Month: March 2006

Dowsing (biolocation)

The subject of dowsing is both interesting and controversial. But first the formal definition: Dowsing – technique for searching for underground water, minerals, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, now often paired bent wires) or the changes in direction of a pendulum, supposedly in response to unseen influences (Mac OS X supplied dictionary) We’ve all heard stories about people looking for water using this technique for thousands of years. Recently, a story was published in the Tasmanian News about a dowser who has successfully found a subterranean river which people have tried to find for two centuries now. He has found it using “two copper-coated stool rods and a great deal of patience”. Read the original article for more information on this event. My interest in dowsing is more esoteric. I know that dowsing can be used for much more than finding water or minerals under the ground. Dowsing techniques can be used to detect energy fields and to influence it. It can also be used to ‘gain access’ to the Universal Mind and ‘fetch’ information from it. An L-type rod can be used for that. The rod rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. One is ‘yes‘ and the other is ‘no‘. Which is which individual. Then you can ask questions and get answers. This is not as easy as it sounds but...

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Carnival of healing

Good day to you. On April 8, I’ll be hosting the #36 Carnival of Healing. Carnival of healing is an (almost) weekly round-up of personal Web sites and blogs on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment. Everyone can contribute their articles to be included in the carnival. If you write about holistic healing, submit your posts at the Submission Page. Two of my articles were included in previous editions of the carnival. Read the latest edition of the Carnival of Healing (#34) at Brendan McPhillips’es blog. It includes entries from Deepak Chopra, Carl Japikse, Jodie Foster (from Intuitive innovations) and yours truly, among others. Read more about the Carnival of Healing and see past...

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Moved to a new host

I’m glad to announce that I’ve moved to a new hosting provider. Hopefully, this provider will prove less troublesome. I also find current host faster. I hope so do you. Because of the transfer, though, you’ve felt some less writing activity. I have some posts in my queue. Stay...

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Personal experience with feeling energy with hands

I want to describe some personal experience I’ve had in the last week regarding feeling energy with the hands and some high sensitivity. In the weekend I’ve met with my friends. They are a couple and the girl finishes her study of chinese medicine. In addition to the lessons she also takes Qi-Gong classes. In the Qi-Gong she learns to collect energy and to feel it, among other things. I’ve told them about the exercise which I explained in the article "Developing ESP – First steps". She’s got interested, since she hadn’t done much experimenting with the abilities that it may provide. On our previous meeting we could clearly sense each other’s energy fields. I could feel the biofield around her from a distance of about a foot, while she could tell me when I entered her field. We could feel it almost simultaneously. It was pretty amazing. So, this time I’ve decided to do some more experiments with her. After we’ve met, we first performed several exercises to increase our energy flow, since we were a bit cold. We’ve done the 1 minute exercises which I’ve explained to her and did some work with feeling the energy between the palms of the hands, under her instructions. Than the three of us set around a wooden table. We’ve started the experiments with trying to feel the edge of the...

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Server outage

My hosting provider had some power failure at his location. As a result of this, the server was down for about 35! hours. My apologies to all readers. I’m planning to move to another hosting provider soon. I expect this change of servers to pass well but the possibility of connection problems might be...

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