Month: May 2007

Immrama Focus 2-CD set review

I’ve previously reviewed Immrama’s Insight CD. That CD is a great tool to relax the mind and expand its possibilities using binaural beat brainwave technology. Another product that Immrama Institute offers is a 2-CD set called “Focus” and it is intended for a totally different purpose. As the name “Focus” might suggest, the audio on this set is intended to let you perform your work better, more productively. It achieves this by utilizing the same binaural beats technology overlaid over the soothing sound of rain, as the in Insight CD. On the pure auditory level, both sets sound literally the same, since the binaural beats, which create the different brainwave patterns, cannot be discerned from the audio of the rain. Immrama Institute states that the Focus CD set can help you in the following manners: Improve your levels of focus and concentration Enhance your memory Increase your focus and attention while reading or working Improve your retention of information while studying Achieve a mental zone while exercising Improve your thinking speed and performance Improve concentration and attention in people with ADD or ADHD The set consists of 3 tracks spread over the two CDs. Disc 1 contains one 72-minute long track, called Clarity. It is intended to be used for a relaxed concentration, like when reading or engaging in a hobby, or during exercise sessions, helping athlete to get...

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Good site about science and parapsychology

There’s a good site running for some time, called “Science is a method, not a position – Observations and experiments casting doubt on the model of reductionistic materialism“. This is an interesting site where its editor posts about the debate between researchers of psi and skeptics. Anyone who’s into serious debate on parapsychology should check this...

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Marc’s story

A reader, Marc, wrote me the following story, asking to help him with explanation. I’m asking you to share your thoughts as well. Here’s what Marc wrote: I was wondering if there is any documented paranormal phenomenon related to what my girlfriend has experienced. About 6 months ago, her german shepard was in very bad health. The dog had a bad hip and was in pain every day. The last 3 weeks of the dogs life, my girlfriend started to feel extreme pain in her hip as well, to the point of limping. I thought there may have been a connection, but kept my mouth shut. Finally, the family put the dog down. So I ask my girlfriend a few days later if she has had any pain the last few days to which she replied, No. I then explained to her what I thought. She is a person who has had paranormal experiences in the past (ghosts and what not), some that I’ve even seen. She also has had a very serious case of allergies and just general bad health lately, while i’ve ejoyed pretty good health. I spent my life in and out of hospitals my whole childhood and now as an adult I usually get sick a couple times each winter, but not this one. It seems that she, almost, adopts the illnesses on those she...

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Open Source Science project

For those who follow the Skeptiko podcast it might not be news but Alex Tsakiris who runs this great podcast show, interviewing leading scientists on the topics of consciousness and parapsychology research announced the launch of a new interesting project called Open Source Science. This will be an interesting site to follow. Read his press release below: Del Mar, CA, May 17, 2007—(—OpenSourceScience officially launched its new website located at today. The website offers a variety of tools for managing scientific experiments and lets site visitors discuss and participate in the research process. Besides promoting scientific collaboration, OpenSourceScience offers financial grants to researchers working within the areas featured on the website. According to Alex Tsakiris, one of the sites creators, the open source model is well suited for this task: “The open source model has proven to be a powerful enabling technology because it promotes collaboration. When you look at some of the controversial areas of research, like whether our consciousness is separate from our brain, there has been very little collaboration between researchers and those with opposing views. Everyone seems to agree that collaboration is necessary, but until now, it just hasn’t happened.” OpenSourceScience suited for scientifically-minded skeptics as well as those interested in controversial subjects such as parapsychology and human consciousness. The site’s first experiment examines whether dogs can anticipate their owners coming home, and whether...

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Results to Psi Experiment 2 published

I’m glad to announce that the results of the second Psi Experiment are now available. The results are at results of the second psi experiment. I’ve not performed much analysis on the results, since the second experiment also had design flaws which made psi detection impossible. This is also an opportunity to remind you to take part in the third psi experiment if you have not already done so. Tell your friends to participate as well. Discuss the results in the...

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