the number on his glasses by some amount and strive to get to see perfect with the lower number. Then continue until you remove the eyeglasses completely. The moment you wear your original eyeglasses with the high number, the eyes return to the bad vision again.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take my glasses off. Eleven years of eyeglasses is enough! It’s not convenient, costs money and a bunch of other reasons. Moreover, it is going to be a real challenge of mind over body! I’ll also try to incorporate all I can into this, including Norbekov’s system, Deepak Chopra’s instructions, Silva Method and energy healing.

So, the first thing I’m going to do is go to an eye doctor in eyeglasses store and order lenses with about half of my current vision. Norbekov says that under number 2 one can remove the eyeglasses complete at the first time, but I’ll go slower. I also have astigmatism that makes the thing more difficult.

So, wish me luck in my endeavor.

What about you? Have you heard of someone who worked on his vision using natural methods? Would you like to remove your eyeglasses?





  1. Wow, cannot believe i came across something like this. so true, that eyesight can get better just by mind power. not talking about stressing your brain or eyes to see better. talkling about relaxing it.

    when i wake up in the mporning, i always tend to see things more clearly. my vision is sharper. is it all in my head. yes. i am relaxed. my smell is better. my hearing. everything, because i am relaxed. the goal is to spread this feeling of relaxation through your body for the entire day.

    start by breathing. inhale. hold. exhale. repeat this rythem. do this until you are not thinking abpout it anymore. oxygen releases endorphines into the system. endorphines make you happier, your responses better, and, help you SEE better.

    your body is constantly healing itself, in all depts. your vision, your sense of smell, your hearing, and even cancers are healable just through the simple act of will power. This is not bogus. think about all the medicines we take. pills. shots. treatments. but do they work as effectively as we would like. a lot of the time, the symptoms return, and we are never cured. the base of the problem starts with the mind, and freeing it from stress, throughout the day.

    never stop being stress free. breathe, let your body relax, be wild. open. relax the colon. loosen your genitalia. it might sound funny, but it works. you’ll be surprised what kind of boner you can get, or how horny yuo become if you let your body do its thing.

    nuff said. i’m out.

  2. hello everyone i hav ben myself doin these exercises for past few months now….it does really work… more thing dat helps to relax ur eyes -reading in candle light everyday for 1 hour

  3. Jacob Lieberman, has a book titled “Take off your glasses and see” it talks about just being open to the idea that your eyes can heal themselves, can be enough to improving your vision. Seeing follows believing

    About a month after reading his book, I was driving, and all of a sudden I realized I could see license plates 1/4 mile a way clearly. I’d NEVER been able to see that good before. Now my vision has not stayed that clear, but it’s in a constant process of improving. Soon I’ll have 20/20 vision. or better.

  4. I agree with @Restore Your Eyesight; very cool indeed.

    • does anybody here know how to use pirate glasses? because i just read that without pirate glasses nothing works perfectly

  5. Hey guys,

    I’ve tried to access but it’s no longer active. Can anyone share the exercises that were described there or the methods that Andrei used? I can’t find any info on the internet about him. Thanks a lot!

  6. This is Very Cool And Helpfull


  7. eyesight correction

  8. Guys, join the forum on it is absolutely free, and you can blog about whatever you want, share your ideas and resources, and much more!


  9. Norbekov method worked for me immediately. I didn’t even have to believe it to work. I am so happy. No glasses anymore. From -4 to -0.25 now. It’s because of the light astigmatism I had probably. Still progressing.

    • Hello Jasmine. I also read Norbekov’s book last November, but so far nothing has worked for me. Maybe it’s because some things are hard to understand in his book, especially the part about getting fluctuations. Could you please PLEASE briefly describe what you did and what you were thinking, how far you were standing…etc when doing his method? I promise to pay you for your advice through paypal if it helps me. thanks

      • Hey guys
        Read Andrei’s story and what he has to say.
        I haven’t been doing the exercises for a long time and i’ve noticed improvements. Don’t force you eyes to see – it will take longer
        for you to improve your eyesight. Just do the exercises, be relaxed and notice the improvements and keep feeling positive like you are now. Hope fully in another month from now I will not be wearing glasses at all. I wear weaker lenses now because my eyesight has improved and still is improving.

