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Interview with Laura Bruno

Posted on Dec 2, 2007 in Aura, Books, Energy, Healing, Health, Interviews, Reiki | 5 comments

Today is another interview, this time with Laura Bruno. Laura Bruno is a Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Teacher. She has lived and taught across the U.S. and now resides in Sedona, Arizona, where she enjoys the beauty with her husband Stephen, a photographer. Laura offers classes and phone consultations and writes fiction in her spare time. In addition to over twenty articles on natural healing, Laura also authored the soon-to-be-released eBook, If I Only Had a Brain Injury: A TBI Survivor and Life Coach’s Guide to Chronic Fatigue, Concussion, Lyme Disease, Migraine and Other “Medical Mystery. You can visit her website at

Could you please tell the story of discovering your intuitive abilities.

I grew up as an empath (meaning I could feel other people’s physical and emotional pain), but I had no context for that “gift.” Everyone called me over-sensitive, and I learned to view intuition as something inconvenient, weird or shameful. Despite efforts to suppress it, people still sensed my ability. While I earned a Masters in English at University of Chicago, strangers often approached me for health or life path advice, which I quietly gave. To my embarrassment, these same strangers later hugged me in front of my friends, thanking me for the insights. Secretly, I felt led to a more spiritual career than academia, but I resisted.

Instead, I chose the corporate world. My first sales job required twenty-five cold calls per day. Twenty-five cold calls supposedly equaled seven call-backs, which translated to three sales appointments, which became one sale, which (funneled throughout the month) equaled or exceeded quota. I hated viewing conversations as statistics—not to mention all the “no soliciting” jabs. But I couldn’t live on my base salary: I needed to hit quota. Desperate, I started praying. Before each cold call I would silently ask, “Let them see your Light in me and, please, give me the right words to say.” Instead of kicking me out, business folks suddenly welcomed me as a long lost friend! Yet after seven cold calls, I still needed a vanilla milkshake and a two-hour nap. I requested extra guidance: “Please, take me to the right places today. Then, let me radiate your Light and use your words.” With my terrible sense of direction, I developed an uncanny knack for getting “lost” exactly where and when someone needed exactly what I had to sell. I continued to make or exceed quota each month, averaging about two cold calls per day.

This effective prayer only intensified that nudge toward spiritual work. One day I “accidentally” cold called a nun and she took my hands: “Child, you have such Sweetness in you! You will go far when you embrace your gifts.” Disturbed, I reapplied to doctoral programs, vowing to teach a Literature and Spirituality class. I found a cushy sales job with established accounts—no more cold calling nuns! Then I prayed, “If academia’s not my path, don’t let me do it. Otherwise, I’m going!” The scholarships and stipends flooded in: “Wow!” I thought, “That was easy! Here I expected some big, dramatic thing. One course on Literature and Spirituality? Guess I’m not so intuitive after all …”

But on May 19, 1998 (three months before I planned to start fully funded doctoral studies in English Literature) an on-the-job car accident destroyed the life I knew. A brain injury shut down my rational side for years. I suffered visual impairments leaving me unable to read longer than five minutes per day. Florescent lights caused migraines, dizziness and disorientation, and my short term memory all but disappeared. Without my rational mind, intuition suddenly unleashed itself. Carefully developed filters no longer worked. I suddenly “knew” someone had a thyroid problem or emotional blocks leading to cancer. Even worse, I’d get the insistent urge to tell them and if I didn’t, my head pounded louder than usual. The more I resisted, the stronger the migraines became until finally I contacted each person and shared my insights. Then the pain subsided. Medical tests and conversations continued to confirm my intuition, but it took a long time for me to feel comfortable sharing information—even under duress.

Summer 1999, I spent eight weeks in Seattle in a final push to attend graduate school. (Yep, I’m stubborn, and Northwestern let me defer enrollment for a year.) One day, my holistic vision and brain injury specialist said, “If grad school doesn’t pan out, come back to Seattle. I’m old and I need to give my practice to someone.” “OK, where did that come from?” I asked. “I’m an English major!” He explained that he and his assistant had noticed “the next three patients after” me “always made amazing progress.” “Great,” I said, “What’s that got to do with me?” He answered, “For weeks we’ve purposely mixed things up and no matter which three patients follow you, they always make amazing progress. You leave an energy residue in the room that lasts at least three hours. Seriously, if grad school doesn’t pan out, come back and work with me.”

Well, graduate school didn’t pan out. My head imploded under florescent lights and if I ever managed to read, I immediately forgot the content. Meanwhile, my intuition and energy continued to grow. In August 2001, I returned to Seattle for more treatment. That specialist eventually hired me as his Medical Intuitive Consultant—my first job after brain injury. With no other career options and a strong sense of Fate, I started to embrace my healing gifts instead of running from them. I opened my own business and made a full recovery. Now, I love my intuition, and I love that it helps so many people heal and find their path!

