Year: 2007

Dr. Alexander Imich is in financial need

I wrote in October about my short phone encounter with Dr. Alexander Imich, 104 years old parapsychologist living in NYC. Today I’ve read an article about his current life situation in the New York times online. The article, titled Still Pursuing a Lifetime’s Worth of Interests at 104 is under the neediest cases section of the paper. As it becomes clear from the article Dr. Imich lost all of his money on the stock market during the last 5 years and he’s still in debt, giving all his social security payments to the collectors. The article in NY Times tells little about his parapsycholgy interests, mentioning that he still reads several hours a day and gives lectures on this subject. Instead, the article focuses on the financial aid that Dr. Imich gets from some local NY funds, like the NY TImes Neediest Cases fund. He also doesn’t have any close relatives as most of them were killed in Poland during World War II. Dr. Imich is of Jewish origins in Poland where most of the jews were killed during the Holocaust. It’s very sad to see this man in such a need. The article also includes photographs of Dr....

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AntiMatters journal second volume is out

For those of you who like latest scientific articles on the difficult subjects of consciousness, religion and quantum physics relation to all that, head over to read the second issue of the AntiMatters journal. AntiMatters is “an open-access journal addressing issues in science and the humanities from non-materialistic perspectives.” Stephen Braude is also on the editorial board. Here’s some description of the goals of AntiMatter, quoted from the journal. AntiMatters encourages the exploration of ontologies that are essentially monistic, not because they aim to reduce reality to a single category such as matter or mind, but because they assign ultimate reality to an entity or principle that is intrinsically one. Such ontologies model reality “from the top down,” using novel explanatory concepts such as differentiation, manifestation, emanation, or emergence (and probably others that nobody has thought of yet). AntiMatters is for those who are uncomfortable with (or unconvinced of) materialism, or who favor a non-materialistic world view. Such persons are oftentimes unaware of how much of what is claimed to have been scientifically established is actually spurious. For their benefit, the Journal aims to critically examine the alleged scientific evidence for materialism. While authors are expected to respect and take account of all relevant empirical data, they should bear in mind that empirical data are inevitably theory-laden and paradigm-dependent, and that theories and paradigms, being to a considerable extent...

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Biography of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, sometimes called Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891), was one of the founders of The Theosophical Society, and was one of the most leading occult teachers of the 19th century. She brought the mystical knowledge of India into the western world and wrote several important occult books, most known of which is The Secret Doctrine, published in 1884. I’ve found a good written article about her life at: for those who are interested in the biography of this extraordinary...

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Daniel Tammet the amazing Savant

Daniel Tammet The story of Daniel Tammet is a rare story. And although it is not about psychic abilities, it is still a story of extreme, paranormal mental ability. Daniel Tammet is what is called a Savant. A savant, while literally means a learned person, and comes into English from the French, usually means a “polymath”, or a person of exceptional genius, like Leonardo da Vinci. But there’s also the kind of people who are called Autisic savants, and these people are more special. Daniel Tammet is one of them and he’s more valuable to the scientific world that most of them, for reasons to be disclosed below. Autistic Savants are usually people who have really extraordinary mental abilities in some areas but are usually so at the expense of social skills and they are all autistic by definition, which makes contact with them harder. One of the more famous living savants is Kim Peek, who was the inspiration for Dustin Huffman’s role in the movie “The Rainman”. Daniel (born 1979), on the hands, is almost normal and can express himself very well, including how his mind seems to work. Daniel has the following extraordinary abilities: He can calculate difficult mathematical operations in his head with immerse precision, fast and without actually performing these calculation in the way that people usually do. He has an enormous capacity for sequential...

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Parrot demonstrating telepathy – the N’Kisi project

I first saw the reference to the N’Kisi project – a research into the telepathic abilities of a Congo African Gray Parrot, named N’Kisi at our podcast forums where Alex Tsakiris, the podcast host, wrote about it as an example of a research done on animal communication. This appears to be an interesting study and it was actually published in the Journal of Scientific Explorations at Testing a Language-Using Parrot for Telepathy. Full text of the published article in PDF format, together with reviewers’ and editor’s comments, is available there. The abstract of the article is as follows: Aimee Morgana noticed that her language-using African Grey parrot, N’kisi, often seemed to respond to her thoughts and intentions in a seemingly telepathic manner. We set up a series of trials to test whether this apparent telepathic ability would be expressed in formal tests in which Aimee and the parrot were in different rooms, on different floors, under conditions in which the parrot could receive no sensory information from Aimee or from anyone else. During these trials, Aimee and the parrot were both videotaped continuously. At the beginning of each trial, Aimee opened a numbered sealed envelope containing a photograph, and then looked at it for two minutes. These photographs corresponded to a prespecified list of words in N’kisi’s vocabulary, and were selected and randomized in advance by a third...

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