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Help development of “Am I Psychic” mobile app

Dominic Parker, a college student at the University of West Georgia has been developing his “Am I Psychic” mobile app for iOS and Android devices, that uses science and statistics to test for psychic ability, in a fun and entertaining way. After investing more than 18 months and $8000 dollars of his own money, Dominic is asking for your support in making the app a reality by funding its development, on Kickstarter. Some donation levels include interesting benefits like free lessons with famous parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. To learn more and donate, head to the funding page on Kickstarter. Update: The project wasn’t close to its financing goal,...

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A 200-year-old mummified body in lotus position found in Mongolia

I’ve found articles about this rather new event searching the Internet for Pandido Khambo Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov. I wrote that article about his preserved mummified body in 2007 and it was exciting to learn that a recent discovery in Mongolia found a mummified body even older than that of Pandido Khambo Lama Itigilov. The body is thought to be about 200 years old but doesn’t show much signs of decay. It was found under an animal skin. Most probably the person, a monk, passed out during meditation and his body has stayed mummified, for some reason. Again, this case is somewhat similar to the case of the Siberian Lama. The photograph below is of this body. The monk was found somewhere in Songinokhairkhan province, near the city of Ulaanbaatar, in central Mongolia. The original source appears to be a Mongolian News site “The morning news”, or “Өглөөний...

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EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena with videos

In What is the best kind of evidence of afterlife I wrote that EVP is one of the more interesting areas of research, though not one widely discussed, for some reason. The short explanation of what EVP is – these are recordings, usually audio, of voices that seemingly couldn’t be produced by any means other than paranormal. Thus it’s named “Electronic Voice Phenomena”. The stronger evidence is provided by the recording of messages relevant to those who hear it, like it would be through a human medium. There appear to be cases of visual EVP as well, such as recordings on VCRs and such. One of the more prominent people who researched EVP was the Latvian-born Dr. Konstantin Raudive. He recorded thousands of EVP messages and, after he passed, was the messenger to his fellow researchers in their EVP experiments. There’s a fascinating documentary work-in-progress available online at “Calling Earth (July 2014 Version)”. Note, it’s about 1h 15m in length, so set some time aside. Also, there’s an ongoing Kickstarter campaign now where the producer wants to set up a very rigorous EVP experiment and record the whole process. It includes a short but interesting personal introductory video, with some of the campaigner’s own experience there. Check it out and consider donating at The Afterlife Files There’s also a good overview of the history of EVP at the...

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Review of Why Science is Wrong About Almost Everything by Alex Tsakiris

To those who’ve been following this site over the years, it’s no secret that I’ve been a devoted listener of the Skeptiko podcast and have also interviewed Alex Tsakiris, a couple of times. As such, it was very interesting for me to read a book that summarizes his journey. I’ve actually published the review of this book, “Why Science is Wrong… About Almost Everything” on Amazon first, so in order not to repeat myself here, head over to read the review on Amazon. And don’t worry, my review is not...

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What is the best kind of evidence of afterlife

Life after death, or afterlife, is something that people in history of the world took for granted. With the advancement of science and atheism, this belief has been replaced by the materialistic world view which explains that death is the end. I’m not a historian, neither am I an anthropologist, but I assume that even today more people in the world believe in some kind of afterlife. Yes, these are mostly people following some kind of religion, and thus their belief in afterlife is just that – a belief. Being more scientifically inclined, and not being raised in a religious family, I’m not taking the claims brought by them at face value. Instead, I’m searching for more substantial evidence. So what kinds of evidence are there for the afterlife? Well, there’s mediumship, and various related phenomena like automatic writing, for example. I have no personal experience with this, and reading about seances doesn’t sound convincing enough for me. I do have a relative who had a strongly convincing experience with a medium, but I wasn’t there and don’t know all the details, so this doesn’t count either. Another well-known claim in favour of afterlife is brought forth by Near-Death Experiences (NDE). I assume most people heard of it. There are some very compelling, or at least interesting NDE accounts. And there are very many of them. Some studies were...

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