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My leg pain and a healer

Posted on Nov 30, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Healing, Health, Parapsychology | 11 comments

Update: Now at about two months since the start of the problem here’s a little update:
I have much less painful episodes and when they occur they are not as painful now and usually not long at all but more of a one-time shocks. They are also now somewhat more connected to how I move the leg and I usually experience these one-time shocks now only when putting the leg awkwardly. But otherwise I’m much much better.

I still do the TCM sessions since I believe they are the ones that help me most in the long run. My friend now puts much more attention to the lower back. I’ve also went to a neurologist and she confirmed that Chinese medicine is good. It’s also possible to do physiotherapy instead or some other form of complementary medicine. She also prescribed me Vitamins from group B since they help the healing process of nerve endings. She confirmed that the problem is in the lower spine and she assured me that it will soon pass. But I need to pay more attention to lifting weights. I also started getting more to the gym, mostly to swim, since it should really strengthen my back muscles. It’s very essential to future prevention of this problem.
End of update.

For about 5 weeks now I’ve been having a periodic pain inside the calf of my right leg. At first days I thought it were muscle cramps but after I noticed that the calf muscle was soft at the time of pain I understood it was something else.

It was very painful at first and quite often. My first success in reducing the pain was a treatment by a friend of mine who does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I think, the Tui Na (pronounced tweena) massage was the most helping part. But the pain persisted and came back and my family doctor could not find its source. So he prescribed Vitamin E, without explaining much. Later, when I asked he told me that Vitamin helps nerve endings. Since he didn’t know the reason for the pain he sent me to see a blood vessel surgeon. But I had almost 4 weeks before my appointment with him took place. Now, to the more interesting part of the story…

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The Menacing Mathematics of Multiple Meds

Posted on Nov 27, 2006 in Health | 1 comment

Hello, the following article is published from the permission of Gary Craig, who wrote it.

There’s something scary about drugs that concerns a growing number of physicians and should wobble the knees of every patient on the planet. It’s obvious to any mathematician but somehow has escaped the general scrutiny of the health industry.

It has to do with combining meds.

Ever since I can remember I have been fed the perception that drugs are governmentally evaluated and thus are safe if taken under the guidance of competent physicians. However, even if we accept the presumed safety for the ingestion of one drug, we must ask ourselves how might that safety change if we take multiple drugs?

For safety assurances, proper testing should be done for every drug combination we are advised to take. If we take Prozac and Tylenol, for example, we should be presented with all the possible benefits and consequences before allowing these two foreign substances to mix with the chemicals our bodies already create. Same thing goes for combining Paxil with Viagra or Interferon with Lipitor.

The list of possible problems here is monstrously long because there are a b’zillion drugs and mega b’zillions of combinations. Nonetheless, I’ve never seen or heard of any studies that test any of these combinations … have you?

Thus, if you take two drugs, the odds of their combination having been adequately tested for safety are skimpy at best. But if you take 3 or more drugs the danger possibilities multiply even faster.

Here’s how the mathematics work: If you take 3 drugs then adequate safety testing of the various combinations require 7 separate tests. If you take 4 drugs the combinations require 25 separate tests. If you take 5 drugs it amounts to 121 tests. If you take 10 drugs the number of required safety tests total 362,881.

The conclusion here should be obvious. Namely, there is questionable safety testing if you take 2 drugs and nominal, if any, safety testing if you take 3. Beyond that you are clearly into the land of, “I have no idea what these combinations of drugs will do.”

To me, this tosses our dedicated docs into a tenuous position. They have patients with problems who aren’t willing to exercise, eat right, do EFT for emotional issues or much of anything else to help their own health. Instead, the patients hope the physicians will produce a magic pill (or pills) to make their problems go away.

I have met many patients who are on several drugs and take some drugs to counteract the effects of other drugs. As a non-physician I look at this with a shudder. These folks are being fed chemical cocktails with little or no safety testing behind the combinations. Maybe I need some help with my perceptions here but, to me, they are playing drug roulette.

I don’t know if lawyers have picked up on the simple, but compelling, math here. But I do know that I wouldn’t want to be a doctor in court facing these clear facts.

In the 15+ years I have been involved in the health field, I have had the good fortune to count many physicians as my personal friends. With few exceptions, they agree that it is our lifestyles, diets and emotional stresses that cause most of our health problems … and … the vast majority of these problems would vanish if people would live common sense lives. Yet patients repeatedly abuse their bodies and ask for more and more “miracle drugs” as the convenient solution. I don’t envy the docs at all as I often hear them complain that this is a highway to NobodyWinsVille.

Maybe what we really need are good salespeople to persuade folks to take care of themselves. I suspect that, if truly persuasive, they would do more good than the ocean of drugs at our disposal.

