Many people think “I’d like to try and develop ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) abilities“. Some believe they have always had some but never really developed them. Others think it’s all nonsense but it could be nice to try. Here I’d like to present you a list of 10 ways that you could use to help you in your quest of developing ESP, healing or psychic abilities.

  1. Desire – The desire to develop your abilities in any field of life is a requirement. Desire is what fuels the engine, ignites the spark and propels you forward towards your goals. Desires can develop either as result of great interest in something or as a result of a great need. Either way is good. Try to remember when you had a long lasting desire for something earlier in your life. See if you have a similar one for developing your ESP, psychic or healing abilities now.
  2. Belief – Belief is another important aspect, especially in this field. But this time you not only need to believe that you’re capable of achieving your goal but you have first to believe that this goal is something that can be achieved at all. If you are a skeptic in all things related to parapsychology, you won’t believe, and as such you probably also won’t have a long lasting desire as well. And so you are destined to fail.
  3. Talk to experienced people – if belief is your main concern or if you just don’t know how to start, try and find people who are already on this path. Actually, the number of people who do healing and psychic work is quite large, even more people have been studying this and applying in their life, but are not public about it. The majority of people are still very concervative on these topics, so the ‘able’ people do not usually showcase their abilities to everyone. But if you dig deeper in your list of friends, maybe you could find someone who studied something, or went to a psychic. You just have to talk them, make them feel free to talk about it with you. Finding the right people to lead you on this path can prove difficult but it is important and encouraging.
  4. Find a teacher – after you talk to people, some will tell you of a good teacher or an organisation that gives workshops in your field of interest. Try to understand which are good, contact them and ask to enroll on a forthcoming course. Or maybe a more private teaching is possible, which is even better. Finding one great teacher is a great way to start and this will also open you to more like-minded people.
  5. Meditate – meditation is a skill by itself and it also has many different schools and techniques. Try to find some information about meditation and find a style that suits you. You don’t have to mediate a lot to get the feeling of it and to start getting the benefits. The benefits of meditation are better control over your thoughts, calmness and overall awareness.
  6. Read books – Like in any thing you want to learn in life, reading books is one of the best and cheapest sources of knowledge. Get references for good books from your teachers and friends. Go to amazon and read the reviews. Go to blogs and read reviews. See some reviews on my site, for example.
  7. Search the internet – the internet is full of information on ESP, healing and psychic abilites. Not all sites are good and serious, though. Take the time to surf and read on the net. Subscribe to blogs.
  8. Exercise alone – Nothing can be developed until you exercise. That’s true for sports, for maths and for ESP. Find good exercises and invest the time. Mind power is the same as the physical power, it needs exercises to increase your abilities. See this site for many exercises which I present to get you started.
  9. Exercise in small groups – exercising alone is good but doing exercises in a group settings is much much better. Find some friends who are also interesting like you and are on a similar level and exercise together. Many energy exercises are better done in pairs. Read about my experience in a group setting.
  10. Experience it – if your desire is to learn healing or psychic abilities, go to an experienced healer next time you have a problem, especially one that the regular doctors don’t know to heal (like most of them, actually). Experiencing healing, if successful, can take you a long way in boosting both your belief and your desire. A reading from a good psychic can also make you a believer.

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