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Parapsychology articles and news

Psychic Readings for Marketing Your Business

Posted on Jan 5, 2008 in Business | 1 comment

I’ve received a spam mail, which came through all the spam filters, unrelated to my owning this site, but I found it very interesting and I thought I’d post about it, since I find these kind of proposals funny. I’m removing any identification of the sender in order not to promote spam.

Teleconference Event Saturday Dec. xxth 6PM PST: Psychic Readings for Marketing Your Business
“A Teleconference to support new and existing Web Business using Psychic information with Search Engine/Internet Marketing Secrets”
featuring [John Doe], Clairvoyant/Energy Teacher/Spiritual Coach and his Webmaster/Internet marketing team.

Do you want to have absolute confidence in your business future?
Do you want to have absolute confidence in every business decision you make?
Do you want to have absolute confidence in the results your business produces?
We’re selecting 25 people from several thousand to participate in a test and testimonial group.

In this conference call, we will introduce how energetic phenomena works and the power with which it impacts your business. By looking at your business through a psychic perspective you are able to tune into your higher self, your guides and any energy blocks in your chakra system as you gain valuable insight into your success.

Give yourself the advantage of higher wisdom. When you sign up for this event, you’ll receive:

– A chance for a mini-Psychic reading about your business to see if you’re on track
– Free dynamic web page you can edit anytime
– Huge savings on an upgrade to your existing site

Although I know that business people do seek psychic advice from time to time, getting a spam like this was kind of funny and strange. I found funny mostly because of the phrase: “Psychic information with Search Engine/Internet Marketing Secrets”.

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Parapsychology and alternative medicine forum is now open

Posted on Jul 17, 2007 in Books, Business, Energy, ESP, Healing, Health, Meditation, Miscellaneous, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Reiki, Remote Viewing, Research, Telepathy | Comments Off on Parapsychology and alternative medicine forum is now open

Today I’m glad to announce the launch of the forum on the site. The Parapsychology and alternative medicine forums at are place for the visitors and readers of and all other internet users to talk about subjects of parapsychology and psi research and on the various topics of alternative medicine and energy healing.

In the forum you’ll find sections devoted to energy healing (EFT, Quantum Touch), personal practices, such as qigong and yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and your home remedies for various conditions.

Other topics including scientific debates on parapsychology and psi research as a place for the skeptics and supporters of parapsychology to delve into serious debates, a section on developing psi abilities and a place to post your question to the community describing your personal stories of unexplained character.

The last section is devoted to site itself. On is a general discussion for your suggestions on the site’s content, design, goals etc. The other forum imports all blog posts off to continue debates on the topics in the forum, which is better platform than the comments in the blog. In the near future, all the comments on the main site will be disabled and all commenters will need to use the forum instead. This will also improve spam protection and garbage comments.

You can subscribe to forum feeds using RSS as well, if it is easier for you.

My hope is that the forums will be a place for quality people. I’m going to attract some experts in the various related fields of knowledge to add value to the community.

You are welcomed to propose more forum topics, a different structure are help with moderation. If you hold yourself as an expert in any area, please let me know using the contact form as I might have something special for the experts.

So, head over to the Parapsychology and alternative medicine forums right now, register and start your discussions.


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The Secret movie will have a sequel soon

Posted on Jul 1, 2007 in Books, Business, Meditation, Reviews, Silva Method, Universal Mind | 33 comments

The very known movie “The Secret”, which stirred big waves across the world and in the US in particular, will have a sequel soon. Apparently, the movie will continue where “The Secret” left off and focus on an action plan. It is about half way shot already and is planned to be released in November this year. It will have a similar cast. Following is my review of the original “The Secret” movie and my thoughts about its concepts.

I’ve seen “The Secret” movie a long time ago, before it hit the US strong through Oprah’s show. I’ve watched it with several friends and I liked it. Although basically the idea (Law of Attraction) was not new to me as I’ve heard it through various sources, beginning with Brian Tracy’s motivational books through many current spiritual coaches, I still found the movie well produced and the visualizations of the process are effective, in my opinion.

