Month: August 2010

Immrama Institute Insight and Focus CDs are now available as MP3 downloads

I have previously praised the two sets of CDs from Immrama Institute, the Insight CD and the Focus 2-CD set. These are layered-brainwave CDs with separate goals in mind. Insight ”…utilizes harmonically layered brainwave audio technology combined with soothing sounds of natural rain to help your brain quickly and effortlessly reach extraordinary levels of enhanced performance not normally attainable without years of training”. Focus, as the name suggests, helps you to improve your performance by letting you get rid of distractions and better focus on the task. Also, since the last time I reviewed them, there is now an option to order the brainwaves with ocean waves background sounds, or the previously available “gentle rain” background, which is what I have. Well, the really good news is that these great CDs are now available as MP3 downloads from Immrama Institute. MP3 downloads are cheaper, faster, “greener”, so there’s no reason not to get them. Here are direct links to the various downloads: Insight Program with gentle rain or ocean waves Focus Program with rain or ocean...

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A contest of magnetic people

If you thought that Miroslaw Magola (my interview with him), the magnetic man, is somehow unique in his abilities to stick object to his body, check out the photos from the supernatural contest that took place in Vientam, where people stuck objects on themselves, including some very heavy ones. By the way, the winner held a block that weighs 70 lbs (32 kg) on his chest. To the...

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