Dowsing is a very interesting and controversial subject. If you don’t know what dowsing is take a look at a previous article on dowsing that I wrote.

Usually dowsing is thought to require some kind of device such as a pendulum or a dowsing rod of some kind. Yet, although it is considered easier to use such device there are possibilities to dowse without any device. Since dowsing often has the goal of getting YES/NO answers to questions, any way that the subconscious can do that for you is good. People usually use pendulums or dowsing rods since they can possibly better connect to the subconscious mind, which gives the answers.

Once again, it is not the pendulum or dowsing rod that gives the answer to your question, but you subconscious. The rods and pendulums can amplify the subtle movements that the subconscious mind produces and translates them into larger movement. This is called ideomatic motion. That’s why it is important to somehow let your conscious mind disconnect from controlling your movements. This can take a lot of practice and I have to admit that I still haven’t mastered this.

Anyway, if you do any device dowsing, or would want to try dowsing without buying any devices there’s also deviceless dowsing, where you use your body in some way that gives you YES/NO answers unconsciously.

I only knew one way to do this but there’s a site on dowsing that lists a number of ways to preform deviceless dowsing.

Take a look at the list here.

What’s your opinion on dowsing?

Good luck!