It’s possible to advertise on

There are 4 possible banner ad positions on Mind-Energy.

The individual article pages

These display 3 banners with close proximity to text and with high visibility. Check the graphics below for the location and sizes:

Mind Energy ads posts

The most performant units are the in-post 250×250 and top-right 300×250.

Multiple article pages

Pages that display multiple articles have only two ad positions:

  • The same 300×250 in the top right
  • a 728×90 leaderboard on the bottom of the site.


Pricing is available per 1000 of impressions. If you want a sponsorship-type pricing (price per day) please contact for a quote.

The price is $2/1000 impressions (eCPM).

The site receives between 25,000-80,000 page views each months.
Many of the visitors are interested in health and also in various paranormal topics.

The site has some loyal readership but most visitors come from search engines and other sites

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