You are a Reiki Master teacher. What do you find Reiki helpful for?

Reiki translates to “universal life force energy” or “divinely directed healing energy.” As such, people find Reiki helpful for all kinds of things! In the last 10 years, many hospices and hospitals (including the esteemed California Pacific Medical Center, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire, St. Luke’s Hospital in Pennsylvania, and Tucson Medical Center in Arizona) have valued volunteer or paid Reiki practitioners alongside their cancer programs because patients report vastly decreased pain and fear, and increased peace, positive attitude and relaxation.

Personally, I’ve found that Reiki works well for headaches, stomach pain, and insomnia. When I first learned Reiki, I was still recovering from my brain injury. Daily self-treatments and a number of “healing attunements” allowed me to wean myself completely from pharmaceutical migraine pills. I also find Reiki useful for empowering goals, because the energy just flows through situations and events. Hallmarks of Reiki include increased serendipity and a bubbling sense of joy.

Describe some of the more interesting cases from your practice, where Reiki was helpful.

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Parapsychology and alternative medicine forum is now open

Posted on Jul 17, 2007 in Books, Business, Energy, ESP, Healing, Health, Meditation, Miscellaneous, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Reiki, Remote Viewing, Research, Telepathy | Comments Off on Parapsychology and alternative medicine forum is now open

Today I’m glad to announce the launch of the forum on the site. The Parapsychology and alternative medicine forums at are place for the visitors and readers of and all other internet users to talk about subjects of parapsychology and psi research and on the various topics of alternative medicine and energy healing.

In the forum you’ll find sections devoted to energy healing (EFT, Quantum Touch), personal practices, such as qigong and yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and your home remedies for various conditions.

Other topics including scientific debates on parapsychology and psi research as a place for the skeptics and supporters of parapsychology to delve into serious debates, a section on developing psi abilities and a place to post your question to the community describing your personal stories of unexplained character.

The last section is devoted to site itself. On is a general discussion for your suggestions on the site’s content, design, goals etc. The other forum imports all blog posts off to continue debates on the topics in the forum, which is better platform than the comments in the blog. In the near future, all the comments on the main site will be disabled and all commenters will need to use the forum instead. This will also improve spam protection and garbage comments.

You can subscribe to forum feeds using RSS as well, if it is easier for you.

My hope is that the forums will be a place for quality people. I’m going to attract some experts in the various related fields of knowledge to add value to the community.

You are welcomed to propose more forum topics, a different structure are help with moderation. If you hold yourself as an expert in any area, please let me know using the contact form as I might have something special for the experts.

So, head over to the Parapsychology and alternative medicine forums right now, register and start your discussions.


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Interview with Bonnie Adam – Reiki master and psychic reader

Posted on Jan 21, 2007 in Aura, Business, Chakras, Energy, Healing, Health, Interviews, Meditation, Mediumship, Parapsychology, Reiki, Universal Mind | 3 comments

I’m glad to announce my fifth interview for Today I’m posting the interview of Bonnie Adam. Bonnie is a Tibeten -Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master, and also does psychic readings. She started reading professionally about 8 years ago. She read for friends for a few years before that. She has been doing Reiki for about 7 years and teaching Reiki and workshops for 3 years. She has an office in lovely downtown Guelph, Ontario, Canada. For more information about Bonnie go to or check out her 2 blogs, or She try to update them frequently, but the kids, the dog, her partner and her business do require quite a bit of attention. Enjoy it.

How have you discovered that you want to be a healer and a psychic? Did you develop your psychic power or was discovered “by accident”?

I have had ‘psychic’ experiences since childhood. I would be aware of spiritual beings, and I would hear things and see things that others did not. It was quite confusing as a child as I would be told by the adults around me that I was imagining things. I eventually seemed to have shut down my abilities, but they returned quite strongly when I was in my late teens.
I would be aware of the spirits, and I would know that they were trying to communicate with me. It took a few years of practice and meditation before I was able to interpret the messages they were trying to send.

I learned about Reiki in 1997. My infant daughter needed surgery and she was in quite a lot of pain. I was guided to use my hands to try and sooth her, and her pain seemed to diminish. Very soon after that I was looking through a continuing education brochure and saw a class on Reiki. When I read the description I knew that I had been trying to do Reiki for my daughter, and signed up!

