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Skeptiko – podcast about psi research

I’ve come along an interesting new podcast (audio recording), titled “Skeptiko”. It is described as “Balanced discussion of new scientific discoveries and the methods for validating them.“ This podcast is run by Alex and currently has the first interview published. The interview is with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a famous biologist, researching various psi phenomena. I’ve written about Rupert’s works in Experiments of Rupert Sheldrake, Telephone telepathy experiments of Rupert Sheldrake and Can you sense being stared at?. The second (not yet released podcast) is with Dr. Dean Radin, about whom I’ve also written on this site. Among other things, Dr. Radin also speaks of his spoon bending experience and issues with psi research and experiments. Listen to the interviews on the Skeptiko...

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Spoon bending

Update: see also my later article “Spoon bending evidence by Dean Radin” for more credible evidence of spoon bending. Spoon bending is a popular topics in the world of parapsychology or paranormal in general and in the field of psychokinesis (PK) in particular. Spoon bending refers to the alleged phenomena when people can bend spoons, forks and other similar objects with little to no force, making some very intriguing forms of them. I first heard of this a long time ago but have never actually witnessed it. I have tried somewhat (without getting special instruction) but without success. Nevertheless, there are some very interesting sites with interesting stories about spoon bending. Of course, one of the more known persons having done spoon bending is the famous Uri Geller. Uri has been performing this a long time ago. There are many skeptics that designate him as a fraud but some people that I respect their opinion find much of his claims genuine. I’ve had asked in my interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, who has a Ph.D. in parapsychology and who worked with Uri Geller in the beginning of his career. Another person whom I respect is Cynthia Sue Larson, the founder of the Reality Shifters website. I’ve also interviewed her and asked about Geller. Here’s what she answered me: I hand-selected the spoon that I brought for Uri Geller to bend,...

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Train and verify your psi abilities

If you want to train your psi abilities or want some tests to verify them, there’s a great online resource for that. Go over to GotPsi which has about 7 different tests, 3 card tests and some remote viewing and other tests. There’s good statistics, daily, monthly and yearly. You have to register there and then your statistics will be collected. There are lots of users taking tests there and even Dr. Dean Radin from the institute of Neoetic sciences uses data from this site to perform analysis. Tell of your experiments with...

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Sub Rosa magazine – parapsychology, magic and science

I have come upon an interesting online magazine called “Sub Rosa”. This magazine is available for free online in PDF format and is designed like a real, printed hi-quality magazine. The theme: “Where Science and magic, Myth and History Meet”. There have already been five issues of this magazine and the latest one has at least two articles of interest to the readers of One is an interview with Dr. Dean Radin, head scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Dr. Radin is one of the most active psi researches today and has recently published a book titled “Entangled Minds : Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality” which summarizes his views on extrasensory research. The other article is about the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). This institute was established by the Appolo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who after his space mission decided to establish an institution to research parapsychology and human consciousness. The magazine also has some other interesting articles in the current issue, on the subjects of crop circles, Priory of Sion, book reviews and more. Links: Sub Rosa magazine Institute of Noetic...

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Interview with Jeffrey Mishlove

I’m delighted to present another interview. This time the interview is with Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D. of parapsychology. For a background read about Jeffrey in the post: Jeffrey (Jeff) Mishlove – profile of a parapsychology researcher. This interview was also conducted by email. On your site you’re telling the story how you began researching parapsychology. You tell about the event when your uncle came into your dream and you’ve had a very special experience. What was so special about this event that changed your whole life? Two things were very special. First, it was intensely emotional. This is the only time in my life I ever awakened from a dream and found myself singing and crying simultaneously. Second, it had a veridical component. The dream occurred at approximately the same time as my Uncle Harry’s death. It gave me cause to believe that it was more than a mere dream. It was a contact with a world beyond death. You’re the only known holder of a Ph.D. in parapsychology from a credited US university. That raises several questions. First, if parapsychology is a credible science why isn’t it studied in major universities. It is studied at major universities in Europe and elsewhere. However, within academia, there is a very strong, materialist prejudice against the very possibility that psi phenomena exist. People who conduct research, or teach, in these areas become...

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