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Interview with psychic medium Barb Powell

Posted on Nov 8, 2009 in Aura, Energy, ESP, Interviews, Mediumship, Parapsychology, Telepathy | 5 comments

Canadian Psychic Medium Barb Powell, nicknamed the “Sixth Charm”, is sought out for her skills in Paranormal Investigations as well as psychic/medium readings. A popular psychic who has been in the fore front of the media for the past 10 years. You may have heard her on Darkness Radio with Dave Shrader, Sirius Radio’s Living Successfully or her interview on The Kevin Smith Show. Barb was the only one in the history of The Kevin Smith Show that pulled in so many listeners and tipped audience ratings. She can also be viewed on TV and read about in Magazines.

Could you please tell the story of discovering your intuitive abilities?

I always knew I was ‘different’. I never quite fit in, even if I were in a crowd of people. It was like I was always observing everything instead of being a part of a group. I would see ‘colors’ around people, which I now know to be a person’s energy or aura. I could see spirit, those who have passed on and I would talk about them to people. You learn very quickly as a child what to say and what not to say. I learned to keep my mouth shut about certain things that were out of the ordinary. I tried to make myself fit into society and be like everyone else. I didn’t want to be different.

When I was a young girl there was an incident where my grandfather had passed away unexpectedly. It was my first experience with someone passing away let alone someone who was close to me. A few days later he appeared to me and began to speak to me. I remember it rather clearly. My brother came into the room and I do remember hearing him yell to my mother that something was wrong with Barb. It was like hearing his voice through a tunnel, it was hollow sounding. I was somewhere else at that point, I could not even feel my own body, nor did I have control over my body. My mother came into the room and began to ask me questions and I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see my grandfather. I remember feeling happy and he wasn’t dead. That perhaps everyone was mistaken. No one in my family knew what was happening, they figured I was stressed and no one talked about it again….ever. I have always been different. As an adult I knew what it was I could do as a child. But it was more shunned then because I lived in a small community. It wasn’t talked about as much as it is now.

In your bio I’ve read about an incident with the church, where you and your husband were thrown out of it because you wouldn’t agree to take your site down and abandon the practice. How do you see today the relations between established religion and psychic abilities?

Barb Powell

My husband worked as a youth pastor at the church we belonged to. I was asked to take my website down and to become a ‘prophet’ to the church. My husband calmly told them that only Jesus Christ is the true prophet. Needless to say I did not take down my website, nor discontinue my work. We are all made in the image of God and we need to be our truly unique selves and be ok with who and what we are as long as we are being true to ourselves and living the best life we possibly can.
I do not have an issue with religion, religion has an issue with me.

People need something to believe in and as long as it’s good for them, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I do have an issue with those individuals and organizations that tell people what to do and how to do it. There are many religions and churches that do use their intuition, which they state is from God. I’ve been to churches that the Minister stands up and relays messages of health and emotional well being. I try not to worry myself over what someone else is doing, or what religion thinks of me. I know that I’m trying to do the best I can for myself, my family and for my clients. Living by that rule has helped me to stay grounded and free.

On your site you list skills that you work within. Some of them are: Psychic Intuitive, Medium, Angel Reader, Pet Communicator, Spirit Guide Messages. Some of these concepts require a very special and uncommon world view. I would like to know how you see the world, especially the “unseen” part of it.

I love the world. The world is mysterious and beautiful! Just like the world that has areas such as forests and ocean that has not been explored, so too is the human mind! I truly believe that one day the art of psychic abilities will have the proof needed to show that this intuition is real and accessible to anyone. There will always be those who do not agree or feel that it’s wrong. I’m not here to prove anything, nor to try and argue with someone.

My world is like walking into a busy shopping mall. You can hear people talking, all the conversation and words are bumping into each other and not making sense. This is my world 24/7. When you go to a mall you are not overcome by the noise because you don’t always pay attention to it. Sure it can be overwhelming to you, the crowds, pushing and the business of everything. But you are at the mall to do or get something. Therefore you ignore all this external stimuli. That is what I do. I ignore it unless I’m in work mode. When I’m in work mode, I then pay attention to it. I may not always understand it, but I’ll pay attention to it. The spirit world is very close to our world, there is a very thin thread between worlds is the best I can describe it.

You describe yourself also as a paranormal investigator. What does a “paranormal investigator” do? Could give an example?

A paranormal investigator is simply someone who goes into a place of business or home in order to investigate unexplained phenomena. It’s not always caused by spirit or something unexplained. There have only been a few occasions that I can honestly say that a house or place of business is truly ‘haunted’ and I have been doing this type of work for years full time. I am usually called when people are scared or they fear that business is being affected by what the believe to be spirit. I never go alone and I am usually accompanied by a team. There are those in my team who use equipment such as an EMF reader, Infrared Thermal Scanners, compass and other such tools. Obviously I can pick up any spirit or energy changes in an environment.

