In the article ‘Developing ESP – first steps’ I’ve written about the most basic exercises to develop tactile sensations of other energy fields. I hope you’ve tried them and got the feeling. They are pretty simple. This time, I want to present a more advanced exercise which can take your ESP ability to a higher level.

In the aforementioned article I’ve asked you to feel the energy between your hands (sometimes referred to as psi-ball). Another one was to sense the edge of a table by hovering the hand above. Now, I want to present more difficult exercises of ‘hand vision’. These may take more time to master but they are definitely more interesting and challenging.

Exercise 3

This one is an advanced extension of the exercise where you had to feel energy between palms of the hand. Instead of cupping hands together and feeling the energy between the palms, do the following:

  1. Hold your left palm open but relaxed and with the right hand only point a second finger, or the second and the middle fingers together, into the palm of the left hand. Close the other fingers of the right hand into the palm in a relaxed manner. Don’t strain any muscles, not in the hands, not in the shoulders or back. Strained muscles can interfere with the flow of energy in the body.
  2. Imagine that from the pointing finger of the right hand you send a ray of energy into the left palm. Try to feel it. You can ‘help’ yourself by moving the right hand somewhat closer to the left as you imagine this. While doing this, concentrate on your feelings on the left palm. Do you feel a pressure or a tickling feeling. Maybe heat or cold. Any feeling is fine as long as you can feel it. It is personal and different with everyone.
  3. Now try to move your right hand and ‘draw’ with the pointing finger on the left hand. Can you feel the movement? Can you feel what you ‘draw’ on your hand with the ray pointing from your finger?
  4. If you can sense yourself ‘drawing’ on yourself like this, try to do it with a partner, if you have. It’s always better to this in a group. Draw with your finger on someone else’s hand. Now ask him to ‘draw’ on you.
  5. Experiment with switching hands and with the distance between the finger and the palm.
  6. Try other fingers of your hands. Which fingers do you sense better? Which hand is more sensitive. Pay attention to your feelings to better learn about yourself.

Try this and post your experience in the comments. Feel free to ask questions here as well and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Next time an even more challenging exercises.

Good luck in your training.