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The Secret of Psychic Music Healing

Posted on Dec 30, 2006 in Books, Energy, Exercises, Healing, Health, Meditation, Parapsychology, Research | Comments Off on The Secret of Psychic Music Healing

Good day. Today I’m glad to introduce to you a new contributor to this site. I’m proud to introduce to you drew hempel (drew insists on writing his name all lowercase). drew has experience in qigong and healing and has experienced telekinesis, telepathy and precognition, as he wrote me in his email.

<p>drew's articles are thorough, sophisticated, full of references to books and researches. I hope you take his writing seriously as it deserves. My hope is that drew will write more articles for and share his experience and knowledge with us. </p>

Today, let me present his article titled ‘The Secret of Psychic Music Healing’. I hope you enjoy it a much as I did. It’s longer than my usual articles, so set aside some time to read it undisturbed.

The Secret of Psychic Music Healing
by drew hempel, MA

Psychic music as a topic of parapsychology was the focus of amazing research by D. Scott Rogo. His books have been recently reissued by D. Scott Rogo discovered that most psychic music experiences were of vocal music (not instrumental) and more recently psychic music is less common. This decline in psychic music is because in the West we have a very limited concept of music while in nonwestern cultures music is used for psychic healing. What is missing from the West is this: sound resonates into ultrasonics which resonates with chemicals to produce electromagnetic energy and light as information — sonoluminesence.

Vitus B. Droscher details in his book The Magic of the Senses (1971) that humans can hear ultrasonics — but only within our heads. The highest tone or pitch that humans hear in their head actually covers several octaves of frequency going into ultrasonics. The ultrasonics then combines with
our body chemistry, forming cavitation bubbles which collapse with great heat and produce light. Biophysicists like Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Dr. Fritz Alfred Popp have proven that when the body has too much energy or trapped light then disease arises while healthy people actually give off light. In fact it’s been proven that dolphins regularly use this ultrasonic light healing:

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Another attempt by science to explain paranormal

Posted on Dec 29, 2006 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Yesterday a visitor of the site, who identified himself as L K Tucker wrote me a message through the site’s Contact Form. He supports and possible even develops the idea that a vision phenomena related to peripheral vision can lead to psychosis. In his opinion, many paranormal events, including the benefits if Qi Gong and yoga can be explained by the same phenomena. I’d like to quote his message verbatim and then my quick reply to its content:

I have a bit of odd information for you that might bear on parapsychology investigations.

In the 1960’s designers and engineers discovered a previously unknown problem with the physiology of sight. Office workers using newly designed close-spaced workstations began to have mental breaks. The cubicle was created to solve this problem. Cubicles are designed to block side or peripheral vision for a concentrating worker.

But this is a problem that follows a behavior. Unprotected office workspace is only one way to cause this problem.

It would be pointless to investigate events believed to be caused by paranormal sources until this problem has been eliminated as the cause.

Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga are two more sources of exposure. When users engage eyes-open concentration to correctly perform the exercise they can subliminally detect movement of others exercising near them. That’s what causes the exercised to appear to be able to improve health. Users are being exposed to accidental subliminal operant conditioning.

My site is a collection of research notes about this problem. It is the only source of this information on the Internet.

The bottom line is that too-small single-room ethnic or traditional cultural housing also creates the “special conditions” for exposure when someone works in those spaces while others move in peripheral vision. Culture Bound Syndromes are the result. These mental events are believed to be caused by stresses of each culture.

This phenomenon has the potential to explain many mysterious events thought to be caused by paranormal energies.

First of all, I don’t want to argue about the existence of the phenomenon that he describes. I guess that it’s possible that people encountered some psychological problems because there were no cubicles.

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Dancing Wu Li masters by Gary Zukav book review

Posted on Dec 21, 2006 in Books, Research, Reviews, Universal Mind | 1 comment

I’ve finished listening to an audio version of this great book by Gary Zukav. Gary Zukav is a spirituality teacher and is author of several books, most known of which is “The Seat of the Soul” (Gary Zukav) from 1989. What I’ve read is an earlier books of his called “Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics. This was a really great experience.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters book explains the difficult matters of modern physics such as quantum mechanics and the relativity theories of Albert Einstein in plain english, for non-scientist. I actually could grasp more of the history and implications of quantum physics and relativity theory than in my modern physics classes at university.

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Experiments of Rupert Sheldrake

Posted on Dec 15, 2006 in ESP, Exercises, Parapsychology, Research, Telepathy | Comments Off on Experiments of Rupert Sheldrake

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is one of the leading parapsychology researches living today. He’s a biologist, living in UK, born in 1942. He’s author of many controversial books describing his research and theory. His primary contribution into the world of parapsychology is his theory of morphogenetic fields. The short explanation of morphogenetic fields is (from Wikipedia article) a little hard to understand:

A morphogenetic field (a subset of morphic field) is a hypothetical biological (and potentially social) field that contains the information necessary to shape the exact form of a living thing, as part of its epigenetics, and may also shape its behaviour and coordination with other beings.

Sheldrake also performed lots of different experiments trying to verify the existence of various parapsychology phenomena like telepathy, the sense of being stared at and other. These tests, among other work, help him to verify his theory of the morphogenetic fields. The experiments about the sense of being stared were described more than 20 years ago and there’s a very long running experiment in the Amsterdam Science Museum. This experiment runs since 1985:

Since 1985, the Amsterdam Science Museum has allowed visitors to participate in the am-I-being-stared-at experiment, based on Sheldrake’s work, with one subject and one starer doing 30 trials before vacating their seats for the next couple.

By 2002, more than 18,700 couples had taken part and the results were a staggering 10 to the power of 376 against them being produced by chance. It’s an on-going experiment and the number of subjects who have participated is now over 20,000, making this the largest and longest-running paranormal research project ever conducted.

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Psi experiments

Posted on Dec 12, 2006 in ESP, Exercises, Remote Viewing, Research, Telepathy, Universal Mind | 2 comments

I’m planning to design several on-line experiments for the testing of some psi abilities. I’m going to build a new part to the site that will be the engine for this activity.

These will not be interactive experiment or games like some other sites have but they will rather be missions to the visitors of the site, like remote reviewing, remote sensing and similar stuff. The experiments will run for a month, for example, during which time people will submit their results (intuitive guess, so to speak). After the month ends, I will post statistics of the experiment’s results.

I’ve already got some ideas for tests but if you have ideas of your own for a good experiment setup, please write so in the comments, I’ll be glad to incorporate any good idea you have.

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My second Qi Gong lesson

Posted on Dec 6, 2006 in Energy, Health | Comments Off on My second Qi Gong lesson

Yesterday I went to the Qi Gong lesson for the second time. I’ve missed a week since I was ill last week. The flu got to me as well. If you haven’t read about my first experience with Qi Gong, read it in the post: My first Qi Gong lesson.

This time I think I’ve had some progress. I found that I could control my body better. Since the movements in Qi Gong are done slowly, it is difficult to do them with precision. You have all the time to control the spice, the bottom, the hands and the legs. There’s also some imagination of intentions going on (like head pulling up and the bottom wants to get low),

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