        ALSO A NOTE TO EVERYONE! Never think that you can fix your eyes by believing you are seeing everything clearly. I tried your method Maxim and I had almost 20/20 vision for about 4 minutes, but the pain for the next couple of days was unbearable. You have to relax and strengthen the eye muscles first, and then you will see (and that doesn’t require you to believe something that isn’t true :)).
        Cool guys hope this helps!

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  11. Wow I didn’t know anyone else even came close to the experiences I was having. Let me tell you my story. I do not have poor vision, actually when I had my physical the doctor told me it was above average with both eyes being 13\20. But ever since I was a little kid one day at the age of probably seven or eight just sitting in the car. Every once in a while, you know how you just space out and sit there you don’t really focus on anything well sometimes when I would do that my eyes would slightly blur but when someone interrupted me my eyes went back to normal and I stopped. But I loved just sitting there not focusing on anything. just relaxing. So one day it happened I tried to remember the feeling best I could. And I immatated what I remember it felt like, and what do you know from then on I could control ably blur my eyesight. Ever since then when I’m bored walking around, mainly at night I would purposely blur my eyes because of how different the lights would look. It goes from just a regular street like to a illuminating shinning ball. I know this doesn’t help you but I just wanted to share my experience with people that somewhat understand what it’s like.

    • that is exactly what happened to me. I myself can ably blur my vision

  12. What is the Norbekova system in a nutshell?

    Eye exercises? Pyschology?

  13. Thanks for the post.

    I know the system Norbekova, but I feel for the system Bates.I think this system really can help me.

  14. I don’t know how to imagine the object… can anyone help me?? thanks:)

    • Dear Maxim,
      My name is Vitaliy. Can i give you a telephone call regarding the sight?
      Best regards,

      • Sure, give me your email and ill email you my phone #.

        • Hello Maxim,
          You can send your telephone number to any number or word, then sobaka, then vitcor and then kom.
          Many thanks

  15. Oh sorry… For those who don’t know, I think myopia is being shortsighted. I am Greek so that is the term I know 😛

  16. I had -3.00 myopia two years ago. I tried exercises but it reduced to -2.85 in two months and then I stopped because I had to go to University. I watched the dvd “the secret” recently and bought the book. Ever since I read the book my eyesight has become stronger and stronger. With positive thinking and visualising that I can see clearly everything around me, not letting anyone tell me different, my eyesight is almost restored completely. Yesterday I attended my first lecture at University without glasses, and I could see clearly. I don’t wear my glasses anymore, because I believe in it and I cannot let anything destract me.

    Good luck guys 🙂

    • Yes, I also read that book and i am into manifesting a
      nd stuff. Sometimes when I really convince myself, I
      see so extremely clear.
      It’s strange eye sight, when I am not afraid to see, I can see, but when i experience even a little bit of self
      dounbt my vision becomes blurry. I’ve read a book, i
      forget the author, but it’s called take of your glasses and see. The book pretty much said that vision is internal. Has very little to do with your actuall eyes. I recommend reading for anyone interested. I don’t believe eye doctors anymore. and I am not afraid to see any longer. I had a lot of personal things standing in my vision and I had to deal with those before I could help my eyesight. Anyways, My eyes have significantly improved within a week. They are almost perfect. I drive without them and everything. I used to have a -3.00 myopia. and my doctors wouldn’t hesitate to precscribe me a stronger prescription everytime i went in….

  17. This is amazing, Maxim. I tried what you said, for the jeck of it, a couple times. Impatient that I am with new things, I tried a quick variation, just squinting, and keeping ithat same feeling I got from my eyes, and it worked. I get the an ache/slight pain from it :3 I’m glad to know that the muscles are still there xD

    But I will be focusing on what you said, not to throw it completely away and say that my way works; I just had an impatient moment and kept on with it.

    😀 I am *so* gonna remember this! Thanks, Max!