One of the services that you offer is “Corporate Psychic”. What is this? How common is it in business to use the skills or psychics?

A corporate psychic is a psychic who uses intuitive skills in order to help a business succeed. This type of psychic is like a consultant who looks at the employees listed and can tell who are the trouble makers and who needs to stay and who needs to go in order to make a business run better and succeed. This psychic can help hire new employees and look at the business to see where things may be going wrong and how to correct it. This type of psychic is also good in picking jury selections as well. I think people would be very surprised to learn just how many businesses use a corporate psychic! It’s quite popular.

You also write that you help with Strategic Planning, Employee selection and hiring etc. How being a psychic make you suitable for performing Strategic planning for corporations? How do you help with employee selection?

It’s all about the energy of someone. A psychic can detect who are the trouble makers and who are better workers. They can tell who will cause issues down the line and hopefully save a business some trouble. I’ve had business owners call me up to ask me about their business. That’s all I need to know from them. From there I can usually tell what the business is about and where things are going wrong and hopefully be able to offer some solutions of how to get things back on track.

You know, mediumship has not been accepted by established science as a fact. Same for other psychic effects and skills. How do you think it would be possible to prove the whole world that there is indeed truth to it?

I learned a long time ago that people will believe what they want to believe and that it isn’t up to me to prove anything to anyone. That is how I choose to live my life. I’m not living for other people or what other’s may think of me and I am now ok with that. It took a long time to get to that point in my life, but I’m there. That doesn’t mean certain things do not bother me…but I’ve learned to deal with them in a more positive way instead of allowing negative thoughts and comments affect me.

There have been many mediums/psychics who have ‘proven’ their skills and there are still people out there that give this work a bad name because they do not work in an ethical way.

Do you ever have any doubt regarding the messages that you relay to your customers through you psychic gifts? In general, what makes you certain that your abilities are real and that the world as you see it?

Because I’m human there is always doubt in our lives. One of the most common questions I get from students is how can they be sure that it’s intuition and not projecting fears or hopes. How can you tell when a hunch is intuition that is valid and not something simply made up or a random lucky guess. My response to them is that you don’t know. That’s the entire challenge of using intuition. I’ve been doing this work for years and have been able to put aside my own fears, ego and personal opinions when doing the work that I do. It’s highly unlikely you will see me crying with a client. I’m very blunt and honest with what I do. Basically with a reading, don’t ask if you don’t want to know the answer. I won’t relay what I know a client wants to hear. I will relay the information I receive, which is one of the reasons I do not like to do criminal cases or cold cases with family members. I will usually only work with police because it’s difficult to tell a family member all the details I receive when working on a case.

How do you think the world will change in the next 10 years?

Things change day by day. In 10 years I believe we will hear more health news in regards to cancer and AIDS. AIDS will change, meaning mutate and there will be another catch to this disease that will cause more panic and fears. But there will be good news in regards to cancer and cures. On a spiritual note, I see that people will become more accustom to hearing and believing in the spiritual realms. However, TV will take it to another level and play off the fears of people. Making things unbelievable and more difficult for those in this line of work. Someone quite famous in the paranormal world will be outed. Meaning there will be bad press for them as there will be those who are on a mission to out spiritual workers and frauds to make their point.

How do you see your mission in this world?

I see myself as getting by in the world. I’m trying to live the best way I possibly can while helping where I can. I’m not out to prove a point or to create a mission plan for myself. My theme is to be me and for me to travel down that road of self discovery and figure myself out. I wasted too many years trying to figure others out and ways I could fit into their world. I’ve set myself free to be who I know I am and that’s a person who is no longer afraid of what others think. Setting your soul free will allow you to sore to heights you never knew existed! Release those limits you set upon yourself. Anything and everything is possible. Don’t worry about the how to and the why. Focus on the goal, don’t focus on how to get there.

My thanks to Barb for taking the time to answer my questions.

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The Force is With Us by Thomas Walker book review

Posted on Oct 20, 2009 in Aura, Books, Chakras, Energy, ESP, Healing, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Qigong, Remote Viewing, Research, Reviews, Telepathy | 1 comment

I’ve received this book from Quest books for a review. The full title is The Force Is With Us: The Higher Consciousness That Science Refuses to Accept. The author, Thomas Walker, D.C is a chiropractic physician, master-level martial artist, professor of natural science, and former Green Beret.

I’ll start with going over the structure of the book, chapter by chapter, and will conclude with my impressions of it.

