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Parapsychology articles and news

Distant touch as a form of psychic exercise

Posted on Aug 31, 2006 in Energy, Exercises, Healing, Parapsychology | 1 comment

I’m receiving Quantum Touch (QT) newsletter which is being sent one in a while. In this newsletter there are news about Quantum Touch, lots of success stories by people all over the world and also usually some word from Richard Gordon, the author of the book “Quantum Touch” (look at the Bookshelf for my review).

This time Richard wrote the following piece:

Introducing Distant Kisses – by Richard Gordon

One of the big shock/discoveries I had with QT was that Dr. Norman Shealy was able to dramatically measure how distant healing affected brain wave patterns as measured by an EEG. Sure, I had believed and paid lip service to the idea that thoughts were things and had impact, but it truly astonished me to see it in black and white.

Here is some new fun you can have with QT. You can send distant kisses or a brush on the cheek, a tug on an ear, or a hand on a shoulder. I had been playing this game with a friend, and she’s been 100% correct in knowing what I am doing. The game goes like this. You say, “Ok, which cheek am I stroking, left or right?” or “Which shoulder am I resting my hand on?” Those who have a good ability to feel energy may be delighted to discover that you are correct 100% of the time.

This clearly brings to focus that your love has impact; your love truly matters, your love is so valuable and so powerful. Send it to the world and give it your all. Send it to a friend or family member or to those who need it.

When you say the words out loud, “Your love has impact, your love is valuable”, not only are you speaking to others, but also you are hearing it yourself and it is having impact on you! The QT bumper sticker on my car is not only for the other drivers – it is a reminder for me.

Those old psychic experiments with circles, squares, and wavy lines on playing cards never mattered very much for the sender or for the receiver. Hey! How about sending some heartfelt distant kisses? That will get some attention.

With love,

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Qi gong videos that demostrate the powers of Chi

Posted on Aug 30, 2006 in Energy, Parapsychology, Videos | Comments Off on Qi gong videos that demostrate the powers of Chi

To continue the subject of interesting videos related to parapsychology, I present you three more videos that demonstrate the abilities possible by practicing Qi Gong (Chi Kung).

Qi Gong is the original practice of controlling Chi that originated in ancient China. It is the basis of both the martial arts and of energy healing. Practitioners of Qi Gong learn how to gather Chi and how to control it, move it in the body to any point and make it hard for protection, for example (Hard Qi Gong).

There’s also Light Qi Gong (seen on one of the videos) where it is used to lighten the body (for jumps for example). See how the master stands on eggs without breaking them.

Two of the videos are from the same source, showing Qi Gong martial artists performing some hard to believe feats with weapons and such. The third shows a Chinese monk “staying” on one finger only, holding his body weight on only the pointing finger of one. Almost unreal.

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Healing others by healing yourself

Posted on Aug 26, 2006 in Healing, Parapsychology | 2 comments

I’ve found an interesting article on a very unusual healing method being successfully practiced by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a therapist in Hawaii. He had healed an entire ward of criminally insane in Hawaii State Hospital, where he had worked for 4 years.

He had healed without ever seeing the patients. He had only read their files in his office and then healed the part in him which created them and their illness. This is based on subjective reality, which tells that there’s nothing except you and your consciousness in the world. Everything else is in your mind and you create it. It’s a hard concept to grasp and a strange way to look at the world. I have first heard about subjective reality from Steve Pavlina’s blog. His blog is also where I’ve read about this therapist.

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Feeling other people’s pain – a reader submission

Posted on Aug 24, 2006 in Aura, Energy, ESP, Healing, Parapsychology | 109 comments

Several days ago I received an email from a woman, Jackie, who described her experience with feeling where other people have pain or illness when she glides her hand around the person. Her abilities are natural to her, not developed, and she has a lot of questions, since she never learned about this. Read her story and my reply to her. I hope you find it interesting and inspiring. If you have some personal stories please share them. Here it is:

If I scan my hands about 2 or 3 inches over a persons body I can feel if they have pain or even illness. I can feel the intensity of any pain. If my hand feels like it’s going to burn up then I deduce that the person has a tremendous amount of pain in that area. I can tell the shape and depth of the area.