  18. This stuff works! If you are consistent, it *will* work. For (every* person. Period. How long it takes depends on how firm your beliefs are & on your specific situation/condition. I wish you all who are following these excersises to keep at it until you fully restore your eyesight. Also remember that it’s most effective when you develope your own strategy – do whatever it takes to relax *your* eye muscles best.

  19. Has anyone tried using reading glasses for close work as a (partial) treatment for myopia? One method I read about recommends doing this to help maintain distance vision. It’s especially recommended as something to do with children either as a preventive or in response to a first diagnosis of myopia.

    Reading glasses have the effect of “moving” close objects to a much greater distance, thus simulating distance vision when you’re actually looking at something close.

  20. is there any books of norbekov in english??
    thanks alot!!

    • Moshe here is a link to Norbekov’s book “The Experience of a Fool…” on Amazon.

      Good luck with the exercises and hope you enjoy the book.

      • Norbekov’s eBook and some bonuses are also available for download at:

        I wish you every success with your efforts to improve your eyesight….



    • Be careful with Norbekov. My opinion is that he is a charlatan. Do some research, go to wikipedia. Regards, George

  21. Dear Friends.

    For the myopic people I strongly recommend to visit the following web site:



  22. Dear Friends !

    Is anybody of you aware about fixing/correcting retinal detachment without surgery?



    • i believe that retinal detachment happens because of wearing glasses for a loooooong period of time, 30-40 years. Or at least that’s what I heard? If so, then you need to start trying any and every way to restore your eyesight and maybe along the way you retina will start to come together as well. I’m just presuming because, with my myopia came astigmatism, when I started working on my sight myopia along with astigmatism started to go away – even though I wasn’t doing anything specific to cure the myopia. I will be typing up a short story of what is the #1 cause of myopia and how to prevent it! so stay posted it might just help you!

      • i meant to say “to cure my astigmatism” in the second last line.

  23. First of all, sorry of my english and THANKS Maxim o valuable, fresh information. I’d like to know your opinion. I have contact lenses, whic I wear very rarely. If I do eyes exercises and then I’ll wear contact lenses again… Maybe I’ll go nowhere.. You know… Like contact lenses would stop progress, moving ahead…

    • once you start working on your eyesight, you can wear glasses as long as the prescreption is at LEAST 0.5 below your prescreption. I tried not wearing glasses when, but it only made it worse because i was straining to see and squinting, which just put unnecessary stress on my eyes! currently i have stoped wearing glasses, but before when my sight wasn’t as good, i would wear glasses, sometimes right after i exercises – and they actually helped, glasses are like crutches, the take on the effort of seeing and actually relax your eyes, but as i mentioned try getting a lower prescreption that way you’re eyes are not totally relaxed and are still working!