In the preface Thomas tells that he started this project back in 1995 and worked on the manuscript for seven years. Several years later, in 2008 his son Clint was dying of cancer. Before he passed away Clint had promised his father to “keep in touch”. And he kept his promise. According to Walker, numerous anomalous and highly improbably events have happened later that year, described in the preface.

The book has 10 Chapters, each touching different aspect of parapsychology, spirituality or research.

The first chapter, titled “The Force – From Ch’i to Cosmological Constant and Beyond”, Walker starts with the Chinese concept of Ch’i (also spelled Qi), which is what chinese call the Life-force. Ch’i is believe to flow in the body, mainly through a system called meridians, which are highly relevant into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He refers to 1960s research of Professor Kim Bong Han in which he identified a series of unknown ducts in the bodies of animals and people that followed the paths of acupuncture meridians. He later discovered 2 more networks of such ducts bring to greater interconnection of cells in the body. Later follows a story about how the knowledge of Qi was brought to the west in the 20th century and how it was tested in medical tests to be helpful. Following with some research that was done on Qi, he finishes with the research of Professor William Tiller of Stanford University in which he develops a new theory build upon Einstein’s cosmological constant.

Chapter 2 – New Dimensions: Perceptions beyond the Body – talks about Near Death Experiences (NDE), Out of Body Experiences (OBE), explains what psi and parapsychology is. Explains the main areas of psi research from its early history in late 19th century through the 20th, including detailed history of Stanford Research Institute (SRI) research into remote viewing, backed by CIA.

Chapter 3 – More Dimensions: The Body beyond the Body – tells about the more esoteric subject of human bodies beyond the physical, such as etherial, astral and further, based on Theosophy. Detailed history of Kirlian photography and its research is described.

Chapter 4 – Where Do We Go? Arguments for an Afterlife – delves deeper into the research of NDEs, reincarnation research by late Dr. Ian Stevenson. Wakers covers the subject of mediumship, both in history and in research, such as Gary Schwartz’s research. Ending the chapter a detailed story of the great magician Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle.

Chapter 5 – Paranormal Panache: Superstars of Psychokinesis – tells about the rarer macro-psychokinesis events, starting with 19th century Daniel David Home , who even performed for emperor Napoleon III and Tsar Alexander II, researched, and never found cheating. He was most known for his ability to levitate objects and even himself. Following is the story of Nina Kulagina, heavily researched Russian woman with strong psychokinetic abilities. Later follows the story of most controversial Uri Geller. The chapters ends with an overview of micro-PK research by PEAR, Dr. Dean Radin and others.

Chapter 6 – Magnetically Magnificent: Exploring the Human Energy Field – starts with Mesmer and his research into fluidum (the force) and animal magnetism. The story continues with Baron Karl von Reichenbach, a promising chemist, discoverer of paraffin who changed his career path to research magnetism in humans, which brought him conclusion similar to that of Mesmer that it’s not regular magnetism but other force, which he called the odic force. Next is the story of English physician Walter Kilner, who on the turn of 20th century, found that he could see energy field around living organisms with special equipment. The chapter ends with more recent research by William Tiller and Chinese Dr. Zheng.

Chapter 7 – Orgasmic Outcast: Was Wilhelm Reich Right? – tells the famous story of Austria-born Wilhelm Reich, physician, whose writings were burned thrice – by German Nazis, by Soviets and by US government. Follower and of Freud and even the director of his clinic in Vienna, Reich linked many health issues with the flow of psychic energy, which he called Orgone energy. He decided to research orgone theory. Thomas Walter tells in detail about the history of his research and his life, which ended in US Prison in 1957.

Chapter 8 – Healing the Rift: Alternative Medicine Arrives – gets into the details of many studies done in the 20th century, following the introduction of Chinese medicine and other alternative medicine practices in the west. Numerous studies showed the intent of healers, such a prayer or applications of the force, whatever it’s called, can greatly and positively affect organisms, including humans. Special attention is paid to Therapeutic Touch and to Chiropractic.

Chapter 9 – Schlock Science: Who Makes the Call? – tells about the difficulties that scientists who challenge the status-quo encounter on their way. Starting with Thomas Edison and his electric bulb invention, following the discovery of cold fusion by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. Then Walter talks about non-psi subject of Mars exploration and the Cydonia region research by Richard Hoagland and the lies of NASA regarding issues related to Mars research. The second half of the chapter leaves the “science” and goes on to describe the history of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of Paranormal), established in 1976 and now called Committee of Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), started by Ray Hyman, James Randi, Marcello Truzzi and others. CSI is claiming to be an investigating organization but it appears to be a dogmatic Skeptical organization which denies any possibility of psi, without a deep look into things.

