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Find lost object with Remote Viewing or dowsing

Posted on Sep 18, 2007 in ESP, Remote Viewing, Silva Method | Comments Off on Find lost object with Remote Viewing or dowsing

A forum user posted a question asking about using remote viewing to find lost object (on forum). Apparently, he lost one his gameboy games inside the house and now can’t find it. Do you know if Remote Viewing can be used to locate lost things?

This question comes in at a good time for me, too, since I seem to have lost my wrist watch and I’m not even sure it’s at my home. I’ve never actually learned remote viewing so I don’t know if it can be used for that but I’ve learned some dowsing and my mother-in-law, who also studied it, once found my wife’s lost jewelry, in only 2 minutes, using an L-Shaped rod to answer the questions of its location. So, I guess something is possible. See more what I wrote about Dowsing.

Also, back in Oct’ 2005, when I only started this blog I’ve already written about this subject, but mostly related to Silva Method, see: Remote viewing to find lost objects (blog)

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The Secret movie will have a sequel soon

Posted on Jul 1, 2007 in Books, Business, Meditation, Reviews, Silva Method, Universal Mind | 33 comments

The very known movie “The Secret”, which stirred big waves across the world and in the US in particular, will have a sequel soon. Apparently, the movie will continue where “The Secret” left off and focus on an action plan. It is about half way shot already and is planned to be released in November this year. It will have a similar cast. Following is my review of the original “The Secret” movie and my thoughts about its concepts.

I’ve seen “The Secret” movie a long time ago, before it hit the US strong through Oprah’s show. I’ve watched it with several friends and I liked it. Although basically the idea (Law of Attraction) was not new to me as I’ve heard it through various sources, beginning with Brian Tracy’s motivational books through many current spiritual coaches, I still found the movie well produced and the visualizations of the process are effective, in my opinion.

Law of Attraction, as it is presented in the movie, is also called “manifestation” in modern literature and it promotes the idea that our life flows in the direction of our energized thoughts, i.e. one’s desires, reinforced through visualization and other manifestation techniques help create the reality which realizes (manifests) this original desire or goal. Creative visualization, Jose Silva’s Method and many similar techniques were developed years earlier than this movie to achieve the same goal.

The movie, though, also presents the Law of Attraction in its “negative form”, when our negative thoughts “attract” negative events in our life. Although I find it hard to attribute every negative or positive event to the Law of Attraction, I think that basically this works. Even if the mechanism of this work is not “paranormal” in any way, I believe that focusing your mind on your goals activates the brain so that it builds the plan and pays attention to the opportunities that come across the way and may help achieve the goals. It is possible that if one wouldn’t do these visualizations which focus the brain on the target, one wouldn’t have recognized the opportunity coming his way. It also makes one more optimistic and able, while being pessimistic (thinking about bad things that might happen) will not allow you to progress in the desired direction.

Of course, many people who stick to manifestation tell about amazing coincidences happening in their life after they actively engage in this process, like you can read in my story at Belief and money manifestation and I’m not sure if all of them can be attributed to simple focused awareness, as many of these cases seem to be externally driven.

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Top 5 healthy relaxation techniques

Posted on May 7, 2007 in Exercises, Healing, Health, Meditation, Silva Method, Tutorials | 30 comments

The ability to relax at will is an important ability that everyone should possess, in my opinion. Today’s life in the western world is very tense, stressful, both mentally and physically. This is true for high-tech and computer workers, who sit long hours in front of the screen, creating constant tension in some muscles and joints, for many hours a day. This is also true for other workers, such as those who drive a lot, especially in dense traffic, when the mental pressure is high. Stress is a very common word these days, as people blame stress for many of their problems. People have a hard time to relax. In this article I’d like to summarize the best 5 ways for a healthy (and legal) relaxation, in my opinion.

Relaxation technique 1: Breathing to relax and to calm down

The most basic skill you need to allow yourself to calm down quickly and relax is controlled breathing. Taking your breathing under conscious control for some time distracts from other stressful thoughts you might have. Some breathing techniques have fast tranquilizing effect. I suggest the following breathing exercise:

  • If possible, lie down or at least sit comfortably.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate your attention on your nostrils, where air enters the nose.
  • Take a slow and deep breath in through your nose. Notice how the air is cold, entering your nose.
  • Hold your breath for a seconds holding your attention on the same spot.
  • Breath out slowly and quietly through the nose. Notice how the air is warm on your nostrils on the way out.
  • Do this for a few minutes, until you let disturbed thoughts go and feel relaxed.

