I have written that I’ve started taking an innovative healing course. The technique is called Infotherapy or informational therapy and it was developed by Dr. Gennady Temnikov from Moscow. I have briefly written about him, his technique and some (non-personal) experience with it in a previous article: Psychic healing in Brazil

It’s been long since I wanted to learn this course. I first heard about it about a year and a half ago while studying my first parapsychology and energy healing courses. One of the participants of the course and the teacher have already studied the first level of Infotherapy. They have told be of the great success they have had with using his healing techniques for theirs and their relative’s various medical problems. Some of the stories were almost unbelievable, yet I have no reason not to believe those people. After all, they were not trying to sell me anything.

So I wanted to start learning the course at that time but I was advised to wait some time until I could better develop my ability to feel energy (or information) with my hands and fingers. This is an important part of the technique’s diagnosis and feedback of healing process. So I intentionally missed the course 2 times and this year decided to attend but only now has the opportunity appeared.

Now, some more information about the technique. Note that I don’t know that much yet. But from my current knowledge, Infotherapy allows accurate diagnosis and healing both in person and over distance, using a photograph or by the phone.

The diagnosis requires developed sensitivity of the fingers for accurate diagnosis. The finger should detect any change in the received information, coming from the person’s body, for example. Then that received signal is used for feedback while applying the healing. The signal can disappear completely (which is a good sign) or move away (escape). In that case it should be chased until it disappears. We’ve spent some time on the lesson to start develop the needed sensitivity in the hands and the fingers. For this we used some simple to perform exercises, some in pairs, where we had to feel the signal sent by another person or by ourselves. First two opposing hands, then one, then just a finger sending a “ray” of information (energy). This is somewhat similar to the exercises I’ve described in Feel energy between your hands, Developing ESP – First steps and in Personal experience with feeling energy with hands.

As homework we even received some colored papers and paper with dots drawn on them to use them to develop our sensitivity of the change of information when using our palms or fingers hovering over them. This is more difficult than feeling the edge of table and I have not yet mastered it. I definitely need to practice more. This is just a skill like any other.

More updates about the course will continue as I have more to tell. Next lesson is next week. Until then, I need to practice and practice.