Month: September 2006

Videos of telekinesis and other psychic phenomena

I’ve once again found some great video resources on the internet. With all the new video services uploading videos has become easy and many personal videos arrive to the net. This time there are 2 different sets of videos that show different parapsychology abilities. The first two are shorter videos showing someone named Rob Abbot who appears to be quite an ESP and energy manipulator. The videos are available on a site that has lots of information on remote viewing but these videos are not about remote viewing. First videos shows Rob as he dowses a stack of cards laying upside down and tells which one of which color. He makes 51 correct guesses of 51. This has the probability chance of over 40 quadrillion to 1!!!! (40,000,000,000,000,000 :1). The second video show Rob manipulating dowsing rods. Go to Rob Abbot’s videos. The other 2 videos are 2 parts of a TV program about psychic phenomena and some home made psychokinesis videos which are pretty good. The program is about an hour in length and has PK videos of Nina Kulagina, Uri Geller plus serious scientists and parapsychologists. Very much worth the time. Parapsychology videos Part 1 Parapsychology videos Part...

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Energy Meridians and acupoints guide in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has the concepts of Energy Meridians. These meridians are channels through which the life force energy (Chi) flows within the body, not unlike blood vessels. There are 12 meridians on the arms and legs and they correspond to 12 body parts (one of which does not exist in standard medicine): (HT) Heart (PC) Pericardium (LU) Lung (SP) Spleen (LV) Liver (KD) Kidney (SI) Small Intestine (TH) Triple Heater (LI) Large Intestine (ST) Stomach (GB) Gall Bladder (UB) Urinary Bladder There are also 2 meridians that go in the middle of the body: (CV) Conception Vessel (GV) Governing Vessel Along these meridians there are about 400 points that are considered important. These are called acupoints. The points, each has a name, traditional and a short name constructed of two-letter meridian abbreviation and a number (for example: GB20). Each point serves specific function according to chinese tradition. Stimulation of acupoints using pressure _ or using needles (acupuncture)_ can alleviate health conditions related to the points. Previously, I published a link to an online acupressure guide that lists what points to press for which health problems. Tapping on acupoints is also used as part of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is easy to learn and very helpful in various situations, especially where emotions are involved. If you want to learn more about the meridians and acupoints I’ve found...

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Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and how it connects

I’ve only recently read the very famous book “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” by Richard Bach which I should have probably read long ago. Anyway, this short story is easy to read and does convey a message of achievement and self-realization. The line that I remembered most is: “To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is,” he said, “you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived …&#8221 This concept of knowing that you’ve already arrived very much reminds me how goal manifestation and visualization work. Many self help teacher return on the message that to achieve a goal you must first “see yourself as it is already achieved” in your mind’s eye. Only then can it be a reality for you. That’s how Brian Tracy, the self-help guru explain and it is working the same in the Silva Method. Visualizing like you’ve already achieved it. Another interesting connection that I’ve head was with a previous post of mine, called A cool mind-body trick to learn. In this post I described how to perform faster hand movements to catch things. Read the article to learn more. It probably can be applied to more things, like catching flies, etc, as it’s only an example. If you haven’t read Bach’s Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, grab a copy and read it. It’s not long and easily...

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Silva UltraMind seminar program

I have numerous times written about Silva Mind Control Method and Silva UltraMind programs. Both are programes developed by Jose Silva to enhance personal abilities in intuition, ESP, goal achievement, health and healing and other aspect of life. This time I’d like you to read what a professional Silva Mind Control method lecturer, Burt Goldman, writes about the newer, Silva UltraMind program from his standpoint. His review will allow you a better insight on what happens on the seminars and what you’ll be able to achieve after you pass the courses. Jose Silva’s New UltraMind Course and My Experiences Observing the...

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Remote Viewing experiments

The following site, run by Bill Walker, a software engineer, describes a series of experiments in Remote Viewing (RV) that he had. Another person, Craig Hogan, a remote viewer among other things, did 6 Remote Viewing sessions for objects located in Bill’s apartment. On his site, Bill presents the description and the results of the experiment, where he presents photos of the objects observed and Craig’s Remote Viewing session results – images and textual descriptions. Here’s an excerpt from his summary: The descriptions above accurately described relatively unique items on the tables in my house. In most cases, these were on tables in the rooms that “the targets” were located in (with the exception of the living room, but as indicated, the living room and dining room are connected). In all sessions, the exact “targets” that he matched were the kitchen table centerpiece, the plastic toy, and the bowl and chair at my parents’ house. If I walked a total stranger through my house for five minutes and asked them to observer items on tables, then brought them outside and asked them to sketch what they remembered, I’d be surprised if they would be able to sketch eleven objects in as much detail as Craig did. Consider just Figure 1 alone. What are the odds that someone using random “guessing” would exactly describe a gold and silver metalic orb...

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