Chapter 10 – A Path with Heart: The Way Back Home – argues that the heart plays a more central role in the humans than just pumping the blood. Thomas describes various studies that suggest that not everything is controlled by the brain and that some neurological functions are scattered through the body.

My impressions

Overall, I liked the book very much for several reasons. First, it is easy and fun to read. I simply enjoyed reading it, the text flowed smoothly. Secondly, I learned a lot of new stuff. Even though I thought I knew a lot about psi research, after reading such books as the Entangled Minds
by Dr. Dean Radin, I found a lot of subjects that I didn’t know about.

The book starts with the subject of Ch’i. Being a Qigong (Chi Kung) student myself for almost 3 years now, I tend to believe that there is something to it. I can relate to the fact that martial artists and Qigong masters can feel and “utilize” it.

The book goes over lots of subjects but has points where it goes deeper, telling about a specific person for several pages. So, even if I read about someone in short previously, I still found lots of new information.

Some might argue that the book is not scientific or that it doesn’t present the opposite point of view, i.e. criticisms of the studies. But having a chapter devoted to showing how science refuses to accept views that drastically differ from the status-quo and about the organized pseudo-skeptics, he clearly chose a side. I think it’s OK to write a book which shows what the author believes to be true. After all, there’s enough totally baseless criticism as well. And I also believe that the media and other establishments will much easier accept and transmit any skeptical argument, however vague, over a study proposing any psi effect.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the book to anyone who’s interesting in these areas of the paranormal or parapsychology which are presented in it. If you are a highly scientific person you’ll have 2 choices. Either skip the book or better yet, follow the studies present in the book (there is bibliography and notes) and try to read them yourself before deciding what’s right or wrong.

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Interview with Laura Bruno

Posted on Dec 2, 2007 in Aura, Books, Energy, Healing, Health, Interviews, Reiki | 5 comments

Today is another interview, this time with Laura Bruno. Laura Bruno is a Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Teacher. She has lived and taught across the U.S. and now resides in Sedona, Arizona, where she enjoys the beauty with her husband Stephen, a photographer. Laura offers classes and phone consultations and writes fiction in her spare time. In addition to over twenty articles on natural healing, Laura also authored the soon-to-be-released eBook, If I Only Had a Brain Injury: A TBI Survivor and Life Coach’s Guide to Chronic Fatigue, Concussion, Lyme Disease, Migraine and Other “Medical Mystery. You can visit her website at

Could you please tell the story of discovering your intuitive abilities.

I grew up as an empath (meaning I could feel other people’s physical and emotional pain), but I had no context for that “gift.” Everyone called me over-sensitive, and I learned to view intuition as something inconvenient, weird or shameful. Despite efforts to suppress it, people still sensed my ability. While I earned a Masters in English at University of Chicago, strangers often approached me for health or life path advice, which I quietly gave. To my embarrassment, these same strangers later hugged me in front of my friends, thanking me for the insights. Secretly, I felt led to a more spiritual career than academia, but I resisted.

Instead, I chose the corporate world. My first sales job required twenty-five cold calls per day. Twenty-five cold calls supposedly equaled seven call-backs, which translated to three sales appointments, which became one sale, which (funneled throughout the month) equaled or exceeded quota. I hated viewing conversations as statistics—not to mention all the “no soliciting” jabs. But I couldn’t live on my base salary: I needed to hit quota. Desperate, I started praying. Before each cold call I would silently ask, “Let them see your Light in me and, please, give me the right words to say.” Instead of kicking me out, business folks suddenly welcomed me as a long lost friend! Yet after seven cold calls, I still needed a vanilla milkshake and a two-hour nap. I requested extra guidance: “Please, take me to the right places today. Then, let me radiate your Light and use your words.” With my terrible sense of direction, I developed an uncanny knack for getting “lost” exactly where and when someone needed exactly what I had to sell. I continued to make or exceed quota each month, averaging about two cold calls per day.

This effective prayer only intensified that nudge toward spiritual work. One day I “accidentally” cold called a nun and she took my hands: “Child, you have such Sweetness in you! You will go far when you embrace your gifts.” Disturbed, I reapplied to doctoral programs, vowing to teach a Literature and Spirituality class. I found a cushy sales job with established accounts—no more cold calling nuns! Then I prayed, “If academia’s not my path, don’t let me do it. Otherwise, I’m going!” The scholarships and stipends flooded in: “Wow!” I thought, “That was easy! Here I expected some big, dramatic thing. One course on Literature and Spirituality? Guess I’m not so intuitive after all …”

But on May 19, 1998 (three months before I planned to start fully funded doctoral studies in English Literature) an on-the-job car accident destroyed the life I knew. A brain injury shut down my rational side for years. I suffered visual impairments leaving me unable to read longer than five minutes per day. Florescent lights caused migraines, dizziness and disorientation, and my short term memory all but disappeared. Without my rational mind, intuition suddenly unleashed itself. Carefully developed filters no longer worked. I suddenly “knew” someone had a thyroid problem or emotional blocks leading to cancer. Even worse, I’d get the insistent urge to tell them and if I didn’t, my head pounded louder than usual. The more I resisted, the stronger the migraines became until finally I contacted each person and shared my insights. Then the pain subsided. Medical tests and conversations continued to confirm my intuition, but it took a long time for me to feel comfortable sharing information—even under duress.