  24. Hi there everybody!
    I just wanted to share my success story. I will start with two years ago when I read the book by Norbekov. I read the book three times to absorb all the information and finally started doing all the exercises. I followed all the rules, setup daily schedule – basically did it by the book. After about 6 weeks of exercises I had very tiny result, well I can’t even call it a result, I was very disappointed and gave up. A year later, around spring time I decided to try it again, this time I was doing the exercises (and everything else recommended in the book) for two months – with a very insignificant result. And again I gave up. This brings me to my third try – that’s how determined and fed up I am with glasses and contacts, I was even considering laser surgery! I started doing the exercises first, second, third day and on the third day something happened – no not the exercises, but something else, I realized something. Previously I read an article (can’t find it now) basically it talked about how psychiatrists conducted an experiment: What they did is they hooked up an athlete to the machine that measures the brain activity and asked the athlete to run 1k and recorded the results. Afterwards they came back to the lab and asked the athlete to imagine that he is running the same 1k – and guess what, all the same nerves fired and thought patterns were exactly the same! Their conclusion was that the brain cannot distinguish between reality and your internal world of imagining. And then it struck me, there’s a saying “if you’ve been there in you mind, you’ll be there in your body”. Instantly, almost somewhere from inside, I got this feeling – what if I convince myself on a subconscious level that I have the perfect eyesight. Worth a try! So I closed my eyes and tried to imagine as if I see everything perfectly! Right away I encountered a problem, I couldn’t imagine anything perfectly! I imagined myself outside my house on the street looking at a ‘stop’ sign and in my mind I couldn’t imagine it clearly. When I came upon that problem I smiled and said to myself “so this is where the problem lies”. For another week everyday I was trying to imagine that I see everything perfectly and finally it ‘clicked’ in my mind I could imagine anything around me as if I saw it clearly! I reminded myself, to take it one step at a time. But what would be the next step? I tried doing the Norbekov’s exercises for another week with no results, I was disappointed again. I went outside to sit on the porch and think. As I was sitting I closed my eyes and started imagining everything as if I see it perfectly. Then I opened my eyes very fast without blinking and BAM! I was seeing everything clearly almost 20/20, but not for long, after about 5 second I had this pain in my eyes, it felt is if there were razors in my eyes, which made me close my eyes. Aha, I thought, so the muscles are working, it reminded me of the pain after you work out in a gym. I took a rest, thought about it for a second, and then repeated – same thing happened, I saw perfectly but only for an instant. And then it hit me, I found a way to control my eye muscles! HA! I was ecstatic! I threw away Norbekov’s exercises and pursued my own. First I did the exercises only 30 minutes a day, because my eyes would refuse to respond after 30mins, no matter how hard I was trying to imagine. By the way, here’s the thing with imagining, imagining is not the correct term – it sounds like wishful thinking, when I say imagine, what I mean is SEE really try to see in your minds eye as if you see everything perfectly, add as much richness colour and detail as possible!!! So I exercised for about a week 30mins a day and I saw a solid results (no I didn’t see perfectly and I still don’t) but my eyesight went from -2.50 to about -2.00. I started noticing details, signs, trees far away were clear, lines on sidewalks etc… After the week of exercises I started increasing the time to about 45mins, then during third week I was doing one hour, fourth week I was doing an hour during the morning and then an hour during the afternoon. In my fifth week I came to a point where no matter how much of the exercises I was doing I was only seeing well during the exercises but during regular time my eyesight was at about -1.50. That’s where I sat on the porch and started thinking again. I thought to myself well, it’s good that when I imagine and then open my eyes I see well, but when I try to focus my eyes – they don’t respond. So now that I trained my eye muscles, I thought, I need to train them to focus. We have some flowers growing in the back of our backyard about 10meters from the porch where I was sitting. I imagined seeing those flowers perfectly, opened my eyes, looked at them with my perfect eyesight took in all the detail and then blinked my eyes and the blurriness came back. Then I looked at the same flowers only this time imagining them with my eyes opened, I imagined that I see them well, and wham! as if I was tuning a lens on a camera my eyes focused! It wasn’t easy though! Now I do this exercise anywhere I am, on a bus, at a bus stop, in a car, if I am walking around the house, ANYWHERE!!! Basically it’s like learning to ride a bike, at first you have to consciously apply everything you’ve got, but then after a while it becomes automatic (I am still in the conscious mode and it’s been 7 weeks now), it goes into your subconscious – and that is where I am at right now. By the way, when you’re doing all the exercises, don’t let any outward experiences to affect you. What I mean is that you have to constantly keep a positive attitude and not let anybody, be it friends or family, affect you about how you think about yourself! You can not be negative about it!!! You can not make it a chore!!! Every time you do the exercise you have to be positive, you have to be conscious!

    • Thank you, Maxim, for your interesting story and suggestions. I’ve found myself that I could sometimes see very well during my exercises but only for a short time, like you said, and then the pain will come or it will go blurry again. Very similar. Yet, I’ve not done like you say, “Imagining” seeing well much. I tried to “talk” to my eye muscles and ask the brain to teach them to control my eyesight better. I also would open my eyes and flick with the fingers and thten sometimes good vision would pop up until I blink.

      I will also try doing it the way you do, and will soon post results on my progress overall.

