Ready to have some fun learning more about your natural precognitive abilities?  At the Nov. 10-13 APP Fest in Las Vegas (Henderson), participants will predict eight sporting events, rub elbows with great speakers, and interact with people who have similar philosophies about psi.

Three attendees will win cash prizes in the first “Precog Pro” contest ranging from $250 to $1,000, plus the opportunity to become a “professional precoger” with the APP Institute (APPI). Winners will be determined by subtracting the number of misses from the number of hits on predictions for seven football games and one horse race.

“APPI – a 501(c) 3 foundation – wants to partner with people who have high, consistent and verified precognitive hit rates, “ said Marty Rosenblatt, APPI president.  “APPI’s current viewers have demonstrated reliable hit rates of 65 percent or better.” Establishing applied precognition as a profession is one reason APP and APPI maintain statistics on the group and personal level.

Approved as nonprofit organization in February 2016, APPI is an offshoot of the Applied Precognition Project (APP). APP officially began in December 2012 with the mission to “publicly explore, research and apply logic and intuition/emotion to predict future outcomes, enabling participants to evolve personally while contributing to the elevation of global consciousness.”

Applied Precognition Project

Logo of Applied Precognition Project

APP Fest speakers will include Jeff Mishlove, Steve Braude, Charley Tart and John Herlosky. Attendance at APP Fest is limited to twenty-five participants, and all must have some Remote Viewing (RV) experience. Newbies and oldbies are welcome.

Remote viewing is the gathering of information, operating within a pre-specified protocol, from distant targets using intuition rather than the intellect or the usual five senses. Throughout the year, APP and APPI offer many free webinars teaching the basics of applying RV.

Generally, APPI provides all the money for its transactions, which are based on the viewers’ precognitive predictions. The viewers and the nonprofit evenly own the proceeds. At the APP 2016 conference in June, Rosenblatt reported initial earnings totaling $12,743 by eight APPI precogers.

Rosenblatt has long believed demonstrating financial success through remote viewing is key to getting more people to use their innate precognitive and RV abilities. Using APP’s online software or other means, up to a dozen groups issue weekly predictions on sports events and the stock market. Group predictions are shared with paid APP members.

Prior to APP, Rosenblatt led various precognitive groups, which operated under the umbrella of Physics-Intuition-Applications Inc. (see and He published thirty-eight editions of the P-I-A online magazine, “Connections Through Time,” since 1998.

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