Summer 1999, I spent eight weeks in Seattle in a final push to attend graduate school. (Yep, I’m stubborn, and Northwestern let me defer enrollment for a year.) One day, my holistic vision and brain injury specialist said, “If grad school doesn’t pan out, come back to Seattle. I’m old and I need to give my practice to someone.” “OK, where did that come from?” I asked. “I’m an English major!” He explained that he and his assistant had noticed “the next three patients after” me “always made amazing progress.” “Great,” I said, “What’s that got to do with me?” He answered, “For weeks we’ve purposely mixed things up and no matter which three patients follow you, they always make amazing progress. You leave an energy residue in the room that lasts at least three hours. Seriously, if grad school doesn’t pan out, come back and work with me.”

Well, graduate school didn’t pan out. My head imploded under florescent lights and if I ever managed to read, I immediately forgot the content. Meanwhile, my intuition and energy continued to grow. In August 2001, I returned to Seattle for more treatment. That specialist eventually hired me as his Medical Intuitive Consultant—my first job after brain injury. With no other career options and a strong sense of Fate, I started to embrace my healing gifts instead of running from them. I opened my own business and made a full recovery. Now, I love my intuition, and I love that it helps so many people heal and find their path!

You are a Reiki Master teacher. What do you find Reiki helpful for?

Reiki translates to “universal life force energy” or “divinely directed healing energy.” As such, people find Reiki helpful for all kinds of things! In the last 10 years, many hospices and hospitals (including the esteemed California Pacific Medical Center, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire, St. Luke’s Hospital in Pennsylvania, and Tucson Medical Center in Arizona) have valued volunteer or paid Reiki practitioners alongside their cancer programs because patients report vastly decreased pain and fear, and increased peace, positive attitude and relaxation.

Personally, I’ve found that Reiki works well for headaches, stomach pain, and insomnia. When I first learned Reiki, I was still recovering from my brain injury. Daily self-treatments and a number of “healing attunements” allowed me to wean myself completely from pharmaceutical migraine pills. I also find Reiki useful for empowering goals, because the energy just flows through situations and events. Hallmarks of Reiki include increased serendipity and a bubbling sense of joy.

Describe some of the more interesting cases from your practice, where Reiki was helpful.

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MegaChi pendant and other cellular radiation protectors

Posted on Sep 15, 2007 in Aura, Energy, Health, Parapsychology, Research | Comments Off on MegaChi pendant and other cellular radiation protectors

Megachi Pendant

I’ve seen this press release about a new pendant. Here’s the headline: “Gold Plated MegaChi™ Pendant Protects Wearer’s DNA From Negative Affects from EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Fields) when Using Cell-Phones According to Dr. Glen Rein Study”. Wow. What a cool thing. It’s even beautiful, just look at the picture. But, personally, I have so many problems with it and with other devices that tell you that they’ll protect you from cell phone radiation or with devices which have the word Chi in them. This particular devices seems to be the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Another excerpt from the press-release:

Mary A. Thomas, Director of Marketing of the MegaChi™ Pendants for Worldwide Distribution, herself a Master, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and author, had this to say “I have spent roughly 37 years studying and working with God’s Divine Energy Transference Healing. I have never before come across anything that has the potential for doing so much good for a person, on so many levels of being, and with so many possible applications. Now scientifically proven to help protect the wearer from negative affects from EMFs, with Its capability to help restore and heal the body from damage already done, this pendant is worth the wearers weight in gold for all that it is capable of doing for everyone.” she said, and went on to say “You’d be surprised at the amount of business owners who have been buying pendants for not only themselves and their families, but for their employees who work for them using the computers and cell-phones.”

The 18Karat gold plated MegaChi™ Pendant is priced at 250.00 each. The Pendants include a Lifetime guarantee. Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome.

The press-release also refers to Dr. Glen Rein’s study, where it was found to be helpful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any links to the study, not even on the product’s page, where there are a lot of obviously positive testimonials. Maybe they are buried there somewhere.

