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Benefits of meditation

There’s an interesting article on the site about benefits of meditation. This articles describes a research done on mediation and its effects on about 30 people. The research was led by Bruce O’Hara and his colleagues at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, US. The test showed that right after meditation people tend to have a quicker reaction than even people after sleep. Here’s a quote from the article: Ten volunteers were tested before and after 40 minutes of either sleep, meditation, reading or light conversation, with all subjects trying all conditions. The 40-minute nap was known to improve performance (after an hour or so to recover from grogginess). But what astonished the researchers was that meditation was the only intervention that immediately led to superior performance, despite none of the volunteers being experienced at meditation. Another research that they have conducted in Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston using MRI show that "…meditating actually increases the thickness of the cortex in areas involved in attention and sensory processing, such as the prefrontal cortex and the right anterior insula…". So, don’t waste time and meditate more often. Personally, I noted that I when I meditated for rest, I felt reenergised after just 15 minutes of meditation. I must confess, though, that I wish I’ve meditated more often. Link to the article at...

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Belief and money manifestation

Steve Pavlina has posted an entry on his weblog where he gives tips for manifesting money as part of his Million Dollar Experiment. In this post he explains that money can be ‘found’ just by manifesting the intent of receiving it. The idea is that by announcing your intent to receive money and putting your mind to it will somehow make the money to start appearing in your life. In the post he describes his personal story with money manifistation. He started from manifesting pennies and he notices that he started to constantly finding pennies on the ground. After some time he ‘increased’ his intend into larger coins and so it was that he had found nickels and quuarters. Later he introduced his wife to the system. Here’s a quote for Steve’s article: "When my wife and I would go out on dates during this time, I’d demonstrate my new "power" to find coins anywhere we went. Then she became "infected" too and started finding coins with me. One time after I found a penny, she said, "Wait a minute. Why are we focusing on pennies here? I want to manifest a dollar". Later during that same date as we walked back to our car, she found a dollar bill in good condition lying flat on the ground in the parking lot – it was directly on the way...

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Universal Mind article – part 2

Universal Mind is known in the literature by many names. Some call it the Collective Subconcious, Psi-field, Global mind, Cosmic mind, Space-Time Unit(STU), the Akashic records. All these names refer to something that a person can ‘connect’ to in order to receive information that cannot be reached in any known way. The information can be virtually anything, related to any person at any place and time. It is possible to see other places (Remote Viewing), to see events in the lives of people, diagnose health problem from a distance and more. I have seen distance diagnosing either using visualization or using biolocation technique. How can the information be accessed? Of course, this is the most intriguing question. In fact, there’s a good chance that you have been ‘connected’ to the Universal Mind in your life and received information from it, usually in the form of telepathy. Most probably, you weren’t even aware of the fact and the information was presented to your conscious mind as a thought or a feeling. For example, you suddenly remembered that you forgot something at a friends house that you left 10 minutes ago, and seconds later you receive a call from him where he tells exactly what you recalled just moment ago. What has happened is that when your friend calls you, he already "sends" the information into the Universal Mind and you...

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Universal Mind article – part 1

This is the first part of the promised article about Universal Mind. The article will be published here in several parts, most probably 4. After that I will add it to the articles section and also provide a PDF version of the entire article. You are strongly encouraged to comment and add your thoughts on the subject. Universal Mind theory Introduction Do you believe in parapsychology phenomena? Have you experienced telepathy? I know you did. It’s when you remembered someone and a moment later he calls you. When you feel from distance that your child feels bad. Have you heard of Remote Viewingwhere people describe places and events from other parts of the world across time and space? There is vast amount of information on the subject, various techniques, some of which were developed in the US Army. Have you ever been diagnosed by a psychic healer or heard about such events? I suppose you did. How does he does that? Maybe you were on a Reiki session or similar technique where an unknown energy type is channeled into you to heal you from you maladies. You just can’t ignore all these phenomena. They are real and they in one way or the other have place in our lives unless you choose to ignore them. Many psychics and most ordinary people don’t ask themselves how it is all possible....

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Personal experience with psychic diagnostics

My son has been ill for several days now. On Thursday he developed fever and we took him to a doctor. After examination the doctor concluded that he had ear inflammation (otitis) and has prescribed some drops to ease it. On Friday I was driving in my car with a relative and one local psychic healer. She (the healer) studied and now teaches at some very unique courses to develop her ability to diagnose and heal. During the ride I mentioned that my son is sick. She asked what it is. I told her about the otitis. Two seconds later she tells me that his inflammation is in the throat, on the right side and this inflammation is the source of his illness. I asked he how she concluded that. She explained that when I imagined my son she visualized his problem (she doesn’t know him) and that she saw an inflammation in his throat on the right side. Several days have passed and yesterday we took him again to a doctor (another one). This one examined him again and told that his ears look ok now but that his throat is very red and there’s a visible inflammation in there. I asked on what side it was and she said that on the right. She later asked me if I wanted to look and so I saw there...

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