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Review of Why Science is Wrong About Almost Everything by Alex Tsakiris

To those who’ve been following this site over the years, it’s no secret that I’ve been a devoted listener of the Skeptiko podcast and have also interviewed Alex Tsakiris, a couple of times. As such, it was very interesting for me to read a book that summarizes his journey. I’ve actually published the review of this book, “Why Science is Wrong… About Almost Everything” on Amazon first, so in order not to repeat myself here, head over to read the review on Amazon. And don’t worry, my review is not...

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What is the best kind of evidence of afterlife

Life after death, or afterlife, is something that people in history of the world took for granted. With the advancement of science and atheism, this belief has been replaced by the materialistic world view which explains that death is the end. I’m not a historian, neither am I an anthropologist, but I assume that even today more people in the world believe in some kind of afterlife. Yes, these are mostly people following some kind of religion, and thus their belief in afterlife is just that – a belief. Being more scientifically inclined, and not being raised in a religious family, I’m not taking the claims brought by them at face value. Instead, I’m searching for more substantial evidence. So what kinds of evidence are there for the afterlife? Well, there’s mediumship, and various related phenomena like automatic writing, for example. I have no personal experience with this, and reading about seances doesn’t sound convincing enough for me. I do have a relative who had a strongly convincing experience with a medium, but I wasn’t there and don’t know all the details, so this doesn’t count either. Another well-known claim in favour of afterlife is brought forth by Near-Death Experiences (NDE). I assume most people heard of it. There are some very compelling, or at least interesting NDE accounts. And there are very many of them. Some studies were...

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Have you had an Out-of-Body Experience?

The below text is posted verbatim from a request for research participant that I received from Andrew Hodrien, Research Assistant at Nottingham Trent University. Request for research participants Have you had one or more Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) in which it seems as if your sense of self or consciousness has become separated from your physical body? These experiences can occur under a variety of conditions. If you have experienced one or more OBEs we are interested to hear from you about your experience(s). This research is being carried out at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and is being conducted by me, Andrew Hodrien (Research Assistant – my contact details can be found at the end of this message) and the project is being supervised by Dr David Wilde. The aim of this research is to develop an OBE ‘screening’ scale which will be able to more precisely identify whether someone has had an OBE. At present no such tool exists for OBEs. Our research is not testing your experience in relation to psychological variables as is commonly done in OBE research, but instead explores the content of the experience itself to better understand it and differentiate it from other experiences. To do this we would like your help by asking you if you would fill in an online questionnaire anonymously about the individual aspects of one of your OBEs. Your...

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Impressive summary of scientific research of meditation benefits

I’ve written quite a lot of articles in the past about different Studies related to the benefits of meditation: Benefits of meditation Meditation and neuroscience research Yoga and meditation help sleep better Transcendental Meditation helps the heart Benefits of meditation researched by scientists Meditation benefits appear after several days of practice That being said, none of the articles that I ever wrote come close to the fabulous summary posted on the blog of Jon Lieff, MD. His article, Meditation and the Brain 2013, presents detailed but approachable overview of the latest scientific research into the benefits of meditation, Tai Chi and yoga. The benefits of these practices span a wide spectrum of human activity, such as physical health, mental health, dealing with pain and creativity. While you’re there on his site, make sure to read other articles which summarize recent research, such as Animal Intelligence Update...

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