The site even provides you with a set of before and after photos of using this devices. The photos are written to be performed using “Krilian” photography, as the site states. First of all, they should check the name. It’s Kirlian. But look at the photos:

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On Studies of the Human Aura

Posted on Aug 13, 2007 in Aura, Energy, ESP, Parapsychology, Research | 3 comments

The below is another article by Bryan, this time telling about the research of the human aura. Do you have any thoughts on the human aura? Discuss in forums

On Studies of the Human Aura

The alleged human aura has long been associated with the spiritual, mystical, and occult traditions, and opinions have been mixed as to whether or not it can be classified as a psi phenomenon by any means. Taken at face value, it often seems that, in some respects, the aura is not a purely mental phenomenon, but is more based on emanations from the body. This would be an argument for it not being classified as a psi phenomenon. On the other hand, given that some psychics have supposedly been able to perceive the auras of people, the possibility that ESP may be involved offers a supportive argument on the boundaries of what may constitute a psi phenomenon. A related and interesting example comes from the memoirs of psychic and medium Eileen J. Garrett (1949), who reported seeing bands of colored light enveloping both animate and inanimate objects that she called “the surround.” Mrs. Garrett’s descriptions of the surround sound very similar to the concept of the aura.

It also seems that there have been various types of the aura that have surfaced over the years, and Dr. Charles Tart (1972), then of the University of California, Davis, noted that it is important to make a distinction between them if we are to go in search of an answer to the question of whether or not the aura exists. He notes that there appears to be four main types of aura: physical, psychological, psychical, and projected. The physical aura is that which is claimed to be associated with known physical energies such as electromagnetism and ionizing radiation. The psychological aura does not have any physical basis, but is solely a product of a person’s mind; in other words, it is a mental assumption that “something” (whatever its composition) occupies the space around individuals. Tart illustrates the psychological aura through the concept of personal space and our reactions when someone invades it. The psychical aura, as the name suggests, is that ostensibly perceived by psychics, and is somewhere between the physical and the psychological in that it is assumed not to have a physical basis, but is more objective than a purely mental product. The projected aura may also exist solely in a person’s mind, but is an illusory projection to the external world that is perceived as part of it.

Before we can even really begin to make any detailed distinctions, we of course have to first determine whether or not an individual can perceive an aura of any kind. In addition, certain assumptions about the aura would have to be empirically tested to see which, if any, may have some basis. Many of the mystical traditions talk of one such assumption: that one is capable “reading” a person’s aura. It is claimed that on the basis of the supposed color, shape, opaqueness, and/or permeability of a person’s aura, it is possible to tell something about that person’s health, state of mind, and/or personality. However, the latter characteristics are also discernible from various sensory cues such as body language, posture, attire, etc., which the observer may instead be picking up on instead of the supposed aura he or she claims to be perceiving (this is akin to the issue of “cold reading” in supposed cases of mental mediumship). To address both issues, Tart (1972) devised an ingenious experimental design, which he calls “the doorway test.”

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You Can’t Fake The Full-lotus! Testimony of a qigong practitioner in the context of parapsychology

Posted on Feb 4, 2007 in Aura, Books, Energy, ESP, Exercises, Healing, Health, Meditation, Parapsychology, Research | 11 comments

Today I present second article by drew hempel to be posted on this site. This time it’s a fascinating article is about his personal experiences with Qigong and full-lotus position.

You Can’t Fake The Full-lotus! Testimony of a qigong practitioner in the context of parapsychology
by drew hempel, MA

I took classes intensively for about 6 months, starting in 1999, and then off and on for a couple years afterwards. Master Chunyi Lin told us, as I remember, that when he was in deep full-lotus meditation he levitated 9 feet up – spiraling along side a pine tree. As I remember it, also Master Chunyi Lin spent 40 days in a cave with no water and no food – sitting in full-lotus and traveling out into “heaven.” It may have been two periods of 28 days with no food and no water, sitting in full-lotus and doing spirit travel. Master Chunyi Lin has just cowritten a qigong chapter with a Mayo Clinic Dr. for a Mayo Clinic Textbook on Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, 2nd ed. (August, 2006). Master Chunyi Lin has taught qigong to the Mayo Clinic doctors as well. Master Chunyi Lin continues to teach qigong, and to constantly heal very serious conditions, like cancer. Master Chunyi Lin fasts one day a week and then eats only a small meal of vegetables and tofu, once a day, the rest of the week. He sleeps just a few hours a night.

Master Lin does things that are not even considered in western parapsychology analysis – unless you read parapsychologist George P. Hansen’s book: My understanding is that Hansen is critical of science and Hansen also thinks that no one should try to create paranormal powers in a scientific experiment. I think that George P. Hansen is very scientific but that he thinks paranormal powers, inherently, defy the scientific method. So Hansen has a radical analysis yet Hansen was a career parapsychologist in a top lab.

