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B.C. pre-med student heals beyond the borders of western medicine

There is an article in The Official University of Manitoba Students’ Newspaper Website about a student named Adam who heals at a distance. He is using visualizations for diagnosing and healing. Here’s a quote from the article: … when Adam is trying to heal someone with a heart problem, he projects himself inside this person’s heart, amid the blood, veins and arteries. Once inside the patient, Adam takes a visual tour of the ailing organ. By manipulating what he sees, Adam leads the person’s body on the path back to health. Adam describes healing from a distance just by looking at the patients photograph. He then sees his patient, his energy and minipulates the energy to heal. The article also provides the most known story of Adam’s healing ability when he cured a rock star from cancer. The story from the article: Adam and his abilities gained widespread media attention in 2002, when he allegedly cured the terminal pancreatic cancer of rock legend Ronnie Hawkins — without ever having met him. Reading in his local paper that Hawkins had been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer and had been given three to six months to live, Adam asked Hawkins’ manager for a photograph of the musician. He conducted a series of treatments on Hawkins, working to reduce the size of his tumour by accessing his hologram. As Adam continued to...

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Preparing an article on universal mind

I’m preparing an article on the subject of Universal Mind as I see it and how other sources understand and use it. Universal Mind has many names, so you might have heard it called Global Subconsciousness, Cosmic Mind, maybe you heard referrings to it as some field in the space-time continuum. Anyway, this refers to the idea that somewhere the a central storage of information which records and holds all data about all things from the past to the future. And it can be accessed and explains such phenomenas as remote viewing and clairvoyance. If you have some thought on the subjects I’d be happy to listen to them and include them in the...

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Thought Control Exercise

Sean Aaron describes in his blog a basic meditation exercises called ‘Thought Control Exercise’. In the entry he describes both the exercises and also the mistake he first made when doing along with an exlpanation on how to do it right.There a lot of information about meditations, its uses and benefits, but thought control is one of the basic skills and benefits of meditation. The ability to not let your mind wander during mediation sessions is a requirement for progressing in your meditation skills. Most people suggest that distractive thoughts should not be fought with during meditation but, instead, the thoughts must be noticed and let pass without distracting yourself even...

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Remote viewing to find lost objects

Rebecca, on the most active members on the Jose Silva Ultramind mailing list recently posted an entry about Remote Viewing and Jose Silva technique, after a question on the subject was posted. Here’s a partial quote from her reply: All seminar participants do remote viewing during the last day of the seminar. There it’s used to see inside another person’s body and diagnose any health problems, but it can be modified. I use remote viewing to find lost objects by projecting into the object and looking around...

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Telepathy and aura reading

Profiler from Psychic Blogger Chic has described her telepathy and aura reading at parties. In her post "I Can Hear What You Are Thinking" she describes what thoughts she hears at parties and more about aura reading. She provides some entry level information into aura reading: simple exercises to develop it and some introduction of what can be on the aura and how to interpret it. Here’s a short quote: At parties, I start with the aura – the energy field around the person. There are many signs that can be read in the aura, the color, shape, vibration, holes or dark spots, faces – just about anything could show up. If you want to read auras, all you need to do is to train your eyes to see beyond what is in front of you. The are a lot of textbooks on aura readings. One of the best, in my opinion is  Hands of Light : A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Ann...

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