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Being psychic podcast episode by Steve and Erin Pavlina

Posted on Jun 28, 2008 in Chakras, Meditation, Miscellaneous | Comments Off on Being psychic podcast episode by Steve and Erin Pavlina

I’m a bit of a fan of Steve Pavlina who runs one of the best websites on personal development.
In addition, his wife, Erin is a psychic medium and has a site of her own, where she tells her own interesting stories and insights on life. Steve is also interested and practicing some of the psychic stuff, but he’s not as experienced and as natural as she is.

Anyway, Steve also has a podcast where he mostly talks about his topics but from time to time he’ll shift to the more esoteric topics.
His latest podcast episode is called “Being Psychic” and it’s 1 and half hours of conversation between him and Erin about her experiences. It is a very interesting episode and it gives some insight into her life and her view of the esoteric part of life.

I’ve already been somewhat familiar with parts of the content, since I follow their sites, but for anyone not familiar with them I’m sure it will be even more interesting. Some of the topics covered in this podcast are:

  • Story of how Erin developed her psychic skills from a young age
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Astral projection
  • How Erin made the shift to doing professional psychic readings
  • Erin’s Criss Angel story
  • Lessons from 1000+ professional readings
  • Skeptics, skepticism, disbelief, and reading for skeptics vs. believers
  • Psychic junkies
  • The role of free will
  • Spirit guides, angels, and humans who’ve crossed over
  • What happens when you die? What is it like on the other side?
  • Distinguishing genuine psychic impressions from emotions and imagination
  • Why charge money for readings? Why not do them for free?
  • How to price your readings when you read professionally
  • What happens during a psychic reading? How does it work?
  • Why do different people get such different readings?
  • Chakras
  • Do psychics predict the future?
  • Difference between a psychic and a medium
  • How to develop your own psychic/intuitive skills
  • How personal development continues after you die

You can read more about the episode and listen to it from Being psychic podcast.

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Buryl Paine is in need of group healing

Posted on Jun 16, 2008 in Books, Healing, Parapsychology | 2 comments

Buryl meditating

I’ve received an email from Buril Payne. At one time I was already in contact with Buril, who invented an apparatus called Biofield Meter and wrote a book about it, called “The spin force”, (which he sent me for a review in electronic form). I haven’t yet read it thoroughly but it looks quite interesting and has a collection of scientific work by the author. Buryl holds a M.S. in physics and a Ph. D. in psychology, both from the University of Washington. Anyway, it seems that age takes its toll and he asks for a distant group healing. If you have the ability and the time, take part in this healing. Here’s the email from him:


I, Buryl Payne, am in need of a group healing for a brain dysfunction that has slowly and increasingly hindered my balance, speech, and walking. I need my body to work well for a bit longer.

So, I invite and request you and any of your friends to do a thought power remote group healing for me on Thursday, June 19th at 7 p.m. Pacific time. Also, if you want, join in on the Global Meditation Healing during these special few days. See website, under Academy for Peace Research,

For one minute, please visualize my brain working normally; normal balance, speech, walking easily, and with good coordination.

I will be sitting under a Biofield Meter, an invention of mine which measures the spin force around the body. In the past it has rotated as a result of remote healing.

Results will be posted on my website:

Positive results from this experiment will add to all the other positive results of remote healing, prayer healing, and perhaps ultimately help hundreds of thousands of people.

Thank you in advance,
Buryl Payne

P.S. You might like to check out my latest little ebook: THE QUANTUM THEORY OF LOVE at

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5 Ways to Effectively Use Alternative Medicine

Posted on Jun 3, 2008 in Health | 1 comment

This is a guest post by Heather Johnson.

The current state of our nation’s healthcare has turned many people to alternative medicine. Some uses are as old as humanity itself and have been effective forever. So why don’t more people trust this age-old healing process? There are many myths out there concerning holistic healing. Many people think that it’s only for hippies or bizarre people. Whatever the reason for people’s hesitance there are just as many people that are believers. Here are five tips for the people that are serious about feeling better through non-traditional method:

  1. Continue with prescription drug use. If you’re turning to holistic healing then it doesn’t mean you should ditch the medication that has been prescribed for you. Eventually you may be able to wean yourself off your prescriptions but it doesn’t mean that you can automatically stop taking the drugs that a physician has deemed proper for your care. The hope is that you’ll eventually be in a position where you can stop relying on your prescriptions but holistic healing isn’t going to instantly prove miraculous.
  2. Comfort is crucial. You have to make sure that you’re comfortable with your holistic healer. If you’re feeling uneasy about your relationship then try out a few until you have the right fit. Trust is the biggest thing you have to achieve with your healer before you can totally put yourself in their hands.
  3. Know your practitioners’ education. If you feel that your practitioner isn’t the most qualified person then find out where they’ve studied. People can get degrees from less than reputable institutions and if this frightens you then do some research to find out where they’ve learned their craft.
  4. Don’t be worried if you feel worse before feeling better. With holistic healing chances are that you’re going to feel worse before you start to feel better. This is called the healing crisis. Don’t be worried about this period as it’s completely natural to go through a period where the treatment is beginning to take effect.
  5. Embrace the non-conventional. Alternative medicine doesn’t focus on surgery and drugs. Rather, it centers on nutrition, herbs and other natural sources. It will take a while to realize that you’re not receiving the care you’re used to. Most people will be wary at first, but realize that this is a process that has been around for thousands of years or as long as man has roamed the earth.


Heather Johnson is a regular commentator on the subject of Online CNA Certification . She welcomes your feedback and potential job inquiries at heatherjohnson2323 at gmail dot com.

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