      • Hey Jacob!
        I try. 🙂 Keep in mind, it is like learning to walk after you had a bad accident – you have to make a conscious effort to retrain your muscles to work again. Here’s how I look at it and why I think I lost my eyesight. My job requires me sit in front of the computer 90% of the time. Well like it’s been said “if you don’t use it – you lose it!” Basically most of my day for the past 8 years I have been looking at objects that are close or was staring in one spot for a long time. Think about it, in nature, our eyes are not designed to stare at one point for a really long time. So for 8 years I haven’t been using the muscles that are responsible for seeing far away. Imagine not using your arm for 8 years, what will happen? Worst case scenario – it will atrophy and you won’t be able to use it ever again. Best case scenario – there’s something left of the muscles and you can retrain them.

        Let me try to describe the exercise as much as possible:
        1. I pick out an object far away which I can not see well.
        2. I close my eyes and imagine the object with as much richness and detail as possible.
        3. I quickly open my eyes and look at the object.
        4. I hold the image as long as possible.
        5. As soon as I start to feel pain in my eyes I still hold it until it’s unbearable – until my eyes start to water.
        6. I close my eyes, roll them upward and try to relax.
        7. I open my eyes, blink, look around and then repeat everything all over.
        This I did (and still do) at the beginning. Once I’ve rebuilt my eyes muscles where they’re now responding to metal command to focus, without closing and imagining, I do it differently.
        1. I close my eyes, relax, then open, look around, blink as much as possible.
        2. Pick out an object and almost stare at it w/o blinking.
        3. While staring I imagine as if I am looking at this object and like in a camera my eyes focus and I expect to see well – my eyes respond by focusing.
        4. Once focused to the maximum that my eyes are able to do at the time, I hold the image, start looking around at other objects try to look further.
        5. Once it starts to hurt and I can’t hold the image any more, I close my eyes and try to relax.

        Oh and by the way, try to set up a goal, something that you would think to be realistic. Say to yourself that within 4 weeks I will fully restore my eyes. Here’s the reason you may want to do it. Once you set up a timeframe you push yourself to do the exercises and don’t slack off. When the time comes around you may not see 20/20 but you will have a progress – do NOT be disappointed. Set up a new goal say to yourself that within next 4 weeks you will definitely restore your eyesight. When you come to the end of 4 weeks and still don’t see 20/20 – do NOT see it as failure, instead try to be as happy and joyful for yourself as possible!

        One other thing, you will constantly look for a measurement of success. A part of you will tell you that this is a waste of time and that this is impossible. Every time some negative thought creeps into your head – catch yourself! Turn around and smile, say to yourself “man I am doing so well it is ubelievable!”

        • Well I just read about Maxim’s success story 2 days ago, I tried what maxim said, and to my surprise, the first time that I did it, it worked, for a spilt second, the word became sharper, instead of blurry as it was.

          I’m using words on a wall in office as my reference point, from where I’m sitting, the words will be understandable, but a bit blurry.

          As the day goes, I’ll take a few seconds just to look at the words, and tries my best to keep them sharp and focussed. And seems like the more I did it, the easier it gets, and at times, the length of time I was able to keep it ‘sharp and clear’ increased as well!

          I think that’s really a great idea maxim, and thanks for sharing it with the world! I’ll keep trying it out, and hopefully I can report some good news a month or two down the road.

          Really appreciate your story.


        • Hi Valeron!
          I’m glad it is working out for you! You may want to try another exercise. Basically go up to your window in the office or at home (wherever you are) find something outside the window, a sign, a tree, something that you cannot see well, something that has a lot of detail, lines and shapes. Then stick something on the window at your eye level, a small picture, no more than 4cm by 4cm or maybe take a permenent marker and draw a small dot. Now here’s how the exercise works, look at the picture/dot on the window for about 5 seconds and then look at the object outside the window, the one that you can’t see well. Now when you focus on the object outside the widnow, don’t just shift your focus, because, well, nothing will happen. Instead what you want to do is will all of your will power, with as much effort try to get your eyes to resopnd – don’t squint or anything like that. Just try to get your eyes to respond, they may not do it at first, try to do the exercise that I previously described (the one where you visualize and the open your eyes quickly) try to do that exercise on the object ouside the window, the blink your eyes several times look at the picture on the window and then try to focus on the object outside the window.
          Bah! That was a lot of mumbling… I hope it helps!
          By the way a lot of ideas that help I get out of a movie called The Secret, you can watch it online at or you can order the DVD, it’s like 30$ but it’s worth it, I’ve watched over 10 times now and every time a get something out of it.