I would say that George P. Hansen accurately describes the wild dynamics of paranormal energy – because the foundation is consciousness beyond good and evil – beyond health, etc. The consciousness is not our thoughts nor our images but the consciousness can transform all matter and energy – and even spacetime.

Phonetic language is based on premises that violate the method in which to gain paranormal energy. That’s why I, like Gurdjieff, use nonwestern music as a model for paranormal powers. When I trained under qigong Master Chunyi Lin, as a final research project for my University of Minnesota masters degree in 2000, I had very strong electromagnetic fields transform not only my body but the people around me. That’s how “chi” works. The “shen” is developed after the “chi” opens up the body channels. The “shen” is the spirit light. Once the 3rd Eye is fully open then a person is permanently transformed so that the body can be healed quickly and also healing outside the body can occur – long distance healing using the 3rd Eye.

While doing lots of full-lotus I went into a “bigu” state whereby I did not need food, nor water. “Bigu” is also called “energy feasting.” Chemistry professor emeritus Rustom Roy held an academic conference on the “bigu” state which is well-known in China, with one resident of Beijing having gone several years in this manner. While in the full-lotus, the 3rd Eye creates water through some sort of reverse electrolysis which then flows down into the mouth. I went 8 days without food and maybe half a glass of water and never was I hungry. Near the end of my “bigu” state I needed only 5 hours of sleep a night and the electromagnetic fields around my body were very strong.

While in my “bigu” state peoples’ thoughts and emotions were picked up by the electromagnetic fields about 10 feet around my body and then shot into the middle of my brain – the 3rd Eye. People strongly reacted to these electromagnetic fields and then I healed my mom of a very bad problem – a medically diagnosed “smoker’s legs” condition. Right after I gave her the no-contact healing, she no longer needed surgical stockings, no longer needed to elevate her legs while sitting, and no longer needed to sit after an hour of standing. It was a powerful healing described by my mom as “the difference between night and day” but at the same time she could not believe that I didn’t need food nor water. Basically strong electromagnetic fields shot out of my hands, from the 3rd Eye, clearing out her blockages and then sending in harmonized energy.

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Interview with Bonnie Adam – Reiki master and psychic reader

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I’m glad to announce my fifth interview for Today I’m posting the interview of Bonnie Adam. Bonnie is a Tibeten -Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master, and also does psychic readings. She started reading professionally about 8 years ago. She read for friends for a few years before that. She has been doing Reiki for about 7 years and teaching Reiki and workshops for 3 years. She has an office in lovely downtown Guelph, Ontario, Canada. For more information about Bonnie go to or check out her 2 blogs, or She try to update them frequently, but the kids, the dog, her partner and her business do require quite a bit of attention. Enjoy it.

How have you discovered that you want to be a healer and a psychic? Did you develop your psychic power or was discovered “by accident”?

I have had ‘psychic’ experiences since childhood. I would be aware of spiritual beings, and I would hear things and see things that others did not. It was quite confusing as a child as I would be told by the adults around me that I was imagining things. I eventually seemed to have shut down my abilities, but they returned quite strongly when I was in my late teens.
I would be aware of the spirits, and I would know that they were trying to communicate with me. It took a few years of practice and meditation before I was able to interpret the messages they were trying to send.

I learned about Reiki in 1997. My infant daughter needed surgery and she was in quite a lot of pain. I was guided to use my hands to try and sooth her, and her pain seemed to diminish. Very soon after that I was looking through a continuing education brochure and saw a class on Reiki. When I read the description I knew that I had been trying to do Reiki for my daughter, and signed up!

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The Energy Medicine Kit by Donna Eden review

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Energy Medicine Kit box

Last month I have ordered some books related to healing and parapsychology from Amazon. I’ll be giving their reviews as I progress in their reading. The first review that I want to post is of somewhat that is not quite a book. I’ve ordered “The Energy Medicine Kit” by Donna Eden. Donna Eden is a a known healer with the ability to actually see the body’s energies. Thus, her books deal a lot about life energy. Photos of the kit are in the end of the review.