Love, Gary

PS: The Free EFT Get Started Package can help any newcomer learn the valuable EFT process. If you want to save time and dive right in, get our low cost DVD Library

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Omega-3 fat supplement review

Posted on Nov 23, 2006 in Healing, Reviews | 5 comments

Please note, this is a paid review.

You must have heard about the benefits of Omega-3 fat. If not, here’s a short introduction:

A Purdue University study has showed that kids low in Omega-3 essential fatty acids are significantly more likely to be hyperactive, have learning disorders, and to display behavioral problems. Omega-3 deficiencies have also been tied to many conditions, including the following: dyslexia, violence, depression, memory problems, weight gain, cancer, heart disease, eczema, allergies, inflammatory diseases, arthritis, diabetes.

Over 2,000 scientific studies have demonstrated the wide range of problems associated with Omega-3 deficiencies. The American diet is almost devoid of Omega 3’s, except for certain types of fish. In fact, researchers believe that about 60% of Americans are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids, and about 20% have so little that test methods cannot even detect any in their blood. 74-9)

So, it seems that almost anyone who doesn’t take a close look at his diet needs to consider getting more omega-3 into his body. It is possible to get omega-3 through food supplements.

One such source is Omax3, a product of Cenestra Health. Omax3™ was specially developed by physicians and scientists from the Yale University School of Medicine to provide an ultra-pure and optimally balanced Omega-3 supplement.

Omax3 is 100% natural and provides an optimal balance of EPA and DHA (the two key health-promoting Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids). The development of Omax3 comes from the rapidly growing evidence showing the overall health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids, and more specifically, the importance of achieving an optimal balance of EPA and DHA in the diet.

The pricing of Omax3 is competitive with prices per bottle for orders in the amount of 1 to 6 bottles of about $35 or about $32 for orders of more than bottles. Each box of Omax3 contains a full month supply of 60 Softgels, delivering a total of 1500mg of Omega-3 per serving. International orders are accepted.

Dear readers, please note that I do these reviews to help me fund the site. If you find that reviews like this are inappropriate, please tell me so in the comments to this review or in the contact form on the site.

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My first Qi Gong lesson

Posted on Nov 22, 2006 in Energy, Exercises, Health, Meditation | Comments Off on My first Qi Gong lesson

It has been some time now that I wanted to start learning Qi Gong. Fortunately, two friends of mind were already going to a Qi Gong group, so I decided to join them. I’m not sure how much can be deducted from one lesson but here how it went and some of my impressions:

The lesson was divided into 4 parts:

1. Warm up. Some warm up and stretching exercises.

2. Biggest part of the lesson was doing some standing positions and more motions. Generally, the standing positions are used to gather energy. They are also the hardest part of Qi Gong since the longer you stand, the better. It’s also important to stay correctly, and the instructor was correcting us. Of course, there’s more than just standing correctly in order to see the benefits. The motions were very slow and required concentration on moving the body without strain. They are not difficult physically, but they are hard to do correctly and without strain. The real benefit of the motions should be the control over the movement of the Chi in the body but that takes lots of practice. In the beginning I need to concentrate more on the psyshical aspect of the movements.

3. Another large part of the lesson was devoted solely to standing positions. This time however, the group was divided into 2 parts: beginners and the more advanced. As beginners we stood less time in each position (only about 5 monutes per position, I guess). The more advanced part of the class was standing in each position about 10 or more minutes. I understood that sometimes they stand for 20 minutes. I’ve heard that ultimately one should be able to stand in one position about 45 minutes.

Standing is difficult in two aspects: physical and mental. It’s hard physically since, until you know to how to them properly, it strains both the legs (since the positions are done a little like “sitting” in the air – with legs bent). The positions are also difficult to the hands since you nede to hold them in the air in some position. Standing positions can also raise a mental difficulty since you need to cope both with your thoughts, the physical pain and possible some other things. Somehow, I didn’t feel any mental pressure as I was expected, by my friends and by the instructor, who inquired about it after the class. Perhaps it’s because I’m accustomed to doing some meditation so I’m not stressed while doing “nothing”, so to speak.

4. Relaxation. The last past was some relaxation and stretching to let the body and mind to relax and the energy to gather and to flow.

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The Energy Medicine Kit by Donna Eden review

Posted on Nov 17, 2006 in Aura, Books, Chakras, Energy, Exercises, Healing, Health, Parapsychology, Reviews, Tutorials | 1 comment

Energy Medicine Kit box

Last month I have ordered some books related to healing and parapsychology from Amazon. I’ll be giving their reviews as I progress in their reading. The first review that I want to post is of somewhat that is not quite a book. I’ve ordered “The Energy Medicine Kit” by Donna Eden. Donna Eden is a a known healer with the ability to actually see the body’s energies. Thus, her books deal a lot about life energy. Photos of the kit are in the end of the review.

