Disclaimer: Mind-Energy.net has no affiliation with APP. We just like what they’re doing. In October we wrote about the Applied Precognition Festival. Today, we’re publishing a follow-up and an  announcement of the next Applied Precognition Conference. This information was given to us by APPI. 

Three remote viewers won cash prizes totalling $1,750 in the first Precog Pro Contest sponsored by the Applied Precognition Project Institute (APPI), a nonprofit organization, at the November “APP Fest” in Las Vegas.

Contest winners were Henry Gilroy ($1,000 prize), Christine Umholtz ($500), and Joyce Wahlberg ($250). They successfully predicted the outcomes of seven football games and one horse race using precognitive remote viewing—a protocol for gathering information from distant targets using intuition rather than the intellect or the usual five senses.


The Applied Precognition Project (APP) will return to Las Vegas from June 22-25 to host the APP 2017 Conference. The conference theme is: Consciousness is FUNdamental, Remote Viewing: Health-Wealth-Wisdom.

“This is our yearly opportunity to gather with friendly like-minded people, who are interested in expanding their consciousness and improving their remote viewing skills,” said Marty Rosenblatt, APP/APPI president.

Speakers will include:

Dean Radin – “Science and Real ‘Magic’”

Tom Campbell – “Retrocausality and My Big Toe (Theory of Everything)”
Joe McMoneagle – “Wisdom about Money/Wealth from 40+ Years of Remote Viewing”
Lyn Buchanan — “A Remote Viewing Self-Healing Tool”.
Steve Braude – “Taking Macro PK Seriously”
John Herlosky – “Analysis/Judging using Independent or Self-Judging”
Nancy Smith – “Dreaming ARV Project – Results and What We Learned”
Marty Rosenblatt – “Personal Creativity for Health-Wealth-Wisdom”


Register early and save money! Following are the rates for APP full members ($50 more, if not a full member)

Early Bird — $425 until May 22
Full Price  — $545

Find out more or register at www.appliedprecog.com