Law of Attraction, as it is presented in the movie, is also called “manifestation” in modern literature and it promotes the idea that our life flows in the direction of our energized thoughts, i.e. one’s desires, reinforced through visualization and other manifestation techniques help create the reality which realizes (manifests) this original desire or goal. Creative visualization, Jose Silva’s Method and many similar techniques were developed years earlier than this movie to achieve the same goal.

The movie, though, also presents the Law of Attraction in its “negative form”, when our negative thoughts “attract” negative events in our life. Although I find it hard to attribute every negative or positive event to the Law of Attraction, I think that basically this works. Even if the mechanism of this work is not “paranormal” in any way, I believe that focusing your mind on your goals activates the brain so that it builds the plan and pays attention to the opportunities that come across the way and may help achieve the goals. It is possible that if one wouldn’t do these visualizations which focus the brain on the target, one wouldn’t have recognized the opportunity coming his way. It also makes one more optimistic and able, while being pessimistic (thinking about bad things that might happen) will not allow you to progress in the desired direction.

Of course, many people who stick to manifestation tell about amazing coincidences happening in their life after they actively engage in this process, like you can read in my story at Belief and money manifestation and I’m not sure if all of them can be attributed to simple focused awareness, as many of these cases seem to be externally driven.

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Immrama Focus 2-CD set review

Posted on May 31, 2007 in Business, Meditation, Reviews | Comments Off on Immrama Focus 2-CD set review

I’ve previously reviewed Immrama’s Insight CD. That CD is a great tool to relax the mind and expand its possibilities using binaural beat brainwave technology. Another product that Immrama Institute offers is a 2-CD set called “Focus” and it is intended for a totally different purpose.

As the name “Focus” might suggest, the audio on this set is intended to let you perform your work better, more productively. It achieves this by utilizing the same binaural beats technology overlaid over the soothing sound of rain, as the in Insight CD. On the pure auditory level, both sets sound literally the same, since the binaural beats, which create the different brainwave patterns, cannot be discerned from the audio of the rain.

Immrama Institute states that the Focus CD set can help you in the following manners:

  • Improve your levels of focus and concentration
  • Enhance your memory
  • Increase your focus and attention while reading or working
  • Improve your retention of information while studying
  • Achieve a mental zone while exercising
  • Improve your thinking speed and performance
  • Improve concentration and attention in people with ADD or ADHD
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Announcing Psi Experiments website launch

Posted on Feb 13, 2007 in Books, Business, ESP, Exercises, Mediumship, Miscellaneous, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing, Research, Telepathy, Universal Mind | 3 comments Launches a Series of Mind Power Experiments

A series of combined online and offline experiments designed to verify the existence of human mind’s ability to perceive information over distance and to influence events over distance are being launched at website.

February 13, 2007—The faculties of the human mind, such as remote viewing, clairvoyance, telepathy, commonly referred as ‘psi’ in the science of parapsychology, are still considered paranormal by the mainstream and require further testing to prove or disprove their existence. The everlasting question whether people possess the sixths sense will be put to test once again in a new series of unique experiments on the ‘Psi Experiments’ website at

In addition, the experiments will try to discern whether there’s a difference between the results of the two genders and is there any connection between subjective level of competence (level of belief) and actual results. The results and the statistics will be published on the site after each experiment ends.

A new experiment will be started once a month and people all over the world will be able to take part in them, with a chance to win prizes from participating sponsors. Anonymous participation is also possible.


‘Parapsychology articles and blog’ on is a site devoted to parapsychology, healing and alternative medicine news and articles. The website has published over 150 articles describing health tips, interviews with parapsychology researches and healers, personal experiences and psi research news.

About the sponsors.

