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Parapsychology articles and news

The long history of the New Age

Posted on Jan 31, 2006 in Research | Comments Off on The long history of the New Age

How new is the ‘New age’? The current movement of rising spirituality has root in the ancient days.

The site ‘Man and the unknown’ has a two-part article ‘The roots of the new age’. The article covers topics ranging from Christianity, Gnostism, Kabbala, through freemasonry and to the modern Theosophy movement and the new age movement.

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Aikido, relaxation and Ki exercises

Posted on Jan 28, 2006 in Business, Energy, Exercises, Parapsychology, Tutorials | 5 comments

Two days ago I have happened to stumble on a great site. This site teaches some principles of the Aikido. I was only knowing that Aikido is some form of martial arts and I only saw it in movies with Steven Segal. I didn’t know anything about its principles or about its mind-body connection.

Here’s how the site defines Aikido:

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Research: Acupuncture reduces pain

Posted on Jan 24, 2006 in Healing, Research | 1 comment

The BBC website posted an article about a program they run on complementary medicine. In this article, titled "Acupuncture ‘deactivates brain’", they tell about research on the chinese acupuncture method and its effect on the brain.

A group of scientists used 2 groups of volunteers. One group was treated with deep (1cm) acupuncture to reduce pain, the other group underwent a superficial needling only 1mm deep.

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Force yourself to feel well

Posted on Jan 22, 2006 in Books, Healing, Parapsychology, Research, Tutorials | 2 comments

Do you find it hard to smile when you’re feeling bad? Do you slouch when you’re tired or feeling ill?

I believe you do. The reason for this is simple: The body mirrors your mind, your current state of being, your mental state. Most people will answer positively to the above questions. This is a known connection. It is natural. We all behave this way.

Now I’m going to ask you a different question:

Do you smile to make yourself to feel better?

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3 simple ways to get rid of pain

Posted on Jan 19, 2006 in Exercises, Healing, Health, Meditation, Parapsychology, Tutorials | 20 comments

Everyone of us experiences pain every now and then. By this I mean regular, physical pain. I want to describe 3 of the numerous possible ways to cope with pain, even to make it go for good.

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Feel energy between your hands

Posted on Jan 17, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Exercises, Healing, Meditation, Parapsychology, Reiki, Tutorials | 268 comments

For all of us hearing about the energy healing and wondering what the energy is, there’s a simple exercise that can give a feeling. Many healers use their hands as life force energy (Chi) channels to give it to their patients and thus help their mind and body to heal (like in Reiki). This is a very simplistic description but the purpose of this post is to let you experience the energy.

The basic exercise to feel energy between the palms of your hands is very easy:

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Alternate Nostril Breathing

Posted on Jan 15, 2006 in Energy, Exercises, Meditation, Parapsychology, Tutorials | Comments Off on Alternate Nostril Breathing

Another popular breathing technique used in yoga pranayama is the ‘Alternate Nostril Breathing‘.

Alternate breathing a little bit of a more advanced technique. It has several benefits, though. It helps concentrate the mind more, gives more oxygen to the body and increases the energy levels in your body. It calms the nerves at times of anxiety and helps in meditation.

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More on abdominal breathing (with exercise)

Posted on Jan 13, 2006 in Energy, Exercises, Parapsychology | 2 comments

As I stated in the previous post, abdominal breathing is a very basic form of breathing for humans. This is how infants breath but later ‘forget’ as they grow. Abdominal breathing has the benefit of letting more air to enter the body and use more of the lungs for better use of the air. In yoga, the air holds the living force energy called prana, and by breathing consciously and correctly we can increase the flow of prana in the body and control it. This has the benefit of higher energy levels and better physical and mental health.

The basic exercise for abdominal breathing is as follows:

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On correct breathing

Posted on Jan 8, 2006 in Meditation, Parapsychology, Tutorials | 1 comment

Almost every eastern technique of meditation, healing and even martial arts make a heavy emphasize on correct breathing. Over the time I have come across a large amount of different breathing styles, exercises and tips.

The benefits of breathing exercises vary from plain relaxation to collection of energy and healing. Breathing can help in meditation to bring the mind into a deeply relaxed state. Correct breathing can resupply the body with revitalizing energy. Breathing is also used to control Chi energy flow within the body.

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A course (or a book) on Universal Mind – Living the Field

Posted on Jan 7, 2006 in Parapsychology, Universal Mind | Comments Off on A course (or a book) on Universal Mind – Living the Field

Recently there has been a promotion of a course entitles ‘Living the Field’. I have first read about it at the website.

The course is about what they call Zero Point Field, which is their another name for what I call the Universal Mind. The difference maybe is that also engulf the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) into that name. In the book they try to provide some scientific research into the issue and also instructions for healing, remote viewing and other parapsychology effects.

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