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Dean Radin to release a new book on science and magic

Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), to release a new book, called “Real Magic”. The book will be released on April 10, 2018. I love how he promoted this on Twitter: When’s the last time you heard of a book on esoteric magic endorsed by a Nobel Laureate physicist, a president of the American Statistical Association, a program director at the National Science Foundation, etc.? Never? Well, now you have. On the book’s web site there’s also the following video that covers the background for the book and the main points it discusses. What...

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Surviving Death by Leslie Kean – Book Review

I recently finished reading Leslie Kean’s second book, “Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife”. It was the first book in a while on this topic of survival of consciousness that I read but certainly far from first. I bought the book on Amazon for my Kindle Paperwhite reader. I like reading on the Kindle because I can read in bed before going to sleep and it’s easy to highlight passages of text and find them later. Back to review. The short version is that I found this book to be the most compelling and well-structured book that I’ve ever read on this topic. And even though I’ve read about some of the accounts described in the book, I find that Leslie Kean could gather more information about them and present them in a very clear manner. In fact, she says that some details of cases were only provided for her book. She mentions which ones they are. The book’s purpose is to consider the existing evidence that a person’s consciousness can survive bodily death. The book is organized into 4 parts, which in a way build one upon the other, or at least they go from the “simpler” to the more “complex”, or hard to understand or to believe, aspects of her research. The author also reports her own experiences related to that, some as part...

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Andrija Puharich documentary needs your help

A documentary about a parapsychologist and inventor Andrija Puharich is in the works by a New York-based filmmaker, Greg Mallozzi. Andrija Puharich Andrija Puharich is perhaps best known in parapsychology circles for bringing Uri Geller into the United States, and writing a book about him, Uri: A journal of the mystery of Uri Geller. He was also investigating Brazilian psychic surgeon, Zé Arigó. The film producer is looking for donations, in part because “Andrija left behind hundreds of tapes and videos, as well as written material and personal journals. Part of the budget will go directly to once and...

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50 years of reincarnation and NDE research at University of Virginia

The following video, recently posted on UVA Medical Center Hour Youtube channel, has an hour-long presentation and Q&A session summarizing 50 years of research into the reincarnation and NDE — the survival of consciousness question. Reincarnation research at UVA started with Dr. Ian Stevenson who started studying it in 1967 and established the Division of Perceptual Studies at UVA, to study these phenomena. Presenters in this video are Jim B. Tucker, Bruce Greyson, Edward F. Kelly and J. Kim Penberthy. If you’re looking for a level-minded presentation that summarizes this research, from leading scientists in this field, look no...

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APPI awards prizes for remote viewing and announces a conference

Disclaimer: has no affiliation with APP. We just like what they’re doing. In October we wrote about the Applied Precognition Festival. Today, we’re publishing a follow-up and an  announcement of the next Applied Precognition Conference. This information was given to us by APPI.  Three remote viewers won cash prizes totalling $1,750 in the first Precog Pro Contest sponsored by the Applied Precognition Project Institute (APPI), a nonprofit organization, at the November “APP Fest” in Las Vegas. Contest winners were Henry Gilroy ($1,000 prize), Christine Umholtz ($500), and Joyce Wahlberg ($250). They successfully predicted the outcomes of seven football games and one horse race using precognitive remote viewing—a protocol for gathering information from distant targets using intuition rather than the intellect or the usual five senses. Henry Gilroy (center) earned a $1,000 prize with six hits (successful predictions minus misses/passes) on eight sporting event predictions. Christine Umholtz earned $500 for her second-place win with three (net) hits, and Joyce Wahlberg (pictured separately) claimed $250 with one (net) hit. Marty Rosenblatt (right), APPI president, presented the awards.  Joyce Wahlberg   The Applied Precognition Project (APP) will return to Las Vegas from June 22-25 to host the APP 2017 Conference. The conference theme is: Consciousness is FUNdamental, Remote Viewing: Health-Wealth-Wisdom. “This is our yearly opportunity to gather with friendly like-minded people, who are interested in expanding their consciousness and improving their remote viewing skills,” said Marty Rosenblatt, APP/APPI president. Speakers will include:...

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