        • OK guys i just wanted to say a few things.

          The reason this type of thing doesn’t work for most people is because they cannot wrap their heads around they fact that mind is above matter.

          people who actually fix their vision this way should start to understand that this is a fundamental aspect to being a human.

          despite what we are conditioned to believe, we are extremely powerful, and the conditioning, like our vision, can be changed.

          mind plays the key role here. the more you can believe you have perfect, healed vision, the faster you will get results.

          you can change anything about yourself this way, and the more you reprogram yourself, the better at it and more able you become.

          I will go so far as to say that even death can be conquered.

          personally i have applied these techniques to my night vision, which is about *half* my day vision. i don’t know anyone who can come close to what i can see at night.

          also my day vision is above 20/20. well above. using my mind i can zoom in and see peoples faces even, from very far away.

          try it yourself,
          but most importantly,

        • Wow! What you said is absolutely true. What techniques or mental thoughts helped you most to achieve your amazing success? I’m a newbie with forums. Mind contacting me directly?

        • Interesting!!! This really proves as a challenge for me, and more fun than to solve differential equations! I have -4.00 and let me tell you I’m really excited to start this. But I have a fear, I fear that if I fail this one it will be something very hard to recover from!

    • hi every one
      maxim your story inspired meO:-):x
      i was doing the exercises but with no result [-( just my eyes get relaxed and i feel like it became stronger……
      yesterday i started doing “your exercise” ,imagining….and all of that…..#:-S..
      by the way ,i have astigmatism (-4 ) both eyes
      this week i’ll get new glasses with lower no (-3)
      i hope it work for me 8-|

      wish me luck………
      i’ll post my progress ;if any………….:-c

      • my small success story
        hi everyone
        i have had astigmatism only wish was -4
        and after doing eye exercises for about 3 monthes 10 min aday
        it became -3.75
        i know it is small improvement but i’m so happy wih it

        oh ……
        by the way

        i wasn’t on “rebuild your vision” program
        i was JUST doing FREEEEEEE exercise on this web site:

        i hope you enjoy it

        • i just saw that page, i tried to do the excercises , where it says find a point to concerntrate on, what sort of point does it mean, what did you concerntrate on?

      • ah good to hear that you’re on the path!! i have discovered a lot of things since last time i wrote…. i have discovered a few useful exercises, well actually they’re incredible!!!

        #1 “string exercise” – basically get a 7 foot string and put 10 beads on it at 6inch intervals. After 10 beads you will end up with a long end. Tape the long end to the wall and the other end hold with your finger to your nose, let the string sag just a little bit. Now what you want to do is look at the beads from 1 to 10 and at each bead you will see the string make a cross (you will understand more when you do it) USE YOUR PEREPHERAL vision, meaning try to see the whole length of the string as you look at the bead. Train your eyes until they can ‘cross’ at each bead. Sometime when you look at the bead your eyes may see the cross after the bead, or before the bead, or may even block out one eye and you see one string only. Give metal commands to your brain and say ‘brain use both eyes’ etc… do the exercise for about 10 minutes.

        Another exercises as a warm up to the previous:
        # 2 “near to far shifting” – basically what you need to do is a get a pencil or a marker with some writing on it. stand in front of the window and find a pole or the trunk of a tree (i look at my neighbours chimney) when you look at the pencil try to concentrate on the littlest detail while seeing two poles in the background, while you’re looking at the pole try seeing the two pencils in the foreground. if you don’t see two pencils or two poles, again give your brain metal command and say ‘use both eyes’

        What these exercises train is convergence and divergence. Your eyes need to know where to cross in order to signal the ciliary muscles to contract and focus the lens for that specific distance, and these exercises train exactly that!

