Several days ago I received an email from a woman, Jackie, who described her experience with feeling where other people have pain or illness when she glides her hand around the person. Her abilities are natural to her, not developed, and she has a lot of questions, since she never learned about this. Read her story and my reply to her. I hope you find it interesting and inspiring. If you have some personal stories please share them. Here it is:

If I scan my hands about 2 or 3 inches over a persons body I can feel if they have pain or even illness. I can feel the intensity of any pain. If my hand feels like it’s going to burn up then I deduce that the person has a tremendous amount of pain in that area. I can tell the shape and depth of the area.

If the person is ill and isn’t aware, I usually get goose bumps, and feel nervous, and afraid when that happens. I start to feel ill myself. My first instinct is to leave or at least stand away from that particular person. I feel that I can’t handle news like that especially if it’s a friend or even a distant acquaintance.

If the person is a friend and this feeling overtakes me just to stand next to that person I then am compelled to let whatever words flow from my mouth come out. Sometimes I leave quickly and try to calm myself down. I really try to suppress the nervousness I have during and after. I can’t get rid of the turmoil inside of me until I tell the person how I felt and what happened. Then I always feel so relieved and even smile that the message/news whatever it’s called has been passed on to the right person.

I really need to know what this is and feel that perhaps I am supposed to do more with this gift but what? I am the biggest skeptic of my own gifts..therefore I challenge myself…any ideas

respectfully Jackie C.

Below is my answer to her:

Hello, Jackie.

What you describe is known to me. Not so personally, although I do remember that when I healed migraine from my wife once, using an energy healing technique, I felt my fingers ache a little with an unusual pain, a little bit like some current was passing through them. But I know from what I’ve learned that those whose gift at feeling others people’s energy field is strong that they can feel the pain of others more vividly on themselves. The pain usually starts to feel at the fingers or the palm, depending on what you use for scanning. Then it can move up the hand and even get to the shoulder. I heard an advice lately to not let it pass above the elbow. Since you don’t heal the person while you scan (as I understand from your mail), I’d advice you the following:

If your feeling of pain rises from the palm over your wrist, first try shaking your other hand, if it’s free. Shake it like you’re trying to get something off it.
If this doesn’t help, withdraw from your scanning and go and wash your hands with water up to elbows. Washing hands with water is recommended in most (if not all) energy healing systems I’ve studied. The water removes the energy that you collect on your hands. After washing the hands you should feel them “blank”, without any pain, as it should be normally.

Again, what you describe is perfectly normal for someone with the ability to feel other people’s pain and illness. And you’re correct: it is possible to feel some illness even before the patient himself knows about it. That’s one of the greatest things of energy diagnosis.

As to the fact that you’re afraid to tell, I totally understand you. First, people might not believe. And if they do, they might not like it and actually start feeling even worse, because of fear of the disease, etc. You have to have a stronger belief in yourself first and then take the responsibility to tell others that they’re sick before they know it. If you could heal it, then it would be easier as well.

Since you are already very sensitive I’d advice you to take some kind of an energy healing course. This will help you in several ways:
First, to get used to your ability and to see that it’s normal and nothing to be afraid of. See it as a gift, actually.
Second, you can learn how to undo pain and illnesses using energy manipulation. I’ve studied such a course and although my abilities to sense don’t seem to be as good as yours, I’ve been able to help people around me and to take away pain in different situations.


Since then she also wrote me about her experience with helping her husband and taking away his pain using visualization while feeling the pain emanating from him.