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Parapsychology articles and news

Dowsing (biolocation)

Posted on Mar 31, 2006 in Aura, Chakras, Energy, ESP, Healing, Parapsychology, Universal Mind | 1 comment

The subject of dowsing is both interesting and controversial. But first the formal definition:

Dowsing – technique for searching for underground water, minerals, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, now often paired bent wires) or the changes in direction of a pendulum, supposedly in response to unseen influences (Mac OS X supplied dictionary)

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Carnival of healing

Posted on Mar 30, 2006 in Healing, Miscellaneous | Comments Off on Carnival of healing

Good day to you.

On April 8, I’ll be hosting the #36 Carnival of Healing. Carnival of healing is an (almost) weekly round-up of personal Web sites and blogs on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment.

Everyone can contribute their articles to be included in the carnival. If you write about holistic healing, submit your posts at the Submission Page.

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Moved to a new host

Posted on Mar 29, 2006 in Miscellaneous | Comments Off on Moved to a new host

I’m glad to announce that I’ve moved to a new hosting provider.
Hopefully, this provider will prove less troublesome. I also find current host faster. I hope so do you.

Because of the transfer, though, you’ve felt some less writing activity. I have some posts in my queue.
Stay tuned.

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Personal experience with feeling energy with hands

Posted on Mar 22, 2006 in Energy, Exercises, Parapsychology, Tutorials | 4 comments

I want to describe some personal experience I’ve had in the last week regarding feeling energy with the hands and some high sensitivity.

In the weekend I’ve met with my friends. They are a couple and the girl finishes her study of chinese medicine. In addition to the lessons she also takes Qi-Gong classes. In the Qi-Gong she learns to collect energy and to feel it, among other things.

I’ve told them about the exercise which I explained in the article "Developing ESP – First steps". She’s got interested, since she hadn’t done much experimenting with the abilities that it may provide.

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Server outage

Posted on Mar 21, 2006 in Miscellaneous | Comments Off on Server outage

My hosting provider had some power failure at his location. As a result of this, the server was down for about 35! hours. My apologies to all readers. I’m planning to move to another hosting provider soon. I expect this change of servers to pass well but the possibility of connection problems might be anyway.

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Can psychic skills be developed?

Posted on Mar 17, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Healing, Mediumship, Parapsychology, Universal Mind | Comments Off on Can psychic skills be developed?

In today’s post Erin Pavlina has answered the question which she gets asked a lot: "Can anyone be psychic?". Her answer is that yes, anyone can. But it requires spiritual growth and being positive and helpful to others as a goal. I wanted to complement Erin’s answer with my thoughts and experience with this subject.

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Experimenting with the Aikido Ki tricks

Posted on Mar 13, 2006 in Energy, Exercises, Parapsychology | Comments Off on Experimenting with the Aikido Ki tricks

In the weekend I’ve had some of my friends trying with me two of the Aikido Ki tricks. I must say that I’ve seen surprisingly positive results
with me and with my friends. The tricks we did were the ‘Finger Ring‘ and ‘Unbendable Arm‘.

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The nepalese meditating ‘Buddha’ boy has disappeared (updated)

Posted on Mar 12, 2006 in Meditation | 7 comments

Latest news about the meditating boy in Nepal are that he has disappeared. The boy has been meditating for about 10 months now, supposedly without eating or even drinking. Now updated – video shots after the dissappearance

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Belief levels and the path of a healer

Posted on Mar 10, 2006 in Aura, Chakras, Energy, ESP, Healing, Mediumship, Parapsychology, Reiki, Universal Mind | 1 comment

In this article I’d like to discuss the changes in the belief system of a person as required to advance in parapsychology studies and its applications, such as healing.

What the bleep are you talking about?

It is obvious that most people live below the personal level of awareness needed to even be interested by subjects connected to parapsychology and the psychic phenomena. Even when encountering any information about psychic events in the media, most will disregard this and relate to these articles as pulp fiction and never think seriously about the possibility that anything of it could be true.

Yes, they may know several people doing yoga exercises. They’ve heard them telling how good it makes them feel and relate it to the fact that most yoga practices studied in groups are the asanas, and since they are physical exercises, it’s like working out in a gym. Therefore, these people will go the gym themselves to have some exercise on their body (those who care).

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Spiritual Metaphysics study

Posted on Mar 8, 2006 in Energy, Parapsychology | Comments Off on Spiritual Metaphysics study

Of the readers posted a comment where she mentioned that she studies Spiritual Metaphysics. Intrigured by her subject of study I asked her in email what is this that she’s studying.

Following is her answer:

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