        CUrrently im in the middle of exams, once i have more time i will post more of my discoveries….but so far it has been 7 month and i have gone from about -2.75 to near perfect vision, especially outdoors in the sun i see 20/20

        • totally forgot to mention, you tape the string to the wall slightly below your eye level….you can stand or sit, either is fine….if you guys run into any problems let me know!!!

        • “…but so far it has been 7 month and i have gone from about -2.75 to near perfect vision, especially outdoors in the sun i see 20/20”

          our kidding right??!
          woww! man i wanna lose my glasses two!! 8(

    • Hi, Maxim! Did you read Norbekov’s book in english? Is it possible to buy his books translated to english? Thanks!

    • can you tell me where to get the book in english?

    • looking for any norbekov’s books in english, is ther any????
      thanks alot!!

    • Dear Maxim,
      My name is Vitaliy. I am russian
      Can i give you a telephone call regarding the sight?

    • I want to get rid of my glasses too, ive been wearing them ever since i was 7 yrs and now my eye sight is terrible, i can’t see without glasses, im not sure what my prescription is but i know its high especially in my left eye. I did the rebuild your vision programme for 4 weeks but i gave up as i didn’t see any improvement, but Maxim your post has really inspired me to try again. I think with rebuild vision exercises i would constantly wonder if i was doing them right or not.
      Has anyone else done the rebuild your vision programme?

      I want to try something else, and i want to get rid of my glasses, but i don’t know where to start. Please help

    • Hi Maxim
      I want to get rid of my glasses too, ive been wearing them ever since i was 7 yrs and now my eye sight is terrible, i can’t see without glasses, im not sure what my prescription is but i know its high especially in my left eye. I did the rebuild your vision programme for 4 weeks but i gave up as i didn’t see any improvement, but Maxim your post has really inspired me to try again. I think with rebuild vision exercises i would constantly wonder if i was doing them right or not.
      Has anyone else done the rebuild your vision programme?

      I want to try something else, and i want to get rid of my glasses, but i don’t know where to start. Please help

      • Honestly, I’ve stopped wearing my glasses fully about a year ago, during the day my sight is 20/20 but however at night it gets worse, substantially worse, and that’s what I’m working on right now. But that’s not here nor there, to answer your questions, yes I’ve tried the rebuild your vision program, among many other ones. The best one by far is called “Relearning to See” it’s a book that I got on amazon, by Thomas Quackenbush, it’s a think one, and takes a while to grasp, buts once you do, it’s worth the effort!

        • Ok thanks for the advice i’ll try getting that book, what about this one

          The Experience of a Fool Who Had An Epiphany About How To Get Rid of His Glasses
          by Mirzakarim Norbekov?

          also about the rebuild your vision did it help you? on there site it says alot of ppl stopped wearing glasses.

          My prescription is quite high i think 11 in the left and 9 in the right i think its gone to 10 now . And im shortsighted.

          i wear glasses in the week days and contact lenses on the weekends when i have to go to dance classes.

          the resason for my continuing high prescrition is due to using the computer so often im a freeelance video editor.

          i really want to get rid of my glasses, today i looked a photo in my room and as i starred at it got a little clear and my eyes started to water because i got a burning feeling for starring to long, what does that mean, good or bad?


        • It’s your own path, something that may have not worked for me, might work for you, rebuild your vision program didn’t really teach me anything new. I try to stay away from those people as I think they lost their way and have become more about making money of off people rather than fully helping them – I found a price for meeting with the guy of the rebuild your vision program, and he charges something along the lines of 150$ an hour…… I’m not judging, it’s just that I would never making money from other peoples sufferings…
          There’s another book that is free, I have it printed out, but there’s no name on it or author, I’ll surf the net some more to find where I got it from…

  25. Wonderful idea!
    I know peple who stopped wwearing glasses and have perfect vision now!
    Meir Schneider (founder of School for self-healing in San Francisco) was legally blind until 17 and then started eye exercises by dr BATES and now has unrestricted driving license.

  26. What is your progress sofar ?
    Any improvements ??

    I’ve been wearing glasses for a long time.. but hate swimming without them.

    let us know 🙂


  27. I’v been wearing glasses for 4 years and just wanted to see what other alternatives there are and thought i’d give something a try.


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