Hello, dear readers of the Parapsychology articles and blog website!

This post is marked as post number 100 and I wanted to celebrate this occasion by summarizing the activity of this site from its beginning.

I’ve started this site in October of last year, so a year has not yet passed but I’m very content with my accomplishments so far.

I’ve had several articles that have had a large popularity on the internet. The first of such articles was the series of articles on the meditating boy in Nepal – the “Buddha boy” as he’s been called. I’ve followed on this story and have had at least four articles on this and quite a lot of comments. Most people thinks that it’s a hoax and he’s been eating and drinking in the night. Personally I don’t know the truth about this case but it surely interests a lot of people and I still have several hundred people coming each month as the result of looking into this story, although it is already a finished story, as the boy has disappeared.

The first popular post that got picked up by the various social bookmarking sites was the ‘Increase your energy levels in 1 minute‘ article which promises to make one more energetic both when tired or exhausted or when you need some more for energy work, like healing. These exercises work very effectively for me and the people around me who do them. Many of the responses on the internet, including in the comments to the post, also point out that many people have found them to do exactly that – energize you with simple exercises that take only one minute to perform. If you haven’t already learned them, please take a few minutes to read the article and learn the exercises, as they will surely come handy to you in the future, whatever you do for living.

The most popular article up to date was about relieving nasal congestion using a simple point massage which my late grandmother has taught me when I was very little. This article came to #1 on the popular del.icio.us bookmarking site and held first place for about 9! hours. This is truly an accomplishment since most popular articles on del.icio.us are technical links. In fact, the other 9 links up to 10th place were all technical articles on internet and computer related issues.

This article got mentioned on the popular lifehacker.com site and has received over 20000 visits in 3 days with over 30000 view to date. The article became popular for good reasons:

First, everybody gets nasal congestion from time to time and
Second, the technique is very simple and extremely effective. I also included good pictures to describe where the points are (it took me 2 days only to prepare them).

It still receives more than a 100 views per day from stumbleupon.com and from search engines.

Some other popular articles that attract people are the introductory articles on developing some simple ESP abilities, feeling the life-force energy and Aikido Ki tricks.

I’m also proud of getting three interview in the latest months. Interviews are a great way to get interesting content to the site and I’m going to continue with tradition. I’ve first interviewed Cynthia Sue Larson from the Reality Shifters website, then I’ve interviewed Larry Plato about Jose Silva’s Mind Control method, which I very like personally, and last an interview with Jeff Mishlove, who’s got a doctorate in parapsychology and is experienced interviewer by himself.

I’m trying to cover a lot of topics on this site. All of the topics are the ones that I’m personally interested in, so I’m writing about them with great passion. I wish I could spend more time reading books and articles and writing for this site but at present it’s not yet possible.

Since there’s still a lot of topics to discuss I’d like to know YOUR opinion on where you’d like this site to develop (post in comments):

  • Which topics interest you that I’ve not covered?
  • Which topics would you like me to go into more details?
  • Which are not interesting to you?
  • Are you interested more in exercises, scientific research, theory, news, personal experiences or some other aspect?

On a personal note, I’ve been very happy with the progress of this site so far. The readership base is constantly increasing and the number of visitors constantly rising. I believe that long term commitment to this site and a real interest in its topics is the source of its current success and the foundation for further growth.

Thank you for your support.

I would also like to thank the following sites for their great contents:

  • Steve Pavlina’s blog – which has been a great read on topics of personal development and recently on the topics of spirituality and psychic development.
  • Erin Pavlina’s blog – with whom I’ve collaborated on 2 articles and who also writes very interesting posts on spirituality and psychic abilities.
  • Darren Rowse’s problogger.net for his great source of information on good blogging.