Cynthia Sue Larson is a pioneer in the field of consciousness who helps people become masterful reality shifters by making the most of their auras. Larson is author of the books Aura Advantage and Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver’s Web, and the Aura Healing Meditations CD. Her free ezine, RealityShifters News, is read by subscribers around the world through the website. Larson provides spiritual life coaching to help people develop their energy fields and utilize their divine gifts to create their best possible lives.

Brad Yates was one of the top EFT experts chosen to co-author the Amazon best-seller ‘Freedom At Your Fingertips.’ He has been a presenter at the Walk On Water (WOW) Festival in Los Angeles, as well as several International Energy Psychology Conferences. He has also collaborated on projects with “Secret” stars Joe Vitale ( and Bob Doyle. News For The Soul Radio (also on BBS) calls Brad the ‘EFT Wizard.’ Brad is a caring professional with a sincere interest in seeing people produce extraordinary results. More information, including how to do EFT, is available at

Brad Gilbert, MMQ, is a Medical Qigong Therpaist, Master of Medical Qigong certified through Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson of the International Institute of Medical Qigong in Pacific Grove, CA. He also has specialized training in Medical Qigong Oncology.

William Stillman, a writer with Asperger’s Syndrome, is author of special needs parenting books as well as being a nationally-renown speaker. Autism and the God Connection, Stillman’s study of profound spiritual, mystical and metaphysical giftedness of some individuals with autism, has resonated with parents, professionals, and persons with autism internationally, and has received endorsements of praise from bestselling authors Gary Zukav, Carol Bowman, Dean Hamer, and Larry Dossey. Stillman’s Web site is

Robert Perala is an internationally acclaimed lecturer and author of The Divine Blueprint and The Divine Architect. Both publications provide a best of the best in Near Death Experience Research, After Death Communication, Life Before Birth, The Evolutions of the Soul and much more. Many contributors such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, were also included in the publication. Robert can be found at

# # #

Contact information:
Jacob Gorban

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Using psychic skills to invest in stocks

Posted on Feb 12, 2007 in Business, ESP | 5 comments

I saw today a press release from 2005 with the following info (excerpt):

… What then is it that sets successful investors from mediocre investors? One of wall streets biggest secrets when looking to invest in stocks involves using intuition. Unlike typical analytical methodologies, intuition allows you to take decision making to the next level when looking to invest in stocks by facilitating greater clarity and insight. Rather then getting caught up in emotion, overlooking valuable information or hidden investment signals, successful investors instead use intuition when looking to invest in stocks. …

Then this press release describes a very simple procedure to enhance intuition (basically, by doing a 5 minute breath relaxation), which won’t help many.

Then it tells about the poster of the press release: “A psychic medium since birth Karyn Reece is a former series 7 registered representative (stockbroker), lecturer, author and media personality who provides a variety of classes and personal consultations.”

I have 2 problems with that.

  1. If it’s possible to use psychic powers for gaining on the stock market, then why don’t we hear about it more?
  2. If it’s possible to use psychic powers for gaining on the stock market, and the author himself is psychic from birth, why does he do any consulting at all? I’d just use my skills and make an easy living on the stock market by myself.
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Interview with Bonnie Adam – Reiki master and psychic reader

Posted on Jan 21, 2007 in Aura, Business, Chakras, Energy, Healing, Health, Interviews, Meditation, Mediumship, Parapsychology, Reiki, Universal Mind | 3 comments

I’m glad to announce my fifth interview for Today I’m posting the interview of Bonnie Adam. Bonnie is a Tibeten -Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master, and also does psychic readings. She started reading professionally about 8 years ago. She read for friends for a few years before that. She has been doing Reiki for about 7 years and teaching Reiki and workshops for 3 years. She has an office in lovely downtown Guelph, Ontario, Canada. For more information about Bonnie go to or check out her 2 blogs, or She try to update them frequently, but the kids, the dog, her partner and her business do require quite a bit of attention. Enjoy it.

