Month: December 2007

Summarizing 2007

This year has been a successful one for I have established numerous connection with people from the parapsychology (or psi, if you prefer) sphere, including Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko podcast, medium Marcel Cairo and several other people. I’ve also opened the parapsychology and healing forum in addition to the blog on this website. The forum includes a very active Offical Skeptiko podcast forum with more than 2400 posts as of now. The website has seen large increase in visitors. The main site itself (without the forum) was visited more than 300,000 times this year. The most popular pages were: This year’s hit: Spoon bending instructions and pictures with more than 100,000 page views since Feb 23 2007 . Overall, the three articles about spoon bending: Spoon bending instructions, Spoon bending video and How to bend a spoon using your mind got over 150000 page views this year. Quite a popular topic, it seems. Last year’s hit, my grandma’s instructions to get rid of stuffy or runny nose received about 95000 views in 2007. I’ve received lots of “thank you’s” for this one, although not everyone benefit from it. There are many other suggestions in the comments to this page (227 comments). The hit from exactly two years ago about Increasing energy levels in 1 minute got over 18000 page views. I’ve also done 6 interviews this year (up...

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Free tarot cards readings for forum members

Our Parapsychology forums member, WhiteTiger, will give free Tarot readings for forum member in the thread Free tarot readings in the forums. Tiger is a retired engineer/machinist/inventor, in his mid fifties, passed the Mensa qualification test back when it took a minimum 150 to get in before they lowered the standards. He ended up years back on a quasi-shamanic path as a result of looking for answers to the weirdness that have always been present in his life. Here’s the offer in Tiger’s words: I answer direct, specific questions on most subjects. I prefer to have the question only, with absolutely no backstory or qualifications to it that could be “read into” for a mentalist cold reading. “Life readings” and the tired old “does my bf/gf really love me” questions are so open to simple psychological manipulations that they are useless for demonstration purposes. Same goes for the sneering skeptic questions about change in the pocket or color of my car… that isn’t tarot, that would be RV. Ask your questions in the Tarot readings thread. Free registration to the forums is required in order to post. On the same occasion I would ask you to check out our forums once again, we’ve got a little nice community of interesting people there. If you like philosophical and scientific discussions of psi phenomena and research, join the discussions in the...

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Against Archytas:  How the West Lost Alchemy or Paranormal Complimentary Opposite Harmonics

Happy holidays. I’m presenting another article by drew hempel. I’ve asked drew to write in more detail on the subject of the connection between math and music and how it connects to the paranormal. I felt that his article The Secret of Psychic Music Healing was assuming too much of the reader and so asked him to write a more explanatory article, which I now present. Against Archytas:  How the West Lost Alchemy or Paranormal Complimentary Opposite Harmonics by drew hempel, MA (anti-copyright, free distribution) The early Greek mathematics used the 60-based number system of Babylon from which Archytas, a collaborator with Plato, received the harmonic tetrachord or the continued proportion 6:8::9:12.  This tetrachord creates a geometric mean between the octave, perfect fourth and perfect fifth music intervals, or 1:2:3:4, through “divide and average” logarithmic-based mathematics.  So 6:8 and 9:12 are in the continued proportion 3:4, the perfect fourth music interval, while 6:9 and 8:12 are 2:3, the perfect fifth music interval, and 6:12 is 1:2, the octave.  The geometric mean is A:B::B:C or B squared = AC or the square root of AC = B. What Archytas added to this Babylon “divide and average” harmonic mathematics was the concept of the Greek “incommensurable” – the algebraic axiomatic proof of “alogon” or a precise irrational number, the square root of two.  This process ushered in what’s called “The Greek...

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Qigong and Energy Arts Forum: Volume 2

I am hosting the second volume of the qigong and Energy arts forum. Anmol Mehta posted the article Free Online Yoga Video – Breath of Fire Yoga Breathing Exercise This king kong of pranayamas helps you detoxify your system, oxygenate your blood, magnify the benefits of the Kundalini Yoga exercise you are doing and generate terrific energy within. If you suffer from heat related issues or high blood pressure, you should use caution when practicing Breath of Fire. I want to add my article Top 5 healthy relaxation techniques to the list, where you’ll learn 5 of the best relaxation techniques I know of. This concludes the second edition of Qigong and Energy Arts Forum. You may submit your article for the next edition, to be published in a few weeks’...

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Shift in Action site content now free till Dec 24

Shift in Action, media library on conscious change is available for FREE until Dec. 24th, according to their website. See the announcement here. Shift in Action is a part of the IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) started by past austranaut, Capt. Edgar Mitchell, which researches the various aspects of consciousness. The media library includes many videos, teleseminars and articles by leading figures in the world of developing and researching the consciousness. Jump on the opportunity and sorry for being a bit late about posting...

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