If the person is ill and isn’t aware, I usually get goose bumps, and feel nervous, and afraid when that happens. I start to feel ill myself. My first instinct is to leave or at least stand away from that particular person. I feel that I can’t handle news like that especially if it’s a friend or even a distant acquaintance.

If the person is a friend and this feeling overtakes me just to stand next to that person I then am compelled to let whatever words flow from my mouth come out. Sometimes I leave quickly and try to calm myself down. I really try to suppress the nervousness I have during and after. I can’t get rid of the turmoil inside of me until I tell the person how I felt and what happened. Then I always feel so relieved and even smile that the message/news whatever it’s called has been passed on to the right person.

I really need to know what this is and feel that perhaps I am supposed to do more with this gift but what? I am the biggest skeptic of my own gifts..therefore I challenge myself…any ideas

respectfully Jackie C.

Below is my answer to her:

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Exercises to develop ESP ability – part 3

Posted on Aug 19, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Exercises, Parapsychology, Tutorials | 2 comments

This time I want to present a more challenging (as promised) exercise for developing tactile extra sensory perception (ESP) abilities.

In part 1 of the series I urged you to sense the edge of a table surface with your hand hovering above it. In part 2 we advanced to feeling the fingers of your hand with another hand or maybe even with another part of your body. Exercise 4, presented here, is even harder since it requires sensing more subtle physical changes.

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10 steps to improve your ESP, healing and psychic abilites

Posted on Aug 14, 2006 in Books, Energy, ESP, Exercises, Healing, Meditation, Parapsychology, Remote Viewing, Tutorials | 38 comments

Many people think “I’d like to try and develop ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) abilities“. Some believe they have always had some but never really developed them. Others think it’s all nonsense but it could be nice to try. Here I’d like to present you a list of 10 ways that you could use to help you in your quest of developing ESP, healing or psychic abilities.

  1. Desire – The desire to develop your abilities in any field of life is a requirement. Desire is what fuels the engine, ignites the spark and propels you forward towards your goals. Desires can develop either as result of great interest in something or as a result of a great need. Either way is good. Try to remember when you had a long lasting desire for something earlier in your life. See if you have a similar one for developing your ESP, psychic or healing abilities now.
  2. Belief – Belief is another important aspect, especially in this field. But this time you not only need to believe that you’re capable of achieving your goal but you have first to believe that this goal is something that can be achieved at all. If you are a skeptic in all things related to parapsychology, you won’t believe, and as such you probably also won’t have a long lasting desire as well. And so you are destined to fail.
  3. Talk to experienced people – if belief is your main concern or if you just don’t know how to start, try and find people who are already on this path. Actually, the number of people who do healing and psychic work is quite large, even more people have been studying this and applying in their life, but are not public about it. The majority of people are still very concervative on these topics, so the ‘able’ people do not usually showcase their abilities to everyone. But if you dig deeper in your list of friends, maybe you could find someone who studied something, or went to a psychic. You just have to talk them, make them feel free to talk about it with you. Finding the right people to lead you on this path can prove difficult but it is important and encouraging.
  4. Find a teacher – after you talk to people, some will tell you of a good teacher or an organisation that gives workshops in your field of interest. Try to understand which are good, contact them and ask to enroll on a forthcoming course. Or maybe a more private teaching is possible, which is even better. Finding one great teacher is a great way to start and this will also open you to more like-minded people.
  5. Meditate – meditation is a skill by itself and it also has many different schools and techniques. Try to find some information about meditation and find a style that suits you. You don’t have to mediate a lot to get the feeling of it and to start getting the benefits. The benefits of meditation are better control over your thoughts, calmness and overall awareness.
  6. Read books – Like in any thing you want to learn in life, reading books is one of the best and cheapest sources of knowledge. Get references for good books from your teachers and friends. Go to amazon and read the reviews. Go to blogs and read reviews. See some reviews on my site, for example.
  7. Search the internet – the internet is full of information on ESP, healing and psychic abilites. Not all sites are good and serious, though. Take the time to surf and read on the net. Subscribe to blogs.
  8. Exercise alone – Nothing can be developed until you exercise. That’s true for sports, for maths and for ESP. Find good exercises and invest the time. Mind power is the same as the physical power, it needs exercises to increase your abilities. See this site for many exercises which I present to get you started.
  9. Exercise in small groups – exercising alone is good but doing exercises in a group settings is much much better. Find some friends who are also interesting like you and are on a similar level and exercise together. Many energy exercises are better done in pairs. Read about my experience in a group setting.
  10. Experience it – if your desire is to learn healing or psychic abilities, go to an experienced healer next time you have a problem, especially one that the regular doctors don’t know to heal (like most of them, actually). Experiencing healing, if successful, can take you a long way in boosting both your belief and your desire. A reading from a good psychic can also make you a believer.
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Exercises to develop ESP ability – part 2