The above exercise uses several techniques to calm you:

  • Closing eyes and getting in a comfortable position already induces a little relaxation.
  • Slow breathing with a stop in middle reduces the heard rate. It is especially useful when you feel agitated for some reason and need to calm down fast. You might do this at times of pressure, without all the preliminary steps, if there’s no time or place for them.
  • Concentrating on the cold and warm air moving through the nostrils occupies the mind and distracts you from other, negative thoughts, you might have. See also technique #8, Thought substitution for calming and relaxation.


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Relaxation Technique 6: Entering alpha state of mind by yourself

Posted on Apr 14, 2007 in Exercises, Healing, Health, Meditation, Parapsychology, Silva Method, Tutorials | 18 comments

Continuing the subject of the previous Relaxation Technique 5: Inducing alpha and theta levels using audio programs, it is also possible to learn and enter the alpha state of mind by yourself, without the aid of special audio recordings. Of course, it requires some learning but has the benefit of allowing you better control over your brain. Jose Silva1 has dedicated his life to develop a technique to better utilize the human potential. His work is based on knowledge to enter and stay in the alpha state of mind. There are several ways to induce alpha state. Here’s one that works well for me:

  1. Sit comfortably or lie down, closing your eyes. Perform a number of deep breaths.
  2. Visualize the number 3 and say to yourself “Three” 3 times.
  3. Visualize the number 2 and say to yourself “Two” 3 times.
  4. Visualize the number 1 and say to yourself “One” 3 times.
  5. Visualize the number 10 and say “I’m relaxing”
  6. Visualize the number 9 and say “I’m calming down”
  7. Visualize the number 8 and say “I’m relaxing more and more”
  8. Visualize the number 7 and say “I’m calming down more and more”
  9. Visualize the number 6 and say “My consciousness is clear and tranquil”
  10. Visualize the number 5 and say “My whole body is relaxed”
  11. Visualize the number 4 and say “I’m so relaxed so that I can’t feel the weight of my body”
  12. Visualize the number 3 and say “I’m totally calm”
  13. Visualize the number 2 and say “I’m totally relaxed”
  14. Visualize the number 1 and say “I’m totally calm and totally relaxed. I’m at alpha.”

When you get to this point, you’ll be at alpha and should feel very relaxed. Note, that if you perform this while lying in bed and a bit tired, you can fall asleep even before your reach the end of this exercise. If you have trouble falling asleep, this is a good exercise to do every time you lie down and intend to sleep.

1 Jose Silva

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Results to Psi Experiment 1 published

Posted on Apr 12, 2007 in ESP, Exercises, Meditation, Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing, Research, Silva Method, Telepathy, Universal Mind | 57 comments

I’m glad to announce that after a lot of work with the results of the first Psi Experiment, I’ve now posted the results at results of the first psi experiment. Despite some bad experiment design decisions there are still some interesting things to learn about demographics, psychological biases and which methods work better.

This is also an opportunity to remind you to take part in the second psi experiment if you have not already done so. Tell your friends to participate as well.

Discuss the results in the comments.

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Relaxation Technique 5: Inducing alpha and theta levels using audio programs

Posted on Apr 10, 2007 in Healing, Health, Meditation, Parapsychology, Silva Method, Tutorials | 4 comments

The human brain operates at different states of consciousness and attention. The different levels differentiate by the frequency of the brain waves, as can be seen on EEG (Electroencephalography1). These are called using letter of the greek alphabet. The general agreement regarding the brainwave patterns is as follows:

  • Beta – 14Hz and higher. Alert, active state of mind. Associated with thinking and being awake.
  • Alpha – 8 to 14Hz. Relaxed state of mind. Associated with daydreaming, general relaxation.
  • Theta – 4 to 8Hz. Deeper relaxed state. Light stages of sleep. Hypnosis. Meditation.
  • Delta – below 4Hz. Deep sleep. No conscious awareness.

The alpha state was discovered to be a very healthy state of mind as it is associated with relaxed brain activity. It is also used a platform for advanced mind control techniques such as meditation, Jose Silva Method, and similar.

It is possible to induce alpha brainwave activity using special audio recordings, utilizing binaural beats2 effect to directly affect the brain and bring it to work at the desired frequency. One such recording that gives good relaxation results is Immrama Institute’s Insight Program (CD or MP3). It provides the benefits of binaural beats to reduce stress layered over the sound of falling rain, which by itself has a tranquilizing effect.