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Jackie asks for advice

Posted on Oct 26, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Healing, Health, Meditation, Parapsychology, Reiki | 4 comments

Today I’d like to post another submission by Jackie who wrote to me before and asked advice about feeling other people’s pain about two months ago. Today, Jackie continues to tell her story and once again asks for advice. Please write in comments your advices if you believe you can help her. My advice is after her letter. Here’s what Jackie wrote:

I wrote about my ability to feel heat from gliding my hands over a persons body. I know the heat is really pain. I can feel the size and intensity of the pain. My search for knowledge is what if anything is next. Will healing be next?

When I joined this blog I didn’t have much confidence in myself or if I was gifted. I felt like I was at a threshold peeking through a door. After reading this blog daily I’ve now entered a door and now in mid-life know that I am truly gifted.

You see, many memories are coming back to me from childhood. I’ve always just been this way and it’s never been a big deal.

The most recent memories are the tools that helped me enter the door. I grew up thinking that all kids knew who was calling when the phone rang. This is before caller ID!

When the phone rang my mother would say, “jackie, who’s calling, is it a bill collector? (at age 9, my father passed and times were rough) I thought all kids did that.

Both my father and my grand-father worked for the railroad and both were engineers. The chicken farm was a business that perhaps was started because we had a great deal of acreage.

Recently like a flash a memory came back to me. I could almost hear my mother stating for the first time, “yes, Jackie, we all know you can understand and a talk with the animals, but don’t ever tell anyone.” We had not only chickens but a small variety of barn yard animals.

We did have a wild bob-cat. I was the only person that could feed it because no one else could get close enough without being clawed. The bob-cat clawed my brothers arms so badly that blood was dripping every where.

I must have been 7 or 8 years old and only recently remembered my gift with animals. I still find that a little hard to believe but my life events are starting to fall into place now.

Again around the age of 9-10 every time my mother and I went to Sunday mass I fainted. I was always carried out to an ambulance and off to the hospital I went. I thought most kids passed out in church. The priest finally told my mother that God will understand if I don’t attend mass. Being a kid I was thrilled!

I had many brain waves. I hated them because my flaming long red hair would have glue left on it after each brain wave. It hurt so much when it was time to get combed out. Doctors of all kinds did many exams. I had physical exams tests, and even spoke with psychiatrists. No one knew the cause of fainting in church.

Can you believe that now, middle of my life it’s coming back to me? My mother stressed many times for me not to tell anyone about events I knew would happen. I cried one day because I knew she was going to be in a car accident. She was and she had a minor injury but again I was told not to tell anyone that I knew it was going to happen.

Anyone gone through anything like this?

I have memories flood my brain at times yet I can still shut them out because at times all of the information that seems to be coming to me is a bit much. My life is in turmoil right now so I feel I can’t handle a great deal.

any advice??? please??

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Belief levels and the path of a healer

Posted on Mar 10, 2006 in Aura, Chakras, Energy, ESP, Healing, Mediumship, Parapsychology, Reiki, Universal Mind | 1 comment

In this article I’d like to discuss the changes in the belief system of a person as required to advance in parapsychology studies and its applications, such as healing.

What the bleep are you talking about?

It is obvious that most people live below the personal level of awareness needed to even be interested by subjects connected to parapsychology and the psychic phenomena. Even when encountering any information about psychic events in the media, most will disregard this and relate to these articles as pulp fiction and never think seriously about the possibility that anything of it could be true.

Yes, they may know several people doing yoga exercises. They’ve heard them telling how good it makes them feel and relate it to the fact that most yoga practices studied in groups are the asanas, and since they are physical exercises, it’s like working out in a gym. Therefore, these people will go the gym themselves to have some exercise on their body (those who care).

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Psychic or energy healing and diagnosis

Posted on Feb 12, 2006 in Aura, Chakras, Energy, ESP, Healing, Parapsychology, Reiki, Silva Method | 4 comments

This is a short poll for the readers.

Psychic healer in the post refers to: general psychic healers, reiki, various energy healer, chakra healing, aura healing, mind force, Jose Silva technique and other similar healers.

  1. Have you ever been diagnosed by a psychic healer?
  2. Have you ever been healed by a psychic healer? Did it help?
  3. If not you, do you know about your relatives or friends who’ve been diagnosed or healed by psychic healers?

Please write in comments and try to be as specific as you can, so that we all could learn and be inspired from your experiences.

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Feel energy between your hands

Posted on Jan 17, 2006 in Energy, ESP, Exercises, Healing, Meditation, Parapsychology, Reiki, Tutorials | 268 comments

For all of us hearing about the energy healing and wondering what the energy is, there’s a simple exercise that can give a feeling. Many healers use their hands as life force energy (Chi) channels to give it to their patients and thus help their mind and body to heal (like in Reiki). This is a very simplistic description but the purpose of this post is to let you experience the energy.

The basic exercise to feel energy between the palms of your hands is very easy:

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