I’m receiving Quantum Touch (QT) newsletter which is being sent one in a while. In this newsletter there are news about Quantum Touch, lots of success stories by people all over the world and also usually some word from Richard Gordon, the author of the book “Quantum Touch” (look at the Bookshelf for my review).

This time Richard wrote the following piece:

Introducing Distant Kisses – by Richard Gordon

One of the big shock/discoveries I had with QT was that Dr. Norman Shealy was able to dramatically measure how distant healing affected brain wave patterns as measured by an EEG. Sure, I had believed and paid lip service to the idea that thoughts were things and had impact, but it truly astonished me to see it in black and white.

Here is some new fun you can have with QT. You can send distant kisses or a brush on the cheek, a tug on an ear, or a hand on a shoulder. I had been playing this game with a friend, and she’s been 100% correct in knowing what I am doing. The game goes like this. You say, “Ok, which cheek am I stroking, left or right?” or “Which shoulder am I resting my hand on?” Those who have a good ability to feel energy may be delighted to discover that you are correct 100% of the time.

This clearly brings to focus that your love has impact; your love truly matters, your love is so valuable and so powerful. Send it to the world and give it your all. Send it to a friend or family member or to those who need it.

When you say the words out loud, “Your love has impact, your love is valuable”, not only are you speaking to others, but also you are hearing it yourself and it is having impact on you! The QT bumper sticker on my car is not only for the other drivers – it is a reminder for me.

Those old psychic experiments with circles, squares, and wavy lines on playing cards never mattered very much for the sender or for the receiver. Hey! How about sending some heartfelt distant kisses? That will get some attention.

With love,

So, Richard proposes exercising with other people’s sensations directly, and not with inanimate objects. It reminded me of when I was practicing with a friend of mine and we held our hands opposite one another. One of us was the receiver and the other was the sender. The receiver would close his eyes and the sender would send energy from his palm toward the receiver’s randomly. The receiver should then feel on which of his palms the energy was pushed and announce it. It’s a great way to practice and Richard’s suggestion seems to go in the same direction.

Practice more.