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Parapsychology articles and news

Videos of telekinesis and other psychic phenomena

Posted on Sep 30, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing, Research, Videos | 5 comments

I’ve once again found some great video resources on the internet. With all the new video services uploading videos has become easy and many personal videos arrive to the net. This time there are 2 different sets of videos that show different parapsychology abilities.

The first two are shorter videos showing someone named Rob Abbot who appears to be quite an ESP and energy manipulator.

The videos are available on a site that has lots of information on remote viewing but these videos are not about remote viewing. First videos shows Rob as he dowses a stack of cards laying upside down and tells which one of which color. He makes 51 correct guesses of 51. This has the probability chance of over 40 quadrillion to 1!!!! (40,000,000,000,000,000 :1).

The second video show Rob manipulating dowsing rods.

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Energy Meridians and acupoints guide in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted on Sep 26, 2006 in Energy, Healing, Health, Tutorials | 2 comments

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has the concepts of Energy Meridians. These meridians are channels through which the life force energy (Chi) flows within the body, not unlike blood vessels. There are 12 meridians on the arms and legs and they correspond to 12 body parts (one of which does not exist in standard medicine):

  1. (HT) Heart
  2. (PC) Pericardium
  3. (LU) Lung
  4. (SP) Spleen
  5. (LV) Liver
  6. (KD) Kidney
  7. (SI) Small Intestine
  8. (TH) Triple Heater
  9. (LI) Large Intestine
  10. (ST) Stomach
  11. (GB) Gall Bladder
  12. (UB) Urinary Bladder

There are also 2 meridians that go in the middle of the body:

  1. (CV) Conception Vessel
  2. (GV) Governing Vessel
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Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and how it connects

Posted on Sep 22, 2006 in Books, Silva Method | Comments Off on Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and how it connects

I’ve only recently read the very famous book “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” by Richard Bach which I should have probably read long ago. Anyway, this short story is easy to read and does convey a message of achievement and self-realization.

The line that I remembered most is:

“To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is,” he said, “you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived …&#8221

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Silva UltraMind seminar program

Posted on Sep 21, 2006 in ESP, Healing, Health, Miscellaneous, Parapsychology, Remote Viewing, Silva Method | 1 comment

I have numerous times written about Silva Mind Control Method and Silva UltraMind programs. Both are programes developed by Jose Silva to enhance personal abilities in intuition, ESP, goal achievement, health and healing and other aspect of life.

This time I’d like you to read what a professional Silva Mind Control method lecturer, Burt Goldman, writes about the newer, Silva UltraMind program from his standpoint. His review will allow you a better insight on what happens on the seminars and what you’ll be able to achieve after you pass the courses.

Jose Silva’s New UltraMind Course and My Experiences Observing the Seminar

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Remote Viewing experiments

Posted on Sep 18, 2006 in Parapsychology, Remote Viewing, Research, Videos | 1 comment

The following site, run by Bill Walker, a software engineer, describes a series of experiments in Remote Viewing (RV) that he had. Another person, Craig Hogan, a remote viewer among other things, did 6 Remote Viewing sessions for objects located in Bill’s apartment.

On his site, Bill presents the description and the results of the experiment, where he presents photos of the objects observed and Craig’s Remote Viewing session results – images and textual descriptions.

Here’s an excerpt from his summary:

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Vision correction progress – visitor comment

Posted on Sep 14, 2006 in Books, Exercises, Healing, Health | Comments Off on Vision correction progress – visitor comment

On June 16 I wrote a post about vision improvement: Restore eyesight to normal where I told that I’ve decided to get rid of glasses that I wear for my vision.

I will later post on my own progress of improving eyesight but a visitor of the site wrote a long comment describing his own story, where he began using the same technique that I’m using (from a book by Mirzakarim Norbekov) but later developed his own technique for better results, after a personal revelation.

Read Maxim’s story of improving vision (unedited) and be inspired.

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Spoon bending

Posted on Sep 13, 2006 in Energy, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Research, Tutorials | 5 comments

Update: see also my later article “Spoon bending evidence by Dean Radin” for more credible evidence of spoon bending.

Spoon bending is a popular topics in the world of parapsychology or paranormal in general and in the field of psychokinesis (PK) in particular. Spoon bending refers to the alleged phenomena when people can bend spoons, forks and other similar objects with little to no force, making some very intriguing forms of them. I first heard of this a long time ago but have never actually witnessed it. I have tried somewhat (without getting special instruction) but without success.

Nevertheless, there are some very interesting sites with interesting stories about spoon bending. Of course, one of the more known persons having done spoon bending is the famous Uri Geller. Uri has been performing this a long time ago. There are many skeptics that designate him as a fraud but some people that I respect their opinion find much of his claims genuine. I’ve had asked in my interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, who has a Ph.D. in parapsychology and who worked with Uri Geller in the beginning of his career.

Another person whom I respect is Cynthia Sue Larson, the founder of the Reality Shifters website. I’ve also interviewed her and asked about Geller. Here’s what she answered me:

I hand-selected the spoon that I brought for Uri Geller to bend, and I picked it because it was the thickest, sturdiest spoon in my drawer. This was no easy spoon to bend, even by forceful means. When I met Uri Geller, I was impressed that he he held the spoon by the handle and stroked it along the top… so that as it bent, it bent upward, against the force of gravity! At no time was he ever pushing, twisting, or exerting any kind of force. I sensed from meeting Uri Geller that he is an honest man of great integrity.

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Washing hands after energy healing

Posted on Sep 11, 2006 in Aura, Energy, Healing, Health, Parapsychology, Tutorials | 5 comments

Sometimes when you practive energy healing or diagnostics your hands start to accumulate the energy. This can be felt differently but usually it feels like there’s some “noisy signal” on the hands, the palm feels tense and it may even ache. At the same time, you become less receptive to signals coming from other person’s body. So, if you try to feel an ilnessl spot, you might not feel it because the palms are already “noisy”.

Also, when you do energy healing, you manipulate the energy field (aura) of the patient, so you take some of his energy on yourself. You may feel pain in your palm and wrists and may even rise through your hand to the elbow and beyond.

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Telephone telepathy experiments of Rupert Sheldrake

Posted on Sep 6, 2006 in ESP, Parapsychology, Research, Telepathy, Universal Mind | Comments Off on Telephone telepathy experiments of Rupert Sheldrake

Reuters has published a story of a series of telepathy experiments being conducted by Rupert Sheldrake. Rupert is a known researcher in the parapsychology field, and he specializes in researching telepathy. Two of his known works were experiments of dog telepathy (feeling when the owner return home) and also experiment on feeling when some stares at you. I’ve wrote an article about the feeling of staring some time ago (not related to Rupert Sheldrake).

This time Sheldrake decided to see if people had some precognition of who’s going to call them. A similar test using email was also conducted. The results were positive. Here are some excerpts from the Reuters’ story:

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The Placebo effect

Posted on Sep 5, 2006 in Healing, Health, Parapsychology | Comments Off on The Placebo effect

Many times I come upon articles explaining various healing cases and explaining them with the Placebo Effect. Here’s the definition from

The placebo effect (Latin placebo, “I shall please”), first mentioned in 1955 by Henry K. Beecher, M.D. (Beecher 1955) and also known as non-specific effects and the subject-expectancy effect, is the phenomenon that a patient’s symptoms can be alleviated by an otherwise ineffective treatment, since the individual expects or believes that it will work.

So, sometimes, given a totally ineffective drug, like a sugar pill, will actually make ill people feel better or even cure them. And all because they believed in the treatment. Placebo is an acceptable excuse for skeptics who don’t believe in various forms of holistic healing.

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