Author: Jacob

A great book for beginning psychics

Another great ebook tutorial on psionic skills can be found on PsiPog. This book is available in PDF format for both reading and printing. It covers following topics: Philosophy of Psionics,  What is Psi?, Introducing Psi, The Infamous Psi Ball, Constructs, Shields, Empathy, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Out of Body Experiences, Definition of Terms and some more. Well written with images for better understanding. A must read for anyone eager to learn the...

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This site is now up

This is the announcement of the rise of a new site devoted to parapsychology research, education, articles and news. The site is mixed blog / static pages content. Blog entries are for publishing newly arrived information, either from oher places on the net, or to announce new artciles on this site. Visitors are encouraged to contribute content either in comments of the blog or by emailing owner of this site. Devoted authors will receive login information for publishing content...

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