Several days ago, CIA published 13 million pages of declassified documents online. Part of this archive are documents related to the Remote Viewing and other research into ESP that SRI (Stanford Research Institute) conducted in the 70ies. This program was known as STARGATE.

Some of the most talked-about documents there are concerned with the testing that was conducted on Uri Geller, a famous and controversial figure in the world of both stage magic and psychic abilities.

After conducting this series of tests, the researchers concluded that Uri Geller ”demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”

Uri Geller in a STARGATE document

Uri Geller in a STARGATE document

BBC does a good coverage of some document in their article on the matter. And the article in Daily Mail includes more information specifically about Uri Geller’s documents.

I took a look at the archives myself and found a document there, possibly an excerpt from a newspaper, interestingly titled “Geller a Fake, says Ex-manager”. It was apparently written by James Randi but describes how Geller’s manager at that time, Yasha Katz, admits to taking part in helping Geller perform his tricks. And that the tricks had nothing to do with psychic powers.

Geller is a Fake, says ex-manager

Geller is a Fake, says ex-manager. Top of page.

I was intrigued about this page since the other articles didn’t mention it. Luckily, Geller was interviewed a couple of days after the release of the documents by Patrick Keller on his Big Séance podcast. In this interview, the first that Geller gave after CIA’s release, he mentions that Katz was asked to provide this false testimony so that Geller could continue his real role as a CIA and, possibly, other intelligence services, agent, without drawing too much attention. In fact, he says, his public persona was a cover-up for his real work. It wasn’t the first time that Geller tells about his involvement with the CIA. In fact his authorized biography from 2013, The Secret Life of Uri Geller: CIA Masterspy? , explores this topic.

Geller had more to tell in this podcast, including events from his childhood, his friendship with Michael Jackson, his work with the CIA and other interesting tidbits. Recommended.

Note, these documents were released on-line for the first time but were previously available in one specific public library in the US, so basically weren’t easily accessible for most people.

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