Month: February 2007

UK ministry of defense conducted remote viewing tests

It has been now revealed that the UK MoD has conducted in 2002 a psychic power study to find out whether psychic abilities, especially remote viewing, could be used to find hidden objects. During the tests, the volunteers had to identify the contents of sealed envelopes while blind-folded. In the beginning, the MoD tried to recruit advertising psychics for the tests. But all 12 of the advertising, or “known”, psychics have declined to take part in the experiments. The MoD then has found “novice” volunteers who took part in this research. Some 28% of tested psychic could get a close guess at the contents of the envelopes, which included pictures of a knife, Mother Teresa and an “Asian individual”. The MoD spokeswoman had the following comments about the study: The study concluded that remote viewing theories had little value to the MoD and was taken no further. My commentary: although most of the tested subjects could not correctly “guess” the contents of the envelopes, to me the 28% percent getting a close guess sounds like an astounding achievement. Although, by MoD standards this might not be enough for reliable intelligence work, from the parapsychology researcher’s point of view, this looks like a strong evidence for the existence of psi and validity of remote viewing as one of the best performing uses of psi. The MoD did not say that...

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Spoon bending instructions and pictures

Spoon bending is a hot topic and a reader, Shannan Rohde, has written in the previous article about bending spoons, How to bend a spoon using your mind, about his spoon bending experience. Many other readers asked him to provide them pictures and detailed instructions. Below are his instructions plus some pictures of him and the bent spoon. Everyone is encouraged to try. If you succeed please send your mail and photos to and I will post your success stories and photos on this website as well. Your age should not have anything to do with it actually. I will give you a step by step on how I did it and hopefully you should be able too as well. I am 36 years old, but I have been “Sensitive since I can remember”. The steps to bend a spoon: Updated: All the crowd from Randi’s site. What’s your reaction to the post about JREF’s prize at About the James Randi Million dollar challenge Update2: There’s now a video of Shannan doing the bending. See it at: Spoon bending video Go in your drawer and pick out 10 or so spoons. And lay them out on the table. Use your feeling and let them tell you which spoon will bend. (I know it sounds funny but this is what I did the first time). When you feel you have...

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Daoist Healing Qigong DVD Review

One of the prizes of the Psi Experiments is a DVD from Bradley Gilbert. The DVD, called “Reduce Your Stress, Improve Your Health. Daoist Healing Qigong”. Brad has sent me one of the DVDs for a review. Bradley is a Master of Medical Qigong. This DVD, produced in 2005, plays for a little more than an hour and is divided into to major parts: A basic Qigong posture, followed by description and demonstration of 13 exercises (about 43 minutes) A 20-minute video where the whole exercsise set is performed without narration, with only a background music. As I understand it, this part is a do-along track. This program is based a healing qigong and is not for learning martial arts qigong. Its purpose is to release the stress and balance your body’s energies. The back of the DVD cover lists the following benefits of the Doaist Healing Qigong: Strengthen your energy Release tension in your body Feel relaxed and invigorated Calm your mind by releasing mental tension Know that you an be proactive in your health Enjoy your life more fully – your health, relationships The DVD has the following tracks: Standing Wuji Posture – the posture is the basic standing Qigong posture from which most of the other exercises start and how they end. I know it well from my Qigong lessons. Pulling Down Heavens – for reconnecting...

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Announcing Psi Experiments website launch Launches a Series of Mind Power Experiments A series of combined online and offline experiments designed to verify the existence of human mind’s ability to perceive information over distance and to influence events over distance are being launched at website. February 13, 2007—The faculties of the human mind, such as remote viewing, clairvoyance, telepathy, commonly referred as ‘psi’ in the science of parapsychology, are still considered paranormal by the mainstream and require further testing to prove or disprove their existence. The everlasting question whether people possess the sixths sense will be put to test once again in a new series of unique experiments on the ‘Psi Experiments’ website at In addition, the experiments will try to discern whether there’s a difference between the results of the two genders and is there any connection between subjective level of competence (level of belief) and actual results. The results and the statistics will be published on the site after each experiment ends. A new experiment will be started once a month and people all over the world will be able to take part in them, with a chance to win prizes from participating sponsors. Anonymous participation is also possible. About ‘Parapsychology articles and blog’ on is a site devoted to parapsychology, healing and alternative medicine news and articles. The website has published over 150 articles describing health...

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Using psychic skills to invest in stocks

I saw today a press release from 2005 with the following info (excerpt): … What then is it that sets successful investors from mediocre investors? One of wall streets biggest secrets when looking to invest in stocks involves using intuition. Unlike typical analytical methodologies, intuition allows you to take decision making to the next level when looking to invest in stocks by facilitating greater clarity and insight. Rather then getting caught up in emotion, overlooking valuable information or hidden investment signals, successful investors instead use intuition when looking to invest in stocks. … Then this press release describes a very simple procedure to enhance intuition (basically, by doing a 5 minute breath relaxation), which won’t help many. Then it tells about the poster of the press release: “A psychic medium since birth Karyn Reece is a former series 7 registered representative (stockbroker), lecturer, author and media personality who provides a variety of classes and personal consultations.” I have 2 problems with that. If it’s possible to use psychic powers for gaining on the stock market, then why don’t we hear about it more? If it’s possible to use psychic powers for gaining on the stock market, and the author himself is psychic from birth, why does he do any consulting at all? I’d just use my skills and make an easy living on the stock market by...

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