There are many other recordings available that utilize similar technology but some are said to be better than the other.

1 Electroencephalography

2 Binaural beats

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Psi Experiments website announces the launch of its second psi experiment

Posted on Apr 2, 2007 in ESP, Exercises, Meditation, Parapsychology, Remote Viewing, Research, Silva Method, Universal Mind | 14 comments

After successful launch of the psi experiments website I’m proud to announce the launch of the second experiment.

Over 1500 people have participated in the first experiment and the results will be published during the coming two weeks, after the analysis will be complete. Yet, following constructive criticism regarding some design flaws of the first experiment, this second experiment is better designed to overcome these flaws and provide more reliable results.

Everyone is invited to participate in this second psi experiment and spread the word among your friends. The more participants, the more reliable will be the results.

I’m also glad to add a new sponsor on board. This new sponsor is Immrama Institute and they will provide their Insight CDs as prizes. Insight CD
is a powerful tool to help you explore expanded states of meditation and consciousness, achieve deeper levels of self awareness, reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve your overall mental and emotional well-being.

To those participating, if you’d like to learn some ESP I can advice you to read my articles:
Developing ESP – First steps
Exercises to develop ESP ability – part 2

For those interested to learn more about psychic abilities I can refer to the course Developing psychic powers, which, for a reasonable price, includes three books with over 500 pages of material to develop your psychic abilities.

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First Psi (Parapsychology) Experiment launched

Posted on Mar 2, 2007 in ESP, Exercises, Meditation, Parapsychology, Remote Viewing, Research, Silva Method, Telepathy, Universal Mind | 8 comments

I’m glad to announce that the first in the series of previously announced Psi Experiments to test the abilities of the human mind has been launched. This is a most basic parapsychology experiment with more interesting ones to follow.

Tell all your friends and encourage them to participate.
Go to Psi Experiment #1 and do your best.

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The power of Silva Method in healing

Posted on Feb 1, 2007 in Books, Healing, Health, Meditation, Parapsychology, Silva Method | 1 comment

Silva UltraMind systems posted a letter written in 1984 to Jose Silva by one man who had a lot of benefit from the system and overcame serious illnesses and conditions, including bad eyesight. The following is an excerpt from the letter:

“Six years ago,” Ed wrote to Jose Silva in 1984, “if you would have told me I would ever be happy and healthy, I wouldn’t have even smiled at the thought – my health was so bad I couldn’t even imagine being well. That was before someone introduced me to Silva Mind Control and the power of the mind.

“When I was born in 1962 I have been told I wasn’t expected to live and if I did, I would have severe brain damage and cerebral palsy. It was later found out, through further examination, I had muscular dystrophy as well. I was also partly deaf, had severely crossed eyes and legally blind.

“The ‘experts’ didn’t give my parents much hope I would ever be able to read or write or function in the ‘outside world’ – ‘outside’ of a state institution. Because of this and my declining health, they didn’t expect me to live for long.

“At the age of 2 I had my first surgery on my eyes to correct my vision and my crossed eyes.

“From 1967 to 1979 I was placed in institutions and special schools and went through several operations on my legs and eyes to try to correct my many problems. But none seemed to really help. My eyesight was getting worse and hearing and speech were getting worse.

“Then in the early part of 1978 a volunteer gave me a book she had been reading. I often looked at books to see how many words I knew. As I read and reread your book (The Silva Mind Control Method) many times, over a period of time I mastered the techniques in the book. At times, I even slept with the book. I wore the book out.

“The doctors couldn’t understand it but my health seemed to be getting better. I did not tell them what I was doing – it’s called ‘programming.’

“First I began walking. In a short time I no longer needed braces for my legs and arms. My hearing was restored as well as my speech.

The rest of the article can be seen at:
“They thought his case was hopeless”:

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Theta Healing

Posted on Oct 14, 2006 in Healing, Meditation, Silva Method | 5 comments

The About Healing guide has posted a great article about Theta Healing. Theta healing is about consciously reaching the Theta level of brainwave activity. Theta waves exist in the brain while we sleep and can be experienced in the first moments when waking up, before fully awake.

Theta brainwaves are between 4-7 cycles per second while the more known alpha state is higher, in the 7-14 Hz range. The alpha state is the state of meditation and daydreaming and is used by the Silva Method for healing and self-improvement.

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