My extended family has a 9-year old boy who seems to have the ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). He’s not yet been officially diagnosed but the school administration and the parents seem to think that that’s where it’s heading. Of course, the last thing that the mother wants is having her child taking Ritalin™, as it is about the only treatment the medicine can propose. She’s determined first to try any other form of treatment beforehand.

She’s come to me for an advice. I must admit that I never learned the subject in depth but I have heard some things. The first that came to my mind was what I’ve heard in Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About. In that Book Mr. Trudeau claims that many of the ADHD cases are caused by bad nutrition of the child, especially sugars, wheat and milk products. He tells of a case when only a change in the child’s diet would eliminate all the symptoms of the ADHD. I have told this the boy’s mother and advised her to lessen the amount of sweet food that the child eats (and he does seem to it too much “snacks”).

Another possible treatments that came to my mind are using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)and Silva Method for treating ADHD. EFT site tells specifically about EFT being able to treat ADHD. Yet it tells mostly of treating it on adults. I’ve found other resources on using EFT on ADHD and they have some advices on applying EFT to children as well. I’ve had much success with EFT in treating migraine and some emotional issues

The third thing that I thought is using Silva Method meditations. Silva Method meditations require attention and also can be used to develop personal qualities, so I though it might be helpful. Also, Jose Silva himself first developed his Method for increasing IQ of his own children. Only when that proved successful did he move onto other goals. But I know little about treating ADHD with Silva Method. The only thing that I’ve found was that the Silva Ultramind Home study course tells about a man who cured himself of Adult ADD (AADD) by using Silva Ultramind method, which is basically the same.

I’ve also seen references that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and homeopathy have something to offer for ADHD children but I don’t know much about their success either.

With all that I want to ask you of your experiences with ADD/ADHD. Do you know any cases? How do people resolve them? What alternative treatment help with ADHD?