This time I want to present a more challenging (as promised) exercise for developing tactile extra sensory perception (ESP) abilities.

In part 1 of the series I urged you to sense the edge of a table surface with your hand hovering above it. In part 2 we advanced to feeling the fingers of your hand with another hand or maybe even with another part of your body. Exercise 4, presented here, is even harder since it requires sensing more subtle physical changes.

I want you to try to somewhat feel a drawing on a paper. It might be hard to believe but it’s possible to sense what’s on the paper in a similar manner as the edge of the table. The actual sensation can be more subtle but with a high contrast drawing it is achievable.

I have prepared a sample page in PDF format for you to print. The link appears below the exercise. Print it on a laser printer (inkjet will eat much of blank ink). On the page I drew 2 sets of patterns of dots. First one is black dots on white background. The second is white dots on black background. You could prepare similar drawing yourself even by drawing with a pen on a paper. Ok, so let’s do the exercise 4:

  1. Put the printed paper on a table before you.
  2. Rub your palms together somewhat to increase energy flow and bring your attention to them.
  3. Hover your palm over the black dots. Connect to the subtle feelings that you get.
  4. Now move your palm over the white dots on black background. Does it feel different?
  5. Move you hand away from the sheet of paper. Notice how your previous experience disappears.
  6. Try this several time. Pay close attention to your feelings each time. Better close your eyes to get a more focused sensation of your hand. Do you feel the multitude of dots? Try raising a lowering the hand above the paper. Does the feeling change focus?
  7. Now close your finger and only leave the pointing finger or the pointing and the middle fingers open. Hover the tips of the open fingers above the dots. Move the finger slowly and feel the sensation that appears in the fingertips when you come from a white area to hover over a dot. You should feel a little change in your sensation when you come upon a change in the color of the paper: white to black or black to white.
  8. When you get pretty accustomed to feeling it, try to close your eyes and find the dot with you fingers. That’s pretty hard but doable.
  9. Try doing this with both hands. Figure out which of your hands is more sensitive.
  10. If your hand of fingers become “informationally” tired and full of signal, wash them with water. Water removes the excess energy and the accumulated signal.

Good luck.

Download the exercise sheet PDF file.