The kit has several components in it:</p><!--more--><ol>
<li><span class="caps">A 28</span>-page booklet with some introduction to body energy systems and how-to guide for the kit.</li>
    <li><span class="caps">A DVD</span> that shows lots of exercises that help you control your energy. The <span class="caps">DVD</span> is built as a workshop where she demonstrates the various techniques on people. After each technique is shown in the workshop, there is a shorter &#8220;reminder&#8221; version which verbally and graphically shows the technique, so you won&#8217;t have to watch the longer videos just to remember. The <span class="caps">DVD</span> is of high quality and long.</li>
    <li>An audio CD that has 21 exercises on it and a 5-minute daily routine that puts together the most important exercises from the program.</li>
    <li>There are 43 photo illustrated cards that are guides and reminders to energy healing techniques. The cards are of high quality, with 2 printed sides. Front side with drawing and explanations of how to use a technique (what to do), and the back side describes the benefits of the exercises and where can it be found on the <span class="caps">DVD</span> and the CD.</li>
    <li>The last thing that&#8217;s included in the kit is a glass crystal on a short rope. The crystal is used in the beginning to show readers visually where the energy is. It is used to detect chakras and important meridian points.</li>

<p>Example exercises include the following benefits:</p>

<li>Learn working with crystal</li>
    <li>Release tension</li>
    <li>Help to relax deeply</li>
    <li>Improve your memory</li>
    <li>Deal with insomnia</li>
    <li>Release nervousness before important events</li>
    <li>Move rage out of your body

and much more

<p>Overall, the kit is very well designed and organized has great contents and is definitely worth the money. For less than $20 you can get a whole course on energy healing that can be learned easily at your home in your spare time.</p>

<p>Verdict: <strong>Highly recommended</strong>.</p>


p align=”center”>Some photos of the Energy Medicine Kit (click on thumbnails to see a larger image):

The Energy Medicine Kit content
Energy crystal
The Energy Medicine Kit box
The Energy Medicine Kit cards

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Geopathogenic Zones

Posted on Nov 13, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Health, Parapsychology, Tutorials | 11 comments

In today’s article I want to write about something that not many people heard of, and not many believe in, although it appears to be old knowledge. I want to talk about a phenomena called Geopathogenic Zones, or for short I’ll call it GZ.

The term Geopathogenic Zone is coming from the world of Dowsing. Dowsing is in itself a controversial topic. I’ve already written about it before in the article Dowsing – biolocation. Biolocation is just another name for dowsing. It was called so in Russia to give it a more scientific name. All of the English world calls it dowsing.

What is dowsing, then? It’s an old skill that allowed people in the early days of history to find water or minerals underground. At least that’s how it believed to begin. At those times a stick from a tree was used for dowsing but these days the dowsing rods are usually made of wire.

Now, back to the Geopathogenic Zones. First, what does that long word mean? Geo – the earth, pathogenic – creating illness. So, Geopathogenic Zones are areas on the earth that create illnesses. Now we’ve figured that out we need to take a look at the following four questions:

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Review: ReviewMe online service

Posted on Nov 11, 2006 in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: ReviewMe online service

Please not that the following is a paid review:

I’ve recently signed up for a new online service that allows bloggers review products or services provided by some other companies. So it is possible, that in the future, there will be some more blog posts like this. Yet I don’t expect that their volume will be high and I promise that will stay on topic of this website.

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How to bend a spoon using your mind

Posted on Nov 6, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Exercises, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Tutorials | 127 comments

Update: after you finish reading this article, there are more detailed instructions and photos in the article: Spoon bending instructions and pictures.

I’m continuing the articles on spoon bending. A reader of the site wrote me about his way of bending spoons and forks with his mind. I’ve emailed him back for some clarifications and decided to post his approach here.

I’d be glad if you take the needed time and try it at home (I believe you wouldn’t be too sad if you break a spoon this way). Read below Mike’s description:

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Amazing Video of QiGong telekinesis

Posted on Nov 2, 2006 in Energy, Healing, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Videos | 2 comments

Wow, this must be the most amazing telekinesis video I’ve seen (together with the one where the guy light a newspaper). The following video footage is from a television program, I believe in China. It shows an elder moving bricks, a small tank with water and breaking glass cup only with the power of his Chi. What’s also interesting is that he can both move the things away from him (push) and towards (pull) him as well.

I’d like the visitors speaking Chinese to translate what’s being said in the video and write it in the comments for all to know.

Update: A reader posted a link, in a comment below the article, to another great video from Ripley’s believe it or not program about a Qi Gong healer that can heat very strongly with his hands (about 200 F). He also demonstrates “Light Qi Gong” where his body weight is low. It’s an amazing video as well. Check out the comments

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