Posted on Aug 13, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Exercises, Parapsychology, Tutorials | 60 comments

In the article ‘Developing ESP – first steps’ I’ve written about the most basic exercises to develop tactile sensations of other energy fields. I hope you’ve tried them and got the feeling. They are pretty simple. This time, I want to present a more advanced exercise which can take your ESP ability to a higher level.

In the aforementioned article I’ve asked you to feel the energy between your hands (sometimes referred to as psi-ball). Another one was to sense the edge of a table by hovering the hand above. Now, I want to present more difficult exercises of ‘hand vision’. These may take more time to master but they are definitely more interesting and challenging.

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Dr. Temnikov Infotherapy course

Posted on Aug 10, 2006 in Energy, Exercises, Healing, Parapsychology | 5 comments

I have written that I’ve started taking an innovative healing course. The technique is called Infotherapy or informational therapy and it was developed by Dr. Gennady Temnikov from Moscow. I have briefly written about him, his technique and some (non-personal) experience with it in a previous article: Psychic healing in Brazil

It’s been long since I wanted to learn this course. I first heard about it about a year and a half ago while studying my first parapsychology and energy healing courses. One of the participants of the course and the teacher have already studied the first level of Infotherapy. They have told be of the great success they have had with using his healing techniques for theirs and their relative’s various medical problems. Some of the stories were almost unbelievable, yet I have no reason not to believe those people. After all, they were not trying to sell me anything.

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I start studying a unique healing course

Posted on Aug 8, 2006 in Healing, Parapsychology | 2 comments

Hello, on Wednesday I start to take a course of a relatively new and very unique diagnosis and healing technique. The course will be 5 meetings long, once a week.

I will keep you later updated on some of the details, after I take the classes.
I know some people who used it and heard very good results. I also know the teacher and I want to believe that I’ll be able to acquire the necessary skills and use them to help people around me.

So wish me luck.

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Amazing video of the power of chi

Posted on Aug 4, 2006 in Energy, Healing, Meditation, Psychokinesis, Videos | 4 comments

Update: I’ve updated the link to the video, since the old one was removed, as pointed out in a comment below

I was told about this video by a friend of mine who studies traditional chinese medicine and qi-gong. In the school where she studies she was shown a video where a group of american journalists in China, I think, had to visit a local healer, since one of them had some acute problem with his eye.

The healer used the acupuncture technique to heal the man. The recovery was fast. They then got interested in the man and his abilities and started to ask him to show what this Chi (Qi) power is. The healer demonstrated that he can produce “electricity”-like force from inside his body and demonstrated it to them.

But the most amazing thing was as he ignited sheets of newspaper right there only with the power of his chi. Note also that when asked how he learned his power he answered “Meditation every day” and 18 years of study.

And all that was filmed on the video.

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