The kit has several components in it:</p><!--more--><ol>
<li><span class="caps">A 28</span>-page booklet with some introduction to body energy systems and how-to guide for the kit.</li>
    <li><span class="caps">A DVD</span> that shows lots of exercises that help you control your energy. The <span class="caps">DVD</span> is built as a workshop where she demonstrates the various techniques on people. After each technique is shown in the workshop, there is a shorter &#8220;reminder&#8221; version which verbally and graphically shows the technique, so you won&#8217;t have to watch the longer videos just to remember. The <span class="caps">DVD</span> is of high quality and long.</li>
    <li>An audio CD that has 21 exercises on it and a 5-minute daily routine that puts together the most important exercises from the program.</li>
    <li>There are 43 photo illustrated cards that are guides and reminders to energy healing techniques. The cards are of high quality, with 2 printed sides. Front side with drawing and explanations of how to use a technique (what to do), and the back side describes the benefits of the exercises and where can it be found on the <span class="caps">DVD</span> and the CD.</li>
    <li>The last thing that&#8217;s included in the kit is a glass crystal on a short rope. The crystal is used in the beginning to show readers visually where the energy is. It is used to detect chakras and important meridian points.</li>

<p>Example exercises include the following benefits:</p>

<li>Learn working with crystal</li>
    <li>Release tension</li>
    <li>Help to relax deeply</li>
    <li>Improve your memory</li>
    <li>Deal with insomnia</li>
    <li>Release nervousness before important events</li>
    <li>Move rage out of your body

and much more

<p>Overall, the kit is very well designed and organized has great contents and is definitely worth the money. For less than $20 you can get a whole course on energy healing that can be learned easily at your home in your spare time.</p>

<p>Verdict: <strong>Highly recommended</strong>.</p>


p align=”center”>Some photos of the Energy Medicine Kit (click on thumbnails to see a larger image):

The Energy Medicine Kit content
Energy crystal
The Energy Medicine Kit box
The Energy Medicine Kit cards

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How to protect oneself from other peoples negative energy – reader asks

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A reader, Tracey Scully, has emailed me with a question about a problem that she has. Tracey appears to have strong empathy, which results in her feeling dizzy and nauseous when around some people. Tracey has agreed that I post her mail here. You can read my advice to her below her mail and if you have similar experience or have more advice, please write in the comments. Here’s her email:

Hi Jacob,

I have been growing up in a not very safe environment, a lot of anger surrounding me and confusion energy to say the least. And have always been vulnerable as a child and very lost. I have been going to counseling the last 2 month and I am becoming aware of certain things, the more truer I am becoming to myself the more aware of what’s going on inside me.

I have now come to the conclusion that I have intuitive empathy, which seems to all make sense to me now. I carry other peoples negative energy with me and do find it hard to shake off.. I am somewhat relieved though now because I have been confused for along time in the way I was feeling and that it a lot of it couldn’t be connected to me, always seemed other people around me. So i am happy to hear of this ‘condition’ (sorry not sure what to call it) and realise i have been suffering everybody’s hurts and negativities.

I have started getting into to massage therapy lately, has just seemed to come to me and am happy with doing this. But having received a facial massage from my niece a few days ago, a few seconds later i felt very dizzy and nauseous. The next day I received a massage from her again, (not aware the first time of what happened) and I felt nauseous again. When she left my house though i could feel myself becoming better, and realised it was some sort of energy.

Also when i go out socially to meet a friend which usually ends up meeting friends of friends, i feel so outa sorts and awkward, I just don’t know what to do. I make sure I have my car outside ready to escape. I feel so lost with this sometimes.

After speaking to my counsellor she sensed that i am a receiver in this life and that i do have a lot of positive energy around me. I had never heard of this before. Having knowledged myself through the net, it all makes perfect sense to me with the way of have been feeling.

My question jacob is I really don’t know what to do with this. It is involuntary receiving peoples energies to the extent that i behave exactly like them until i start coming back to myself.. I really don’t know what to do, can you please advise as I really want to live my own life and not those of others….

Kindest regards and thank you for your time Jacob,


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Memoir of a modern mystic – a reader’s submission

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Hello, dear readers of “Parapsychology articles and blog” website. Today I have a very special material for you. Today I’d like to present you an article written by one this site’s readers, Quinn Seaton, from Australia. Quinn has been commenting on this blog’s entry about Aura reading – Telepathy and aura reading. That article is almost a year old and Quinn has commented on it in May and in September. His comments tell that he can see auras and over several months he advanced in his ability.

I’ve asked Quinn to write more about his ability and he agreed to write an article for me since that’s something that he thought of doing for his university work. And he kept his word and wrote a great 7-page essay describing his personal path, which has not been easy but surely interesting.

I’ll let you download his essay in PDF format for easy reading but first I’d like to present several quotes from it, starting with the first paragraph:

I never saw the world the same way as others did. Then again neither would have anyone else. From an early age I was always fascinated by the supernatural and spent a lot of time playing in my room by myself. I never actually believed in such supernatural things until after high school when the supernatural world invaded my mind like when butter meets a hot knife. It’s been an arduous, frightening and utterly confusing journey of the spirit that will never cease to perpetuate… According to the critics, the ability that I possess is usually called “aura perception,” but I came to it after perusing various other courses of occult practises.

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