How have you discovered that you want to be a healer and a psychic? Did you develop your psychic power or was discovered “by accident”?

I have had ‘psychic’ experiences since childhood. I would be aware of spiritual beings, and I would hear things and see things that others did not. It was quite confusing as a child as I would be told by the adults around me that I was imagining things. I eventually seemed to have shut down my abilities, but they returned quite strongly when I was in my late teens.
I would be aware of the spirits, and I would know that they were trying to communicate with me. It took a few years of practice and meditation before I was able to interpret the messages they were trying to send.

I learned about Reiki in 1997. My infant daughter needed surgery and she was in quite a lot of pain. I was guided to use my hands to try and sooth her, and her pain seemed to diminish. Very soon after that I was looking through a continuing education brochure and saw a class on Reiki. When I read the description I knew that I had been trying to do Reiki for my daughter, and signed up!

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One hundred posts – a summary of activity

Posted on Jul 3, 2006 in Business, Energy, ESP, Exercises, Health, Miscellaneous, Parapsychology, Silva Method | Comments Off on One hundred posts – a summary of activity

Hello, dear readers of the Parapsychology articles and blog website!

This post is marked as post number 100 and I wanted to celebrate this occasion by summarizing the activity of this site from its beginning.

I’ve started this site in October of last year, so a year has not yet passed but I’m very content with my accomplishments so far.

I’ve had several articles that have had a large popularity on the internet. The first of such articles was the series of articles on the meditating boy in Nepal – the “Buddha boy” as he’s been called. I’ve followed on this story and have had at least four articles on this and quite a lot of comments. Most people thinks that it’s a hoax and he’s been eating and drinking in the night. Personally I don’t know the truth about this case but it surely interests a lot of people and I still have several hundred people coming each month as the result of looking into this story, although it is already a finished story, as the boy has disappeared.

The first popular post that got picked up by the various social bookmarking sites was the ‘Increase your energy levels in 1 minute‘ article which promises to make one more energetic both when tired or exhausted or when you need some more for energy work, like healing. These exercises work very effectively for me and the people around me who do them. Many of the responses on the internet, including in the comments to the post, also point out that many people have found them to do exactly that – energize you with simple exercises that take only one minute to perform. If you haven’t already learned them, please take a few minutes to read the article and learn the exercises, as they will surely come handy to you in the future, whatever you do for living.

The most popular article up to date was about relieving nasal congestion using a simple point massage which my late grandmother has taught me when I was very little. This article came to #1 on the popular bookmarking site and held first place for about 9! hours. This is truly an accomplishment since most popular articles on are technical links. In fact, the other 9 links up to 10th place were all technical articles on internet and computer related issues.

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Interview with Cynthia Sue Larson

Posted on May 13, 2006 in Aura, Books, Business, Energy, ESP, Healing, Interviews, Meditation, Mediumship, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing, Research, Universal Mind | 2 comments

I’m happy to announce the first interview for the Parapsychology articles and blog website!

This interview is with Cynthia Sue Larson, who runs the Reality Shifter website, author of 4 books on reality shifts, aura and spirituality and is a spiritual life coach. The interview was conducted by email, so it’s not a dialog but more of a Q&A.

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Healing mathematics

Posted on Apr 15, 2006 in Business, Energy, Healing, Research | 7 comments

Most alternative healing modalities are based either on life-force energy or some natural products, such as herbs or homeopathic medicine. Not many alternative healing modalities are based on some scientific research and technological advancement.

Here I’d like to present two interesting healing aids that are based on maths and a scientific research. One of them originates in Russia while the other is from Canada. I’ve known about the russian products for a while now but only recently came upon the canadian site and what struck is a basic similarity of the products, although I find the russian variant more advanced (and more expensive).

The two product groups are based on some private research as to how energy works and how some geometrical shapes can be used in order to modify the properties of the energy to help the people.

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